Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paris Falls

We've discussed before that the big non-showdown in Breaking Dawn was more of a big let-down. I like warm fuzzies as much as the next gal but I missed the drama of a real battle. In the fight between Good and Evil in literature good normally wins, but that win usually has a cost. So, who's life in the series would you have been willing to part with as part of that cost without hating Stephenie Meyer?


Great question, I've given this a ton of thought (half a second): BELLA!

Oh, that's brilliant, Spider! Can we add Jacob and Renesmee to the casualties?

Leave it to you guys to take a serious discussion and taint it. *rolling my eyes* I'm going to go there and say this: I would've understood if either Bella or Edward died. Especially in the quest to save their child. Now, before you hate me, let me say that I will forever love SM with a deep passion because she let them live and let it be a happy ending. But there is something profound in the need to protect your children, and I could have lived with that conclusion.

If Edward died in the battle, it would've ruined the WHOLE series. Instead of forming a Twilight blog with my three best friends, I would've devoted all my free time to sending Stephenie Meyer hate mail. But since he lived, here I am. Proud member of The League.

Edward CAN NEVER DIE. I agree with you, Ginger. Bella or Renesmee I could easily live without. I also could have lived without all the high school kids and Mr. "Golden Onion dude."

But I LOVED the Mr. Golden Onion dude! He shares my heart with Buttcrack Santa.

Rosalie dying to protect Bella and/or Renesmee during the non-battle would have been a great opportunity for Stephenie Meyer to turn a character with no redeeming characteristics into a hero. Of course, I would not have shed a tear if Jacob had been "put to sleep" like any other worthless dog that has lived long enough.



Ninja Fanpire said...


Naw, Rosalie would still be a bitch. I mean, now that Bella is a Vamp, there's nothing Rose can really do. And we all know she loved Renesmee just because she wanted her own kid. So she kind of saw it as her own, in a way. Bella is one of the family now, and still, much as Rose doesn't like her, I think things are a little different. It wouldn't be the same as her giving her life for Emmett......

Don't worry, the Volturi battle is coming in the sixth (er, fifth, not counting Midnight Sun) Twilight series book, written by yours truly, entitled Sunset.

~Jamie said...

several wolves hsould have been lost in the battle... and definitely some Cullens... I hate to say this... because I loved him... but it should have been Emmett

he and Bella had formed a special bond... it would only serve to hurt Rosalee... another loss for her... the story would have lost nothing, and some of Rosalee's anger could be well placed. Emmett is the one we should have lost.

sakixry said...

Good morning everybody!

Ok, my first comment today goes out to Mr. Ginger! This must be THE BEST picture you have made! I'm telling you, I laughed my heart out! It's completely hilarious!!!


Ninja Fanpire said...


While Rose is mean, I think losing Emmett's a bit too far. He's like the only thing she's got in the world! I mean, she's got the rest of her family, I suppose, but it's just not the same.

sakixry said...

I wouldn't be willing to sacrifice anybody... no no no no no! they are all couples and I dont want them to die! Maybe some of the wolves? No... Hmmmm... Maybe the rest of the Denali family! Yeah, definitely! Tanya beach should be there and die to protect ... well I dont know. She could just die.

faith_83 said...

Morning girls!!
I was thinking of Rosalie too but yet like @sakixry said I wouldn't be willing to sacrifice anybody...
btw how are the things in Greece my friend??
I remember when I begun to read BD than a friend of mine (male friend) said..."ohh you gonna love BD in the end of the book at the big fight with the Voulturi clan they are all going to die"...so when I´ve arrived at that part of the book I pretty much expected that...I was almost in peace with the thought that Bella is going to die (can´t say the same for Edward).
I´m glad that SM let them all live.
Since when do guys read SM´s books?? So my friend admits after that he totally hates the movie/books and almost everything that has to do with Twilight...
What is happening with the guys, why do they hate so much the Twilight phenomenon??
I would like to see a comment here from a guy!!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Hm, what about Leah? Would we be okay if she died?

@faith_83 Every heard of TwilightGuy? He's just getting into Breaking Dawn, I think he recently finished chapter 7.
Oh, ya, and I know a guy who read Twilight....I think he even finished the series before his sister did.

Ninja Fanpire said...


Wouldn't we be a bit weirded out if guys were reading some of the things we post?

faith_83 said...

No, I didn´t knew about the guy!! cool, I think...
And about your question, yes I guess it would be weird but it can be also fun on the other hand... or maybe not??

vampie said...

i think it would have been good if Jacob had died.. or if he really was just imaginary and never existed in the first place :o)

(i cant access internet at work except in my lunch hour!! they changed the security settings for everyone! damn them)

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning League

I agree w/ @sakixry, that @Mr. Ginger has to be the best picture you've done so far!

A guy? mmm. Wasn't there a guy that posted awhile back, @League and commented?

@faith, ginger
never could have lived w/o edward, either! and somehow i felt like the book was a tad bit screwed up. SM has a masocistic streak - the "sick and masocistic lion" and then that horrible birth scene and then fade to black with Isle Esme, and wah wah wah with the BIG "our death sentence" Volturi battle.

So with that in mind as I was reading through I'm thinking someone has got to die here. AND it better not be EDWARD!

I don't know. I don't think the "little spawn" was worth saving. I didn't really fall in love with little "nessie" (rolling eyes) - I felt like killing her myself.

I was thinking that despite their age differences - that if Rosabitch was to die for the sake of saving someone (yeah right) - then Emmett could hook up with Jane or something. (don't hit me but I like Jane! and don't tell me she's toooo young now that they got Dakota to play the part instead of that creepy little girl Jodelle Ferland - who would have been too young for our Emmett) Just saying!

Ninja Fanpire said...


Possibly, but who? It's difficult to keep track of the many comments.

robnutmeg said...

