Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vampire Folklore

Stephenie Meyer took most of the vampire folklore from history and threw it out the window. That was pretty ballsy of her to do. If you could add an attribute from vampire folklore to Stephenie's vampires, what would it be? What would you change about them? What do you love about Stephenie's version?

I love that Stephenie's vampires can run and move so fast. I never really got into the "hard and smooth as marble" aspect to SM's vampires. I'd much rather make out with Spike (from Buffy) than with a marble statue. No matter how enticing she tried to make it sound, I just couldn't follow along. I mean, come on... I like it hard, but not THAT hard.

Mmm... Spike... My original VILF. But he doesn't hold a candle to Robward's VILFiness.

I'd have to disagree there, Meadow. I can't really choose between the two. So that means I'll just have to make sure I have enough, uh, love stamina for both of them.

I agree about the word "marble" I think a better word could have been used especially since she used the word marble all the time. How about "rock hard", but if she was tying to say he was smooth like marble, what about smooth silk. Or smooth like a finely sanded piece of wood (did I say wood?) I also could have gone for "cool" instead of "cold."

Cool and silky, but firm all over... hmmm

What I couldn't understand was constant reminder of his "cold, marble lips." If you have lips like stone, you can't pucker. Aside from how this obviously complicates any attempt at passionate snogging, how does he even manage to talk? Perhaps that's why Stephenie Meyer constantly described Edward as always being so damn chagrined.

... and while I'm on vampire pet peeves: VAMPIRES ARE NOT SQUIRRELS! They don't fly or climb trees.

I rather enjoyed the fact that she made them climb trees. Strapped around his waist is the best way to get to the top, of the tree that is.

*snicker* I thought it was impressive, I didn't mind the tree climbing. The "marble" analogy was hardest to believe when Bella waxed rhapsodic about how she could stay in his arms forever... Because I'm pretty sure I'd get tired of laying on top of my kitchen counter even IF it looked like Edward.

You probably wouldn't want to make out with your kitchen counter either.



kdgrimmer said...

ome! my stomach hurts from laughing so hard! i had the most hilarious mental image when meadow said "I'm pretty sure I'd get tired of laying on top of my kitchen counter even IF it looked like Edward." and then the addition make out comment! LMFAO!

Total Fanpires said...

My vamp-y pet peeve would probably be they always seemed... SO DAMN PERFECT. I dont really get why Rosalie's always complaning on and on about.
But i guess your right about the "hard and smooth as marble" thing though.Kitchen Benchtop? How about tiled floor!

Ok, my rant is FINISHED!

Craque L'├ęclair said...

"Doing" marble hard Edward doesn't sound very comfortable, although I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. I'm willing to try for the sake of research.

But I did have a thought. Rather than cucumbers or bananas, marble hard Edward should be used to demonstrate proper condom adornment in sex education classes. I would have paid much better attention in class.

And, think about the reduction in unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that would result. Marble hard Edward might win a Noble Prize for solving all the world's social ills.

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
Good Topic today! You Guys are ON IT - hahahahaha. I am going to go lie on my kitchen counter and pretend it is Edward.
Spider - I do like "cool and silky" better than cold and hard.

The "sparkley" thing bothered me - I don't think I would enjoy wearing sunglasses everytime I looked at my guy -well maybe since it was Edward/Rob? I dunno.

Also, Carlisle is a doctor - wouldn't his patients notice his oold hard, hands?

My favorite quality about SM's vamps was that they were vegetarian. Could you get more ironic - vamps that don't kill people and also don't have fangs.
Even though I have always thought fangs were kinda sexy. Ya know "I Vant to Bite You On The Neck!

Ninja Fanpire said...

What bothered me is that in the movie Edward compared their diet to someone living only on tofu. Which, why would they then be called vegetarians?! It's more like a vegetarian that doesn't want to be vegetarian, but has to because of religion or something.

The sparkly thing SO did not look sexy in the movie!

sakixry said...

@Meadow: LOL!
I really would ache everywhere if I had to lie on the kitchen counter or the floor but think of what some people do! The Indians lie on a bed of nails! The Japanese sleep on the floor! Come on girls! I believe with some practice we could do it! If you could only imagine how delightful other things would be while lying on top of this marble statue... mmmhhhmmm... I think I could handle this!

I liked marble! Ok, I didn't liked that he was soooo cold he could almost kill her but marble is working for me.

No wood Spider! I mean - you know - not a body of wood... wood in general is not so bad *clears throat* but think that you could have splinters from that. The marble is cold and hard but it's smooth!

robnutmeg said...

OMG you are on a roll....
I think I would be able, however, to do it on a counter if I had an incentive LIKE Edward...but remember Spike and Buffy did it while observing her friends at the BRONZE & while knocking down a total building..NOW that's INCENTIVE for me.

SMOOTH is good.

I agree the sparkly thingy bothered me the most. LOVE the leather coat that Spike wore...IMAGINE Edward in leather...YUMMY....

LeLe said...

@Beesue I think fangs are sexy too. My husband says the Twilight vampires aren't real vampires if they don't have fangs. We argue about "real" and "fake" vamps all the time. You see what kind of intelligent conversations that we have. Haha.

robin(me) said...

Good Morning League
OMG what a picture...LOVE it! LOVE YOU GUYS!

I miss Spike too but!!!

A few things bothered me but the thing that bothered me the most was IF SM's vampires were all marble'ly than did she mean ALL parts were marble'ly ??? b/c if that were the case - how did they (as in Cullen men) get their pants zippered? just saying....

I think Bella could also learn a few things from Buffy about vampire men...quit begging for it -they like to "hunt" their "prey"....

OHHHHH, I totally agree...they are not squirrels - damn? That just irked me after the first inital tour Edward gave Bella - enuff already! I could have thought of a lot more things to do then CLIMBING Evergreen trees!!!!!

The real thing is the soul issue...
EDWARD needs to give ANGEL a call about that whole soul issue b/c it really didn't do much for ANGEL...(oh god, Angel - my little Angel - he's boning uh Bones...mahhahaaaaa)
Oh and I hope that he won't have to go to that demon soul giver thingy b/c geez Spike just took a beating with that just to get a soul....NOT WORTH IT, Eddy!

What else?
You.are.a.naughty.girl! A marble table is quite comfortable if it MOVES and has HANDS!

faith_83 said...

Good Morning League! I have to admit that I´ve always been attracted of this fantasy world of vampires. My grandfather is from Transylvania (Romania) and I´ve been raised with vampires stories... I have to say that the first vampire that I´ve fall in love wasn´t as hot as our vampire Edward but sure made me dream about this world...a lot... My first love: LESTAT...oh boy until Edward appeared he was my number one vampire...(btw Rob "borrowed" a lot of his moves in Twilight).
It was a little difficult for me at first to accept this new type of SM´s vampires (a combination between mutant x and vampires) but at his first hello Edward just had me... but like you´ve all seen I said Edward and not Robert...not interested in Robert all yours girls!! Rob, I hope you put me in that list!!

struckbytwilightning said...

