Monday, May 4, 2009

Keepin' it Legal...

Now we know why filming for New Moon is in Vancouver. The legal drinking age there is 19. Kristen Stewart had to have made this one of her demands during contract re-negotiations. Who wants to place bets that Eclipse is filmed in Amsterdam?

Yeah, and Isle Esme in Brazil will be the entire film location for Breaking Dawn!

I wonder what other demands she could have made? A kegerator in her dressing room? A secret cell number just for RP Booty Calls? A doctor's note saying she has glaucoma and needs marijuana for all California-based reshoots?

And I bet she's demanding that the whole set shut down at 4:20pm for her break.



sakixry said...

Oh well... it would be very nice if they would shoot Eclipse in Amsterdam... it's closer to me... right Vampie? We should plan a visit to Amsterdam!! *woof-woof* I meant to growl like an animal but this barking is all that came out of my throat..

Ninja Fanpire said...

When those photos of here smoking a pipe first came out, I thought they looked photoshopped. I still stand by that.

The bikini one could also be, but I don't really doubt the authenticity of that one.

Total Fanpires said...

Yeah, RP Booty calls, for him to meet her in a 'sercret location'.
Pfft us Twilight fans will find the location and prove to the world that RPattz and K.Stewpid are totally dating!

sakixry said...

@Ninja: I dont know... They dont look photoshopped! Anyways, I really dont care.
@Total: Dating or doing it? Hmmmm...

Ninja Fanpire said...

There were six photos total sakixry. I could point out some things that just look a bit fishy.

sakixry said...

@I really would like you to! I'm curious! Show me your skills Ninja!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Will do, just gotta find the site that has all of them.

sakixry said...

@Ninja: ok, dear Ninja! I'll wait! Let me know the link to the site too! And maybe Mr. Ginger with his photoshop skills could also check it!

faith_83 said...

Hmm…Amsterdam yes is not a bad idea but I have a better in Spain the legal age to drink is 18 so...

@total fanpires
Definitely doing it!! I can bet my Rob poster on it!!

so what if she smokes or doing it with him...that means she is smart...because having a man like Rob around and not taking advantage of it is being I kinda change my opinion about her...

sakixry said...

@faith: In Greece too! I would like them to film the movie in Greece but the weather is not going to play along... we have 300 days of sun here and that is not good for vampires that cant go out in the sunlight... I believe the reason Spank said Amsterdam is because you can buy Marijuana everywhere and also smoke it freely!

Totally agree about the doing it part! ;o))

Ninja Fanpire said...


Here we go, this site has all six photos:

Okay, well in these three photos:
The guy doesn't move AT ALL. And neither does his hair....Doesn't it look a bit wind blown? His position never changes.

The dog
Photo 4 – I have a problem with this picture. See how close she is to that dog? She looks almost like she's stepping on it! I think the dog would have AT LEAST looked up to see who was stepping so near. Position never changes. Is this dog dead?

Also Photo #4, I want to know what the heck that green blur is.

And, can I get a creditable source? Or any source, for that matter? I tried, which is the site given under the photos in the first link. However, that site is non existent.

And, is her address public? Because if not, why didn't they write down her address (since she was supposedly on her porch) and like sell it? How many Twilight stalkers would pay for KStews address? Come on, we know SOMEONE would! Go run to her and get an autograph, do SOMETHING worthwhile besides just taking some photos. Kidnap the dog and hold it for ransom, go throw tomatoes at her! Just taking photos to sell to an unreliable gossip rag......Is there nothing better to do when you see KStew out in a T-Shirt smoking a pipe? Guess not.

vampie (AKA vampirefreak101 AKA Mrs Carlisle Cullen AKA katiecullen101 ..) said...

*woof woof* ??!! you are not a wolf! you are a vampire like me.. *shaking head in disbelief*

yes! trip to Amsterdam! come on. lets do it!! :o)

League meet up :o)

@faith_83 , all
Rob obviously really wants to f*ck Kristen. would she really be stupid and say no.. ?! like any female would say no!
are they dating? probably not. have they slept together? even just the once? definitely!

faith_83 said...

I definitely won’t say no if I´ll have the chance;) if so at least she can say what talents Rob has in bed... is just that I want to see if my dreams are better than the reality or the other way much to ask??

robnutmeg said...

Good "smoking" morning Ladies

I have to wait until I can down a KEG and smoke some weed baby b4 I can answer any of these important issues.....

MAHHAHAAAAA! Nothing like a LEGAL Monday to get those creative juices flowing for court!

