Saturday, May 23, 2009

A kiss is just a kiss...?

While Rob has offered to walk around naked for two million dollars, he will apparently plant a kiss on the cheek of two chicks for only $40K. I bet for double that we can get some tonsil hockey action. It's for a very good cause: unadulterated lust AIDS research.

I'm setting up the Twilight-Headed paypal account right now. I think for $60K he'd be willing to snog all four of us. Did you hear what he said? If it goes well, he'd be willing to do a bit more? Awww... yeah.

We have age and experience on our side. Let the bidding begin!

Wake up league... ain't happenin'.... :(

What kind of spider are you, a black widow? Damn girl... Can we vote her off Isle Esme?

Spider, why are you always trying to rain on our damn parade? I say it could happen. Never say never.

Pffff...WAIT! Did you say "rain," Ginger? You know what rain makes me think of...raindrops, and raindrops = FRENZY!

Yes, Spider I said RAIN. Glad I snapped you out of it. Logic and reality have no place here on Twilight-Headed.

I wonder if I could cash out my kid's college savings funds for this. Well, at least my daughter's. I'm sure she'd understand when she's grown up.

I wonder if Mr. Ginger would mind if I tapped into the equity on our house. Because I'd like to tap that.

Hmm... *looking around at possessions* You know, so much of what we have in our lives are wants and not needs. I think it's time to simplify life and abandon the principals of American Greed and get Rob back to basics.

I will except nothing short of a happy ending with Bobby! Forever.

Do we have enough money for that?



~Jamie said...

If you guys vote Spider off the island, does that mean I get her spot?

Ninja Fanpire said...

Only if you want to fight with a Ninja Jamie!

Total Fanpires said...

nawww... That little pouty face face is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about being in London - wait - I'm in Dublin now - wow, the endless-in-a-good-way drinking really is getting to me.

Anyway, as I started to say, being in Dublin lets you get the jump on the blog posters. It's already 11:15am here - had nice breakfast, read the meadow scene in Twilight ('cause it's my bday and I get to do whatever I want), went for a solid run and now I'm staring at delicious pics of my sweetheart with his lips all puckered to give me my bday kiss.

So, I'm happy to chip in to the fund to buy a few kisses (and much more) from Rob - but I think he'll be givin' it up for free once he gets a piece of me ;-) and all of you. But especially me.

GallifreyReject said...

Um yeah ok.. @jamie and ninja Didn't think this was Survivor..

But from what i was $20k per person. Hence the $40k total...But it was for charity.

kt said...

im just sayin, but youll need more than $60k. the 40k was in euros... which is close to $60k when converted. :(

anyways, maybe someone could sell their house. i think id be worth it to live in someones guestroom. lol.

GallifreyReject said...

its a lil over 55k($55,880) in US Dollars (40k converted) so that is someone's salary... Damn, wish I could blow someone's salary on a kiss....

Ginger Swan said...

@kt, well we weren't trying to pay exactly the same price that the auctioned kisses went for. We figured he'd make a package deal for kissing all four of us. I'd like to deal with his package. Oh... hey, did I just write that?

@milfy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.

Erin said...

Can I get in on this package deal??

...wowie! said...

OMG! Hysterical!

Ginger..."I'd like to tap that."

Gotta love it!

MystifyMe said...

Package deal?? Oh yeah!! Does that come in a fancy gift box? I mean boxers?;)
Damn I can't see the video.I hate my computer sometimes.:(
Happy Birthday @Milfy :)

MystifyMe said...

A Rob article loosley translated
from Cannes. I think he needs a big hug.
A riot ensues as Robert Pattinson visits Cannes. : I was carried around by three bodyguards.

The cracking Robert Pattinson superstar thanks to the Twilight Saga is at Cannes and the least we can say is that his fans are absolutely every wear including thousands on the croisette where each one of his appearances brings an absolute riot.

“I was eating breakfast on Carleton beach and all of a sudden there are literally 700 people standing at the entrance of the restaurant. It was chaos and within a few minutes I was being carried by three body guards into a waiting vehicle. They where literally carrying me my feet didn’t touch the ground. It was bizarre.

“Everything has become more intense during these last 6 months since Twilight was released. It’s difficult to handle what’s been happening to me. I don’t have the necessary strength to deal with this whole situation. But the trick of celebrity is not the try and stop it just to pretend like its nothing. You can’t escape from it. When its not something your used to and something you haven’t been dealing with your whole life, something you don’t inspire to be you don’t have to live up to anyone expectations. I am not signed on to Disney there’s no clause saying I have to smile for photographers

For right now it’s liveable. Id love to be able to play de Hollywood game but I cant. I hate having my picture taken, but I love my hotel where staying at l’hotel du cap. Right now it’s a job. I wake up I have breakfast; I leave the hotel in a motor boat like James Bond Its cool. I will find the time thought to go see the new Tarantino movie. I think the walk up the stairs is going to finish me it’s supposed to symbolize the rise in your career, I already detest that.

Already tired Rob? You signed up for four Twilight films it’s not done yet…

MystifyMe said...

James Bond, huh??? Already thought of that Bobbie Sox :)


OCD Sufferer said...

I can't see the video! WTH??? I never have a problem with videos :(

The last few days I have gotten to wake up to Rob's sexy voice! It is so nice!
Mr. OCD watches HBO OD or Show OD every night until he falls asleep, so in the morning it is playing the commercials for movies OD and Rob says, "Hi, I'm Robert Pattinson, watch my move 'How to Be' on MOD this month" awww!!! I still haven't "seen" him because the stupid screensaver is always on, lol!

On another note, I got in a wreck yesterday :( We are fine, but it was my fault so my insurance is gonna skyrocket now, I am sure. First wreck EVER and I have been driving for 16 years....of COURSE it had to be my fault, lol! I am driving around a BRAND NEW rental--only had 22 miles on the ODO, lol! I am gonna be spoiled when I have to give it back for my 94 Jeep, lol.

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD, looks like the video had a hiccup. Thanks for saying something. I re-embedded it. Try it now.

OCD Sufferer said...

Here I am watching the video and thinking, OME he is so cute! Look how sweet! Yeah, that was great and then I get a wonderful, wonderful surprise, and I am honored you left that part JUST FOR ME (I know you did, don't deny it!!!) My Josh was there....OMJ! Sorry, Rob, I <3 ya babe, but my, it is really hot in here....

MystifyMe said...

THANKS GINGER.Maybe I can see now.:)


MystifyMe said...

Aw..yes I had seen this already.
Rob is so adorable.He doesn't get it, and that's what's so adorable.
He is so embarassed and cute.
I just want to scoop him up (after I ROB a bank) and smother him with smoochies.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies

so that vid. damn cute. awww. who's the f*cking blonde with him in later pictures? want to pull her hair out

anyone with me on that?


Anonymous said...

that's not a crime or pulling, right?

robnutmeg said...

I give u our special permission to!

Miss_Pippa said...

Awww, he looks so cute and awkward :) I would like to hug him until his head pops off...but not really :)

Georgie said...

I think this is my favorite Rob video. He is so embarassed by the fact that young girls want to marry him. Love it!

VampGirl said...

It's so nice finding some, um, more "mature" Twilovers that are just as Robsessed as I am. WE are the demographic the movies should be catering to, and I've gotta tell ya, I just might sell my first born (if I had one) for a chance at a snog with Rob. SIGH.....

Anonymous said...

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