Good Morning Ladies, Was gone yesterday but so glad I'm home today....b/c STRUCK is very happy to see this topic!!!! Where do I start

1. "retractable" FANGS are essential - it makes it easier to get the blood and suck necks...Vampire sucking 101 classes start with Struck next week, sign up now and get the first class for free!

2. @Robnutmeg - LEATHER is the way to go, GOOD ONE! I hated Edward's wardrobe or lack.thereof. I mean Angel hated himself but still wore decent clothes...*sheesh* SPARKLY? Red lips... Oh don't go there with me....UGH

3. @Robin(me) I practically pee'd in my pants from laughing when I read your "marble'ly" comment..omg. *squeellll* SO true!

4. @The League: You guys are the total bomb of all websites - don't care what the statistics show! YOU Rock!

5. @beesue - GOOD point...about Carlisle being a doctor...Never thought about that one...just kept staring at him throughout the whole movie...and thinking... OH to be a patient at his hospital....

Well I'm sure I'll think of more things but I've said enough don't want to be a bore....

Erin said...

@Ginger... I'll have to comment after I clean off my keyboard from spitting my coffee out I was laughing so hard...

robnutmeg said...


I forgot Lestat, how could I do that? YES, Lestat was HOT and quite naughty...*sheepish smile*

I think if I were to get my hands on - uh - MEET Edward than I think I could persuade him to let his vegi - goody 2 shoes ways slide......

MY keyboard has never been the same since I started reading TWILIGHT HEADED.....

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Okay readers, y'all are seriously making my morning with your observations. I'll admit that I've totally wondered if Edward was “still a man, Bella” and was marble-hard, why wasn't he constantly ripping his pants? Was he wearing stretch jeans? *wicked grin*

TwiDW said...

I agree with the cold and hard problem with SM's version, and where are the fangs. Real vampires are like the ones in TRUE BLOOD- retractable fangs and really hot sex (although I would be willing to give cold Edward a try)

robin(me) said...

Where are you? Still in trouble? Kick hubby in the arse and get to commenting....sorry that was harsh, huh?

Why thank you struck, I appreciate your support on that subject...*tee hee*

When are you going to learn not to drink beverages at the keyboard? MMM???

I love it. STRAPPED. Whatever works! OMG I need a drink....

Mitzie said...

I don’t have too many vamp peeves.
I do like the fact that I am not in any danger of getting all sweaty and gross when doing the deed. My boy toy is COLD and HARD. Sound like a bonus to me :)

I guess if I had to find something that I thought was a bit peevie it’s the damn bells ringing when the sun hits him. I know he’s supposed to be all sparkly and stuff but I don’t remember reading anything about small bells ringing too. Yeah, that I could do without.

robin(me) said...

I thought of that too. UP THERE somewhere. Zippering must have been a bitch...I mean too many FADE to BLACKs for me...I'm more detailed orientated, I guess. *smirk*

Erin said...

Ok...geez...I can't stop laughing!...

(Side note: It is a good thing I work in IT and don't have to explain why I have to keep getting a new keyboard!...although if I keep having to get them I might have to explain!)

@beesue all the doctor's I've seen have freezing cold hands no matter if they are human or not...

The thing that bothered me is when she was talking about hunting and protecting...the hissing and crouching thing was a little strange...(the movie just made it worse, my hubs makes fun of that part all the time) He said the hissing and crouching reminds him of the raptor chase from Jurassic Park.

I think she could have come up with something different...

@The League
still LMFAO though about all of your posts...BAHAHAHAHA

robnutmeg said...

"Still a man, Bella" *sputter on my coffee again...* OMG that's right and it kills me everytime...AND marble hard & stretch pants? LOL - I need a drink - Maybe I'll go up to BC and go to GLOWBAL! Run into Rob and settle this whole marble thingy once and for all!!!

OH God, leather is my friend...- and it also hides DOGGY smell quite nicely too....

I don't mind getting sweaty...cold showers are always a PLUS! COLD & HARD...*yowsa*

Susan said...

I'm with you, Ginger.

Spike is my original VILF. I met (his actor) in person, and my god, he's more gorgeous than on screen. He hugged and gave me a kiss on my cheek and told me (I had a cat costume, this was at dragon-con) that I made the most adorable cat girl ever. I melted, and my husband then gathered my gooey self in a jar and carried me away and I walked on clouds for the rest of the evening.

Don't get me wrong, Edward, I still have love for you. But Spike's bleach blondness and long leather trenchcoats will always make me swoon.

Susan said...

At least Dr. Cullen is not an OBGYN.... Or if he's only his stunning good looks that make the ladies come back, not his hands.

robnutmeg said...

YOU.met.Spike? *glaring look* No, I know I LOVED Spike - James Marsters - he was just so sweet and LOVED being Violent. Honest. and HOT Spike!
Funny thought: James was American playing Bristish Spike having to do a Brit accent (which he did so well that EVERYONE thought he was Brittish) AND it's the complete opposite for Rob...

No Robby you're still on my HOT list *no worries* and I'm not going to put the Gold Sheets away anytime soon! mkay?

Just keeping it real....

sakixry said...

@robin(me): why yes, I am a naughty girl! Robward makes me naughty! Can't wait to feel the cold marble body beneath me! HA HA!

Aaaah!Lestat. Yes, yes. I liked him too! Naughty naughty!
But I have to admit that my personal love was Blade... ok! ok! dont hit me! I like "good" vampires all along as you see! I also L.O.V.E.D. Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3... aaahhh... Ryan...

Since I started reading the fantastic LEAGUE, I stopped drinking anything liquid while reading... you can understand why!

This "issue" about Edward being "marble hard" and still a man also bothered me... hmmm... how can he be possibly marble hard everywhere except this specific place? Or is he always marble hard and doesn't even have to be aroused? Stephenie should explain that!

@robnutmeg: if you go to BC, take a camera with you! You need to show us the goodies! pleeezzzzzzzz!

sakixry said...

just to make something clear... I loved Blade as a character! I didnt lust about him as I do for Edward :):) but I did lust about Hannibal King aka Ryan Reynolds. Well he even was a vampire once and he got cured...

robin(me) said...

Naughty girls think alike...."Marble hard" all.the.time? I still have an issue of space confinements or lack thereof....SM, you do need to explain this to us...MMM???

Ok now that we are bringing up all these other vamps out about Nikolai Knight - Forever Knight? Now he was especially delicious! GOOD vamp. AND did anyone catch Moonlight last year? - GOOD and sexy vamp Mick St. John - very yummy... OMG I cried for a week when that got canceled.....DIRTY Dogs!

