Friday, April 10, 2009

Isle Esme: Water Sports

I think it's fair to say that we will be doing several Isle Esme posts as if it's a book alone. But one thing that a reader wrote on our "wet dreams" post got me thinking. She said seeing him in the water made her think of Isle Esme. And I cannot believe this never crossed my mind when reading the book.

For you younger readers this may make no sense. But for you more mature (sluts) women you'll catch my drift. It's more like a question: Have you ever done it in the water?Doesn't work so well which makes me wonder if Stephenie Meyer ever has herself. It certainly isn't the most romantic way especially if you're a virgin. Or Perhaps they just had foreplay in the water before hitting the feathers?

Does doing it in your in-laws' shower while they're in the next room count as "doing it in the water"?

Um... yes, no, to get to the other side, 1.77245.

What the heck does that mean?

I think she's pleading the 5th.

And as for your question Spider, yes, I have done "it" in the water, and I'm pretty sure that if Edward were my partner I'd do "it" just about anywhere. However, I think that the water was probably just a "warm-up" and the marriage was consummated on the feather bed. Mmmm... *drifting off to a happy place*

We never will know that for sure, though, will we Stephenie? #$%$@

I was always so confused about the part they were in the water. Did they or didn't they? Drives me insane! I want to read it, dammit!

I'm still waiting for Stephenie to release an "adult" version of Breaking Dawn. You know, the kind that's covered in a brown sleeve and kept behind the bookstore counter to make sure only 21+ can buy it. But don't worry, our younger readers. The League would not keep you in the dark. We would buy plenty of extra copies to distribute to you. We're generous that way.

Is it wrong of me to call Stephenie Meyer a cocktease? Because she totally is. *disgruntled glare in the general direction of Arizona*

Perhaps she doesn't know or care of how much we want to read about EC's cockiness....

His cold, marble cockiness at that.


*** For a larger, more desktop-friendly size of the Isle Esme picture, Click Here. You're welcome. ;)


Ninja Fanpire said...

Well, what would you do if you were
1. A virgin
2. Married to Edward
3. With Edward
4. In the water

I think that'll pretty much answer as to what they did.

Leslie L. said...

Oh, crap! I have to read this part of BD again. This was my favorite part, only b/c there was potential for smut, but you may have ruined it for me. :(

I think they consummated at the bed. It takes skills to do it standing up...highly unlikely for a virgin.

Are you planning on buying extra copies of the brown-sleeved version so you can have one to set out on the coffee table and the other for laminating? *wink,wink*

Picksee77 said...

I will admit to doing the, ahem, deed in a pool and in a hot tub...and frankly, it's not comfortable-even for a non-virgin. And, I can't even imagine the discomfort of the salt water! Especially for a newby-burn city! I reread Breaking Dawn recently and had the same conundrum-what did they do in the water? Just a little slap and tickle? I'm going with the deed was done in the bed...but, who knows?

Anime said...

I bow down to Mr. Ginger... it's so full of smutty, lemony goodness...

and a desktop version? they should build you guys a temple... LOL

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
@Ginger - Girl,I will be right behind you to buy that X-rated version.
Oh and btw - I just finished the first season of Buffy and OMG - Angel!#!# or as I am now calling him "the Early Edward" he is a hunk!
@Meadow - yes SM is a "cocktease"
and I think she Luved IT!
I do have a memory of "doing it" in the water (smiles) on several occasions. The water gives you bouncy and holds you up (wicked smile) but since Edward is so strong - he could hold you up (and stay up) forever!
Don't think I need to say more.

Midnight_lady said...

*cough* I'm a vampire slut and proud..........

Water sports are a bi iffy at the best of times, esp after a bottle of wine and a few tequila shots :-)

However, I have enjoyed many a night in the waters of nissi beach (ayia napa, cyprus) getting down right dirty. I can now confirm as to why the sea is salty!

However, a bath is just that, a BATH don't be tupping away, relax and soak. But a shower head, gotta try this lil piece of heaven!

sakixry said...

Ok, I dont want to undermine Mr. Gingers skills or something but Edward looks really awkward in this photoshop... sorry Mr. Ginger. As if he has 40 cm long neck... bahahha!