Omg, now I feel the need to do some major comment archive research! (it's what I do) I think it was when robin(me) and I first joined up and ruined all your lives...mahaahahaahahaa! Unless someone else knows offhand and will save me?

those dirty UH dawgs! work & Jacob...they just ruin everything! (sad face)

vampie said...

@sakixry, robnutmeg
100% agree. best pic so far!

vampie said...

@sakixry, robnutmeg
100% agree. best pic so far!

Spank Ransom said...

@ Ninja -- you are such a softie. ;)

Ninja Fanpire said...


Bah, not all the time. I'd tell you what happens in Sunset, but it would give too much away. Nevermind, you might be right. Nobody dies in Sunset! Well, nobody really important, that is.....No, no wait Carlisle does.

vampie said...

@ninja you know you cant say that with me here! *evil eyes*

sakixry said...

@faith: Hello my dear Spanish friend! Everything OK in Greece! In a few days the sun will catch us too... (still cloudy and stupid... pffff). I think that the guys dont like the series for the same reason the dont like Romantic movies in general. They just dont get it.. My boyfriend was expecting the movie because he likes vampires and stuff but he was disappointed from the movie. He also says that he doesnt get what I see in "THAT GUY" who is playing "THAT VAMPIRE" and that he just looks like a plain stupid boy whom you can find where we hang out most of the time and I said: "Next time you see a kind like THAT, you point him out please!" Hahahahahaaaa!

@Ninja: I would definitely be weirded out... *hanging head in shame*

@vampie: damn damn damn!

@robnutmeg: I liked Renesmee... *running and ducking for cover* Emmet with Jane??? Come on... You should put a picture of Kellan and Dakota side by side and tell me if you still believe that... I mean... Kellan is a MAN and he is HAWT! Dakota is ... hmmm... not bad but she is still a little girl...
About the hubba hubba scene... after getting the call from Rosalie... where you thinking of yourself there with him too with his unzipped pants???

@Ninja: What Sunset? I just got it... You wrote a book????? And Carlisle dies? OMG! Do you want to kill Vampie???

vampie said...

@ninja a world without Carlisle is not worth living in *sad* if you kill him i'll go to Voltera and.. yea you know!

(i gotta go work people. damn damn f*cking damn)

Ninja Fanpire said...


Um, in Sunset, Volterra is kind of....gone.

sakixry said...

@ninja: *squeak* I need to know what "Sunset" is!

Alliebeth said...

I think having Carlisle die in the final battle would have been an interesting twist. It would kind of leave Edward in the 'head of the household' position, which would make for an interesting story line. But poor Esme =( So...I dunno...as far as interesting plot goes, I'd say kill off Carlisle even though I love him. As far as characters I wouldn't have been too sad to see go, I'd have to say- Rosalie, Jacob or Leah...

@faith- My husband is reading twilight, only because he lost a bet with me (he's actually on Eclipse now). He absolutely HATES it! I really want him to read breaking dawn too, but that's going to take a lot of 'persuading'..if ya know what i mean.

Ninja Fanpire said...


It was in my first post. Sunset is the sixth (er, fifth, not counting Midnight Sun) Twilight series book, written by yours truly.

robnutmeg said...

nope, still can't like nessie - sorry! i really tried, tho! (wink) just trying to find a way to KILL rosie and yet not hurt emmett. (my buddy emmett) hey, jane is my type of girl - one who can mame those just by looking at them. i could think of a few i'd like to mame right now...wait, that's evil, robnutmeg! (slapping my face) stop it.

uh, well of course those jeans needed assistance....AND of course i was there to UH assist him! right, @robin(me) - hey wtf are you, anyways?

oh and yeah i know FIRST hand how guys feel about this movie...(rolling eyes) YOU just stay true to yourself and to Robward where you belong! sweet dear roomie!

damn damn damn!

i don't know, i kinda like the idea of guys reading this....what a cheap thrill! yahaha! (ducking from @sakixry)

sakixry said...

@yes, yes! I got that! But where can I find that???

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: as long as BF doesn't like Twilight, I can freely write what I want in here! Or else I would just HAVE to change my username and nobody would be allowed to say I'm from Greece!!! He would kill me... mahahhaaaaaa!!!
Though... making him read Rob-porn wouldn't be such a bad idea... you know? We are together for almost 9 years so it's starting to get a little boring... hmmmm....

Ninja Fanpire said...


Well there's very little up right now, but it's here: http://ninjafanpire.blogspot.com/2009/04/twilight-fanfic-page-1.html

I have more written, it's just scattered pieces of the story and would give too much away to post.

sakixry said...

@Ninja: wooohooo! Thanks! I will read it!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry Nice! :)

robin(me) said...

make him read robporn or maybe just demonstrate robporn - that would make it less boring....*wink*

are you writing a ff too? if so, is that the site? wanna know, please?

I agree, I can't kill anyone off either....that doesn't mean i wouldn't be there to cheer a little bruising on the dawgs....*evil wink*

Emmett & Jane? uh? don't think so. but i agree with the maming part! i think i know who you are refering too! (bad girl!)

i hate work and their stupid rules!!!! we should send edward to bite them!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robin(me) Yes I am! Just follow the link. If you go back to my Blog there are some other fics too.

OCD Sufferer said...

Just a quick note before I have to head out the door:

Billy Black. I know he wasn't in the fight, but he wanted to be! THey should have carried him down and sacrificed him!! LOL!
Or Sam...I never liked him.

@Sakixry-the ff I have been reading....does it have any smut? Last night, I finally got to some smut and o.m.g. it was the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life!!! Remember, Bella is a virgin (Ed is far from one) so is Alice. Watch this video (they did) and use your imagination!!!


HappyHourSue said...


faith_83 said...