Make something clear, Sakixry? NO NO NO. You brought up Blade? So Edward heard you with his vampire ears and now is MOVING ON TO Robin! Come Edward! I love you marble'ly, cold, hard and ok even sparkly if you insist on doing it on the beach in Hawaii....
hey league ONE down....*apologetic smile to you, Sakixry*

Blade, I'm sorry, creeps me out. I don't know exactly why. Must be all those pointy objects he carries!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): now hold on sister! i made it clear that i dont LUST over BLADE! I just like him as a character! But that i do LUST over Hannibal King. And ok, he WAS a Vamp but is now all Human... *hiss* nobody puts sakixry in the ONE.DOWN line. Rob belongs equally to me as he belongs to you too!

robin(me) said...

AWWW. I'm sorry! You know I love ya, right? I just thought I'd give it a shot. BACK away and someone please hide her gun!

I'm just in this bad mood today. My clients are total MONSTERS today. I'd love to STAKE them. GAWD. And Edward thought he was a monster...pfffff!These guys make irrationally and love deprived James seem like a bad tempered kitten!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): yeah, i know you love me. i do to! and since you're being my roomies to be best friend i cannot hold a grudge on you!
There is plenty of Rob to share!

If Robward ever decides to cut off the vegetarian diet for some while, you could give him a list with all the monster clients of yours and he could take care of them!

robin(me) said...

Awwww. I feel all warm and cuddly now. (well not as good as Robward would make me feel but pretty darn good...)

OH CRACK ME UP! Edward eating my clients - but after they pay my fees, please! I'll help him and reward him!

Yep, roomies bf's are the best! And if you ever wanted to get away from the NUT *shhhhhhh* you could always come over to my place and enjoy 3 disc TWIDVD, GQ and PE! You aren't afraid of big dogs are you? As long as he's not Jacob, right?

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, I agree with you. I loved Blade too. (FYI Mr. Ginger worked on that movie too) I loved Interview With The Vampire, but I loved Brad Pitt's character (what was it?).

@Susan, you stole my line! I was just going to say that my GYN always has cold hands and I swear he keeps that damn speculum in the freezer.

@beesue, I did wonder how Carlisle kept his patients from noticing how his skin was pale white and ice cold.

@robnutmeg and @robin(me) thanks for bringing back such great memories of Spike and Buffy... especially in Season 6 when they're having dirty sex. Hubba hubba. And @Susan, I'm SO jealous you got to meet Spike, eh, James Marsters and got a little kiss. I would've melted into the floor too. I don't like him as much as a brunette but I did think he was hottest in the Billy Idol look when he's fighting the Slayer Nikki (Robin's mother) and kills her and takes her leather jacket. Whew! Need a cold shower now.

@sakixry, I thought you were kidding when you said your family was originally from Transylvania. That is freakin' awesome!

@Erin, LMAO that you have to keep getting new keyboards from drinking while reading us.

Poor @OCD. She's probably still in a Time Out from reading our blog. :(

Love you all, you're the best readers ever!!!!

robnutmeg said...

You KNOW I had to say something...I agree there's been a lot of MONSTERS in the office today..soon I'm gonna feed them to YOUR dog. (since there's not enough time to convert Edward to being a carnivore!) *sheesh*
Advice to all of you leagers and readers:
Stay.away.from.Robin.when.she.gets.mad! OMG!

You TELL it girl! KUDOS! AND I'm NOT a n.u.t.! I'm nuts about Rob and his nuts - I mean - stimulating conversation but I'm perfectly happy in my present state of mind! Thank you very much!
Rooming with me -- well at least there's no bossy Twilight BFs - well Neil but he watches Twilight for ALICE now so that little issue is working out nicely as I LUST for Edward - he can do what he wants with Alice.....and then we practice!
And I love the way Blade uses those sharp pointy things - come on he's a hero. That doesn't mean I want HIM, I don't want Batman either (unless he's George Clooney - ok wrong metaphor) but I still admire his bravery!

I'm working on that Jr. Leaguer thing that Ginger mentioned to me. Just been too busy with monsters today.

not going to throw baby out of the water...*chuckles*

sakixry said...

@robin(me): well thank you for the invitation! 3 Disk TWIDVD!! Aaaah!!! They still dont have the f****** DVD here in Greece! I D.O.N.T. BELIEVE THIS!!! And GQ and PE! AAAAAHAHHH!
I will definitely come over to visit! And no, I'm not afraid of dog's, big or small, mawgs or shapeshifters. I have a pretty little (big) dog too you know!

robnutmeg said...

Brad Pitt was LOUIE. OH Louie - such a tortured soul. AND quite YUMMY! Didn't anyone think that his feelings for Claudia were a tad bit UH disgusting? She's 10 years old, man! Daughter my foot! HA!

Yes I have the 1-7 Buffy seasons on DVD. I watch it often. I can understand Spike's feelings for Buffy but I never understood what he saw in Drucilla! YIKES!

beesue said...

You guys won't believe this but I never got into the Buffy series (ducking)! But I am on my way to Blockbuster to rent the entire series - I will be very busy for the next few nights!

@all above who mentioned "leatha".
Don't get me started - James Dean and Marlon Brando!!!Whew!! Ya know SM did have Edward in a leather jacket (the restaurant). Remember the hostess saying "his coat problably cost as much as my entire paycheck" I guess CH couldn't find one at the thrift store! We got the dorky "peacoat".

One more thing - I think SM was "baiting" us with the whole vamps having sex thing. Who wasn't wondering if Edward could even have sex? I definetly took the hook and was reeled in - why else would I read four monster books just to find out what happened on the honeymoon?

@robin(me) and Sakixry - I think we are going to have to "hose" you two down!

Ginger Swan said...

@beesue, you should definitely rent the series! You'll be busy more than a few nights though, because there are 7 series.

@robnutmeg, I too have all the Buffy Seasons on DVD and watch them often. And the best part... I watch it with Mr. Ginger because he loves the show too and never minds watching them again and again. Love that man!!!
He even let me get a life-size stand-up Buffy. She's in our living room protecting our house from non-veggie vamps.

robin(me) said...

oh ur going to love buffy...spike is so the seasons progress spike becomes more of a regular character and then BAM - it's HOT. Enjoy! I, too have the series on DVD. Love it! I got into it b/c my daughter was so into it and it rubbed off on me!

AND Sakixry and I are doing fine now. Thanks for asking. Right, S?

AND the peacoat has got to go! I don't know why but it just saids...CHEAP to me! Hey Edward can just kill one of those guys who attacked Bella and take their coats! GEEZ anything!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): why yes dear Robin. Aaaahhh... I think I am fine now... but I would be feeling better if I would get my hands on Rob... ok, I'm slipping again..sorry!

@Ginger: I'm really glad you liked Blade too!! And I knew your hubby was this cool! Mr. Ginger rocks!!

