Thursday, May 28, 2009

Magna Cum Large


Take THAT dog lovers!

Ginger, I am far from speechless but if I were to write anything I'm thinking down we'd have to put a content warning on this blog.

Yeah, Meadow. Best we pull a Melissa Rosenberg and keep our site safe for the children.

Ginger, we are FAR from safe for children. I was just trying to keep a sense of decorum on our site. But, in an effort to show Ms. Rosenberg that you can express *ahem* desire and still keep things on a PG-13 level I'll put it this way:

I want to wrap my legs around that fine waist, dig my fingernails into his well-defined back, and make him forget everything but my name. Which I would ensure he screamed until he was hoarse.

I want to lick the sweat off his six pack.

Ok, ewwww.

*staring some more* That kind of reminds me of my favorite Spike picture. We just need him to stick his hand in his pants too. Or if his hands are busy, I would be willing to lend my hands.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that Rob's glorious reveal also showcases his really large, bulging package? That prepubescent sharkwolfboy's got nothing on Rob. *booyah*

Noticed? My heart is racing - frig, I must be ovulating again. I want to f*ck him like an animal.

I want to feel him from the inside.

*snicker* He gets me closer to God...

And, btw, my shitty day improved mightily when I saw these pictures. They could print them up as mood stabilizers.

... how are these mood robilizers prescribed? Are they given in edible form or by injection?

I'm wide open for either option, Spank.


*photo credit to (and Mr. Ginger for removing the CGI dots)


~Jamie said...

I-- well--I can't--I

wow. That's not a hot pocket six pack...

angel said...

still high & dazed by too much staring... :P
but i can't get enough...
i just wanna rub my hands all over that body (& more...)

leslie said...

Yeah, who knew that smokes and a diet of meaty hot pockets and Heiny did a body good? I had no idea he was packin' that much heat under those clothes of his.

Wow, just speechless. I.DIED.

Sara said...

i have been hyperventalating on these pics all day - have got nothing else dpone - yuuuummmm

Total Fanpires said...

But my mum just came over and said that she thinks they are painted on....

jennykate77 said...

Oh, hot damn. This is my jam. YUM! I have seen some New Moon pics floating around, but these are by far the yummiest yet. Hello, Mr. Defined-six-pack-pants-low-keepin'-my-mind-on-the-go-tasty-lips-sexy-hair-chisled-chest-gimme-some-of-that!

What a vision to have in my mind while drifting off into OME Land.

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

yes, apparently lots of haters are saying these are painted on...but I cant help but wonder how in the hell they would have time to do that..and with all the pics floating not likely...we would have one at least that didnt look right..right??? I heard he was working out...i forgot or had a momentarily lapse of forgetfulness as to why....duh...that scene..i was wondering why he was working out when filming was ending and didnt start back til august...someone skinny like wouldnt have taken long to get that six pack...I worked out for 2mths and lost 20lbs...i had nice I know he could have done it!!! :) I am with meadow on what i would like to do to him..hahahhahahha why do i have to turn 30 next mth..why???? I feel so old. lol

Spank Ransom said...

I come in defense of Rob's glorious abs. The fact is that the make-up crew enhanced his existing and very real musculicious body so that is would be visible through the CGI effects for sparkle in the movie. Enhancement for film is very common but there was np time to photoshop what is very evident... Rob has a killer body.

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

I was very very very pleased with Rob's abs and I am so proud of him for pulling this off. Take that Taylor!

Can I just close by saying that I want this man REAL bad?

OCD Sufferer said...

Well, yesterday my heart fell out of my chest and I couldn't find it for most of the day. However, my daughter melted into a puddle in front of my desk and by the time she unsoftened she found my heart under there and gave it back.
My heart is back and beating like it is supposed to, but my eyes are really liking the eye candy now!
I can't wait for the photoshoots that are sure to be forthcoming...all I can say is:
dripping wet.....
(maybe even get a hint of a tan...yesh that would melt my butter! lol)

Ravishim Team said...

Good Morning, Our Favorite League,

You do know that we are forever stuck to you like uh glue, right?

