Friday, May 29, 2009

New Moon Trailer at the MTV Awards!

This Sunday is the MTV Movie Awards. This year the event is about more than just golden popcorn. Because this Sunday we will be treated to the first New Moon trailer. *squee* More importantly, this will be the first "official" date for Rob and Kristen, although Summit is making the kids take their pet Taylor to the show.

I have a sneaking suspicion that New Moon is going to blow Twilight away and instead of us Twi-hards demanding Stephenie Meyer finish Midnight Sun, we'll be harrassing Summit to remake Twilight with Chris Weitz as the director! We can just call the first Twilight just a long trailer, or a spoof... SO excited!!

Twilight was just a bad dress rehearsal compared to what we'll be seeing this November.

I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore. Are you saying Twilight is not a masterpiece? Oscar material? **SHOCKED** Ok, ok, I agree with you. How about we demand Chris Weitz make a Midnight Sun version of Twilight? Fewer scenes with Bella can't be a bad thing, right?

Better yet, we should just push for Summit to finance a movie titled: "Isle Esme".... directed by Ron Jeremy???

Do you really think Rob needs direction from a bloated aging nasty looking porn star? I think he'd be motivated by a good buzz and an excuse to grab Kristen Stewart's ass. In fact, I think they're probably rehearsing scenes right now.

As long as Ron Jeremy isn't in the film, I think it might work. I just don't want to have my vision of Isle Esme tainted by his shlong.

*snicker* Did you just say "shlong"?

No, no, Ginger. Ron would just be directing since he has the experience in adult "filmmaking"... He can show Rob exactly "How to Be."

I like where you're going with this. Such a production would ensure that there would be no fade-to-black, though there is the inherent risk that we blackout if we actually got to see pantless Rob. Working title: Twihard Cock.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I really think New Moon will be better than Twilight. I don't think they lacked the budget with that movie. I think there was just too much extra stuff that wasn't needed, and that "looked good on paper".

lickhimright said...

Good morning League!

Yeah! It's me -sakixry- with my other alis name.

Ron Jeremy? His schlong? Did you really just said schlong? Mahahhaaaa!

Ok.. I certainly would like to see a shirtless, pantless, feathered schlong movie of Robward!

I am absolutely positive that I would fade to black because I would be in ecstasy!

Geeeez! Rob's schlong? Somebody stop me from repeating "robschlong" on and on please...

I think i will try to make it a trending topic in Twitter today...

*chanting* #robschlong #robschlong #robschlong...

Damn Greece and damn MTV! Why do I have to see the trailer the next day? That is NOT RIGHT!!!

lickhimright said...

yeah... thinking of robschlong made me write alis instead of alias...

*chanting* #robschlong #robschlong #robschlong...

lickhimright said...

Oh God! I just read in Twitter that you guys made us a banner??? Thank you my dears!! Thats so sweet of you!

Please email me and tell me how I can do this too! We want you on our blog and not only as a favorite link!!!

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning League

mmm. so many things to ponder upon as i anxiously await MTV awards that I hardly ever watch. b/c well I don't. but if i could i'd have a FRONT ROW seat and kick that kstew outa way for me and Rob. just saying.

Twihard Cock? OH>MY>GOD!

Make that RobSchlong? *licking lips* winking @lickhimright

Midnight Sun or Isle Esme? mmm. which to choose. It has to be Isle Esme with the twihard cock...{{spank, u've warped my mind again}}
mahahahahah and we do know it's MARBLE hard!

kmoye said...

how freakin hot is Cam gigandet in that photo?! I cannot believe ya'll got to meet him in person. I would have melted to the floor.

ANd I feel like New Moon is going to blow Twilight away too. So damn excited!

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Ok! that is perfect! Remake of Twilight-Midnight Sun version with Chris W!

Girls, you have killed me now! I was wondering were the ravisme team came up woth Robsholng on twitter! lol

Ilaria said...

Girls, I love the idea of Chris Weitz directing Twilight or even better, Midnight Sun...I have been really hoping for that they would say "wait, we can'put these two movies side to side in a boxset together...chris, would you quickly just reshoot it?".

crazylife said...

Hey Ginger,

I like the way you think. Perfect remake twilight "Midnight Sun" directed by Chris Wietz.