I think kstewpid aughta move to Amsterdam w/ her crazed father and her stoned oregano bf!

roomie???? woof? hey, are u smoking the stuff too? oh an NOT dating but definitely BONDING!

not me, nope wouldn't say NO!

Hey you know I'll get Robin(me) and her uh new political twilight friends to maybe work on legalizing UH these demands right here in WA....but what about robwards? why does she get all the good stuff?

Hey, I have that bikini - I thought those leaves were for St Patty's day....(sheepishly stepping away) bahahahahahaha

robin(me) said...

Ladies Ladies
I'm still on THE OFFICE....geez!

I loved ur WOOF, (glaring @ rnm) and yes Robsten is definitely having uh sex -study time together!


Ok now League we need to FOCUS on bringing the MOVIE MAKING back to the US of A.....Jail time for kstewpid can wait until after BD (if they even frickin film BD) stupid arses!

Well, I'm sure ALL of you will have fun w/o me & rnmeg as we go off to row w/o the other slaves.....(looking over my shoulder to see if anyone looks sad?)

Melanie said...

Where can you get a secret cell number for RP Booty calls? I'm interested! :) said...


Gone one day and I come back to this....

Thank you, @beesue for at least missing me yesterday...I was "entertaining" some guests....

The OFFICE is my fav....but I won't start that up again looks like everyone had FUN yesterday! mmm????
robin(me) interesting church story! hubby sounds like he had FUN, too! oh yeah!

anyway today's topic! as long as it's KSTEWPID and not some well maybe she's NOT SO BAD after all comments b/c can't do good kstewpid!

MMM. Kstewpid's bikini top looks like it's been smoked OR maybe sucked? ewwww. perhaps by herb bf? b/c MY robward doesn't smoke ILLEGAL things - !! I have "HARD" enuff time thinking of him as the Beatiful Bastard! but one does with one has to do to adjust to new things in life.....

I too, love ur woof, woof. AND they are definitely and w/o a doubt doing it. just not "dating". not much for romance and flowers are they?

sakixry is the one that doesn't want to be a vampire, tho. that's me! hey, uh can i be in that hotel room w/ the rest if you get spikeward gigolos? please???

UGH, maybe kstewpid will MOVE! we'll all be glad to take her place next to robward at Isle Esme.

row w the rest of the slaves? OMG. do you like memorize every line from every movie or something? cracking up! and yes, we all miss you! (glancing at the League! - right, League) said...

Oh and sorry no notes today.

thanks for reminding me - RP booty call numbers - send my way and HURRY!

i think the paparazzis don't think at all when they come remotely near kstewpid these days. she's a little know.....that's probably why they don't stick around to chat!

vampie said...

@oh yep. Spikeward gigolos on their way! well, i'm planning/starting it :op

@all at least its only pot.
i know some things about Rob, well about what he was like when doing conventions for Harry Potter, and you really wont like it...
i still like him anyway, i'm sure he's different now..clean and everything (oh god i'm about to destroy you all-sorry)

vampie said...

.. and i'm really surprised the media havent found out but then maybe they know but arent allowed to print it .

sakixry said...

@vampie: as soon as we find out where they will film, we are making reservations! yes, ok... i am not a wolf but you know... thinking of Robward brings out the animal in me...
Pffff...I'm so damn busy today...I have not much time to write... sorry!
@faith: well, i think it is. I mean the girl wouldn't even admitt she did it.. would she say how he is like in the sack?
@robnutmeg: yeah, yeah...bonding...
@melanie: who is NOT interested in having Robs booty call number? I sure as hell am...*woof,woof* *wink@robin(me)&oh*
Maybe Vampie should write something about 2 gigolos visiting a room full of ladies... I dont know if they can handle it though! Maybe throw a Jasper, Emmet and Carlisle in it too!
@vampie: you HAVE to share what you know!!! Share!!!

suthrngrl said...

Could I get a copy of the Secret Cell number for the RP Booty call...

robin(me) said...

(winking back)
yea, tell us we can handle it, i think. bad or not, we still want him....right, girls - sakixry, robnutmeg, oh,? who cares if he's bad or what he's done? after reading darkward i'm willing to have an open mind and other OPEN things.....omg did I just say that? *shaking head*

Alliebeth said...

@sakixry- I know what you mean about the 300 days of sun thing. I'm from Denver (which get that much sun also) and my younger sister and her friends are constantly lamenting the fact that the Cullens would never move to the area despite the 'plentiful wildlife'.

@Ninja- I've always thought those were photoshopped too! I still think she's probably high 99% of the time, but something about those pictures doesn't seem real.

