Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buttcrack Rob

As devoted as we are here at Twilight-Headed to our beloved Buttcrack Santa, I'm thinking I might actually prefer Buttcrack Rob. *call me crazy*

Yes, much preferred ... and the bottle he's carrying isn't tiny or little either.

I wonder why they couldn't buy him pants that fit? Not that I'm complaining, but a nice pair of low-riding tight jeans wouldn't have been unwelcome. Especially during the frontal shots. *wink*

And did you see the front of the pants...?! He's got friggin' rabbit ears because they don't fit.

Boxers or briefs? I'm thinking neither!

I'd love to see him in briefs. Oh wait, I already have, in my dreams about a million freakin' times.

Rob needed loose fitting pants because he and Kristen didn't have a whole lot of time in the trailor between takes for him to be struggling with his wardrobe. That's also the reason he went commando.

But Kristen is wearing really tight jeans that look kinda hard to get out of, so that can't be it. You know, unless Rob was the only who needed to undress and.... Oooooohh.... Go Rob. *smirk*

Well she isn't eating the hot sausage from the craft service's table.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I. Don't. Care. Where is Jackson?!

Rachel said...

I'm not minding the loose pants that much. Like ya'll said, it's easier to slip out of them if they are loose. Hmmm...I'm kind of loving the Buttcrack Rob pic...I'm an @$$ girl myself!!! hehe >:)

~Jamie said...

Okay, I'm not gonna lie... I've been staring at those pants quite a bit these last couple of days.. and they are ill fitting.

Why did they do that? I mean, do they not have sewing machines in Italy???

kmoye said...

I think they chose those pants because it gives us that lovely frontal view. mmm, hip muscles! mmm, so low that if we could have just a few more inches then nothing would be left to the imagination. mmm, I love those low riding pants. thank you wardrobe dept.
bonus mmm for the thought of no underwear, mmm

GallifreyReject said...


ladies of the league, I was just talking about the buttcrack pic! he's bringing buttcrack santa back for NM! It looks like he tucked for this scene as well....

did anyone notice..the huge ass feet??

and yes ladies, he is commando!

@ninja jackson is in texas i fink..his band have a show @midnight:)

Ravishim Team said...

WE could have easily helped him with keeping those nice hot wool pants from riding so looowwwwww ... uh by ripping them off of him.?. (it's what we do)


yes we totally agree with you
this buttcrack rob is a much *cough* better visual then buttcrack santa.

but we don't quite understand the wool pants in summer -- but poor robward has been traveling alot and clothes and briefs or boxers just don't matter to him, ya know?

@sweetie rob
clothes don't matter to us either, in fact feel free not to wear anything at all. i mean, we srsly won't mind!

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

maybe he didnt have any clean ones...that is a good thing..we dont want him wearing dirty ones. I dont think he liked his butt crack showing..he keeps trying to pull his pants up..and he reminds me of my brother...(not in a sick way..shhhh) in hs, he never would take his shirt he felt was weird..but finally he got all cool..and tan...then he didnt mind..maybe rob will do that when twilight is over and he wont be so self concience...I think i will manipulate his pics a bit to make him tan..see what it looks like..I will share if it looks good..*giggles*

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

Well, I for one, have no problem whatsoever with the pants. I admit, I am ghetto, so I kinda like loose low fitting pants look, sort of like Mark Whalberg in those Calvin Klein ads.

If you need a visual of that go here:

You're welcome ;)

robnutmeg said...

You guys are totally bad asssssss today. mahahahaha

Now that's one nice buttcrack! Why can't the plumber who works on our building have one like his...ROBCRACK could fix my pipes anytime!

just saying

Erin said...

I wonder if he knows what he does to us?? ::shivers::

Sorry, what was I saying, I was just thinking about those pictures, and uh...

crap! He messes with my mind :), not that I mind. But yeah, this buttcrack I want to see!

lickhimright said...

Now seriously... have you ever seen a better buttcrack than that? I havent... and if my plumber would have a buttcrack like this... I would certainly show him that he has to unplug my pipel... *wiggles with eyebrows*

Meadow: I love the way you are thinking... maybe he just has to get undressed... hmmm...

MystifyMe said...

IT WAS MY DEAR FRIEND Joyce that proclaimed Rob had plumber's butt.
I said well then smack me on the head and clean my pipes baby!
Seriously I loved how he looked.
At first I thought a weird wardrobe choice but HEY Edward has been wandering the globe for a while in dispair.Probably went off his diet and stole the dudes clothes. We don't know Do we?
Grey baggy tweeds sans belt, and scruffy brown not Edward.But whomever had previously worn those pants ...thank you...just a wee bit more of Rob that I was hoping to see. :) xo

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Um, I do not plumbers butt, but I like plumbers butt on Rob. He makes anything hot. Even hobo Rob is hot!
I also wouldn't mind if they fell a little lower!