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, I actually got to sneak in to Mr. Ginger's work and see some of Blade while Mr. Ginger was working on it. (unlike Twilight which was SO secret they didn't let civilians in to sneak a peek... though that didn't stop Mr. Ginger from sending me little audio clips from the movie on IM.) I swear my blood pressure was up the entire time he was working on Twilight!

Anonymous said...

i would have played with the whole "vamps need to be invited into the household before entering" deal - kinda thought they did that when he wnated to be intro'd to charlie, but they said that rob had already been watching bella sleep before that so yea...

Loveluster said...

OMG! That's hilarious. I'm so picturing myself laying on the kitchen counter. Hmm.. Not as comforting as SM makes Edward sound. I don't really mind the whole Edward being as "hard as marble" thing, but it does make it tough to imagine him holding Bella. How exactly can you lay on a rock and be comfortable?

~Jamie said...

I actually don't think she made everything up... a hot smexy vampire with a moral conscience that dines on animals... HELLO... ANGEL...

I remember reading it and immediatly thinking wow... she stole a pile od this stuff from Joss. I mean... I'm okay with it... but still... she took lotsa stuff from 'ol Joss!

robin(me) said...

Would u like to like many trade husbands for just a little bit...b/c damn ur husband is way cool with the buffy and the edward and the twilight and blade....strictly for experimental purposes of course!

Don't get me wrong my hubby is definitely a keeper but he's a little stubborn when it comes to the Twibandwagon! Perhaps with your influence, Ginger, you can convert him to the league?
BTVS was hard enough but he enjoyed watching Buffy slay away or maybe just enjoyed watching Buffy..period...and he LOVED the musical...(me too that was a hoot!)

oh but that rock is so sexy....

Ginger Swan said...

@~Jamie, did you actually put "Angel" in the same sentence as hot sexy vampire? I love Angel like I love Jacob... I have a certain affinity for him, but I'd never want him to end up with Buffy. Did you see in a recent interview they asked SMG which character she would like Buffy to end up with at the end, and she said "Spike". Woo Hoo! Speaking of fade to black, WTF did Joss do to us when in the last episode, the night before the big fight and Buffy and Spike start walking toward each other and FADE TO BLACK?! Maybe Stephenie Meyer stole that from Joss too!

@whattheforks, I did like that aspect of Buffy, with the vamps having to be invited in.

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) Mr. Ginger loves the Buffy Musical too... even doesn't mind me singing along to every song when we watch it.

You know when the very last episode of Buffy aired, we taped it (before DVR) and when I walked into the family room to watch it, Mr. Ginger had turned out the lights and lit candles all over the room to make it a whole event while he and I snuggled together on the couch and watched. No way am I sharing him! I know I hit the lottery with him! We've been married almost 13 years and he still opens all doors (including car doors) for me. And before anyone starts asking if he has a brother, yes he does, but his brother is the exact opposite of Mr. Ginger in every way and neither of us can stand to be around him. Mr. Ginger is one of a kind!

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger, wtforks
I, too liked that aspect of Buffy and the whole vamp inviting thing. Hey Spike my house is OPEN house to you anytime! Also, I liked Angel but adored Spike. He and I would make beautiful MUSIC together. NO guilt. I remember that interview with SMG, too! I think her chemistry with Spike was way hotter than with Angel..hands down! Remember Riley? For a human, he wasn't bad.

I think you are right about the whole SM & Joss thing. It's the whole tortured soul wanting to be good and hanging out with humans thing ... Buffy was incredibly original and seemed to appeal to all ages.

Susan said...

@robnutmeg Yep, I did. I love me some James Marsters. His music is pretty amazing. I have his CD he signed for me *swoon*

@Ginger I mean, at least Dr. Cullen seems to be an emergency doctor, so you don't notice so much if you are in an emergency situation.

I loved me some Lestat in the books. But Spike is still my one true TV Vampire love.
That, and Alucard from Castlevania (A video game) Now he was cool.

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: you go girl! rob and his nuts *chuckle* Well Neil sounds kinda cool if he isn't bothering with you lusting over Edward... but of course not since you practice with him afterwards!

well guess what! the video rental store DOESN'T have the Buffy series! HA! Do you believe that? You throw me a bone and I cannot chew on it cause it's on the other side of the f*** fence! I will have to dwld it... pirate!

@Ginger, your life sized Buffy is great. Protecting you and all.. but a life sized Edward would definitely do the same and I think he will be even more efficient than her... hmmm... that's a good excuse dont you think?
Well Ginger... about Mr. Ginger... you have to tell me your secret. The rewards I mean... how can this man be such a doll?
You gonna tell us what he is working on in the movies? *looking hopefully*
If you continue describing Mr. Ginger as you do... soon somebody will dedicate a whole internet site to him!

robnutmeg said...

ooooh I'm tellin - you want to trade Mr. Robin for Mr. Ginger....can I keep him? PPL, Mr. Robin may have twi-issues but he's absolutely and positively the most dreamiest grampa'ttorney that every walked the planet! OMG. AND I can't help but remember my cop savior.
But Mr. Ginger is way cool - candles and cuddling? Why can't I find someone like that?
Rob Pattinson, how long does it take you to dump the B'labitch, huh? Just do it already - I'll meet you at home!

@Susan, Ginger
I sing every song, too with the Buffy Musical.. LOVE IT!
SPIKE oh Spike - sing to me baby!

I died so many years ago, but you can make me feel like it isn't so...etc....etc....
That's great, but I don't wanna play
'cause being with you touches me
More than I can say....

OK so why is it that all these vampire dudes are musically inclined:
Lestat, Spike, & Edward....oh serenade me. You know - I can handle three - be kinda fun, wouldn't it? Although (don't kill me) I like Stuart Townsend as Lestat way better than Tom Cruise...yummy! Those black leather pants in QOTD....*swoon city*
Sakixry wouldn't that be fun? Ok bring the Blade dude, too!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: well thank you for inviting me and blade to your foursome *grin* but I will bring Hannibal King too if you don't mind. I just hope the other boy's will behave 'cause you know Blade and Hannibal will have problems if they don't.

The music thing...hmmm... I think it's a way to express their emotions. Like we plain little fragile humans do. For them it's just more a need 'cause you know. With all being hard like marble and so they have to find a way to get off... what do I mumble here? Incoherent thoughts again? Yeah... only thinking of Robward and using the word marble makes me loose control...
I think I should go to bed... try to sleep it over..

robin(me) said...

I guess I'm a bad wife according to some PPL around here. So I need to do some back peddling...I.adore.Mr.Robin! He's been my world for 25 years (give or take a few) and he still floats my boat! Even though he kinda tries to sink by rob/twilightdreamboat - he will end up LOVING Twilight b/c it took him 5 seasons to like Buffy so I'm figuring by the time Breaking Dawn comes out (hopefully) in the theatres in 2011/2012 - maybe he'll even come to see it with me! Statistically speaking!