I have a desktop photo at work with Rob and every time my work colleague pass near my computer says that he is very ugly and why in the name´s God I want to see him every second?? Imagine that… our Robward ugly?? He just don´t understand our respect and admiration for this man!! (you can replace respect and admiration with lust)

Is a little weird to imagine Jane and Emmett together and about the guys reading this well is kinda dirty but not less interesting thought.

No please, not Carlisle…we need vampie to write more fanfic, don´t kill her inspiration!!
My boyfriend hates it too, he said that when NM is going to be released I´m going alone to see it...I don´t know if I should be happy or sad...

I will read it too and let you know ;)

robin(me) said...

it has smut? sign me up. what are you reading again? just saying - NEW hubbytime ideas! although beautiful bastard and H&BL has given me enough ideas for a lifetime.... mahaha

i agree w/ you about emmett & jane. (starring @rnmeg as if she's lost her mind!) i can't picture jane as anything but an evil little girl....*shudder* but i truly believe that guys are on this site just to get jollies! but i deal with proof so i can't point fingers...damnit! i'll start gathering evidence and then let you know...(smirk)

ERIC - yes! Or maybe Jessica? I'm sorry but she is just so "annoying" (flinging hair back to demonstrate....) I would have sacrificed buttcrack if he wasn't already dead!

have to wait until tonight to read it....can't wait!!!!

Cheryl said...

Great question! I agree with Spank, that Rosalie dying to save Renesmee would have redeemed her. And I might have actually cheered if Jacob had finally met his maker.

I get where you're coming from, Meadown, but I was so vested in the love story that I'm not sure I could have stomached it if SM let Bella or Edward die. Alice and Jasper's demise would have equally devastated me.

Oh heck, just give me my rose-tinted glasses. The fight was a letdown, but I admittedly enjoyed my happily ever after. :)

faith_83 said...

"Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson says fans are sometimes disappointed when they see him up-close. Rob, who is the anti-metrosexual, has often been spotted by paparazzi and fans alike looking quite disheveled. "I find that people are always really disappointed when they actually recognize me," says Pattinson. "They`re like ‘Oh! At first I thought you were a bum, but then I realized who you were.` "

Adds the self-deprecating Rob: "I don’t even get into those places [clubs] because I look like a bum when I go out. The paparazzi will all stand there and film me stuck outside the clubs. I tell the bouncer, ‘Listen, these guys are taking photos of me, let me in!’"

"I got there and then I’m sitting in the second row," Pattinson recounts. "It was unbelievable. I keep thinking that something terrible is going to happen. I just used up all my luck so I’m probably going to die at 23 or something."

What is he saying?? Please show me the girl that after meeting you she was disappointed so I can have a chat with her...

OCD Sufferer said...

That is one "bum" I would like to get dirty with....oops, did I say that outloud?
On People mag today it has the top 100 ppl and there is a picture that I could tell from 15 ft away I would like to see up close and personal, lol...dearest Rob had a small pic with a caption "Hot Guys" lol. I didn't buy the mag cause I am literally a broke bum atm, lol, but it's nice to know he is in there, lol.

As for what I am reading...ok, know this, the smut didn't come in until chapter 43, lol....it is a WONDERFUL story! I have laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! This is one great writer! And, if you haven't checked out that link that I posted, I will not tell you the name of what I am reading. You *have* to check out the link first! I just want to hear (or see) your reaction!! LOL!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): you have to tell me how you did it! 'cause I know now that you are benefited by ff!!
Plus... I can imagine Jane as an unf*cked little girl... that's why she is so mad all the time! *grin*

@OCD: I can only imagine Bella threading Edwards ... corn... Mahahhaaahhaaa! The video is really funny! I have to finish the ff I am reading now (which I dont like very much but I just HAVE to finish it...) and then I'll read the one you read now!

@HHS: i like you keeping it plain and simple...Eric... LOL

@faith: I also have him as wallpaper at work and since I am working with men only (2 men to be exact) they are always making fun of me. They never actually said that OUR Robward is UGLY but they said that I am drooling and things like that and I was just like..."yep, I am... mhmmm!"
You can find some girlfriends to go watch new moon and drool away! Together with BF you cannot act like a 15 year old! I wanna go with my sisters!
Yes...yes...Robward is soooo self-deprecating... It is very cute! I will personally LAUGH at the girl who was disappointed when she saw him... It's not like he is a woman and needs make up to look good (cause we all have seen some very "beautiful on screen" woman look very plain and ugly in real life). When a man looks good on screen, he looks good of too.

TLC said...

i'm OK w/ the 'non battle' i think.

i read a fanfic where they fought the volturi in Volterra and at the end Esme, Carlisle and Rosalie all died. ugh. i couldn't hardly finish the story ... it was so devastating! so, i'm happy that SM didn't kill anyone....

LeLe said...

@Alliebeth: I totally need to set my husband up with a bet because I ALWAYS win, especially if it's a memory-type thing. His memory sucks. Hehe. So, yes, the hubs will be reading Twilight before long. Muahahaha.

@everyone: I just don't think I could kill off any major characters. Do what you will with the wolfpack (other than Jacob *gasp!*) and the Denali/nomadic vamps. I just don't think I could stomach any of the Cullens dying.

ciara said...

bella-she's annoying as 'f'. at least i'm not nearly annoyed by rosalie. bella is too much of a whiner. i hate whiners. i also hated breaking dawn. out of the 5 days it took me to read the series, 3 were spent on that cos it would bore me. i had to put it down quite often.

mystify Me said...

@Robnutmeg (going back to yesterday)
You sang Mama Mia on top of a bar with total strangers??? You sound like my kind of person!!

@Saxikry Thank you for the email Triple WOW!

Have to run to lunch!!



Spider Monkey said...