I just reread the reunion part of New Moon and all I could say was thank you Chris Weitz, thank you.

The Rob shlong you guys crack me up!

aka CanAnon

OCD Sufferer said...

Only you ladies could take a post titled "New Moon Trailer at the MTV Awards" and end up being a post about Robschlong......whatever will we do with you guys?? LOL!!!

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...


Ok, so back to reading the rest..hehehehehhe

I hope Kristen has learned to dress better this year..not likely...but the best thing i have seen her wear in awhile is that green shirt and jeans when she attacks poor rob...hehe..dont you wish it was you jumping on him..but that instead of falling down on something hard...fall down on a bed..well..maybe falling on 'his something hard' wouldnt be so bad..*snickers* hehe as long as we then fall on a bed...ahhhhhhhhhhhh shirtless rob is still killing me..hahaha I still love twilight...I know it could be better..but I still love it..I watched it twice I could stay off the computer drooling over pics..but didnt work so well..haha..i will still on here way to much..luckily my kids love twilight and love watching it..hehe
*coffee just came out my nose* Isle Esme...directed by ron jeremy..well as long as he is not in it..i am game...hell I might even try out for a i wouldnt...ahhhhhhh damnit..I almost went to a really dark place just to get closer to the characters...that better have rob playing edward...tis ok to have someone else play bella in this version..hehe but have to have least...
Your blog is killing me..btw..the whole time that I am typing..rob is over here to my right taking his shirt off..then showing his butt crack...i cant take it...robapalooza..haha omg..ome...I am going to have to put the comment window over him so i can concentrate..ahhhh that is better! lol show rob exactly 'how to be' it...true..that man has experience..hehe Listening to rob laugh..dont hate on me too much..and dont hit me with everyone within arm reach...hehe...but listening to rob laugh/giggle in the audio commentary yesterday..totally made me wonder if maybe he doesnt have a whole lot of experience..but my hubby has a top 5 of women...if he ever had the chance to get with any of them..he asks me if it is ok..i say ok..cause really..what the hell are the chances??? hahaha so i have me a top 5..and damnit..trying really hard to figure out how to be in the right place at the right time..hehe He really needs some experienced women to show him the ways...hehe..I think rob coming him and reading this blog...he is already getting alot of tips..hehe :)
*pantslessrob* blackouts..just will die...hahaha

lickhimright feathered schlong..hahahhaha oh

we always watch the mtv having all this twilight stuff going on..makes it soooooooooo much better..hehe

Love how this turned into Robschlong..classic!!! hehehe You ladies crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I want to be a superhero now...hahhahahahha

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

omg..i just realized i typed a book instead of a comment..see what you ladies do to me.hahahahhaaha

OCD Sufferer said...

LOL! My sister and her boyfriend also have that top 5 deal! She was telling me about it not too long ago...she was planning on trying to get to Vancouver to find Rob and I kept asking her why since she is taken and she told me he was in her top 5. I didn't know what she meant until she explained it, lol! That is so funny that you mentioned the same thing!! lol!

Anonymous said...

wait, what? official date? really?!?

beesue said...

Hey League!

Girls - I am all "in" for a Twilight remake!! with Midnight Sun -Edward prespective - sans Bella! Edward does have a dark side - so the porn aspect would defintely be a "WinWin"!

Luvin the Robschlong!!!

Not looking forward to setting thru the MTV show but will patiently wait for our "Man" to appear! Just wish he would be alone like the Oscars - he deserves the "spotlight". I guess the piss ant and the dog have to be there, too!!!

robin(me) said...


yea well why can't we just sit next to him instead of HER! *grumble grumble*

MIDNIGHT SUN? really? yes, please!

Remake Twilight? Yea certain parts. But I do love the prom, which I heard was the last scene they filmed? It was breathtaking, I think. Edward in a suit, how yummy is that? OK even better Edward w/o suit! *wink*

I know there was some mistakes but I just love it. OOOH Edward just bite me!

I want to publicly thank Ginger for the Ravishim Team picture on your site. You are awesome for doing that, thank you!

We love books, in fact we love all sorts of stories, don't we wink @Ocd?

OCD Sufferer said...