Your Buffy story was beautiful - wow how romantic. I just hated that fade to black thing with Buffy and Spike, too! eeeeeegods. Maybe that's why I'm so used to this f2b stuff with SM and E/B. BUT, with the Buffy thing, that was TORTURE b/c we knew what kind of hot.juicy.loving those two had. I loved that one scene, though - when Buffy comes back from seeing Angel and Spike says to her...I'm not kissing you, You've got Angel breath...
Doesn't that sound a little like You do kinda smell like a dog!?

Just saying.

Susan said...

Once More With Feeling is one of my favorite episodes of Buffy!

Mr. Susan has read all the Twilight books and took me to see the movie three times :) Then watched the DVD with me when I asked. :)

One time, I had got this sparkle spray from a blog's giveaway, and Mr. Susan covered himself in it and came out to see me (I was feeding horses) and told me he needed to show me what he looked like in the sunlight. I almost died. Let's just say I was also sparkly after that, but I didn't use glitter spray ;)

sakixry said...

@Susan: aaaaaaaahhh!!! *swoon*
Well another candidate for a dedicated internet site!
Feeding horses? You have a ranch? I love horses! I would love having a ranch...

Susan said...

My in-laws do, they have 4 horses. Ha, yeah..he is pretty cool

robnutmeg said...

aaaaahhhhh. I copy Sakixry on that!
OCD Sufferer is one of the readers and is now grounded by her husband. ;((((( from the site (or at least we think so?)

We miss her! So some of us - not so lucky with the male species when it comes to TwilightorRoborEdwardism!

HEY I just got a splendid idea...
OFF the mark a little but...
How about setting up Renessmememeemmee (I hate that name) and Conner together (Angel's little brat) - they have a lot in common, don't ya think?

OCD Sufferer said...

O-M-E ladies!!! Do you realize there is absolutely no way I can comment on everything I just read? I have already forgotten 1/2!! LOL! You have been chatty cathys!
@Those who asked about me (again) you are soooo sweet! I feel so loved from you guys! Yeah, I am still in trouble, but I coulda sneaked in today @ some point, but Mr. OCD had a colonoscopy this a.m. and when we got back I was so stinking tired (cause I stayed up until 4 am watching some Josh eye candy *sorry Rob, but I am trying to keep from getting my Twi-dvd intact, so it is in hiding*) so I took a nap.
Ok, lets see how much I can remember:
Ryan Reynolds from Blade---yummy! That is what made me like him in the first place--CANT WAIT TILL MAY 1 TO WATCH WOLVERINE! Get to see him AND Hugh Jackman side by side...yipee!!!
Sorry, Lestat--can't stand him, ESPECIALLY Tom Cruise! I did like *looking* at Brad Pitt in IWAV, but the movie just didn't do it for me, Kirsten got on my nerves.
Some of you hit a little bit on one of the things I wanted to mention about marble hard...I had wanted to know how Bella was supposed to know if he was 'ready' if he was always 'hard' LOL! Then again, being 17 years old for 80 years, I am sure he was ALWAYS 'ready' ROFL!
Lemme tell you, I was so worried about you guys for a bit there, you kept talking about Spike and Buffy and I am thinking "ewwww! they can't really like Luke Perry??" Then it hit me, he was Pike, not Spike, haha! I never watched the series so I don't really know if he is hot or not, lol. And, NO, I WILL NOT WATCH IT! I have enough addictions already! lol
OH and as for the keyboards, I learned the first week I read this website not to ever drink and read at the same time...though that never kept me from choking on my own spit when I was swallowing!
@ Ginger...I would say I am so jealous, but Mr. OCD is mad enough that he thinks I want Edward more than him, so let's just say you are lucky! *wink*
Wow, I really can't remember what else I wanted to write, so I will probably be writing more in a few minutes.
Thanks for thinking of me again ladies! I literally miss you guys when I can't chat, lol, and to think you are thinking of me makes me so happy!!

struckbytwilightning said...

Hey I've had a total blast reading all these comments....YOU all rock!

It sounds like ur hubby is a hero! AND into the MOVIES?

I love the "sink the robdreamboat" comment! that cracked me up sister

Can I come to your foursome, fivesome, I lost count.....?

Forgive me but if I had a choice between Spike or Edward - I'd have to pick Spike. Edward is just too mopey for me. He'd make me go arrrgggghhh or something. I definitely would jump off the cliff! NOW I do like the Edward in BD after Bella is turned and he is staring at her ripped dress after hunting..UH melt, swoon take me here, Edward!

Oh god you guys make me crazy! I need a cold shower, NOW!

OCD Sufferer said...

Wow, when I was writing that long post you spoke of me again! So sweet! I am not actually grounded "from this site" I just can't have anything Twi-related on the screen when he comes in...if I want to keep my computers! He will probably lose it and break them all! LOL! *joking aside, he seriously suffers from intermittent explosive disorder and bipolar, so often his body acts before his mind comprehends and he regrets it later...otherwise I wouldn't care if he caught me! LOL*
He will cool down in a few days. I still need to keep it on the D-L regardless cause I can cause a flare-up! lol!
I forgot to mention my dislikes about SMs vampire lore.
First, let me tell you Mr. OCDs:
A vampire does bite you to paralyze you, but you have to drink their blood to be turned (I didn't know this...he swears it is always true)
Sparkling in the sun? That is gay! It is okay that she made it that they don't die in the sun, but sparkling? That is cartoony!
Covens are usually big, not small like in the books.
Ok, so he knows more about vamps than I do, I don't watch much of them, lol.
Here are mine:
Hard as marble. Come on. She even compares it to cuddling with a statue that holds you back. If he was as hard as a statue, and really that hard, he couldn't flex his muscles (nice mental picture there) and kissing him would just be could you bite his lip?? LOL! I think he should have been "harder" than human, but not as hard as a statue, geez! lol
I didn't really like the sparkly thing either. Mainly in the movie. Didnt bother me so much in the book, it sounded beautiful, but as Rob says in the commentary, he really looks sweaty in the movie--not that I mind sweaty, but.... LOL!
Did anyone have a problem with the day he drives her to school? Did you not notice the sun shining on their hair? Yeah, it looked cloudy, but their hair had SUNSHINE in it! And why would he wear sunglasses on a cloudy day? He looks exceptionally well in that scene, but it is just weird.....
One of the things I LOVED about her vamp lore (then again, maybe this is true in others, and I just don't know, lol) was how they could speak so low and fast that no one could hear them! That would be so awesome! LOL!

OCD Sufferer said...

@struck I loved Edward after she was turned! One of my favs is when he "almost had a panick attack" watching her hunt! LOL. He is just too cute.
I love him at all times. Can't help it. I just wish sometimes he wouldn't have so much self-control if ya know what I mean!! LOL!