@ciara Finally someone who agrees with me!

I do disagree about BD though... however, I felt that way about Eclipse.

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, Bella annoys me, too, but....
Bella dies....guess who is right behind her??? NO, sorry, even though she wouldn't be that big of a disappointment to die, I wouldn't sacrifice my Edward for her death...nope, nope, nope (in the words of Ducky from LBT)
Besides, I can't bear for Eddie to have a broken heart...his pain is my pain!!!

sakixry said...

@mystify: my pleasure! anything to make a Robsessed girl happy!
It's getting hot with all those pics you're sending girl... pffff...

Diane said...


I totally agree with your recommendation. I think the fact that Carlisle is the "rock" of the family, if he were to die saving his whole family, it would make the others have to come together in a way that would take the book to the next level. Plus Edward would have to step it up to be the hohh to look out for everyone. The Cullens may have found a way to kill ALL Volturi and become the supreme rulers of the Vampires...making them all go veggie.

Without a pivotal sacrifice, the ending felt so empty.

But I also love Carlisle, so it is with a sad heart that I even think about him dying. Maybe if Esme died with him...

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
Uh yeah, you didn't hear that story about me and robin(me) and Mr. Robin up in Vancouver trying to find Rob? OMG. Yeah got a little sick of asking ppl about Rob and they kept saying Who? AND I said EDWARD CULLEN and they said WHO? so I guess (I'm not sure) i jumped on a bar table and said, "I'm looking for Rob Pattinson stupid humans and I'm not leaving until someone here tells me where he is...." ok so I had a few beers....and those NON TWI PPL just drove me insane! AND yes, some guy gave me another beer and bet me that I wouldn't sing Mama Mia karaoke? BET ME? Hey I don't remember much about that but yeah dumb bet on his part! So yes I did. AND no I didn't get a tomato thrown at me either. AND still Rob never showed up! (sad, huh?)

OH and Sakixry, I can't see those HOT pics right now but if it's coming from Mystify me I know they are hot. mmm. day go faster so I can go home and see them!!!!

I'd like to meet that gal too b/c damn I'm with @OCD - give me that boy dirty or not!

Ok so there's been some talk about my reasonings behind Jane & Emmett - which I really don't have any. I just like Jane or maybe it's just her powers...and I like Emmett and I hate Rose...thought it would be a nice hookup...????

I can't say that I hated BD - parts of it maybe but I liked it. I loved the teasing between the dawg and rosalie boo to the birthing thing (ugh) AND eclipse, mmm. i just felt that Bella shouldn't have had it so easy with Edward. I mean - that's why I'm a little hooked on spankfiction b/c some of the ff covers this issue with Bella and her whinning! (shakes head)

eww. don't want to read a FF where Carlisle dies....rosalie? yes!

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Good Morning League
I'm back and well rested.

I just have to say that is a great picture, Mr. Ginger!

I can't give anyone up! Not even Rosalie. (ducking)

Oh before I forget,
I want to thank @Sakixry and League for trying to protect me from last Sunday's post...YOU know what I mean, right?

Well I did read it. AND after I got over the "blushing" and OH.dear."not my parents not my parents". and YOU know I'm fine now.

@mystify me
uh auntie robnutmeg can be compared to the fuel that starts the rocket or the spark the starts the fire...the vancouver bar incident happened...and i'm glad i wasn't there....*cringe*
just saying.

i had problems with BD, too but not at a hate level just at a cringe level. (birthing is not my cup of tea right now...uh hem) i hate whinning - i kinda have that problem with my 2 year old - ugh!

Mystify Me said...

Rocket fuel huh??? LMAO

Speaking of... Man he's adorable when he laughs, and does just about ANYTHING else!!!


beesue said...

Good Morning League Ladies!

My Head Hurts - I don't know where to start! Sigghhhhh......of course, you all know me - Piss Ant first, then the mutant baby, then the dog! What Can I Say!!! The only thing -- its a Catch 22 because then Edward would have let
Alec paralize him and Jane would have tortured him to death. Well -I can't imagine my life without Edward!!!!! So-there it is - an impasse!!! Like @robin @cheryl - I am happy with everyone alive and am reaching for my rose-colored glasses!

@faith and sakixry - guys do not get it because there has never been an Edward/man created in this Universe - he was created by SM. I hate to say this but I really don't think Rob gets it either!
But I Luvs him anyway - because he is one "big hanging man" and I don't care if he looks like a bum -because those clothes would NOT be on him for very long--BAHAHAHAHAH!

robin(me) said...

Can't give up anyone b/c YES it would hurt our EDWARD. AND Rob doesn't "get it" but I would LOVE to show him!
u are a beast! "because he is one "big hanging man" and I don't care if he looks like a bum -because those clothes would NOT be on him for very long--BAHAHAHAHAH!"

that's why us grampires stick together! i'm good at UNZIPPERING - just saying!!!

i love ya baby!

@mystify me
he's adorable doing anything, i agree!

uh i don't know if i can help you with ff and ur bf. i'm not that good at seduction - it was just madness setting in, i think! that and that totally hot (winking @vampie) lathering_up ff! and TIMING!

beesue said...

@Mystify - Luv the Caramal Video and would luv to see "the Summer House"

Here is a couple of more:

Rob vs James Dean-really cool!

If you guys can handle this- 200 pictures of Rob in less than 2 minutes!!

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
I wish I could see all these pictures but can't at work..damnit! the sad thing is that by the time i do see everyone will be gone and i'll be commenting by myself. (depressed)

hey there - i'm fuel and a spark? really? should i take that as a compliment? (i didn't think so) walking away with shoulders slumping over.....

ome. can i help you and @robin(me) with the undressing? i mean sometimes those zippers can get stuck...just sayin...

what??? ur not good at seduction? are you frickin kidding me? you knew exactly what you were doing with that towel, don't give me that! (rolls eyes) Oh sorry @isabella! (ooops, forgot!)