And all I have to say about the bikini is that i HOPE it's photoshopped, because if not...yuck! Her fashion has always seemed questionable, but really...this takes it to a whole new level.

robnutmeg said...

hey hey hey no making fun of the weedkini! i think it SUITS her just fine! bahaha!
that room is going to get crowded but i feel we'll get the service we all want...(@ginger, service the girl! wink!)

Spank Ransom said...

@ Ninja -- He isn't moving b/c he is stoned! LOL

@ Vampie -- do NOT drob a bomb and fail to detonate. Tell us!

vampie said...

ok, but dont hate me for telling you the truth ..

i spoke to some of the organisers at the twilight convention i went to. it was about 2am, so all the 15 fan girls werent there. so they told us and swore us to secrecy. back in the day when Rob didnt have his own bodyguard, they would be his security. one harry potter convention was partically memorable Rob was doing a talk and saying some really weird things. obvoiusly everyone just assumes its Rob being silly. while doing autos later in the day, he asks for a toilet break. security follow him. he snorts a line of cocaine and then goes back out and continues signing autos. one of the security guys was actually asked by Rob to go and purchase some for him but he refused.

the organisers say that they think he seems alot more mature now and almost certainly doesnt do this anymore but he definitely did then..

and they think that the media must know all about this but arent allowed to say.

ok, please dont throw things at me *hides*

vampie said...

i meant the 15 year old fangirls.. well you know what i mean! who actualy think Rob is god and not human.

they didnt want to shattered their dreams.

OCD Sufferer said...

I don't really have any comment on the post today, just wanted to stop in and say hey to you mighty fine ladies *GRIN*

I am still reading the ff from last night and Edward makes me CRY! Literally, wiping my tears cause he is so sweet!
Still haven't come up with a name...but to sum it up, it would be:

vampie said...

eveyones gone quiet now. i think i just killed everyone :o(

Spank Ransom said...

@ Vampie - you didn't kill me. I work for Prick, not Prickward (remember?).

I figured that was what it had to be and who knows. Sadly, I wasn't in the bathroom with him to do a thorough inspection of what he was doing. Anytime a celebrity goes in the bathroom and comes out sniffing that's what they say - maybe he did, maybe he didn't. It doesn't change anything for me.

vampie said...

yes Rob is a god ... even gods make mistakes.

i'm gonna keep refreshing.. someone comment! have you all fainted in shock?!

vampie said...

i still love him anyway. and i definitely dont think he does anymore.

robnutmeg said...

doesn't change a THING for the robgirls either! nope not budging. i think reading darkward and The Office, wer're immune to bad things. AND anyways he's good if he doesn't get caught!

even gods make mistakes.....YES!(wink)

Anonymous said...

He'd have to do something in order to deal with Summitt, CH and kstewpid...maybe HP taught him! Never trust a wizard!

heck i think someone oughta supply it for him! geez! (I really didn't say that did I?)'s.bad!!!! I like'em bad!

The Lurker

vampie said...

@The Lurker
i prefer my Rob in complete control of all his senses and thoughts and.. wait..what..if he's not in complete control of himself he's easier for The League to kidnap right?! (only half joking!)

Mystify Me said...

Pot is an aphrodisiac for some.
I'm scared Toto...Run Robbie-cakes run!!!!!

sakixry said...

Hey, we got that booty call number yet or still searching??
@robin(me): *wink,wink* *grin*

@alliebeth: well yeah, thats bad from the cullen point of view but if we believe in vampires, we must be happy that it's sunny cause there are other things not so vegetarian out there *wink*
As for wildlife...hmmm...they would have to fish a lot! bahahaaa! i dont think they like fish though because of their cold blood! mahaaahaaa! Yeah, I know... I'm getting stupid! I stop now...

@robnutmeg: we should all take a number! like waiting in the row to the deli *wiggle with eyebrows* I want some salami please!!

@vampie: i'm not throwing anything! don't worry! boooh at Rob for sniffing coke bak in the day! I hope he quit now cause I wouldn't like to see his arrest pictures in the internet...
And as I said yesterday... after Spankward, Darkward and Domward... nothing can shock me! Or kill me... I still love Robward! *sighs*

@OCD: Hey to you too mighty lady!! Hope your hubby is well fed and still unaware *wink* I love the name you give him!!!

