Friday, May 22, 2009

Fly Me to the New Moon....

We're planning our trip to Italy. We have our private jet ready to go. All we need to do is find a way to get Spank on that international flight. You see, she doesn't care much for flying. (cough, understatement of the year). But we're going to help her get past it so we can go. Because we're not going without her. Now, Spank, snap out of it! *slap, slap*

I can SO do this, League. *pops Xanax* We just need to make sure the plane is equipped with Jasper to keep me relaxed, Emmett as my personal "security detail" and Dr. Cullen on board to regularly check my pulse, given as I am taking A LOT of Xanax intent on achieving my *goal* of joining the mile high club with Edward. If you can make ALL that happen, I'm going with you to the Motherland. *pops another Xanax*

Well aren't you the greedy one? What are we going to do with Alice and Esme while you're hogging the men? Shop the SkyMall?

No, you don't have to do that, Meadow. You guys can entertain the other passengers with The League's performance of New Moon using the script that Rob left under my pillow one of our faithful readers gifted us with.

Oh, Spank I love it. We can act it out with Edward - well, the kissing scenes anyway (I'll do some improv too!) I also think we can arrange your flight requirements. But do you mind sloppy seconds on Edward? Then we can both play the part of Bella.

Not at all, he'll want to save the best for last anyway.

And that's why I'll take sloppy thirds! ;)

Fourth! (saving the best for last) Why do I suddenly feel like bursting into a Vanessa Williams song?

Hmm... Well, while you guys are ironing out the details of your fictional flight "attendants" maybe I should go on ahead and just meet you in Italy. You know, to make Rob Pattinson my personal sex slave scope things out so we can share, I promise don't waste time.



Ninja Fanpire said...

It's too bad that Ninja is already in Italy as we speak.


Yes Rob, it's those creepy women again.

Ninja Fanpire said...

No don't worry, I won't let them get you. Ninja's are always the safest to be with.

Yes I'm sure they'll be jealous when they wake up and see these comments, that's okay with you right?

Yes, good thing WE never have to sleep.

kmoye said...

"shop the skymall?"- hilarious!

THAT was a great morning laugh!

GallifreyReject said...

*hops (sneaks)on flight with League*

see my passport is MIA and I hear Italy is beautiful this time of year..Oh and something about some guy from some movie about some dead guy that sparkles will be there..or something..

So um where's this Sky Mall? :D

Erin said...

Can I join in? I know the Cullens pretty well, seeing as how I visited them last week! (hehe)

I'll finish my conversation with Esme & Alice while you take turns with Edward...that is if I can take my turn as well!

hehe! I love you ladies!!

OCD Sufferer said...

Edward told me to tell you guys to go on without him, he is staying here with me. Who needs the Mile High Club?

*I'm coming dear...well, I will be in a minute!*

Stacie said...

I'm coming on this trip. Road Trip! (I mean, airplane trip. Whatevs.)

Spider Monkey said...

@Stacie, you better pack your bags darling, you won't want to miss a second of it!;) While you're at it, throw some wine and ciggs in your bag too!

robin(me) said...

Well, i guess i could always like stow away somewhere in the baggage compartment. *whistling not noticing the drug popping* - i've got u covered @Spank...*cough*

Yes to the wine, no to the ciggies. *shudder*

mmm. how about a threesome?

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Good morning league

Loved to go with you but I don't think the plane would take off...too much weight with me and the "blimp"


I've missed all of you! {{waves from Isabella}}

OCD Sufferer said...

Sorry, no can do, but you are more than welcome to come over and keep Mr. OCD busy for me!!

Yeah, I went there!

robin(me) said...

(clutching my heart)
can't believe what you just said.....

hi {{waves back}}

thinking pic "I don't need to sparkle" (winking)

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie, when does your plane land, ladies!?!

Setting the Volturi dinner table, we're waiting for you ... (licking our lips) I mean we want you to beourguests! *Jane grin*

Can I like order red wine? just saying.

@Ocd! Give me Mr. Ocd's number must talk to him. Threesome? @robin(me) oh yes. Let Me Sign.

MMMM. blimb? stay away from sharp objects don't want you to POPPPP! *whistling as I step away*

who wants to take turns? i'd say grab and run! Funner that way.

@GallifreyReject, kmoye
Skymall? You want to shop? Hey we'll just drop you off! *evil laugh*

@Ninja Fanpire
Yes creepy. Kinda make me shudder, too.

As always,
I'm in your life now....forever!

MystifyMe said...

And now for your on board Feature Video Presentation!*thud*

~Jamie said...

I see the league has learned the strike out feature!

hahaha I can come to, no?

beesue said...

Hi Jetsetters!

I cannot imagine how much fun it would be to fly to Italy w/all the League Ladies! Italy would never be the same!!! I think "improv Night" with Spider would be a hoot and I am up for sloopy "anything"

I hve been there once. Mr. Beesue and I were in Paris on vacation and took the train over to San Remo for the "shopping". The Pizza was great and the wine flowed like water! So don't take wine because it is very cheap and easy to access!

@robin - we can "serve" as flight attendents! Hey Rob "coffee, tea, or me????

@lurker - you and those "Bad" volturi - Wait til you experiece my "eye f*cking abilty" Aro and Marus wont have a chance!

@isabella - hope you're feeling well! Don't worry - your day will come!!!

*OCD - You are saucy today! Giving up Mr. OCD sooooo easily!
HMMMMM???? Yeah, now that I think of it - I would do the same thing!!

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) I'm always thinking of the "I don't need to sparkle" pic. :) And we'll stick Spider and her cigs in the bathroom when she needs to smoke. *wink* (or slap some patches on her arm until we land)

@beesue... red wine that flows like water. Now you're speaking my language.

@isabella we miss you too!!!