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Junior League: Twilight Continuity

Today's Junior League Member is eyaustin from

Superhero Name: Feathery Hair
Superpower: Ability to "will" her daydreams into reality

My friends tell me I have a slight case of OCD, because I like things neat & orderly, and I have a keen eye for detail. While there were MANY obvious issues with Twilight, I also noticed slight issues with continuity in things... For instance, there were several scenes in which there were small objects or costumes that were different from moment to moment. These are just the items I noticed the *ahem* first time through:

The first scene I noticed an issue with was during the "Procrastination Phase", when Bella is waiting to confront Edward, she is standing by her truck in her coat, and has on a grey shirt and a green sweater-vest.

She then says "and the next day" and is wearing the same shirt/sweater-vest combo (just minus the jacket.)

Also I noticed the scene where Bella is running from James. When she is getting ready to leave Charlie and she is in the kitchen, there is a water bottle on the counter.

The shot cuts to Charlie, and when she turns back around and it is gone.

Did anyone else notice anything?? Or do I have some other form of OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)?

Thanks for thinking about this one! I love reading & commenting on your blog daily!

All signs point to the fact that the continuity person was on thorazine. It's either that or she was so dazzled by Rob that she couldn't concern herself with silly little details like wardrobe, props and, you know, HER JOB!

I cannot stand the inescapable issue with the friggin' breathing tubes up "piss ant's" nose during the last hospital scene. You would have to be on more than medication alone to have not noticed the fact that Bella's tubes moved all over her face AND that Edward changed positions in different shots (while supposedly sleeping). C'mon - puleeze, give the cougars a hurrah, and not insult us THAT badly?

I'm really impressed that ANYONE could focus on anything other than Rob during this movie. Instead of worrying about continuity I think we should be asking ourselves a much more important question: Why wasn't Edward in EVERY scene?

More to the point on continuity, let's examine why Edward and Bella go from "hello" to "I don't have the strength to stay away from you" in like 15 minutes. Because apparently we needed to take that precious screen time to develop the love affair between Eric romancing the worms while drinking compost tea at the Greenhouse.

You know, I never noticed the water bottle in the movie but I think I know what happened. While Edward was waiting in the truck for Bella, he realized she'd need something for her long road trip. So he whipped into the kitchen, took the water bottle, and whipped out... without them even noticing. You know how damn fast vampires can be. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

Hmm, maybe that's why Edward appeared in such an un-smooth, un-Edward-like manner. He threw himself against the door NOT to freak Bella (and me) out, but so he could reach to throw the water in her truck bed.

*snicker* Meadow, sigh. Why didn't they pick you to write the screenplay? I'd pick you over Lame-ass Rosenberg ANY day!

Ginger, that wasn't a euphemism for anything. We all know he doesn't throw any "water" into Bella's "truck bed" until Isle Esme. *grin*

I think beer just shot out of my nose.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I think it's more than just the bottle missing in the second shot.

Ninja Fanpire said...

I DID notice that there was great continuity with the oh-so-important 'Golden Onion'. She's holding it when she walks down the hall with Edward, AND it's on the hood of her car when she almost gets smashed by the van. The whole time it's there, you can see it in at least two shots.

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

I hadn't noticed those two scenes. I had noticed in the forest scene that her backpack is there then it's not after she puts it down.

Congrats, Erin, for being a Junior Leaguer!

Erin said...

Yay me! :)

I love The League!

Okay, I also noticed several other things, you know, while doing research for this post!

In the hospital scene, the first one, not the horrid stutter happy one, Carlisle's ring changes fingers. How even the actor doesn't notice that is beyond me, cause I can pretty much always tell what finger my rings are on or have been on.

There is also a pencil on the desk when they are looking at the microscopes that just seems to magically appear and get stuck under the microscope.

OCD Sufferer said...

First of all, @Jr Leaguer it appears you and I both have a problem, and my "c" definitely doesn't stand for "compulsive" LOL!