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD, you're finally here! We missed you.

@sakixry, I think part of it is that truly we are soulmates and he loves nothing more than to make me happy. And part of it was that he was 20 when we got married. I got to mold and shape him. ;) But... he will not let me get a Cardboard Edward. :( I'm pretty happy with the Buffy one though. And he does put up with my 16 Buffy character action figures displayed above my desk, including Edward action figure.

@robnutmeg, thanks for reminding me that Brad Pitt was Louie. I liked the character Lestat in comics but I just couldn't get into Tom Cruise's version. Don't like Tom Cruise, especially in the last few years.

I think Angel's Connor is more like Buffy's sis Dawn, don't you think? Bratty McBratster.

Love all the Angel/Spike competition thing. I loved when Buffy came back from kissing Angel and Spike drew that picture of Angel on the punching bag. Good times. I could go on and on about Buffy for years. Hmmm... maybe I need to ditch the League and start a Buffy blog. ;) (just kidding girls, you know I love you)

Ginger Swan said...

Oh and @Susan, I forgot to tell you I LOVED your story with your hubby covering himself in that glitter spray and surprising you. So cool! And very cool that you won the spray on a blog. ;)

robnutmeg said...

So glad to hear ur alive. I've been commenting all day and I have even forgotten what I've said not to mention what everyone else has said. So I hear you sister!

My advice to you is don't get involved with Buffy and Spike. Google James Marsters or Spike and get the overall PICTURE of HOTNESS but do not - I repeat - do not get involved with it. It'll pull you in and drown you. If you think fanfics bad - omg! Oh and btw there is Buffy fanfics out there. But you know, I'm not sure why. Joss Whedon (Buffy creator) didn't have too many fade2blacks...

In a nutshell
vampires should have fangs
better clothes - leather
sparkly thingy is wrong
DEFINTELY questioning the marble'ly and Meadow and Robin(me) pointed out that if he's all hard and stuff how does he zipper his pants
Alot of talk about counter tops and sleeping on rocks!

We concur that there are other vamps out there that we have things for but we all still love Edward..
Oh wait
Struck prefers Spike. MMMM.

OCD Sufferer said...

YEAH! The clothes! I forgot the clothes! That pea coat is hideous! He looks so gay! He wears a couple other jackets in the movie--why didn't they stick with those? Better yet--no jacket, just a skin-tight black shirt...any shirt, just skin tight and black--mmmmm
Anyone notice he was always wearing black pants? She talks about tan and khakis in the book...what happened there? You can see a bubble butt better in tan or khakis! Black kinda hides all shape :(
My daughter told me the best time to watch him (I never did until her dirty little mind told me) walking away from her in the hall at school---OME, it wiggles and it wiggles so gooooood! Wonder if I can sneak in my DVD w/out getting caught real quick! But then I would have to watch the restaurant scene real quick and the bedroom....nah, I will end up getting caught. I will just let my muddled human memory replay in my head *cry*
Oh yeah....why couldn't he have been laying down or standing when he was wet, we didn't get a good enough view? Did I say that outloud?
I'm not bella, I never said I don't like cold, wet things......*evil grin*

robnutmeg said...

Our posts passed through at the same time. Never mind mine. Your's was great! Just trying to help a sister out! But you didn't need me.

Now you just stay put right where you are, Ginger! We need you! But I do understand the Buffy/Spike appeal. I can go on and on and on about every episode b/c they were too damn good. AND Xander - oh he was just too funny. Loved that guy! I hated Dawn. I was with Willow - I kept saying evil Willow take her down, please? But she didn't! Little niblit. More like little pain in the arse!
My fav of all was Spike's Buffybot. OMG! That was a hoot!

OK but to focusing on ??? OH yeah, Edward. Sorry Edward lost my head. I still love you!

Susan said...

Buffy Vampires may die more easily(As Mr. Susan pointed out to me... we sit and debate vampires), But they embrace what they are *shrug* I still loves them.

Susan said...

I might have something do with my day now that I've actually started commenting,

Vampire conversations cure morning sickness somehow (or all day sickness in my case)
Reading Breaking Dawn right after finding out your pregnant? Scary shit right there.

robnutmeg said...

I'm not Bella, I never said I didn't like cold, wet things....
Hey baby, that's my theme song living in WA!

OOH I like the black jeans, black t-shirt idea. (p coat makes me cringe!)
How about no t-shirt...just black jeans....unzippered (b/c there's no room for you know the marbled thing) black jeans....ok jeans....I'll assist Rob in wardrobing...(FADE 2 BLACK)

sakixry said...

@OCD: Happy to have you back! Yes... Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together in a movie... mmmhhh...
And your comment about being 17 for 80 years, I am sure he was always ready... HA HA HA! He sure was!
I didnt liked the scene when he drove her to school... I thought it was completely out of character and yes, I saw the sun and I didnt like him wearing this sunglasses on a supposedly cloudy day.

@Ginger: I am truly happy for you and Mr. Ginger!

@robnutmeg: sparkly thingy is wrong??? LOL

Well, I was going to comment on the wet, cold things too but you got that covered... and also... why is Robward wearing clothes? He can just walk around without them! Just make him workout a little bit first cause I wouldnt like to see him as in "The tuck" if you know what I mean *shivers* He's a vampire you know, he wouldn't catch a cold!

Ginger Swan said...

@Susan, Yay for your pregnancy!!! I think you need to pick a name from the Twilight Series... although Ginger is a perfectly fine name too. ;)

@struckbytwilightning, You'd pick Spike over Edward? You are my girl!!! And yep, Mr. Ginger works on movies.

@robnutmeg, thank God Joss didn't usually fade to black! Because Spike and Buffy had totally hot sex! That's what was so frustrating about the fact that he did the fade to black at the end. And evil Willow did nearly rid us of the pain in the @ss that is Dawn, but dang it... Buffy got there in time. :(

No worries, guys, I can't handle yet ANOTHER blog. So for now, I'm staying put. :) Besides, I love you guys. I'd miss you too much. And now that I know so many people here love Buffy too, we can mention that show whenever we want. Don't listen to @robnutmeg. Add the Buffy Seasons 1-7 to your Netflix NOW.

OCD Sufferer said...

@sakixry THANKS A LOT! I am sitting here eating and reading "I've been waiting for you for forever" and I heard my email so I read what you wrote and CHOKED ON MY FOOD! I totally agree with "the tuck" nakedness...sends the wrong kind of shivers down my spine...ewww
Thanks for the mental picture btw, now I gotta go check out the beautiful blue-eyed picture I posted the other day....Darn, what punishment for me.....

robin(me) said...

UR back ur back! I can't handle the Tuck picture again. Ginger's right don't listen to robnutmeg - rent the BUFFY DVD set. Hubby will be thrilled that it isn't Twilight - trust me! And it's great EYE candy as well.

