Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The League Writes Fanfiction!

While The League was together in L.A., drinking like sailors having a blast, we had the hairbrained brilliant idea to create a little fanfic of our own. You should all consider yourselves incredibly lucky that we all live in different states and don't get to see each other very often. If we did, there would likely be lots more where this came from.

Ladies and Gentlemen (we know you're out there!), we present you with Twilight-Headed's FanFiction.

Zero Gravity

At nearby Launch Pad 1901, space shuttle Buttcrack Santa is on standby, ready for take off. The crew of five astronauts, Spank, Spider, Meadow, Ginger, and Bella were to land on a newly discovered planet named Clitoria. The astronauts arrived at the launch pad and began to board Buttcrack Santa. Buttcrack Santa’s hatch was closed and latched for launch. Countdown began at T-69 seconds. Buttcrack Santa thrusted into the atmosphere.

The Buttcrack Santa was fueled by tiny little bottles and the crew arrived at their destination, fifteen minutes later. The crew got off Buttcrack Santa to probe the planet. While Spider showed the rest of the crew her stripper moves, Bella went off to explore the virgin territory.

Bella tripped and fell into a crater. Edward stepped out from the shadows and came behind her. Bella trembled at the sight of him, but it wasn’t fear that trembled her. For Edward was naked, as was customary for the people of Clitoria. He introduced himself to her and shared with her the customs of his people, which included getting a lei upon arrival.

Bella realized that when in Clitoria, she should do as the Clitorians do, so she obliged. Edward, with his Clitorian strength, removed her astronaut suit. He took his cold marble hand and put it on the small of her back. She shivered. Edward asked, “Are you afraid?”. Bella said, “No, just cold”. He replied, “Don’t worry, I’m impossibly fast. It will be over quickly and will be as if I never existed.” Everything about him drew her in. His bouffant hair, his pale skin and crimson lips. She yielded to him and he entered her crater.

Seventeen seconds later, they finished. She turned to him and said, “I’d rather die in Clitoria with you than get back on Buttcrack Santa.

Meanwhile, back on Buttcrack Santa... The League collected their specimens from Clitoria and were ready to get off. After a head count, they realized Bella was missing. Ginger said, “We need to find Bella before we thrust into Space.” To which Spank replied, “Maybe she got lost in Clitoria. I nearly got lost in a native named James.” Meadow raised a brow and said, “Oh Spank please! You were nothing more than a snack.” Ginger said urgently, “But Bella is our friend, we can’t finish without her.

Spider rolled her eyes and replied, “Bella is nothing but a piss-ant. Let’s get off Clitoria.”

Deciding to leave Bella behind, The League thrusted into Space riding Buttcrack Santa while Bella repeated the customs of the Clitorians with Edward again and again and again.




Ninja Fanpire said...


Ninja Fanpire said...

You should have named the planet Smeyer

sakixry said...

ROFL!!! LOL! I think that is a very inspired story!
Especially the part... “Don’t worry, I’m impossibly fast. It will be over quickly and will be as if I never existed.”
You are cracking me up! Oh I wish you were living in the same states and we could get many more like that!
*thumbs up*

Silje said...

That was great! I love reading your blog, one of my top priority of the day :D So much fun

Anonymous said...

WTF were you ladies drinking?

TwiDW said...

Now I'm really sorry that I wasn't there this weekend

BeCullen said...

OMG LMAO I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. You guys are priceless.

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning League

I second that OMG LMAO!

OME! I cracked a rib laughing. You definitely need to write more, ladies!
It'll be over quickly...mahahahahahaha! AND I love how you just left Bella there!

@sakixry (roomie)
This inspired me, we need to come up with something now. Let's not let 6,000 miles or so and the fact that we've never met each other stop us! I mean we can do this.

Where are you?

Caitlin said...

Oh My Buddha this was friggen hilarious! I laughed so hard!!! You girls should get together more often and make more awesome Fanfic. 17 seconds... HILARIOUS.

robin(me) said...

Happy Fricking made me laugh and spill my coffee Morning, League!

*wiping up spilt coffee on new rug* GASP!

I love "clitorians" so explorative!!! mahahahaha! Great story ladies!