-speaking to myself now... theres a lot of winking going on today...-

@Lurker: Well of course... If CH tried to touch him all the time... the poor guy would have psychological problems and just HAD to do something to endure it! And anyways, as vampie says... if he's not so 100% controlling himself, you know... we could take advantage of him easier...I'm just saying... *ducking for cover*

@mystify me: you think kstew will try to rape him? ooohh! we should run for his rescue!!

beesue said...

HEY-HEY League Ladies!

I am ignoring this topic because it has to do with the Piss Ant and anyone who would purchase or wear a swimsuit like that should be "squashed" under my finger!

Here I am in my RobBubble (Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows)
need your notes @OH.... and my Rob doesn NOT do drugs and has eyes ONLY for me! and I DO have the Booty CALL number..wink, wink!

@ginger - how did you know about 4:20? HMMMMM??? Oh I know -"you wikied that shit" HAHAHAHAHA!

@robgirls - see ya on the Down Low - yeah I used to be a Gangsta Girl! And we do NEED filming in the US! What's the deal - are they AFRAID of US????

@sakixry - always knew you luved the dog - Ruff -Ruff - I do like Scooby - does that count!

@League - I thinks OCD needs intervention - no Comments on topic!

OCD Sufferer said...

Dandyward!!! mwahahaha!
Alice calls him a dandy all the time and now Bella is calling him it too!
At least he isn't Trampward anymore.
OME, he is just too sweet! And Jasper is wonderful in this! He doesn't have a clue about Alice, it is so stinking cute!
Emmett....ha, y'all will get a kick out of this...Emmett is a VIRGIN MORMON MISSIONARY!!!!!!! Bella and Alice have been trying to fix him up with Rose for a while now...Rose being just like she was in the books...gorgeous and snotty (but she has good reason).
This story is soooo great! I have laughed so much and I just sit around with a stupid "goofy grin" on the whole time.

This is so much better than talking about pot-smoking K.Skankwart!!
I still love you guys though and I am reading all of your posts and I will "shoutout" every so often, lol

sakixry said...

@beesue: hell no! the only dogs I love are Dahlia (my baby dog), Sawyer (the neighbours dog who is in love with my Dahlia) and Trainwreck!

By barking I only wanted to point out my animalistic side you know... next time I'm just going to hiss! *hiss* *wink*

@OCD: Emmet is VIRGIN MORMON MISSIONARY??? Bahahhahaaaa!!! ROFL!

Well OCD, at least you are out of the smutty ff closet!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

Hey, I represent that comment!! I actually *did* post and said hi!! LOL!
About 420...o.m.g. mr. OCD drives me insane. He has his CB radio "clock" set to 4:20 (cause it doesn't work)
Someone gave us a t-shirt that is too small for Mr. OCD and it says 4-20 on it and my son wanted it and I told him why he couldn't have it, but Mr. OCD laughed and said, "Man, no one in the house can wear it then...we can't throw it away!" ugh! That is what I get for marrying a pot-head turned non-pot-head but still avid advocate for the "benefits" of Mary Jane and would love nothing more than to move to Amsterdam or New Zealand just so he can gloat that it is now legal.....puhleez!!

Mystify Me said...

Was strolling thru Wal*Mart at lunch and traumatized these 3 little Italian Grannies whilst I watched Bella's 'death' scene...smiling and singing along with Rob

sakixry said...

@OCD: Me, as a stupid "foreigner", doesn't understand what 4.20 means... *pout* Will someone please enlighten me? It has something to do with smoking pot?

OCD Sufferer said...

You know it! I couldn't fool you guys anyway. It is way too hard to act like I don't love me some smut.
So far, this story is majorly lacking the smut, but it is one of the best (besides WA of course) I have read! I hope it eventually gets smutty...I mean, c'mon the only reason to write about Edward is to write about how.....excited....he gets...and what he does with that....excitement.....speaking of which, just insinuating Ed' getting I better go back to reading about Virgin Mormon Missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

April 20th is the day to plant for a good harvest of pot, lol....quite stupid, farmers dont have a "date" rofl

sakixry said...

@ocd: I like my Robward also excited! *wiggles eyebrows* When you think Loooooong and haaaaaard about it... *wiggly wiggly* I was also looking for the smut in WA until I found it and saw UNICORNS everywhere!

OCD Sufferer said...

Hmmm, the website linked to this post says otherwise....odd. Apparently it began in the 70's as a day to, how pot-headed of them to declare it a "holiday" hahaha!!

OCD Sufferer said...

ROFL!!! Well, *this* explains that the pot-heads are so stoned that they don't even know what the heck 420 means!!!! They don't know exactly where it came from and it apparently stands for MANY, MANY pot-related things! HAHA! Even down to police code for "marijuana consumption" oh glad my brain cells are still intact...well, actually, I think ff has stolen quite a few, but at least I didn't smoke them away!