Well, I always thought that they didn't DO it in the water. Just foreplay. As we know Edward, he wouldn't like to do it like that to Bella... he's all about sweet and romantic and stuff (not in the fanfics I read!!!). Water is good for foreplay but not for the actual deed I think. If it's saltwater it gives you a certain boost *snicker* but don't go too deep! The partner wont be able to reach you! Ha ha ha!

I have to agree with Meadow once again... if Edward was the partner... hmmm... anywhere, anyhow...

And yes, SM is a cocktease! She is! Only her sister gets to read the dirty version.. for us theres nothing! *frowns*

Midnight_lady said...

Stuff pink n fluffy...............I wanna see the rough n tumble.....

sakixry said...

@Midnight_Lady: If you mean Edward & Bella doing it, the only rough n tumble you'll get will be the fade to black... go read a nice fanfic. Your need will be satiated! *wink*

Midnight_lady said...


Don't need no fanfic but thanks.

This whole bella/edward be careful sex thing is a copout. We all know by now that bella is a sub and edward is the dom, B has the markings to prove it. Now SM, give us adult fans a break and get the nitty gritty clobber on the go!

I think you moved away from young adult fic after twilight was over with........
I'm not a perv or nada, btw :-)

robin(me) said...

Good Morning League

OMG I can't think this early in the morning

Doing it in the water is a cinch, ladies. As long as you know how to swim and hold your breath. Hot Tub is like a kiddie pool for those who don't.

But what gets me thinking was Edward didn't have to breathe but Bella couldn't swim (cliff diving lessons didn't pay off the first time) So, I doubt they stayed in there that long....

I am however with Spider on this....SM (sadistically masocisticmisss - you know like Road Runner) has driven me to the brink of MADDENING sexual starvation!

robin(me) said...

I forgot....about Buffy.....4 words:! Just wait until you meet Spike! (sex yummy)

I'm changed Edward into a leather coat wearing bleach blonde sex God...Right, Ginger?

IF they did it in the water, how come Edward didn't bite a fish or something?

Leo's Mom said...

Good morning all, I haven’t said anything lately but I have been keeping up. I loved the discussion yesterday. This blog gets better everyday. My family thinks I’m crazy b/c I sit with my laptop and laugh but I won’t let them see what’s so funny.

I think water is great, I guess it depends on who and where. But, I must say I don’t know anything about being a virgin in the water. I did read a fanfic that brought up the “virgin and blood problem” which would be solve in the water, maybe Edward was getting through that issue first, just to be safe, think about it.

sakixry said...

@robin(me): come he didn't bite a fish??? BAHHHAHAHA! LOL!
Why yes, I prefer Edward in leather too!!!

@Leo's mom: You could be right about that. Hmmm... Virgin, blood, water... maybe... SM knows for sure!!! I think we should pay her a visit and MAKE her tell us!!!

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Ok, First of all Love the pic!
2nd-never thought about what they were actually doing in the water, was waiting for the "real"thing inside and then ita was all fade to black! ACK!
3rd-Meadow~ yes she is definitely a cocktease!
4th-Ginger I'm with you in line buying the book in the brown paper bag!
5th-Spank, what's with pleading the 5th? I'm sure you've got stories to tell! lol

Cheryl said...

Great pic. Hats off to Mr. Ginger (yet again)!

I don't think they actually consummated the relationship in the water. In my (very active) mind, the water was a preview/taste/tease of things to come (pun not intended...yeah, okay, it was). I think the real action happened in bed amidst the feather pillows.

Oh, and one more thing...where can I pre-order the brown paper bag version?!? ;)

faith_83 said...

@ spider several Isle Esme posts will still not be enough...
@meadow the same here if Edward were my partner (lover, husband whatever you want to call him for me is alright) I´d do it anywhere and any hour (now my imagination run wild again is like every time I think about Isle Esme she has a will of his own)...strange @ginger mi querida amiga... I also was confused about the water part I mean SM writes 4 (big) books and then gives us so little details about the most important part of the story, she just leave us starving (don´t know if I used the right word). One the other hand is giving us more homework for our imagination... Mr. Ginger when I saw the photo...well I have to thank you for it! you just put an imagine to my fantasy (even a short one)...oh boy all of a sudden a strange desire of reading +21 fanfic just invaded my thoughts... sorry about my grammar today...I´m in vacation and my mind refuse to work :)

TwiDW said...

Good Morning from the east coast!