I think my teeth would do a wonderful job on that robcorn on the cob thank you very much! hmmmpf! (last night's post) but I'd love to see your Greek meets northwest ff! (winking @sakixry) no one would be able to read it b/c of the xxxx material in it, but i think i'd read it! (right, @ocd?)

I'd like spikeward, plz! Mr. R keeps asking me "read anymore interesting stories, Robin?" ahhhh. the way he talks now. I swear he's watched Twilight and has copied Edward's velvety soft Brit trying to be English voice!
Speaking of accents, I bet u talk quite sexy, don't u, vampie? Did I say that? omg, i'm so tired! that's it.

GallifreyReject said...

I wonder did he ever master the clit and fill the pie..17 seconds is quite..short..


everytime i hear buttcrack santa the song 'backdoor lover' from the josie and the pussycats movie comes into my head..

"i'm your buttcrack santa..peering from behind with my crack down low.."

LeLe said...


sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: I was waiting for you on Tweeter but you never came... :o((
Yes... any idea about the general idea? sakixry@hotmail.com is waiting for your suggestions!
mahahahaaaa! the picnic! that's what the ff must be about!

@robin(me) our ff will be a story about love, lust, corn and spanking!

@gallifrey: yeah! but he is very fast too!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I read this blog every morning, thanks for the laughs

OCD Sufferer said...

*sigh* yeah, I will read anything x-rated as long as it is no girl-on-girl (or guy-on-guy for that matter, eww) or threesomes or mixed up couples (BxJ, ExA, etc)
As for the corn on the cob....have you watched that video I posted about threading corn yet???? LOL!!!!!!

@League you guys crack me up! This was a very funny ff....of course, *my* cup o' tea has more smut (ROFL!) but this was hilarious!

sakixry said...

@ocd: I have watched it when you posted it and I laughed sooo hard! I could just imagine a virgin girl doing that...

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah, she totally did...and he totally was in pain!! He was such a gentleman about it!! He tried really hard not to react badly, but she saw his face and he couldn't "fake" it feeling good!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!
When it go to them actually having sex...it was even funnier! I am talking, lose-your-breath-tears-clouding-your-vision funny!!! If that had ever happened to me, I would have never been with a man! She sure is a trooper...then again.....if Edward was in my bed, humiliation be damned, I think I could have trudged on! lol

sakixry said...

@ocd: This will definitely be the next ff I will read!
OME! I never told you about MD!!! OMG! This was soooo funny! The monster... hilarious! I was laughing so hard at times! We are making jokes about it with Faith_83 all the time! The monster is really something!
The author wrote that the monster was revealed in Twilighted.net thread or something.
If Edward was in my bed... I certainly would make a lot of tries too! I would never stop trying.. hmmm..

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah, I never found where she said what the monster "looked like" lol. What does "your monster" look like to you? I told you what mine looks like...still does, even after reading the whole story!! LOL!

Speaking of Edward, I have to tell y'all something. Ok, I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but EVERY single ff I read gives me a TOTALLY new image of "Edward". He never looks the same...he is always drop-dead gorgeous (and man, I can't believe my imagination can come up with THIS MANY drop-dead gorgeous men that I have never seen before! Too bad I can't make a man!!!). So, I have realized a few times that I have woke up with a very, very small memory of a dream I was having (so much for my great imagination) and they usually involve a ff Edward!!! HAHA! Still no Rob, but "my" Edward's are more than "acceptable" lol!! I just wish I could remember more than fleating moments! WTH is wrong with me? I have this wonderful imagination that can concoct these magnificent men and yet I can't remember having my way with them!!!! What good is this imagination if I don't get to DO THE THINGS I WANT TO DO WITH THE SEXY BEING I CREATED?????
Ok, I am done reading.....I have been re-reading the Office and am just a little sexually frustrated right now, LOL!
*did you read the new outtake of the office? I have the author on alert and got that post so it reignited my Beautiful Bastard daydreams......*

robnutmeg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robnutmeg said...

forgot, xxx picnic! I love that idea. So here's what I'm thinking -- you write a paragraph or two -- i'll write a paragraph or two so on so on. AND then we email them to each other....how's that? email details l8r! love ya golden roomie!

robin(me) said...

u read my mind! mmmm. is edward's abilities like maybe rubbing off on you or something? edward has another look to me too. i'm having these experiences kinda like bella has in NM - the visions of edward coming to me, whispering things like "do you like that, how about this" and doing ah things to me oooh. then i wake up and Mr. R is snoring in my ear! OMG, I'm just loosing it! it's insane!

lust, love, corn, spanking... ome! I feel like singing My Favorite Things!!!! @Oh where are those musical notes of your's...come to think of it...wtf are you these days?