Here is the page:

robin(me) said...

You LIKE Trainwreck? He is probably the very one responsible for my MISSING PE! He is on my black list! Rotten dog! pfffff.
NO BC number yet....mmmmm.....what gives????
YES I'm over the darkward shock now so I can handle anything that guy dishes....and looking forward to it! (pant, pant)

You don't want to see rob arrested? neither do i but i'll be his UH personal attorney...and I'll see to his UH personal LEGAL needs......(wink)


HEY, that's what I say -- I'm in THE OFFICE bubble w/ naughty nasty and HAWT Robward....
gangsta girl...that's ur new name! LIKE it! oh yes. need the filming back where it belongs! Hey we are quite able to supply ALL of Rob's needs here at the LEAGUE! kidnapping is a cinch when said victim is incapacitated! mmm. oh yes!
yeah @Oh
where are the musical notes....and yes I quote movies! so there! (wink)

Mystify Me said...

Prezzie!!! Oh and MacKie is a nick name of mine.


Ginger Swan said...

@beesue, LOL Mr. Ginger is the one who told me about 420. ;)

@saxikry, it's code for smoking pot. Click the 4:20 in our post above and it will take you to wikipedia which will explain it all.

Mr. Ginger doesn't think the pictures are photoshopped. Come on... she's a pot head. So are a lot of actors. The media doesn't care about actors who do pot. Now Michael Phelps... yes, because he's an American hero of sorts, but actors? No way. And did you see Kristen's hippy dad? I bet he taught her how to smoke!

beesue said...

@OCD -LUV your "smut" addiction since I am
taking "medication". HAHAHA Got you to talk to me!
Like Saturday School-except for the POV of the Janitor, Charlie and Sue - WTF! didn't read them!

@sakixey - Giving you some Sh*t! Knew you didn't go over to the other side - I luvs me some Wolverine - Hugh Jackson -Wolf-Wolf- and that Australian Accent!

Click on Gingers comment on "420" to see the Wiki definition.

robin(me) said...

YES, Kstewpid's hippy dad still looks like he's having a little smoke here and there....(rolling eyes)

vampie said...

completely off topic but New Moon script has been leaked (seriuosly..) i think is the second draft. not final draft

OCD Sufferer said...

OH! OH! OH! OH!!!!!
I think I forgot to tell you the BEST part of Emmett in the story!!!!!

HE.IS.A.NEW.ZEALANDER!!!!!!! With the sexy accent and all!!!
I think O.M.E. can actually have *TWO* meanings now:
Oh My Edward
Oh My Emmett....I am a sucker for a sexy accent....whew!

I also agree about Hugh Jackman! We were supposed to go see Wolverine Thursday @ midnight, but Mr. OCD and his social anxiety said we would wait until today to avoid the huge crowd expected. However, I totally forgot about it and am absorbed in this freaking ff so I think we will go tomorrow. lol

sakixry said...

@robin(me): are you sure Trainwreck took your PE??? Maybe your hubby? Maybe you threw him out the window the day you lathered up??? *wiggly eyebrows*

Ok then... so its a "good" thing Rob gets stoned and we want him to get arrested so that Robin(me) and Robnutmeg represent him and we can kidnapp him!

Spider Monkey said...


I don't know if I want to read it or not. Darn you!

It looks real to me. I have a copy of TWilight screenplay and it looks THE SAME as this. Wow!

Mystify Me said...

Script has been removed due to legal reasons...

Mystify Me said...

Where on earth did you get a Twilight script Spider??

vampie said...

script has now been deleted.. but not before i copied and pasted and saved it :o) yes!

Spider Monkey said...

@mystify me - a good spider never reveals her sources! ;)

robin(me) said...

can i get a copy of that script. strictly for legal purposes, of course. (i won't say who sent it to me....)

no it's the dog. i feel it. plus Mr. R is actually quite grateful NOW to my uh robsession now!

u can tell me! how am i supposed to represent the league if you keep me in the dark????

Spider Monkey said...

@robin me... sicilian/greek spiders can keep secrets for an eternity. Just ask the rest of the league!! ;)

Alliebeth said...

@Ginger- OMG....I so want it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I have a book club with some girlfriends that meets every tuesday night, and I have a feeling that the book we were supposed to be reading will fly out the window when I pull this out! We talk about twilight 90% of the time anyway...

Ninja Fanpire said...