OCD Sufferer said...

I have finally reached the end of updated chapters of my fantastic ff I have been reading. It is uber excellent! I have no clue how long it takes for her to update...last update was 4/14....it's good, though, cause they finally leaped the hurdle...and I might add it was THE FUNNIEST FREAKING THINGS I HAVE EVER READ!!!!! Yeah, it was smutty and you get all hot and such, but then you bust out laughing until your sides hurt and then it is hot again and then bust out laughing....oh my gawd it is priceless!! Let's just say this...if any of my firsts were like Bella's firsts, I would have joined a convent out of sheer humiliation of ever touching a male again!

beesue said...

@robin(me) - since I have years (looking down - polishing nails on my shoulder) of experience - I can remove boxers in a nanosecond! So lets take the BUM down the alley, kick aside the Ripple bottles and dive-in! I Luv to "play with MY food" YUMMY!

@robnutmeg - yeah we might need you - UnZipping and Holding Down!! Are you Strong?

Anonymous said...

Frickin awesome picture, @Mr. Ginger!
Jacob w/ 2 arrows - uh baby! That's priceless! Bella w/ her spawn child! (better yet)

@Meadow, Robnutmeg
I agree hate that little creepy kid! sorry. ok not sorry. @anyone who said they hate Rosalie, Jacob and that irritating and annoying Jessica! God put a muzzle on her! (Get a clue, Jessie sweetie.... Mike Newton thinks you are a ho! He wants whinny Bella.!)

~As much as I hate whinny human Bella - I have to admit I love vampire sassy Bella! Esp when she beats Jacob down....(yes!)

Oh I adore Jane! Actually the whole Volturi lot! My kind of family! So quite disappointed that NO ONE bought it during that war! Yea some war! pfff.

you know how to use that FF to get ur man! don't say u don't! @robin(me) pfff. sounds like u know exactly what u are doing, too! pfff to you, too! *grin*

*meeeeeyaaaaawwwwwwwww* oooh ur fiesty! i want zipper action too!

@mystify me
u are the queen of pictures and vids. did u offer to buy ur friend from vancouver (last post) a drink? next time have her see me and *robnutmeg!

why are we protecting you for? you're knocked up for the second time!

If Bella dies...we change rewrite the book where Edward finds THE LEAGUE!!!! mmm????? anymore quesions????? You like? Everyone????

how dare you kill off carlisle or even think of killing him? *glaring at you* I don't know I think Edward would suck (no pun intended) as the head of the household! AND no die for esme. she gets shafted then killed off? don't think so! oh but i'm not mad at you allie....much! (evil grin)

@Cheryl, Meadow
Rosalie dying. Yes, please! Yea yea she hates being a vampire she didn't ask for it and she hates being beautiful for eternity...wah!

how's that spikeward ff coming along? right, @ginger, robin(me), robnutmeg? was there anyone else loving the spikeedwardness?

The end
~Lovingly, Lurker

robnutmeg said...

Strong? AND Fast!!! (flinging hair off my shoulder)
I can "outrun" and hold the "bum" down with my hips, rip off his pants with one hand while holding a drink in the other while never spilling a drop...UH of the drink! delish! AND ur bad! *devilish wink*

Oh and Count @robin(me) in too she's doubling over with giggles right now and most likely won't be able to deliberate in 15 minutes! geez this could get bad!

Shelli said...

You guys are fricking funny and that is the best picture I've ever seen.
I'm new to commenting but I'm a silent reader.

Since I'm new I don't want to intrude - but I just wanted to say you guy are fricking funny!

And also to tell you that guys do in FACT, read this. My friend (a guy) predicts what each of you will say and usually wins...*wink* Now I don't approve of that but since you guys were wondering earlier up there somewhere...just thought I'd let you know. But don't change, we love you guys! We love the League, too!

I love your pictures, avatars as you call it and those fricking pictures of Rob that the commenters have are effing awesome. Let me guess, you have a slight thing for Rob, right?

Just one question, when beesue, robnutmeg and robin AH make their move on Rob, can I come and watch? You three (along with many of you others) are the reasons for us college kids existance!

Spider Monkey said...

@Shelli - THANKS for coming out of lurkdom! We love all of our current commenters and love to see new faces join in! Thanks also for the awesome compliments -

Please, comment more!

Spider! :)

robin(me) said...

Omg. (blushing big time) OMG. I'm gonna die. No better yet, kill me now, please! I'm gonna go home and drink myself to oblivian! no not really. mahaha. Uh, how much has ur friend read anyways? Oh wait. He predicts what we'll say? And wins? He never says anything about robin(me) right? It's all @robnutmeg and those other robporn readers! Right? (omg i really need that drink or maybe a shrink or maybe a drink & a shrink!)

Shelli said...

Thank you for your warm welcome! I have to say, ur my fav of the League. Carson (the predictor) loves Meadow...mmmm....is she married? Uh never mind. He said UR all HAWT!

Oh please don't be like that. It's ok. We know who you are but we love you! Hey, btw: did you ever get your PE back?

@to all
We love all of you.....but I have to admit....that Carson has a crush on the Greek and the one that just broke up with her give up Twilight bf? He has the hots for her too! He said, and I quote: "dumb ass - i'll show her a good time..." Come to think of it, I think Carson has the hots for all of you! pssst....he has 3 girlfriends that don't know about each other and I'm completely into blackmail!

Stay true to Rob!

OCD Sufferer said...

omg omg omg omg
A guy actually reads our slutty comments? HOW FREAKING EMBARRASSING!!!! lol
And he usually guesses right? I hope to God he doesn't guess what I am gonna say and win cause I have said stuff that even surprises myself...and I am the one saying it!! You guys bring out the worst...or is it best? lol..in me

Maybe I should go back into lurkdom to save myself embarrassment!!! LOL!