I don't know, ladies @sakixry & @robnutmeg teaming up to write a FF? I'm thinking "Oh.sweet.lord! Get those colored condoms out!" just saying....

sakixry said...

@roomie (you know who you are!): that is a very good idea! Who should start with the picnic?

robin(me) said...

I do love that picture. mmmm. That guy can't take a BAD picture if he put on drag queen makeup and a tutu! OMG!

robnutmeg said...

You start it. Let's also include..beach and our own little MONSTER maybe to not be copying we can call him something else....I'll write something when I get home tonight and email it to you, too!!! AH can't wait!! *shivermetimbers* OOOH read MD - *thud*

OCD Sufferer said...

Well....I am pretty sure my dreams are a little more intense cause I wake up.........excited?...........lol.....and I feel like......um (god, i am blushing here)....I just had a very naughty make-out session, but didn't make it to home plate if you know what I mean!!!! LOL!! Problem is, I can't remember much of the details!!! ARGH! Then again, if I ever do remember a remotely M-rated detail I will probably be a blobbering mess for the rest of my day...I probably couldn't even look @ Mr. OCD w/out feeling like I had an affair! HAHAHA!
I did that once! *this is humiliating* My twins were 3 and watched a whole lot of Blue's Clues. I had a dream that me, the twins and Steve were on a kiddie train ride and I made out with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA! Talk about huge embarrassment every time I looked at Mr. OCD the next day...O.M.G. I could never watch Blue's Clues after that. I was happy they replaced him with Joe. Sad thing is, I never, ever, ever, ever thought Steve was even remotely good looking...he was just burned into my brain or something lol.

OCD Sufferer said...

You know, now that I have "been around the fanfiction block" I have to tell you...soooooo many writers make references to other authors' work! I find myself reading a ff and it has a reference to many, many others I read! I sit and think, "Yeah, I know what you read!!!" lol!! They don't fully take from them, but they reference, lol. Closer, by NIN was referenced in at least 3 ffs!

GallifreyReject said...

@sakixry very fast.. that's a bad thing..lol pie givers have to take time..lmao

@ocdsufferer to qote Dr. Frank n furter.."in just seven days, i can make ya a maaan....yeah..lol"

OCD Sufferer said...

um....sorry to burst your bubble, but have you seen his tuck picture???

Anonymous said...

OMG, League you OUT DID yourselves....you need to post that little diddy somewhere.


Piss ant. YES! Why did Bella get to uh stay with Edward, tho?

I know ur just begging to have me join you on twitter. and i'm working on it. i just have soooo much going on....
1) have to meet Aro
2) have to have Aro bite me
3) vampire training camp
4) wait for Edward & Bella
5) eat Bella save Edward for dessert
6) read @sakixry's & @robnutmeg's picnic ff. STILL waiting for SPIKEWARD uh hem - pointing @vampie
7) check the trash for the Eclipse script!!!!
8) sharpen my pitchfork *just in case*

I'm just swamped!

Oh btw:
@robnutmeg, robin(me)
it's a good thing ur not coming to visit me in Volterra b/c u LOOK yummy! Us "volturi" love blondes!!!!! Oh and don't take this the wrong way but I truly hate you now!


robin(me) said...

hmpf, my edward does not have a tuck picture! and yes i remember my dreams and I never said if Edward did those things he said...ummmmmm. let's just say cold & very wet!!!!
OMG i even act them out OMG! i don't know i'm beyond help.
"been around the ff block"
no shit! mahahahaha!
I'm sorry had to say that. (ducking)

u know don't underestimate me....i'm the one with the newly designed crypt....and vampire camp is quite delightful! *glaring* hey if you do start tweeting, there's someone i want you to meet....MORETHANHUMAN! right tweety girls?