Ya, but those weren't taken "these days". It was back before Twilight was even finished.


I mean, ya, I won't doubt that she gets high, I just think that this isn't even Kristin


It's possible

sakixry said...

@Ginger, OCD & beesue: Thanks for helping with 420...

@beesue: me like Wolverine too... woof woof! mahahaaa!

@vampie: please tell me you have saved it to your computer???!?!?!!! I followed the link you gave and it seems to be removed!

@spider: are you half italian half Greek??? Ooooh! You must be very very pretty and temperamental!

vampieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! please please please e-mail it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *faint,thud,unconscious&waiting for the script*

robin(me) said...

I want it too

yes i believe u! i won't pressure u.

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah...if someone happens to have a copy of a certain document that was posted briefly on the internet and then taken off (right after I saved it, but not copy/pasted it) and would like to share...for research purposes only, a certain someone I know would be quite interested ;)

vampie said...

@sakixry i've just emailed you something you might like :o)

@robin(me) if you want ANYTHING from me, email me and i'll email you back.
or give me yor email address on here.

beesue said...

Alert, Alert - I Love LA and Dom have posted new chapters.

@ginger - I e-mailed you.

@alli - your book club is gonna LUV U FOREVER!

OCD Sufferer said...

I knew about Dom, but not ILLA!! YAY!.....but I can't quit reading IHMFLY!

I scanned through the "secret document" really quick and it looks like a nice make-out scene is pretty quick coming in the, I can't wait.....

robin(me) said...

woohoo! and thanks

Thanks to @ginger, too!

sounds like a fun book club! (wink)

i have to wait until i get home now to read the updates! thanks for letting us know!!!!

robnutmeg said...

Lot's of good stuff going on here. From leaked scripts to UPDATES! mmmm.

make up scene? yahoo! can't wait, either.

i'll wait anywhere anytime...hey maybe we should order a nice LONNGGGGGG "sausage" at that deli!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: thats what i had in mind too dear roomie! a loooong sausauge! mahahahaaaa!

OCD Sufferer said...

make OUT, not make UP! I only skimmed the first 2 pages lol!!! He tells her Happy Birthday and kisses her until he has to pull away (typical Edward)
I so want to read it, but at the same time I dont...and also I have to finish my ff and my updates on ffs and...and...and
I am procrastinating the inevitable lol

Spider Monkey said...

Ah, what a happy crew tonight! ;)

vampie said...

@robin(me) i've emailed you :o)

i said on twitter that i had 'something' saved and i got 23 direct messages asking for it! so all i've been doing al evening is emailing people. i havent even looked at it yet myself!

Ginger Swan said...

@beesue, where did you email me? I didn't see it in my inbox.

robin(me) said...

ur the best vampierette in the ya2bits....ur my ff come to real life queen! thanks! (ahhhh)

i think robnutmeg meant makeout - it's what she lives for! mmm.
and i can't wait until he comes back and then he kisses her!

sakixry said...

Good night you girls!!
Tomorrow! Many kisses to all!

vampie said...

goodnight everyone! i'll eventually get to read this script myself on wednesday night..

am working tommorrow 8am -10pm

the things i do for Twi fans LOL

Alliebeth said...

So i'm about 50 pages into 'super secret document' and so far, I'm pretty impressed. Nothing major is left out, yay! I can't wait to hear what you all think of it!

robin(me) said...

just got home and read my emails, lots of good stuff in there....yawsa! I'm gonna read more and I'll comment later. So far I'm impressed too but only got a chance to read a few pages.

THANKS again! wow ur like our own little spy girl!

love ya, girl!

i'll share the "sd" like a good bff, come over l8r, bring wine! anybody else in the neighborhood can come over - opening up a nice red wine of nutmeg's.....all are welcome!!! we're into the "documents" tonight! AND then FF - just so busy, ya know!

OCD Sufferer said...

Man, @in(me) has her priorities straight, *sd* THEN ff....mine are going ff THEN *sd* cause I just can't get enough of this ff! I still haven't even gotten to my updates!! I think tonight might be an alnighter....
I don't think I will have time for NM *cry*
My heart is beating out of my chest right now...I am 1/2 scared to read it and ruin the whole thing...but then I notice that I am not the only one willingly ruining it! How many times does a bff come over and say, "I just watched ________" and you say, "DONT TELL ME ABOUT IT! YOU WILL RUIN IT!!!"???? And look at us, we are voluntarily ruining the movie we have been waiting about OTD *t=Twilight in case it isn't obvious lol*
Anyway, back to the mormon-virgin-exslut-oblivious-totally-GORGEOUS fanfiction I have been glued to all day *wink*

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD, what are we ruining? We all read the book. We all know what happens. ;) Besides, I enjoyed Twilight much better the second time because the first time I was too busy nitpicking it and comparing it to the book. If I knew the differences ahead of time, I might have loved it more the first time.

beesue said...