OCD Sufferer said...

btw Shelli,

"All are welcome, all are welcome" we just didn't figure it would include guys.......
*walking away blushing*

vampie said...

@all hey! am home from work.. at 11pm. will be awake at 6.30am tommorow to be at work at 8am. yea i'm crazy. but you love my craziness right?!

so Spikeward.. i actually wrote some today , whilst at work (hey if i cant access twitter or twilightheaded what do you expect me to do frigging do, actually work? LOL). i think its going ok, only prob was spike insulted edward.. i didnt mean it to happen, i was typing and these words just came out of spikes mouth and.. but then thats spikes character right? you guys wont hate me if i write that will you? it all turns out fine. just you know sarcatic comments about each other etc. kinda funny. and yes, you all get to 'sleep' with spike AND edward.. so you'll forgive me anything right?!

robin(me) said...

I'm with you
*walking away blushing on my way for a swift drink*...wanna come with me?

I'm sorry I want the ground to swallow me up -- please ground...I'm waiting *hands up in air, stomping foot!*

Oh and
Welcome!...you sound like a sweet girl! Please don't hold anything you read here against us. We've been possessed by robsession!

AND I forgot
@robnutmeg's face is as red as the volturi's eyes! geez. hey, Carson has a crush on you, rnmeg!
Oops. sorry. (finger in mouth - innocent eyes) it slipped!!!

robin(me) said...

OOOH love the ff. please let me read it? OH I'm loving the sound of spike's sarcasm - edward can learn from the master! LOVE IT! i'm traumatized here. need some spike right now! oooh.

vampie said...

sakixry will read it first.. but i'll make sure you're second ok?! *smiling*
its only a rough draft (no pun intended!) at the moment.and i need to ask sakixry some *ahem* technical points (*blushing*) but i hope it will be completed and ready for everyone to read by end of the weekend (yea i know its only tuesday..).

@all (especially Ginger) if there's anything plot wise or er anything else you want me to include let me know!

Shelli said...

Please please don't worry about your smutsession - oh I mean - your reading habits! It's ok really. We love you! And don't go back in your shell again! uh I mean don't be shy! ok? Carson does win at things not b/c he knows you already move and thought but b/c he's just lucky!

I love your writing! Keep it up! And who is spike?

Awww. Yes I cried when you had to give up your 2 carat diamond but you are well rid of that stoneface selfish little creep! Carson thinks so too and wants to know if you're free Friday night!

I'll try and get Carson to sign up! I think he owes you guys lots of $$$$! LOL!

beesue said...

@shelli - OMG - I feel like one of my kids just walked in on me and Mr.beesue having sex...UGGGGGGGGGG!

But reallllyyy - we are all NORMAL MATURE-WOMEN who seem to have a little crush on a certain actor who protrays a vampire. HMMMMM....well we are all women!!!HAHAHAHAHA!

Welcome to the League - It does come with a Surgeon General's Warning - Reading Causes Smut Levels to Increase!!!HAHAHAHH

Lurker - Yeah Kitty...kitty...bring the pliers!

OCD Sufferer said...

OMG! That is exactly how I feel!! And not the kids just walking in on the ole missionary position, either, I am talking dirty, you don't wanna know what's going on kinda stuff!!! ROFL! How freaking embarrassing....I am mortified!

If you were trying to make me feel better....
IT.DIDNT.WORK!!!! lol!!
S'ok...I know I have a problem. I tried to join FFA (fanfictionanonymous) but apparently no one can give it up and actually be a sponsor....
And who are you calling normal?? I refuse to be normal!! lol!!
(In ILLA Rob doesn't like normal, remember?????)
DOn't forget the other warning:
NEVER DRINK ANYTHING WHILE VISITING THIS WEBSITE *unless you have spare keyboards and possibly motherboards if you spit that far, lol*
Oh yeah, one of the rob girls also added a new warning:
Take your wheels off of your office chair....just saying

OCD Sufferer said...

oops, that normal comment was meant for beesue...it looks like I was talking to Shelli lol

vampie said...

@shelli you've read it! yay! please leave a review on the website..if you havent already *sending love*
spike from buffy the vampire slayer /angel.. who Ginger and me and umm lots of people here LOVE. loved.. before Edward Cullen was even imagined..

beesue said...

@OCD - Hey - reread my statement - I retracted that - after rethinking! MAHAHHAHA!

@robinutmeg -Good - I am also happy that you can "hold" your liquor!! That takes REAL TALENT;)

@vampie - spikeward and edward - be still by heart!!! oh....could you get a little Angel in there - he "melts by butter"!!!

sakixry said...

@isabella: soooo happy you are back!!! and yeah... about Sundays post... hmmm... We should have deleted all her comments but you know, you are a big girl now *wink* for gods sake, you are expecting your second child so you sure know by now where they are coming from!!! LOL!

@Mystify: OMG! You are totally attacking me today with Robward! I cant hold out any longer... will soon implode! *wink*

@beesue: LOL @ your comment about his clothes... for not being there for long I mean!

@robin(me): pffff... you just dont want to reveal your secrets...

@robnutmeg: i'll bring the scissors! in case that damn zipper stucks i mean... you know, just in case... you are a fuel and a spark dearest roomie! in a very good way!
plus you are hilarious with your outran, hold down with my hips and rip of pants comment!!! LOL

@lurker: i agree with rewriting the book and let robward find the whole league AND followers!! and no... i dont know how to lure him (my bf) into ff action... i dont know... have to figure out a plan!