I wanna piece of that PIE! *wink*

robin(me) said...

OHHHHH. I get it now. The TUCK picture. mmmm. Well I forced that one out of my mind. See, I did a good job! I still don't remember it. don't remember it. don't remember it. don't remember it.
OMG, @robnutmeg
I don't know about you but I HATE THIS JUDGE! creepy crawler -- he's eating u with his eyes! wish i could punch him for you!!! might be worth a yr in jail! oooh!!!

I'm sorry ladies but the judge is just eyesexing poor @robnutmeg! just simply sick!

Cheryl said...

ROFLMFAO! I think another League reunion is in order so that we can get another fanfic classic. Omg, I have to go pee now I'm laughing so hard...

OCD Sufferer said...

@in(me) I won't throw anything. I have come to terms with my obsession. Denial is not a river in OCD land anymore. As Mr. OCD puts it, it is great Sex Ed. lol!! I looked at my fanfiction.net account the other day and almost died when I saw how many ffs I had saved or put on alert....and that isn't counting the ones on twilighted.net (not sure how to put those on alert)
The ONLY thing I regret is that I will have a memory of a scene that I would like to...ahem...refer back to...ahem....and can't remember which stinking ff it was from!!! Like that dang shower scene I want y'all to read. It was SOOOOO GOOD! I know it was a recent ff, so I have an idea of the possibilities, but I don't wanna have to go through chapter after chapter after chapter to try to find it...cause some of the chapters kinda pull me in and make me read them again....um...anyway....yeah, what was I saying?
Oh yeah, I am starting to think I am in Golden Girls: Fanfiction Edition

robnutmeg said...

I have a new idea, let's ship the judge to "clitoria" and let him be with Bella! and while we're at it, let's throw in the DAWGS!

(rolling eyes and creating a fist!)

always go pee before reading twilightheaded...just saying!

mahahahaha! so are you saying it would be ok for @sakixry and i to like use: beaches, broom closets, windows, dressing rooms, showers, monsters, bastards, hairbrushes (winking @vampie - FV!), elevators, and bar tables? mmm. that's gonna be one LONNNNNGGGGG ff!

Mystify Me said...

Well done!!! lol
Could this be the prequel to Rob filming Dune???
Rob as an alien?
Fly me to the moon...

robnutmeg said...

OH OH OH and @ocd
If my memory serves me right I have about 40+ ff's saved too and I keep forgetting what they're about, too!

should we use real names or just she's? and at this point it's just gonna be edward - ok maybe spike but that's it. ok maybe chase but that's it ok maybe who is it that u lust after? i forgot. sorry. i can't keep track of my own lusts! *sheepish smile*

I got a new ff idea. short. robnutmeg knees the judge until it's short forever! The end....

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
Dune? wth? explain please!

~Jamie said...

so none of the league even got to meet rob? tsk tsk

OCD Sufferer said...

FORTY!?!?!?!?! Girl, you will NEVER have my permission to make fun of me again!!!! And here I thought I was a ff junkie...geez! You are a naughty, naughty girl!!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

*cough* Hayden *cough*

robnutmeg said...

YES 40 but that doesn't mean i keep up with all of them. *gasp* oooh yes hayden but that's more for @robin(me) and you! Althoooooh, hmmm he is YUMMY! OH SWEET LORD, I'm just deranged!

we all have met Rob in our dreams! mmmm.

OCD Sufferer said...

No, you are not deranged to think Hayden is yummy......mmmmmmmmm
If I had any creative writing talent I would so write a ff involving Hayden, Edward, and Josh! No, not to take turns with, Hayden and Josh would be like Jasper and Emmett, haha! There would be 3 women to pair them with, but then when I did the other couples' stories it wouldn't be so boring!! LOL!! The only ff I have read that I actually got caught up in the A/J Em/R story was Turning Dust into Gold. That was pretty h.a.w.t! lol
Otherwise I am usually like, "Get on with it! Who cares about Rosalie??" haha!
If it was Hayden or Josh as the other side of that couple story, I think I could *force* myself to get interested.....ahem....yeah

Mystify Me said...