@ginger - at the twilightheaded

OCD Sufferer said...

True, true, but.....we don't know just how much Rob we will see and just how much barkbark we will have "just have to endure" and this script kinda puts a damper on it...then again, when we actually pay money to go see it, we will know how long we can leave our seats and go play video games until we need to come back!!! HAHAHA!
I have an idea!!!! We can take flashlights and some smutty fanfiction with us to read while barkbark is in the way!! I am SOOO DOING IT!! Gonna sit and read porn while waiting for Robward's pretty face!!
I just have to remember to have my hands empty when he is on screen...don't wanna spill my pop or choke on popcorn or anything.
Can you believe we still have over 6 months to wait???? GEEZ! Filming is gonna be done the end of this month! They should let the League watch it 3 days that enough time to doctor it up? haha

OCD Sufferer said...

"ff is going to be the death of me"
FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! T.O.V. just posted a new chapter also!! It is my favorite of second favorites (WA being my favorite of I making sense? lol)
So, I have 3 chapters to read and I am still THIRTEEN CHAPTERS from the end of this ff I am on (53 chapters total...crazy...and it isn't even complete...totally awesome ff)
WTH am I gonna do?? LOL
I am telling ya, you ladies are really, really, really missing out on this ff! It has everyone's perspectives! Bella, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Rose, and Esme *only when she comes to town*! You actually get so into the J/A relationship that you grow to love them just like B/E!!! E & J are so much alike (total whores) and B & A are so much alike (virgins) that you just can't help but love them all!! And this author has posts on her profile so you actually get visuals and audiorials (is that a word?)! She has pictures of the dresses they wear, haircuts, etc. She has links to the songs they sing or listen to! I love it!!
Sorry, didn't mean to get off on a rant, lol.

OCD Sufferer said...

that was supposed to say
auditorials lol

robnutmeg said...

robgirls are here and we are in full agreement w/ you. knowing the differeces (as you said) ahead of time makes all the difference for us! I don't know, we HATE surprises. maybe that's the legal animal in us or something. we're almost finished with the SD and if this is real (and our uh hem sources say it is) then it's going to be one hell of a movie...that's only after 2 glasses of wine, too!
We figured that between the two of us we've read these books a total of 60x not counting the times we just read certain parts over and over and over....
That's just our take on it. just saying.
Now, @ocd
never apologize for "ranting" - we love FF too. We're still busy reading our far it's a toss up, robin(me) loves wetward, bossward, prickward, cussward, stairward, windowward, beachward and UH? operaward? OH OH OH and spikeward/gigoloward to come.... (i'm just writing down what she tells me except i think she snuck another glass of wine when i wasn't lookin) AND i love Beautiful Bastardward & spankward...hangs head in shame)
make that 2 votes for spikeward....(Love ya ocd!)

Alliebeth said...

So...I finished all of top secret document and wow...just wow. There are parts that I LOVE...even though they are a little different from the book, I think it will be amazing on screen. There are also some set pictures that look like scenes that aren't in this thats confusing. And i've only got one major gripe- and its pretty major- a pivotal scene that has made all of the 'top ten, must be included scenes' isn't there. I won't say which though, in case there are those who don't want spoilers =)
I will say, however, that I'm looking forward to shirtless edward more and more everyday!

Mystify Me said...

Sorry I am out about 50 posts.:(
Is the script still out there??
It was gone when I looked after lunch time. I wasn't sure if I wanted to read or not.
Got an email from a young gal on fb.
Was thinking, REALLY what would I do.I can be shy, and never want to piss off people, or harass my celeb loves, yet...if I wer ewmy pal Leah...having had a few..I might have jumped him regardless!
Oh my good Lord!!
Leah sent you a message. --------------------Subject: Saturday A hot hoodie... LOL I couldn't tell. I hadn't eaten anything all day...and I downed about 3 beer by the time Sam came on stage. LOL I'm terrible at picking people out in crowds. But I did see Kristen for sure. Now that they posted pictures of them and where they were, in fact, located in the bar. They were at one end beside the stage...and we were about 10-15 feet back along the bar. I have to honestly say... I wasn't really looking for them. Just keeping an eye out for Susan. I don't think I'd really have wanted to approach them... I'd want them to just have some fun on their night off. When I saw Kristen... I talked myself out of thinking it WAS her. I do remember seeing a guy in a hoodie in that area...but didn't get a good look at his face...and by this time I was on beer number 4 or 5. LOL I could have walked right in front of him...and not notice. But this is the 4th time I've near missed him. They filmed a few blocks from my house last week...and I didn't hear about until the morning they wrapped. I have no luck. LOL Or I'm just too damn shy. UGH!

