Sunday, May 24, 2009

Storytime with Meadow: The Road Less Traveled

Okay, you all know how very anti Team Jacob we are here at the League. But we're also very pro Team Edward-Was-An-Immature-Ass-When-He-Left-Bella and pro Team Bella-Is-A-Whiny-Teenager-Without-A-Backbone-Sometimes. At least, I know I am. So that's why I'm so glad to recommend "The Road Less Traveled" by Daintress.

It's an alternate Breaking Dawn in which Edward never really "gets" Bella's breakdown over Jacob. Convinced that she still loves Jacob, Edward leaves. Again. But this time, Jacob is gone too and Bella has to be a big girl and grow up on her own. Sound depressing? Uh, yeah. BUT, I can't get over how much I like, no, LOVE this Bella. She grows up and becomes a woman. Now, it's time for fair warning: Some of this story is Bella and Jacob. Before you stone me, let me tell you that I think this portrayal of Jacob makes me almost WANT to be Team Jacob. Because he grows up too. Everyone, even Bella and Jacob, know that Bella is meant to be with Edward. There's no denying that. But being an adult means that you recognize different forms of love and allow yourself happiness where you can find it. It also means accepting that you CAN move on and be happy without *gasp* A MAN! *wink* (And, I promise, Edward shows up.)
I have to thank our reader Deconstructing Jen for sending me the link to this fic about a month ago. This story is COMPLETE and has a SEQUEL! See, so your friend Meadow is NOT leaving you hanging. Plus, it means no Renesmee! So go read!

I've read the Twilight series four times and I still don't really "get" Bella's breakdown over Jacob. I could hardly blame Edward if he did leave her for a second time over her ridiculous need to hold on to Jacob. And I kinda like Bella being left all on her own to grow the hell up. Sounds like a good fanfic to me!

Because it is a fictional novel and Edward is *dreamy* we give him a pass for being a doormat and regard him as the perfect man. We see Jacob as Edward's competition (as if) and so we vilify him. Bella is written in the first person and we project ourselves onto her and feel the emotions of first love and first loss and get so caught up in the love story that we are blinded to the truth and that, I feel, is this: If Bella, Edward and Jacob were *real people* we would be talking about how Bella's a self-absorbed bitch, Edward's a jellyfish and Jacob is a glutton for punishment.




Ninja Fanpire said...

This actually sounds like a fic I might read Meadow.

And Spank, I think you're right "If Bella, Edward and Jacob were *real people* we would be talking about how Bella's a self-absorbed bitch, Edward's a jellyfish and Jacob is a glutton for punishment."

~Jamie said...

LOL sometimes when I think about how much I dis-like Bella through some of the series... I wonder why we love this book so much again

Then I look at Rob....

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning, League

@Meadow thank you for the story link that will make that Bella shut up for once. One thing wrong with Eclipse two.

BS: <-- those initials appropriate..."oh Jacob oh Edward" ... *slap*

I'm gonna read it right now...well after I have my coffee (away from the keyboard)

*wink* Piss Ant....may she get stepped on. OR eated by you! Come on, don't spiders eat ants?

Bella? Bella who? *snicker*

I'll be back.

OCD Sufferer said...

Hmmm, I may have to pass on this one (that's a first) it doesn't sound smutty....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I get started on these ffs and after I am pretty absorbed I find there is no sex...they are like Twilight....then it is too late, I am drawn in, but in the end I feel deprived, hahaha!
Yeah, I am pathetic.
I am currently reading one like that. Didn't realize it when I started. It's called Hurt (by the author of TRL...thought that would be super duper smutty...nah, Ed is a vamp...*sigh*)
I read Coming To Terms yesterday. It isn't too bad. It is just now getting good though and now I have to wait for an update, lol.
Tonight I am starting Bella and the Billionaire. Someone said it is great!

WTH is everyone? Do you guys have a life or something? Guess y'all are away for the holiday weekend? Not me, I am sitting in this freaknig hot house and reading...but, *that* is how I like it! HAHA

MystifyMe said...

Happy Memorial Day weekend my U.S. friends!
Just got back from seeing Little Ashes. I thought Rob was genius.
He does angnst,and quasi~insanity very well. And he looks damn fine doing it! :)

OCD Sufferer said...

Wow, you have guts girl! That is one movie I will NEVER see! (along with Brokeback Mountain)
I will take your word for it.....
*evil grin*

Amy and her little family said...

I LOVE Twilight and I love your site... You're my new blog friend... I'm following you :)

Amy and her little family said...

okay well I can't follow you sooo... I'll bookmark you lol

suthrngrl said...

I LOVE Spider! She has so much attitude it is delicious! I'm not sure I can stomach Edward leaving her AGAIN - and I'm really not sure I can stomach Jacob. I really thought you Meadow, would be one to NOT give Jacob a chance. I will read it and let you know. BTW Thank you for highlighting a COMPLETE Fan Fic. If I have to get any more updates on any mores stories I am going to pull my hair out. Now, I have to go back and read the last chapter of the story to remember why I wanted the update to begin with. LOL! Maybe I'm just getting old - OMG did I say that....

Anonymous said...

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