Just a rumor of Rob being in another movie???
80's Sci-Fi DUNE :

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
thanks for the info. DuneRob...I like that. mmmm.

I haven't yet recovered from BB or MD. I'm just being swallowed alive by these FF. But I can't help myself. AND it's nice i can read them at work.
winking @robin(me)
can't twitter but can read robporn. what a world!

Oh and @spider how can i download those new pictures to you guys? do you still want them?

OCD Sufferer said...

@nutmeg how come I didn't get to see any pictures?

Mystify Me said...

Pictures??? :)
Oh my...my IN*BOX IS FULL with Robert Pattinson.
I am so thankful that I can be "GOOGLED" by Rob a countless number of times during the work day! hehe*wink*

Picksee77 said...

Y'all are so random! I love it!

robnutmeg said...

Spider had posted on last night's that she thought that robin(me) and i had new pictures. AND we found them somewhere so I was just wondering is she still wanted them. I'm not home but if you want me too I think I can send them your way too! (when I get home)

You can say that again! mahahaha! We are a bunch of robnuts....(no pun intended) but we are friendly at least!!! oh wait, except the LURKER watch out for that one!!!

that reminds me, bite me! oh and mahahaha @robin(me) Morethanhuman -- uh I love mth! Don't do that to MTH!

hey where are you today?

haleygolightly said...

This is literary GOLD!!! Amazing. I love that Buttcrack Santa is powered by Little Bottles. Awesome. Well done, League. Well done.

beesue said...

Hi League Friends!

Thought I had the wrong blog this morning - The League as FF Authors?There is no end to your MANY TALENTS!!! I want Edward to "Enter My Crater" COME ON IN!!

Robnutmeg and Sakixry - writing a FF???? That should be good-coming from you crazy gals - Edward doesn't have a chance - be sure to include the "Ravish Team"!!!

@lurker - Ditto-to everything bad you said about the piss ant - Wow- you are a busy lurker!

@robin(me) - don't you just HATE "dirty ole men"! Crouch Position!

@OCD & Sakixry- I luved the "monster"! My visual is a big D*ck with legs and arms!!! "Monster filing his nails and winking as I write"

@League - don't know if you have heard this but one of the other blogs is going to "Pound #RPATTZ" on twitter beginning at 12:01 tonight - for his birthday. They want him to be the top-Trending Topic - all day tomorrow. For more info go to this site:


@mystify - OMG - Rob in Dune - that is one of my favorites - I can just see him as Paul Atreides!!

GallifreyReject said...


muahaha lots of people want hotpocket pie lmao!!

*looks in trash* damn spam no Eclipse script here!! but there is some kibbles and bits...


Dune is a book. a movie was made in the 1984 about it. Kyle Maclachlan was in it.. "For how can this be...For he is the Krizartz Haderach!"..yeah i know..inner geek :d

robnutmeg said...

hey there girl! yeah well don't get too excited about @sakixry's and my FF just yet. WE ARE NOT THE LEAGUE and we aren't @vampie either..... - they are the queens of all. *admiration a plenty for our HEROES*

BUT, hey we will definitely incorporate RAVISHim TEAM! good idea! @sakixry????

Hey POUNDING rob sounds quite enticing...*wiggly eyebrows* Why couldn't this happen on a wknd so we were free to twitter away our days & nights! geez!

l8r, gotta run and smack that judge!

Heather E. said...

nice. lol.

faith_83 said...

@the League
girls, if all this things you did in just one weekend I´m afraid of what can happen if you actually live in the same state!! pfffff...

@sakixry and robnutmeg
a ff?? with the RAVISHim TEAM?? OMG, that sounds great!! Can I give you some ideas girls??

yes I will be POUNDING rob all day and all night, no doubt about it!! and LOL at your vision of the monster!!

@the rest of the Ravishim Team
thank you for missing me today!! tsk, tsk, tsk...very nice of you!!

at least you mentioned something about me!! thank you my dear twitter friend!! and yeah...GO BARCELONA!!

what are you guys planning for Rob´s birthday?? I´ve already send him an invitation to the Mediterranean Sea and he said he will think about it!! *he monster placed a thumb on the end of its nose and waggled its fingers*

vampie said...