We, too are totally hammered by this new creation of which is Rob. AND we have it on GOOD authority that those abs are REAL.
smile @vampie! our Brit turned Italian!! Hurry home to us and bring lots of souvenirs! AND by saying "souvenirs" we mean the real thing! (cough)

If u feel the need to go UH beyond the children, please express urself by commenting on
because we have protection devices! just saying.

I know what picture u are talking about, I didn't even need to open it! *swoon*


robnutmeg said...


I first saw these pics at work yesterday and I fell off my chair! Didn't even notice the pain! I have this huge bruise on my leg now!

You are definitely giving me some major heart issues!

(incoherent jabber)

It's ok now that Edward sparkles now! (smirk)

Oh come now, you know you want to say MORE than that!

please get better! love ya sweets! (looking @league - she has pneumonia but she's able to stay at home)

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

@robin(me) girl you're still sick? I hope you feel better soon!

So, all these pics, just made my day yesterday. I think I sat at the comp 80% of the day! lol After reading the office the night before. I about died! Well actually I think I did and then came back to life! lol

Yes, like y'all I would like to like those abs and probably every other inch of his body. I was very happy to here when vampire let us know they are real! yes, maybe shaded a little for film, but you can't shade that good with that little of time.

Leo's Mom said...

THANK GOD!!. I was afraid they would leave out the shirtless scene. I hope I can hold it together when this scene comes on in the movie. Maybe if I look at these pictures several times a day until the movie comes out I will be desensitized, as if that were possible.

Meghanface said...

Nice panty line Kristen.

Oh Rob..
you stand no chance if these girls get a hold of you.

TwiDW said...

I guess those New Moon shirtless Edward kissing Bella pictures did me in! After 8 months of obsessing about Edward during my waking hours, I had a dream that I was married to Edward (and I know it was Edward and not Rob because when we were in bed he was very careful how we kissed so he wouldn't hurt me with his razor sharp teeth). Let's just say it was quite a wedding night. I woke up sweating. The only bad part was guess who else was married to Edward and was there during my wedding night- BELLA- WTF?? Who invited that bitch to the party? I am not sharing my Edward.

Anyway- I think I need therapy because I can't stop thinking about my dream. Maybe I can write a best selling novel about my forbidden romance with a vampire? OOOOPPPS- already done.

sakixry said...

I am still in my shirtless Robward bubble... Like Spank tweeted... I am a shirtlessrob alcoholic. I want to do so many things to this man... oh geeez... whats wrong with me? At least I dont feel alone... *grin @League & @RavisHim Team*
Yesterday my bf was right in front of me when I saw the first pic. I was like... "What the f*ck!?!?!" and then I tried to convey it by saying "There is something wrong with this computer.. damn... It's too slow" and then he said "Yeah... of course there is. Since you bought this thing you are carrying it with you as if it was your baby or something. WTF?"... Pffff... How can he understand? Rob is my baby... or ... I wanna have Robs babies... or even better... I wanna make the deed with Rob without having babies that will distract me from him afterwards... Yeah! Thats it!

@robin(me): Please get better soon! We need you girl!

@robnutmeg: Honey when will you reelhimin already? I need to lickhimright NOW!

@TwiDW: oh you are such a lucky girl! I can think of him all day long but when I am asleep... nobody is visiting me. I was almost sure I would see him yesterday after all that half naked pics but NOTHING!!! WHY GOD!? WHY???

Erin said...


I was uber productive early in the morning, then I randomly clicked on my Just Jared link and bam...there went the rest of my day...seriously! I share an office with this guy (who is cool) that now thinks I have honest to God lost my mind...I started hyperventaliting I think (don't really remember much) just Rob...shirtless! It also probably didn't help that my Twitter app was pinging like crazy and I couldn't help but bust out laughing at most of the comments (and make a few myself)...

the best one I saw was this:
'Bunny trail!! Commando!! I'll be having we dreams tonight ladies. LOL' (Oh...and I so heart the lady that said this...she is awesome!)

Still haven't recovered from seeing these (oh and I don't think I want too!) But I'm sure every husband/boyfriend/boy toy in the world is praising God for Twilight and Rob this morning!

robnutmeg said...

green with envy! that's not bad, is it?