As for continuity....besides the horribly obvious tubes in the hospital that no one on God's green earth could mistake, I didn't notice anything because every scene that had Rob in it, I only saw Rob...nothing else (I'm being serious...seriously serious)...if it didn't have Rob in it...well, there is a button on the remote called "fast forward" yeah, I missed any continuity! LOL!
I did notice one thing and I asked you guys about it and no one answered me (cry). In the restaurant scene Rob's eyes are not gold!!! They are green or blue (can't remember, haven't watched it in months...too busy reading smut anymore...)

Erin said...

@OCD Sufferer They are probably Green, because that is Rob's natural eye color

(please do not ask how I know) :)

OCD Sufferer said...

That is another thing that has bugged the crap outta me (and hence the reason I can't remember blue or green). If you look at Rob's pics...of which I have seen wayyyyyy too many, his eyes are never the same! I have seen them blue, grey, and green! His bio says they are blue. I would like to ask HIM what color they are since pictures seem to lie! LOL!!
I have a picture of him with baby blue eyes...they are beautiful, but I know they have to be photoshopped (even though it is a pic from a magazine)....

Erin said...

@OCD Sufferer in an old interview, he stated they were was in Cosmo (possibly, I've read so many of his interviews, they all run together)

GallifreyReject said...

Aaah the continuity effect..

I guess I didn't pay that much attention to the film...just laughing the whole time..oopsie!

But I did notice the hospital tube thing..*shakes head*

and the eye thing..Yeah..Seems they had crappy contacts and eyes were being irritated..

Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm going to have to watch again. I never noticed the tube thing with Bella! Is it that bad? I must have been focusing too hard on him in that scene because he looks so darn delicious!!!
The one thing I noticed was in the kissing scene in her bedroom, it looks like they didn't even bother to put make-up on him at all! He looks just as flushed and normal colored as she does!

Picksee77 said...

I do believe this movie may be at the top of the list of the most "Goofs" on

OCD Sufferer said...

Has anyone seen my heart because it just beat out of my chest and I can't find it!!
*Lord have mercy!!!*

robnutmeg said...

hello. yes now that i looked it over...i see it now. stupid CH, again! *rolls eyes*

It's official that I have stopped noticing things that have nothing to do with Robward.

I'm a sick puppy! OME. just kill me now.

uh yea, saw the pictures! OMFG! *faint.thud.dead!*

~Jamie said...

ya know what I think... I think we should blame it ALL on the vamps.

sakixry said...

continuity? aaaahhh... sorry... nope... what? who else was playing in the movie? i really thought it was a one man show because all i could see was robward!!!

ok... i saw it in the movies 3 times so i did noticed other actors moving around but i really didn't pay too much attention to them. the only thing that bothered and keep on bothering me every time i watch twilight, are the freaking tubes when Bella is in the hospital. that was too obvious and too shitty. but Rob was in this scene and made it all better!

your robapalooza is delicious! naked rob! naked rob! naked rob!

MystifyMe said...

HE LOST HIS SHIRT.AND I LOST MY MIND...I really didn't need it anyway.;)

MystifyMe said...

What was the name of the restaurant or pb that Bella and Edward has dinner at??
The Bloated Toad??? lol

MystifyMe said...


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking to myself as my mouth drops open wide......

Who the hell is the girl with the green jacket? Oh wait, it starts with a

Whatever...can't remember and don't really want to remember....

@robnutmeg, sakixry, anon Jackie, OCD and all those who said, Robward is all that matters.

I bow down to you! Yes! I do. But not for long so don't get to f**** used to it!

@shirtless Rob
OMFG! may u never put on another shirt as long as you live!!!!!!


MystifyMe said...

And for the piece de resistance:

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

Well I am really late in commenting today. Shirtless Rob pictures all day today had me really *cough* occupied.

Anyways, I actually didn't notice the two things eyaustin mentioned. I did however, notice the tubes all over Bella's face and a couple other things, but not those two things. I think you are VERY perceptive Erin!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Don't forget her Vampire scar that disappeared in time for Prom.