@league frigging hilarious! i love it!

@robin(me) you think i talk sexy? wtf?!

@robnutmeg check your twitter DMs .. FV , hairbrush.. oh dear. i FAIL *blush*

faith_83 said...

yeah girl, you have a special gift when it comes to ff but you have to help our girls in their intent!!

We are all born naked and screaming and if you're lucky that sort of thing won't stop there!!Happy birthday #RPattz !

Meghanface said...


You definately need to get together more often.

that's amazing. =]

faith_83 said...

You're not getting older, you're getting better!! #RPattz

robnutmeg said...

come now, u must talk brittishy sexy, right?

yes need help in ff. started thinking and got stuck on one sentence. ugh! how are you doing, @sakixry?

oh i thought i said i missed you! omg, i didn't! i'm bad, ok I'm bad! but we are members of the strong ravishim team and we have these special powers,, yeah yeah that's it. we don't have to tell you when we miss each other...we just do! (did that work?)

happy birthday!#RPattz! you wanna lap dance? i'll give you one that you'll never forget. *evil wink*

vampie said...

@robnutmeg now you know how difficult it is to write and why i take so long !

and no i dont have a posh voice like Rob..

but i love pretty much any foreign accent..

robin(me) said...

Hello, hey I did say hello to you on twitter this morning. It was those OTHERS who didn't. *shaking head*
AND yes I think the FF team of @sakixry and robnutmeg will definitely need ur help...well maybe @sakixry will be ok but OMG, @robnutmeg writing a ff? *shudder* Not that it won't be any good - it'll probably tooooo good, if you know what i mean!

Happy @RPattz Birthday! Ok I know I'm missing something with this but I'm just going along for the RIDE!

Oh to be able to tweet right now. I feel sooooo left out! *sad face*

robin(me) said...

@faith, vampie, sakixry and anyone else that tweets, Will anyone of you be on twittering at around 4:45 -5:00 pst. Which is about 2 hours from now? Robnutmeg and I will be rushing home in a SAFE & Lawabiding MANNER *glaring @robnutmeg* anxious to log on and twitter!

robnutmeg said...

I didn't mean to make it sound like you'd have a sexy voice LIKE rob's - no just the brit accent is sexy!

(Ok crawling under a rock now!)

vampie said...

yea i'll still be on twitter in 2 hours time...

i'm having a bad night though.. and getting worse. read my tweets whe you get on twitter. sorry cant explain here.

robnutmeg said...

ome, girl plz it's ok. *worried frown* i'll be on real soon and i'll be there to chat with, ok?

sakixry said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Robert! Happy Birthday to you! Yeah! It's already May 13th in Greece. Jealous League? Hey Rob! Come and undress... uh... I mean unpack your present! I also have a cake for you which I intend licking ... I mean feeding to you... hmmm...

sakixry said...

@ocd: my monster is blue and looks like a ghost. It can take various forms and shapes. I have seen this somewhere in a comic? movie? magazine.. I dont remember damn! It is such a funny little thing! Even if you kick him he is bouncing off the walls and the floor!

The truth is that I always imagine Edward as Rob... he is just so gorgeous and I can do to him whatever I want in my daydreams!
Because as you all know... I never dream... and if I dream it's as if I am seeing a movie or something...

@robnutmeg: damn! all the wrong people get their hands on right things... we should have found that script!! and we should ALL be invited!
ok, beach and monster - check.

@robin(me): colored condoms - check! ... and I must add that OCD is right about that Tuck picture.. ugh...
Tell that creepy judge to stop looking at robnutmeg or I'm gonna send the monster to kick him in the balls! except maybe you want him to like roomie for maybe deciding in your favor?

LOL@OCD because of the make out session in her dream! Hey, when you wake up excited, you can turn to Mr. OCD and show him! *wiggly eyebrows*

Creepy Lurker, don't touch the Robgirls! And join us in Twitter already!