*there you are, you naughty girl* hey i'm still swimming the ocean to get to him. damn sharks anyways.....
yea, well i have bruise on my ass when i fell off my chair after you emailed me those pics at work. the legalrobsessedteam didn't get much work done.....sorry, @robin(me) we failed you in your hour of need. *hangs head in shame*
(bless me father for i have sinned) *andmyasshadjusthealedtooifyouknowwhatimeanaboutthat...cough....*

i know you are out there. and i bow down to you in turn b/c shirtless rob will some day become shirtless and pantless! *evil grin*

mood robilizers? mahahahahaha. INJECTION? yes, please! feel him from inside? *shivermetimbers*

if my hands ever get to him, they will be very busy indeed!

faith_83 said...

Morning all!!!
HE.IS.THE.MAN!!! I have new pic under my pillow now and life is just great!!
My head hurts and I have to keep a moment of silence for my pierce...yes, ok!!! is lost...I swallowed MY PIERCE!!! will be no licking for me today!!

get better soon!! this isn’t the same without you!! love ya!!

@robnutmeg and @sakixry
you guys wait for ME I have to undresshim first!! oh wait he did that himself!!! doesn´t matter, can I join you??

Stacy said...


My, that's a really... nice... picture.

You know, it looks like those pants are wool, and, if so, would be really scratchy. So I think he should just take them off. And wouldn't the Volturi be THAT MUCH more mad at him if he were naked? Come on, Robward, piss off the Volturi even more!

Liz said...

I agree with what Stacy said- get the point across and take those pants off!

crazylife said...

I knew this would be the topic of conversation today.

Yes. sign me up for the Rob Mood Stabilizers. Whoa! What a day yesterday.

Good job Rob!

What dog? There was a dog in this movie??

AKA CanAnon

sakixry said...


Kristen Stewart:

Is very close friends with her Twilight (2008/I) co-star Robert Pattinson.

She was in a relationship with actor Michael Angarano for two years.

and then ... the BOMB:

Has met her boyfriend Robert Pattinson on the set of their movie, Twilight (2008/I).


TwiDW said...

Hey League!! Aren't you supposed to fight injustice?

How is it that KStupid gets to play Bella and gets to spend all her time kissing Edward, and then in real life gets Rob as her boyfriend?

So NOT FAIR and we need to take action!

beesue said...


Wednesday, May 27th will go down as the day in history when Women All Over the World Robgasmed!!!

My day was a feeding frenzy!! More Flesh...more overload! I am finally coming out of my Robgoodness induced fog... but there it is again!!! I am doomed!!! His shoulders...that chest...those fingers...that happy trail...that butt...I know he is commando!!! I.GIVE.UP - Just enjoy it!!! HMMMMMMMMM!!!

@robin - feel better! Rob is coming with hot tea and crumpets!!
and something to rub on your chest!

@Leo's mom - Yes we should all "Thank God" - Amen!

@TwiD - NoWorries about the RobDream - You are NORMAL! Just wish I could join in!

@spank - The package - seemed to notice that also!!! ROLF!

@sakixry - You are NEVER ALONE - The RobAlcoholic Annonymous group has MANY MEMBERS!! hehe - I said "member"!

@robnutmeg - I believe yesterday was a Nat'l Holiday! ROBOGLEDAY!

crazylife said...

About bio

It was a topic of conversation on another blog.

apparently those things get changed alot and can be changed by anyone.

Another person said that it is only the actors that can change it. In the case of Kristen's bio the way it is worded makes me suspicious of a manipulation.

I told myself I will not believe it until Kristen and Rob say they are in their own words.

Erin said... was possibly the What The Forks ladies...they Tweeted something about it yesterday.

They also said that you can update it as long as you have an imdb account...not too secure!

Susan said...

If anyone missed it yesterday (sorry if I missed someone else posting it

faith_83 said...

OK, so what if they are together?? I´m really glad for them!!! I think KStew is a wonderful person and she deserves a man like Rob!!!
and yes life is not faire but is nothing we can do about it!!!
She gets Edward, Rob, she gets to touch, lick, she is the one that runs her fingers through his hair, she gets to touch that V, the six packs, that adorable butt, his wonderful fingers, she gets the morning showers with him, the night ones too, and did I miss something here??? the list is open for more...
As you probably have seen I´m having a break down and I don´t know what I´m writing (actually I´m not sure that Faith is writing)...but still…

@kstew if you make that boy suffer I will hunt you down and kill you with my own hands!!!
I always said that winning the lottery is having good luck in this I know I´m wrong...being Kristen Stewart IS HAVING GOODLUCK IN THIS LIFE...

p.s. for those who think that I´ve lost my mind... yes, I did and now excuse me because I have an appointment at the psychiatrist starting today…

robnutmeg said...

oh god i know! i know. i have cum to know this......

therapy is good for the soul, or so they tell me.

i met a shark on my UH ocean swimming cruise...and he's more than happy to eat kstew if she hurts our Rob!