@Sakixry - Thanks alot too, for The Tuck - as I shake my head of that memory! But you gave me an excuse to turn on Twi DVD 3 disc.. OH that's kinda mean isn't it? I'm sorry. I've been so mean to you today, haven't I? i really do Love ya lots!

Edward.....decisions decisions. Y'a know I can't do this. I'm gonna have to drag out all my BTVS pics again. Won't that make Mr. Robin's day! Ah he'll be fine after I put the musical on for him. He likes to sing: I touch the fire and it freezes me.....GEE thanks a lot, there bud! AND I sing: I got the mustard OUT! Hee Haw!

Wow is this one large comment post or what.....
I'll just say that I love all you guys and I'm sorry if I was being a MEANY today. But now that Edward is going to eat my monster clients - I feel better!

That and the fact that I'm home from work. A bottle of red wine and PE and TWIDVD and I'm back in my happy place! Oh Edward Oh Edward.

You're having a baby? OH congratulations! When are you due? I'll be a grandma for the 2nd time July 4th. If the ultrasound is right the baby is named Isabella Marie... my daughter is a little bit of a Twifan, too. But she loves that name anyway. Daddy doesn't know about the twilight deal. OH and BD scares the crap out of her, too! Don't feel bad!

Eternal said...

Yeah, for me...the cold, marble thing was not good. I would never want to make out with a cold, stone-hard, marble statue. Now, I already have an issue with vampires b/c they are basically a walking corpse and that's not appealing to me in any way.

the other thing...and I'm gonna get attacked for this, I know - I hate the sparkle thing. what was she thinking? Vampires, even in Stephenie's world are supposed to be these dark creatures of the night - bloodthirsty and evil....and I'm sorry, glitter does not convey fear. I really hate the sparkle thing.

I remember when I was reading the book and I got to the 'hiking scene'. My friends were like "OMG, just wait...the next chapter is the best chapter ever!" and I was so disappointed. I'm like, seriously? He sparkles? ugh.

As far as the lips thing goes, Spank, I think the stone-hard thing is only apparent to humans. Vampires would be soft(?) to themselves and other vampires. They feel warm to each other. So, Edward could move his mouth, because he has enough force to do it. Just like we have enough force to move our own lips...but we probably couldn't move a dinosaur jaw if it was somehow sewn onto our face.

yeah...that was a weird analogy. I'm gonna stop now. :)

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) You saying you sing "I got the mustard out" made me laugh so loudly that I had to explain to Mr. Ginger why I was laughing. And then he thought it was funny too!

@Eternal, we have a no-tolerance policy against attacking our readers for having differing opinions. Unless someone leaves a comment attacking The League and then you all have our permission to rip them to shreds. :) Now, we have the best readers and everyone's cool with people having different opinions. Maybe there's a little teasing back and forth but there's nothing but love and respect. Like I said, we have the BEST readers! Even if you love the dog or K.Stewpid, we will totally respect and love you. ;)

Midnight_lady said...

I'd keep the seductive, romantic the hopes that before my throat is ripped out, I can have some no strings attached kinky S&M fun!

Not Aphrodite said...

I laughed soo hard i thought i would cry blood! Then maybe Edward would have come and licked me clean! I agree with Ginger that Edward being on the hard as marble side was not so appealing to me. Spider's smooth as silk sounds good to me.

robin(me) said...

The real funny thing is that I actually did JUST get the mustard out of one of Mr. Robin's dress shirts at that time. *squeeelll* OMG the whit and the genius of Joss Whedon someone ought to bottle him or something b/c there are two many quotes from the show out there that had me in total laughing hysteria! And other times totally bawling my eyes out...

HEY which reminds me - I LOVE THE SONG Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan - wouldn't that song be absolutely perfect for when Edward dumps Bella and she's alone in the woods (*slight evil smile*) OKOK the good of the movie I need to think depressing sad poor Bella.

It was played on the 2nd Season of Buffy when she stabs Angel into the gargoyle looking demon, remember? Just sent me over the edge when that song played and she was all alone leaving her friends on that bus going god knows where....

OH sorry. Stuck on Buffy again...

We usually don't bite anyone for having opinions! AND I've been mean today to Sakixry and she forgave me and everything. ALL's good in Twilightheaded world....
But PLEASE don't say you love kstewpid b/c can't handle that....even if the League says so! *smirk*

OH Happy Birthday to you, (kstewpid)
YOU belong in a zoo (yeah an original)
YOU look like a monkey
And unlike Rob you smell like one too

AND may all your pipes be filled with .......fade to black......

Ginger Swan said...

@Not Aphrodite, welcome!!! One of our readers had to get a new keyboard because she was drinking while reading our blog and spit out her coffee all over the keyboard. Maybe we should add a little warning "Don't Drink and Read!"

@Robin(me) have you watched Firefly series? Serenity movie? Dr. Horrible? Joss is a GENIUS. I'll watch anything he does!

Loved your Happy Birthday song!

That is a lovely song, but I was thinking the Hallelujah chorus might be more appropriate when Edward leaves K.Stewpid. ;)

Susan said...

Thanks ladies :) I'm due the 22nd of November. I am hoping to hold on until then so I can see the New Moon movie (Given it doesn't get moved)

Though, hopefully the lesser amounts of Edward will keep me from premature labor.

robin(me) said...

"Hallelujah" - PRICELESS. ome! OK I did spill my red wine but missed the keyboard and got my "grandson" mousepad...he looks so cute now kinda looks like Edward after he's hunted....ANYWHO.... OK maybe the song would be more appropriate for when he comes back from Volterra and he realizes he's STUCK with this Bella person! I couldn't tell but couldn't you have sworn that he had other than fear in his eyes when he saw Jane? I mean who really knows how old she is and in the words of Rob, WHO CARES?

Yes, I watched Firefly. TOTALLY forgot about that. Didn't see the other ones you mentioned, tho. Oh I can't get started - I'll die.

You see the thing with Spike is that he's totally spontaneous and NOT all thinky and totally HOT to boot so he's a sure thing. I like that in a man! HELLO Mr. Robin!

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) Serenity is the Firefly movie that takes place after the series ends. It's a MUST see.

And watch Dr. Horrible. It's in three acts, but only about 45 minutes total. If you like Buffy musical, you'll love it!

(this is your homework)

robin(me) said...

Hey but what if I don't want to do my homework.....

Say go to your room....

I'll just open the window for Edward. *wink*

We need to discuss Charlie's discipline skills one of these days....mmmmm

BeCullen said...

That's funny. lol

Brenda Jean said...