@Shelli: my my... you are a smart girl arent you? *grin* thats very interesting about your boyfriend... hmmm... is he reading also ff with you?? And you just wanna watch them cornering the BUM? Pfff...
I am the Greek, thank you very much :):):) And Robnutmeg is the one that broke up with bf, she's my roomie to be if I ever decide to dump this place and go to Seattle to find her!

*giggles* @ robin(me): come on girl, dont be shy now!

@OCD: Dont you DARE going into LURKDOM because of Carson! He says he loves us!!

@Vampie: mmmmhhh... vampie? wanna try it out on me??? Huh?

@robin(me): you crack me up!!! "I want the ground to swallow me up -- please ground...I'm waiting *hands up in air, stomping foot!*" mahahhaaaaa!!!

@vampie: i just read the "sakixry" will read it firs comment!!! ooooohhhh!!! i luv you!!!! yes i do, i do!!! seems that sakixry has something to give (I think I might win the slut resident title very soon...) *wipes away a tear*

I personally am not ashamed of all my ... slutty smutty comments about Robward! Oh no no no!! It's not like Carson would meet me on the street tomorrow and start laughing at me you know... LOL Thank God... geeez... how did you do that robin(me)? Ground! Please... *stomping with feet on the ground*

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, well since Shelli (more literally Carson) has mortified us all into silence, I will be the loudmouth to break the silence, lol.

I think I might have had a partial breakthrough with Mr. OCD! He came in tonight and was feeling a little *frisky* but we aren't alone so I had to nicely push him away, lol. Anyway....he was hugging me *I had my back to the computer* and asked, "Do you love me?" to which I said, "Yes, do you love me?" (we have been doing this little banter for years and years) and he said, "Of course" and about 3 minutes later he said, "I just don't like you blogging about Twilight" in a NICE voice!!!!! *just so you know, I had this website minimized and when it is minimized the little tab says: Blogger: Twilight-Hea...
But he wasn't mad!!! That is like a huge, huge, huge breakthrough, lol!! He would normally flip out!
I am glad that he didn't know what those other minimized tabs had to do with....I don't think he would have been so nice about my reading Twi-porn! lol

sakixry said...

When I wrote this comment:

"@Vampie: mmmmhhh... vampie? wanna try it out on me??? Huh?"

I actually meant if Vampie wants to send me a preliminary draft of her ff!! The way I read it, it looked like something completely different!!

sakixry said...

Mahahhahhaaaa! OCD, someday your hubby will stop complaining and accept it already! Maybe if you will let him know from where you are getting ... inspired from for all your ... luving! no? you think he'll ban you from the pc? he will maybe burn them all and throw them out the window?

vampie said...

@beesue i would love to add Angel but this is for The League , especially Ginger. so just spike and edward. but i'm sure i'll write another! let me know if you have any ideas for plotlines etc (what? there an actual plotline..not just you f*cking edward/spike. yea.. well its a vague plot LOL)

@sakixry i'll email you tommorrow night.. umm.. i need help with erm practical issues and yea .. *blushes* i'm innocent remember!

OCD Sufferer said...

YOU THINK JUST LIKE ME!!! I swear, I don't know if it is guilt or what but I have been thinking of how to break it to him gently that I have been getting ideas and such from ff (i mean c'mon, the whole dominant/submissive thing was never in my head before....rofl....still haven't had the guts to try it yet, but the ideas are there, LOL!!!)...and making sure he understands that EDWARD HAS FLAWS IN FANFICTION!! (cause he hates Twilight's Edward since he is perfect lol)

sakixry said...

@vampie: well hallelujah that you have me to be your slutty side of the story!! cant wait to read it!!

@OCD: My BF doesn't hate Robward... he just doesn't get it... Men... Carson, do you GET it?? Please let us know! Have to work out a plan... have to work out a plan...

I'm off to bed you guys! It's 3 am in Greece so I MUST SLEEP now even if I dont want to! Must wake up 7.30 am in the morning to get ready for work that gives me ... hmmm... 4.30 hours of sleep! There goes my beauty sleep again... pfff... love you all!!

robin(me) said...

Congratulations on your breakthrough with Mr. Ocd! That man owes YOU a lot! as Mr. Robin found out er well we already know that story, don't we? @shelli, please shut your eyes! omg still mortified! It's like my kids are seeing everything I write...OMG they are! OK where's that ground when you need it?
@ocd, Just EASE Mr. Ocd into it. OR just fall on your perky ass in front of him and let nature take its course.....mahaha just make sure a towell is close by! *evil wink*

@sakixry (aka slut resident - wink)
Didn't you know I don't have anymore secrets...Oh God, (taking another gulp of my JD)!

YES YES YES, we are Normal (?) huh? Mature (yes - rolling eyes) Women....MORE like sluts but I'll go for women right about now....*sigh* Oh goody when are we attacking uh asking Rob? AND as robnutmeg has him pinned uh hugged close we will have no problems ripping his clothes off - uh - making him comfortable! *wicked smile* AND believe me robnutmeg is very coordinated when it comes to any type of alcoholic beverage! she's a pro! *shaking head*

I totally understand that @sakixry is your PR director. I meant after @sakixry! ooooh (joy joy)

Um I'm going to try and forget this day b/c I'm not sure I believe you when you say Oh it's ok, we love you! That doesn't make me feel better, ya know. But to answer your question: NO I FEAR THAT PE IS GONE FOR GOOD! Maybe I can find another one on craigslist! geez!

sakixry said...

OME... I just went to the bathroom to have a human minute you know and then I looked at myself in the mirror... I started laughing at the reflection there because ... Oh no no no! That CANT be me!!! There REALLY goes my beauty sleep... Pfff... What I have to give up for being with you... tsk tsk tsk..
Nighty night now everybody!

vampie said...

i have to be awake again in 5 hours and i'm still here.. i'm off to bed!

goodnight everyone :o)

robin(me) said...