Mystify Me said...

@OCD I clicked on your link but only saw info re: vacuums. Are you trying to tell me something? lmao

Ginger Swan said...

@beesue, that's why. Spank is the one who checks the Twilight-Headed email now. If you want to email me in the future, send it to

@robin)me and robnutmeg, I knew you guys would agree with me. You're women after my own heart!

Mystify Me said...

Um okay news on the forbidden documents? I guess I'm off to bed. xo

robnutmeg said...

You got that right! We always are..... Ok finished now with reading the shhhhhhh (looking over shoulder) the pssst secret docs - even after 2-3 glasses of wine, - robgirls feel it's not too shabby, except it's a shame that the dawgs can't be kenneled or something. Didn't see any stuttering scenes for kstewpid, god we hope she can handle that....(mahaha)... oooh one scene if it's done the way we thought we read it will be an Edward hubbahubba scene... that will be yummy, we think!
we think carlisle is going to rock, too! mmm. jazz isn't too bad, either! thinking here. nope still team edward!

@mystify me
ur friend should have thrown caution to the wind and just flung herself at him or maybe flung her beer at him - excuse me, (fluddering eyelashes) - so sorry here let me help you with your wet hoodie i'm so sorry please take my hoodie....(while pretending NOT to know him, it would most likely bug the sh*t of him if someone actually didn't recognize him, I think..) THEN the world is your's! OH MY GOD, I bet she just hates herself now. I know, I was standing on top of a bar a month ago and singing MAMA MIA with complete strangers. If he had walked in, I probably would have dropped dead!
(me, too -- robin(me)
what's missing? we are racking our soggy wine drenched brains and can't come up with it. puleeze spill it, girl!

Alliebeth said...

@robnutmeg- I'm hoping that since this is only the second draft, it will eventually be put in...but for me, it's so major that I can't believe that it was left out of ANY draft...The proposal isn't there. There seems to only be a passing reference to "what would you trade if I were the one to bite you" and all of it having to do with her spending more time human.

robnutmeg said...

Oh MY Gawd!
You are right! It must have been the wine. We read and read and read. And for some reason we just didn't catch that! OMG. OOOH now I'm feeling like crap. @Ginger, let's kick that Melissa in the ass! (growl)

The bedroom scene seemed to be shafted too now that I'm thinking about it. It's like she just wakes up and says OOH there you are....he didn't even have to struggle to convince her she wasn't dreaming! Hmpf! Well, let's hope it's just a draft. I do kinda like certain scenes still...the b-day, the volturi, and voting scenes sound pretty good. The breakup scene sounds like it's going be good, too. LET's hope! Take care!
time to go dream about robward!

Ginger Swan said...

Before you send out the lynching party... this is likely not the final script. Some parts of Twilight were on their 18th version of script before the end of filming. Also, there was originally NO meadow scene in Twilight and they went back and shot it later. So... we won't know for sure what's in NM and what's not until we see the movie.

sakixry said...

@OCD: You are definitely out of the closet!! mahahahaaaaa! Going all crazy about ff! Is there any smut yet in this story?

sakixry said...

@mystify: hey, give me your e-mail and i send it to you if you still havent got it!!!

@robgirls: uuuuhhhh!!! Edward hubba hubba scenes!! Is there any scene without a shirt on???

@allie: well i sure hope they will put the proposal scene in it! WTF?

robnutmeg said...

the hubba hubba scene is a flash to Edward all alone and nothing to live for w/o bellabitch *cough* and he gets the call from Rosalie. I don't know I picture him all hair messed, wrinkled jeans (perhaps unzipped) and I (with my glasses of wine) slipped into a roboma (coma)!

yeah we'll wait to see the movie and then send out a lynch mob...esp. if they don't do BD! I'm sharpening my "pitchforks" and will be ready!

suckerforvampires said...

The legal drinking age in Brasil is 18, ever better han? I´m from Brasil and since Isle Esme is near Rio de Janeiro it would be a play day, since most of the known drug dealers are there.
loved the blog! so funny!