@in(me) oh yeah, we love stories!! LOL! Mr. OCD came in last night and said, "Don't you ever get tired of reading?" LOL! He was grinning, so he wasn't ticked (remember, I have a newfound freedom with sex ed...I mean fanfiction lol). I told him, "Reading is good for the brain, it helps fight Alzheimers!" he said, "I know, but God, I don't see how you can stand to read that much!" LOL!
I do have to admit, though.....yeah, he doesn't care about the ff anymore, but the other day he saw my "history" on his computer and the website was he checked it out...and he got ticked! He knows it is all about Rob and that just doesn't cut it with him! He is fine with all about Twilight or Edward or anything else, but this is a "real guy" and it is basically a shrine to him (and he even said, "it is called RAVISH HIM, come on!!") yeah, I am back to having to sneak some things.....what would he do if he knew I was the RSA over there? ROFL!!!!!

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

hehe I havent officially made a top 5 list that cheating??? i dont think so...I am waiting..hehe who knows who could cross my path..hehe

books..hehe..stories..fanfiction..iam obsessed and always reading now i think i am missing out on something really important..explain this ravish him to me..I NEED TO KNOW!!! I have to run and do real life things....and I know i can google it....but i need to go clean a bit...keep up my side of the deal in the house or hubby wont be so happy with all my reading..hahahhahaha so i will just wait and check back here later when my daily routine is over...and i know you ladies will fill me in...hahaha

lickhimright said...

@Wheaty Girl: My my... aren't you wordy girl!
You see the Affiliates of Twilight-Headed on the right? *squeee* -------->
Yeah! Over there! You see the last one? Its a white background with 3 Rob pics and says Ravishim Team! Click on it! That will explain all about ravish him to you! *wink*

Yeah, I am twittering robschlong all day today! Since I read this here thats all I do. I am even trying to make it a trending topic but i think everybody else is too shy... hmmmmm...

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

My My League!

I mean what are you trying to do to me?

Put me into early labor? OMG! I just wanna jump him and RAVISH him myself. HEY he wouldn't have to worry about getting me knocked up!


Crap it's gonna be 80 degrees today and I look like a spider (oh sorry @spider - didn't mean to insult you!)! and I can't see my feet and I can get up out of chairs to chase after my little vamp child! Who is now running around the house saying "I want to bite you because I'm a Cullen" to everyone. OH MY GOD! Who taught him that?

"i know what you are!"

I vote for RETWILIGHT! Besides CW is Hot!

Kstew & RPattz....mmmm. Can't they just admit it already! No one kisses like that unless they are really doing it! NO WAY!

New Moon, why does it have to be so long of a wait?

I'm so sorry that Little Edward got you so sick. love you. {{hugs & kisses}} *hangs head in shame* He's such a naughty vampchild.

Twihard Cock? mmmm. You are so bad!

Robschlong...yea would like to make sure.....mmmm.

I wonder if I could sneak up on him and just take a little peek!

Just saying. For my master's thesis project. I'm thinking it's gonna be lonngggg & hard! *smirk*

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

yes, I am wordy sometimes..hehe :) I see that..and I AM GOING TO CLICK ON IT!!!!!!! YAY!!! CANT WAIT TO SEE..HEHEHEHHEHEH!!!!

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

for your thesis..hehe funny
like redline..hehe thesis..will you pay him too?? hehe

my daughter's name is Isabella Maria..that is her in my pic..hehe :)

lickhimright said...

*rolls eyes* ok ok! I admit it... I.AM.SAKIXRY!! Who hadn't got it? I mean I am the one with the perv Robsickle pic... geez...

hey! how did you named your daughter Isabella Maria??

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

@lickhimright how did i?? meaning how did i come up with it..her name?? I was super picky...didnt like middle name is my older daughter got that middle name...funny hubby's middle name is maria guilini..srlsly. lol so that is why we gave her the middle name..and now that she loves twilight..she loves her name even more..haha wasnt sure if that is what you hubby was named after the famous carlo maria guilini..he was his lie...crazy huh?? you can google him..haha
So I need to figure out who you ladies are that i keep seeing when i comment in here...i bet i am following some of you on twitter or blogger and dont even know it. lol :)

Rachel said...

You girls crack me up! I love the way ya'll think! I'm so with you that New Moon will be sooooo much better than Twilight was!! Oh and about rob's shlong....mmmm that's a great thought! Ginger, thank you so much for getting that image into my head. My husband also thanks you very much! hehehehe