Don't hurt him kstew! he's become a world monument and he is ROBGOD!

winning the lottery, bah! kstew for a day! *miracle*

There is a pic of Rob with his hands on his waist told him to stop? Let's hunt that person down, shall we?

Ginger Swan said...

@stacy, LOL with the wool pants that must be uncomfortable and need to come off!

@TwiDW *green eyed monster is rearing it's ugly head* I mean, I'm happy for you that you had an Edward dream. ;)

@robin(me) get better soon! We miss you!!!

@Erin, it's true. Anyone with an imdb account can update. Mr. Ginger has an imdb list, and the receptionist at his work keeps it updated with the movies he works on.

@Wheaty's Girl... yes I heard the "painted on abs" rumor too. Our vampie who is there right now says they are real. That's good enough for me!!! :)

jennykate77 said...

Just came back for some delicious seconds.

I would like one Rob big mac with a side of Rob fries and a nice hot cup of #shirtlessrob. Mmmmm mmm mmm. I'm lovin' it.

robin(me) said...

@Ginger, Beesue, sakixry, robnutmeg, faith, valerie and to all.

Thanks for your get well wishes. it's been *said but certain sources---glaring at those certain sources* that i got a CHILL when i got into bed with edward one night....but nonononono. he would never get me sick! oh and @beesue, thanks for sending rob for my vapor CHEST robdown...OMG. sweet.....

being stuck in bed does have some advantages as long as you have these essentials:

*laptop for *cough* business purposes.
*dvd remote control w/ twilight dvd set on repeat.
*EDWARD tshirt hugging me tightly.
*HP supplies and wine. *question: is it bad to like uh drink when ur on drugs? @kstewpid?*
*Man's best friend (rolls eyes) Trainwreck to keep u all safe and snug when ur burning up with a fever and his hairyness sticks to you! (groan)

JACOB: come and get ur brother, please!

Mr. R. is so worried about me that he said that he'll do anything for me when I'm better. ANYTHING? *wriggling eyebrows*

b/c i'm thinking blue shirt, grey wool pants -- ripping off blue shirt in our court yard with our pretty little water fountain
*our own little voterra world*

ok ok so i've had plenty of TIME to observe things alot more closely lately and I'm telling you that back picture of Robward is KILLING me! omg! i mean one more inch and those stupid wool pants are down....oh to be there to just help get those nasty HOT pants off! winking @Stacy!

ur not crazy! don't waste ur time on therapy...when only rob can help soothe ur mind.....after he's done with my CHEST robdown, i'll send him ur way...k?

Miss all of you like crazy! except for work, dawgs, and my husband that's gonna kill me when he sees my new desktop pic of shirtless robgod! *squeeee*

crazylife said...

Sick or not sick Robin(Me) your world
sounds pretty darn good. Get well soon unless Rob is there to help you out.

MystifyMe said...

GIVING ME ACCESSIBILITY but no actual function!!! I am a woman scorned. :(
How dare they let me view a blog but not let me post??
How dare they let me view Rob's abs but not be able to open the next pic??
How dare they let me get into YouTube but not see any videos??
I am going to HUMAN RESOURCES!!

Rachel said...

I have been staring at these pics non stop since they came out! These are amazingly hot hot hot! I think my husband got a little jealous when I wouldn't shut off my computer last night, hehe! These pics are like my own personal brand of heroine! :)

milfy_goodness said...

Loved this post - of course, I agree with most everything everyone else said.

Just wanted to give the League props for the NIN "closer" quotes - you made me LOL. I get all Robworkedup whenever I hear that song.

And I had a Rob dream a few nights ago (which is even better than an Edward dream in my perverted mind)

Anonymous said...

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