Damn... I still have to read 36 e-mails with your comments... and OCD is very wordy today!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: will we kidnapp Edward from Clitoria? Will it do any good with the 17 seconds? Hmmm..

bar tables? check!

we should start the first chapter with one on one (we are going to loose track like that!) and we'll see what we do in the second one! Ryan Reynolds I like... Hugh Jackman too... Johnny Depp... Who else? aaah! So many men, so little time! (My bf will shoot me)

In the last days I cant read anything else besides the blog and Twitter... ooh what you have done to me!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: Vampie is not in a very good mood... I am kinda sad about it.

Vampie, I love you! You know I do! Right?

sakixry said...

@beesue: naughty naughty grampire!
HA HA HA! The vision of your monster... mahahaaaa! Very funny!

Ravish team - check for next chapters as also Spike, Hayden, Ryan etc.

@faith: we are open to all ideas! hit us! you know I love you! Barca ole!
LOL @ your monster interpretation!

WTF is that hairbrush you mention all the time @vampie @robnutmeg? huh?

@faith: mahahhaaaa @ "We are all born naked and screaming and if you're lucky that sort of thing won't stop there!!Happy birthday"

I'm almost done... geez...

Ginger Swan said...

Hey guys! Glad you liked our fanfic! We'll be here all night! *wink*

@first anonymous, it was beer, wine and vodka. (not necessarily in that order)

sakixry said...

@faith, @ROB: and HOTTER!!

@robnutmeg: actually I am checking what I will put in the ff then I will start writing...

@vampie: have you heard a Greek speak English? Or even better yet... a German speak English? Mahahaaa! Thats too funny!

At last! I am done! Woohoooo!!

I'm going to faint now! Good night everybody! Tomorrow! (except I'm dead or something...)

robnutmeg said...

Oh my sweet lord!

What are you doing to me????? HTH am I going to respond to all of this?

Ok, ummm. Yes, creepy judge is like going to meet Mr. Nutcracker tomorrow if he don't stop looking at me! *shudder, cringe* mlahhhh! (@Ginger, i'm trying to copy Buffy when she gets drunk during Spike's kitten poker game!)

Yes I'm gonna do an outline...I'm taking special orders from all those. I want this FF to be a Twilight League Family FF only not for FAMILY viewing! *scratching head* yeah i think i said that right! whatev.

Oh Hairbrush -- well I don't know if I should say anything thing b/c well @vampie is upset with something about that I think..???.... but it involves a certain FF called "Family Values" and let's just say some "FV" are taught in a special sort of way by Esme (brutal mommy spanker) Cullen! *lips are sealed*

Ok so I'm gonna go back to tweeterland. #RPattz! just for appearances sake.

LOVE YA @all!
Come on @Lurker get on the tweeter express so I can kick ur volturi ass!

Ginger Swan said...

@robnutmeg, *Buffy takes swig from bottle* "Blehhhhh. You play for KITTENS?!"

robnutmeg said...

Blehhhh. That's it! "Cheats at kitten poker" Spike: "oh you saw that did you?" how many times did she say Blehhhhhh. I'm gonna have to watch that tonight and see! HOMEWORK. LOVE IT!

Mystify Me said...

Okay. I confess. I haven't read WAY back, but I know there is love for each other(kinda sorta)and definetly love for Robert. *sigh*
I was just on my other forum and we're planning a cross Canada meet up , from Vancouver to Nova Scotia.
30 gals in a hotel room booked for 8. Too many drinks and too much talk until 5a.m. Good luck.This weekend, you might see us on the news.lol
You know ,these things are possible.
It just takes a helluvalot of planning. :)
Just saying.;)

Mysytify Me said...

I don't know, but when one lurks they lurk.They do not speak.Hmmm?

Ninja Fanpire said...

After reading this, Natahka said that fanfiction like this should be illegal.

sakixry said...

@ninja: illegal? but why?

Ninja Fanpire said...

Hahaha, idk. Probably due to the just utter ridiculousness of it all!

sakixry said...

@Ninja: I loved the 17 seconds! Mahahahaaa!

sakixry said...

@mystify: what? 30 girls in a room for 8??? How will you do that?? OMG! You think we could do that someday? It would be D.R.E.A.M.Y.!!!