Sunday, May 31, 2009

Storytime with Meadow: A Darker Shade of Twilight

So, say you're James. And you really really hate Edward. You want him to suffer in the worst ways you can imagine, which means making BELLA suffer in the worst ways you can imagine. Would you really just have a tape of Renee? I mean, you're an evil vampire. Screw being "clever," you want pain. Yeah, it's that bad. Which is what I like so much about VampGirl's alternate Twilight. It's angsty, deep, and touching. So consider it a Twilight written for an adult audience. If you're in the mood for a light smutty read (and really, there's nothing wrong with that) this is not the story for you. But if you're looking for a version of Twilight that you can get emotionally invested in, (and that has a good bit of Edward's POV), then head over to Twilighted to read A Darker Shade Of Twilight. You won't be disappointed.



Ninja Fanpire said...


sakixry said...

Well I am definitely intrigued too! Will read it!

robnutmeg said...

Yes James -- you know I can't quite hate James right now. James James James....Cam Cam Cam.....*biting lip*

Ok still Team Edward! Can't help it. keep thinking of Robcrack and I just can't sway to the dark side unless it's Darkward.

i still loved it, tho. *feeling like a traitor now - hangs head in shame*

wtf are you? Help me out here.

well? did u read it? comment then, damnit!

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

VampGirl emailed me and confirmed that yes, she is working on a sequel. *squee!!!*

I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! And @robnutmeg, don't let Cam's hotness sway you towards James. Everything about him is designed to draw you in... Oh, wait, that's Edward. Anyway, James=BAD, mmmkay??

robnutmeg said...

uh no, that's was just that brief moment of awww he was so nice to uh like you know take care of armpit girl...if you know what i mean...OMG this is such a long story I can't stop reading tho.
(glaring at you)
No I'm forever and irrevocably DRAWN to Robward...*no worries about me-whistling*

beesue said...

Went to the site and checked it out and "looking pretty interesting" so I will give it a shot!

@meadow - thanks for the rec! You know I am always ready to "invest" anything into an Edward POV!!!

OFF SUBJECT ---SQUEEEEEEE----Is everybody all "Sunshine, LOLLIPOPS, and RAINBOWS" today! New Moon Trailer and Live ROBBBBB!!! Tonight!!!!! CANT WAIT!!

StilltheLurker said...

ooooh, another James evil fanfic....must read........

ok so don't like flip a casket or anything just b/c i'm no longer annon....

{{listening for hoots and hollers}}

yea yea whatev

got front row ticket next to rob...needs protection from f**** paris and piss ant! (on emergency leave from volturi)

OCD Sufferer said...

well, darn...and how I so look forward to had to go and ruin it by saying, "If you are in the mood for smutty, this is not the story for you..." thanks a lot! LOL!
Doesn't mean I won't read it, though. I just read a really, really good one yesterday called From Innocence to Experience which Edward is a vamp, so no smut there, but it is a VERY interesting twist on the Twi story...and the very end has a smexy scene which SM did *NOT* have....way better than SMs version of BD *grin*

Robgirls and won't believe what I ran into this morning!!!! O.M.E. this is right up our alley!!! I can't even remember how I found it, but holy freaking cow this is gonna be a good one!
It is called Alphabet Weekends. Bella and Edward have been best friends since they were 4 and they are both frustrated about their current sex life (or lack of sex life) so they start a game where every Sunday one person draws a letter from a hat and that Saturday they have to use that letter for a sexcapade. So far I have read 2 letters and this is really good! The first letter was V....what do we know and love that starts with a V??? You got it! That's all I am gonna tell ya! This is super lemony!

So, yeah, I will try out this nun-version-fanfiction you suggest Meadow, but I need my smutfix first *wicked grin*