Wow, 80 comments and I'm just getting on! Spike is my favorite cocky (no pun intended) vamp, but I have to say that Rob needs to take a couple of lessons from Angel as to how to proper brood. OMG I just had a vision of Edward, Spike and Angel hovering together discussing vamp issues. Wow. What was I saying? I like the extra powers Twilight vamps have--like Alice and Edward. I like that they aren't necessarily evil too. The hardness thing is a little weird for me too...

beesue said...

Okay, I have been feeling like a red-headed stepsister today because I am not up on Buffy.
Was talking to my son - and saints alive! (he is a huge Vampire fan and reads EVERTHING out there - he turned me on to Twilight). Anyways, he had the first four seasons of Buffy and I now have them in my grimey little hands - so I am off to watch a "Buffy Marathon".
Yeah, it is Kstewpid BDay!@? I am sure all she asked for was a baggie of maryjane with no seeds-ha ha!
Robin-luved your song.

Mystify Me said...

HEY GALS.I haven't read back so I may be redundant.(sorry no time).
I always had the hots for Spike,
Interesting that he was American and had a British accent, and Rob is British and needed an American accent...WTF?
I think Edward would have been far sexier(if that's possible) with an English accent, but it didn't fit I guess?(Cullen history) However that young man through the course of 107 years could have picked up an accent?? NON??
I liked That Steph contemporized our vampires.Otherwise no hot cars, pea coats... it's all fun..tough in cheek much to my CHAGRIN(18 times)...AW...EDWARD sparkles in sunlight instead of being reduced to dust.
I think I would have had a cardiac arrest if he burned rather than shined...

robin(me) said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh
you'll love buffy. it's the best! and no fade 2 blacks either! (well until the last season)

And thank you - I'm glad you liked my - uh - song for kstewpid. Putting the word Happy in anything to do with kstewpid is a very difficult thing for me to do!

If Rob gets her another NICE gift! I'll personally go and beat him senseless - uh - after we check out if his thing is marbled or not....Priorities! Are you coming Robnutmeg? Sakixry? You'd enjoy this!

So I'm going to go cuddle with PE and maybe watch a one or two seasons of Spike, I mean, Buffy!

Mamma4ever said...

on my 3rd time through the books, my Edward actually DID have a British accent quite often (Possibly because I was watching many, many, many, many interviews with Rob at the time)
I would catch myself saying, "What? He didn't talk like that...who cares, it's so hot!!" rofl!

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
Where have u been? Missed ya. Good luck reading 84 posts. HATE the sparkle and the whole marble'ly body thing gets to me too. As Meadow and I brought up...if IT is truly marble like rock then how does Edward zip his pants?
Thoughts to ponder... So - we're thinking on a little trip up to BC (again) and see if we can get one of those Cullens to stand still for just a minute and ......fade to black.

OCD Sufferer said...

OOPS! That "Mamma4ever" was me, lol...I was signed into the wrong account! lol

Mystify Me said...

We need an edit button here...Rob is fine no matter how he where is that damn meadow. I'm tired and need to 'awkwardly' lay down.

Myystify Me said...

Robin..I don't get how to reply to specific ..HELLO!!

robin(me) said...

@Ginger Ginger
I just watched The Body from Buffy Season 5. You know when her mom died. *tears running down my face* And even Trainwreck is crying. WAH. Then Spike tries to comfort her and scoobies are all mean to him... WAAAAHHHHHHH. HEY another thought, why did SM not alow her vampires to cry? B/C that's NOT fair. Louie cried in IWAV oh they were such nice, sexy tears too. Spike cried when Buffy died the second time (or was it the 3rd?) She only died twice right? Yeah that's right I lost count for a moment.... OH God that is just a killer! You know if I read Eclipse right now do you think I'll even feel sorry for Jacob? Nah! I'm not that sentimental!

I have no idea how to reply either. League? But hello back!

Mystify Me said...

GOOD NITE... Am FADING.HAVE BEEN UP SINCE 4am... Sweet Sweaty Dreams.
SSDs.... *heavy sigh*

OCD Sufferer said...

I AGREE!!! I wanted Edward to be able to cry so bad during BD!! It was totally necessary! I was crying for him, but it just wasn't the same as "the burning man"

Susan said...

@Ginger I was talking to someone about Buffy (Who wasn't that into it, but she asked me a question) And I mentioned the group calling the the scoobies. She was like "When were they on Scooby Doo?!" I almost died.

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) about once a year Mr. Ginger and I go through all 7 Seasons of Buffy, watching one episode a night. And every time we do, Mr. Ginger INSISTS we skip "the body" episode. He just can't handle watching it again. I don't blame him. It's so hard to watch.

@Susan, that's hilarious. And can be kind of confusing because SMG DID play Daphne in both Scooby movies, so she really was part of the Scooby gang in all senses of the term!

sakixry said...

@OCD: Hey sister! Havent I told you not to eat or drink anything while reading this blog? It's dangerous to your health!
Is the "I've been waiting for you forever" any good? Do you recommend it?

I read "The Office" yesterday... OH.MY.GOD! Gotta tell you girls... Don't read it if you don't have a bf...

@Robin(me): yes, you were MEAN!!! Buhuuuuu!!! But ok, I forgive you cause I love you too!

@Susan: I guess it must have been the late hour I read your post... I really didn't understand that you are pregnant! Congratulations!!! I would also freak out a little bit with BD if I just found out I was pregnant...

LOL @Robin(me): Happy Birthday to you... etc. and you smell like one too??? HA HA HA!!! You ARE mean today!

When do you plan go beat Rob sensless??? I have to buy me plane tickets! Remember!!! I certainly would like to check the marble issue thing.. for the good of mankind you know and research for the League! No other reason!

I just saw the pictures on the link OCD provided and... and... and... *sighs*

Midnight_lady said...

Perfect song for when edward dumps bella, I heard someone say????

There are so many but here are my views, which I think would fit well (i orgot the others so there are only 2 for now);

* Breakeven - The Script
* Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

Anonymous said...

ive yet to hear anything about the sexiest vamp ever(Ok with exeption of Edward)...ANGEL??

Anonymous said...

...well nothing substantal
and totally luvin everthing your saying guys..i luuuuv buffy,angel and twilight! this is the best thing ive ever come across accidently!

Ginger Swan said...

@Anonymous (first one) I know there's the whole Team Angel, Team Spike thing. I definitely see the appeal of Angel and even enjoyed the whole Angel Series, but I have to say Spike wins my heart between the two. ;)

@Anonymous (second one) Are you the same "anonymous" as before? We're glad you accidentally came across us! We love new readers and readers who de-lurk and leave us a comment! I'm sooo glad we have so many Buffy fans here!!!

Anonymous said...

TRACING, her vamps cant trace and that kills me, they have to drive, or fly or whatever, it would have been so much easier to save eddyboy in italy cause alice could just hold onto bella and trace them there!

Heather said...

This site has me in stitches! I just stumbled across it, but you guys have made my day! :)