@vampie - dream of spikeward!

bff's roomie! goodnight goodnight!

Anyone else here?

OCD Sufferer said...

I'm still here ;)

Katie said...

@Spank: You know, I actually wasn't at all upset at you wanting Jacob to die. Instead, I was really angry at you saying dogs need to die--I LOVE dogs. Poor dogs having to be associated with Jacob.

That's my $.02 ;)

Mystify Me said...

I thought Breaking Dawn was a wee bit contrived, far-fetched, and the battle scene drawn out to clue us in to Bella's sheilding talents.
Okay we get it.
I found Edward's feelings for the offspring of his forever passion were barely luke warm. I think Nessie scared him, or perhaps isolated him.
That's why my neice and her husband divorced after 3 years.
Anyhoo, I plodded through and had a few joyous moments, but would have re-written it differently( and no I am not).
I think the thing that bothered me most, was stating 'The End' ...very abrupt...like driving Bella's truck off a cliff.(Now there's a thought).
No never mind I like vintage...trucks.
@Robnutmeg You are a funny chick-a-dee.
@Robin(me) If you are ever in Toronto...call me. WE ARE HITTIN' THE TOWN!!
@SAKIXRY...Thanks again. :) Now I can email you pics on a regular basis...unless you don't wan't to see Rob.;)lol

Ginger Swan said...

@Sakixry, robin(me), the Lurker how cool you think this is the best pic Mr. Ginger has made. I'll pass it along to him! He'll be happy to hear that.

@OCD, You just quoted Ducky from Land Before Time?! LOL!!!! You crack me up.

I'd totally be fine with Sam and Leah and the Denali clan being sacrificed. But I too am glad SM gave us our happy ending. Mostly b/c Bella would've felt guilty and whined for the rest of her life about whoever died.

@Shelli, Thanks for coming out of Lurkdom! We love for lurking readers to come out and comment!!! (though I'm a little sad that I'm not your favorite. I guess I'll get over it) ;) Hello Carson! I've always suspected some guys read our blog.

@Vampie, of course Spike is insulting Edward. That's who Spike is, and I love him for it. Ok you want plot lines? How about Spike and Ginger get some action? Oh and you can add Angel, but only if Spike beats the crap out of him. (like he did in last season of Angel) Or you could turn Angel into a puppet!! :)

robin(me) said...

@Ginger, vampie
I'm sorry, @Ginger that you not @Shelli's fav....KIDS these days...(shaking head)
But don't you just love that Spike, tho? and how Spike insults? Please @vampie, u promised that we get to sleep with him and Edward, right? You know, since Edward is a (looking over shoulder) a shhhh v.i.r.g.i.n. and all maybe Spike and I can have a whirl at it, first. OMG, did I just say that again? (sighs)

How about some of Spike's fav lines...
"service the girl," "niblit"
"Oh, pouty! Look at that lip.. gonna get it.. gonna get it.." Oh, come *on*!”
"Want me to take 'em out? Give me a hell of a headache, but I could probably thin the herd a little."

oh boy I just can't wait to see what you, @vampie come up with! AND didn't you say that we all get to sleep with them? uh uh uh? yes? will you name us so that we're not just hey you or she?, please?

@mystify me
NAME the date and time and I'll be there! But I better bring @robnutmeg coz she's the crazy one! You know, she who jumps on bar tables and sings mama mia! (rolls eyes) I like it Bella drives off a cliff! (thumbs up)

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) you just gave me the BIGGEST grin with those Spike lines. Someone else can do Edward (you heard me)... Spike will always be my #1.

OCD Sufferer said...

Yes, I quoted Ducky! I actually quote cartoons or kids shows quite frequently however I don't always tell you who I am quoting cause I am a nut lol. That is what happens when you raise 4 kids and have to watch the same movie/cartoon over and over and over and over and over and over and over....... (and then do it again with the next one.....)
Yeah, I can quote cartoons better than real movies....Twilight is pretty up there, though, lol!!

robin(me) said...

I know! Spike's quotes just send u over that edge, don't they? I admit I've never really been too keen on Angel. He just was too moody for me... I just was looking at some pics of Spike today and I just thought, good lord why didn't they give that guy a 20 yr Spike contract or something! JM loved playing Spike, too. I'm thinking that Rob and James could probably rule the hottest vampire world....and I'd sign up to be their royal concumbine!

coldandsparkly said...

The smelly dog can go as far as Im concerned.Not willing to lose Edward! Amazing yet frightening pic there Mr. Ginger!! You've outdone yourself!!!!

Ginger Swan said...

@coldandsparkly, I just told Mr. Ginger what you said about his pic and he says, "Right on!". :)

sakixry said...

@mystify me: oh well... I sure wouldn't mind to have my inbox full with your Robward pics! me likey! mmmmmmmmhhhh!!!

*shaking head with disbeliev* @ robin(me)... tsk tsk tsk... well maybe you and spike could TEACH Edward a thing or two? He could watch first... *ok,i'm getting red right now... i'm ashamed... (not really*

@vampie: if you decide to name them... please just let me have my way with Edward... maybe while he is watching robin(me) with spike *ok, now I AM ashamed... I promisee I wont look robin(me)!!!* I dont know Spike (yet) and I am not DOING strangers.... mahahhaaaa!

@Ginger: No problem Ginger! I'll do Edward! Vampie, Robin(me) and Ginger only to be with Spike please! ;o)) Edward is OURS!

robin(me) said...

HEY now! I said I'd do it with Spike first.....just to like show Edward. (and yes Spike and I go back a few years....) and it was @Ginger who just wants Spike. I still want some Edward, too!
NICE TRY, tho.
I said both of them! (glaring @Sakixry) mahaha!