I just have to say you ladies are the best way to start my day (other than waking up next to Edward of course, but my husband keeps tossing my cardboard lifesized Edward out of bed- go figure).

As far as the water goes, I think it was just a little foreplay, then on to the bed. At least that's what I picture in my smutty adult mind. And yes, Stephenie wins the award for the female version of blue balls. I mean, talk about being hot and bothered and left hanging! Thanks God for fanfic.

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning to the The League:

Ok well thanks alot, girls. I went back and read Isle Esme for the UH 9th or is it 10th time? NO not BD just IE...which maybe the numbers might be even higher...any case....
You know, I think I have read that chapter with blinders on b/c ur right Robin(me) & faith, SM is a sadistical massososososocasstittialll (what you said) and she left me in such a frustrated, starved state that I had to use MY OWN creative imagination while reading it. What a sacrifice....Of course the left me with NO choice as to who was WITH Edward in the deep BLUE sea...AND I emphasize the word DEEP.....

I agree, SM has some splaneing ta do...(in the words of Ricky Ricardo)
Hey and I kinda like Edward's neck....nibble nibble.

BROWN bad me too! However, somebody will have to write it other than SM. Mr. Ginger? I LOVE YOUR PICTURE, btw!

You know what always bugged me was the fact that when interviewed SM was asked who she related to...and she said Edward over Bella. OK???? Well if that's the case - NO wonder she did the fade 2 black! There is NO justice in the world if you make a 108 yr old vampire a virgin...that's cruel!

OH off the mark....
YOU were really busy yesterday ladies with all those posts in the midnight hours, weren't you? Yeah! *grin*

GallifreyReject said...

Kudos to Mr. Ginger (you are le master of Photo shop oui oui!!)

From my understanding, they did not 'do the watoosie' in the water. It was foreplay (i think that is still around..)and they had the bruise-enducing, pillow biting, head-board breaking sex in the bedroom we were so denied!! *pouts* Plus water sex leads to UTIs and weird things being up your crotch!!I don't think SM wanted Bella to have sea critter crotch on her honeymoon..

@beesue Wait Angel as Early Edward?? *gasp* um Angel and Edward not even a comparison..go to Season 3 *evil smirks*

robnutmeg said...

Omg...I can't spell or type today for my life. EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD! I bet Spike wouldn't have had any trouble in that water...just saying.

I meant BAG instead of BAD, I think? 'sorry Ginger

GallifreyReject said...

Spike in the water..*smirks* More like Spike on the table, the kitchen counter, the bathroom, the floor of the bathroom, the dirt in the garden,etc... Spike's a dirty boy and Edward being the 100 year old Blue ball king he was, there would be nooooo comparison..:D

robin(me) said...

Oh I totally agree they didn't do the deed in the sea...I always wanted to know why Edward wanted to be under the sea for the first time instead of UNDER THE SHEETS where they belonged. I mean wasn't he thinking that he'd kill her all the long...wouldn't accidently drowning the poor girl in the HEAT of passionate foreplay....constitute a danger bell ringing in Edward's vampire ears....just saying....would have saved him some feather pillows as well....those don't come cheap these days!

katarinas mama said...

Dear Superhero Friends, you release this on Good Friday?!? Oh, the thoughts.

Ginger, I agree. I would so buy the paperbag slipcovered edition of BD. In fact, Steph, please just write it from Edward's POV a la the unfinished Midnight Sun. *melts*

Just the Isle Esme don't need to write the scary "birthing" biting through the uterus part. Trust me, I've had three c-sections, I know enought about these things.

But the water, the pillows, the headboard?!? Maybe a manga edition with stylistically created artwork. Maybe Mr. Ginger can work on that for SM? Just thinking outloud. *sighs at that thought*

robnutmeg said...

@katarina's mom
WOW I just had a epithany (I even NEVER used that word b/4 in my life....all 34 years of it...did I spell it right?) YOU brought up a very very good point....about SM writing about the GOD AWFUL disgusting birthing blood gushing baby biting boob scene and YET fades to black during Isle Esme? 3words I thought of when reading for SM: KILL, KILL, KILL! oh remember Ginger, when Buffy turns invisible and she saids KILL, Doris, Kill, Kill....UH memories!

struckbytwilightning said...

Well good morning fine ladies of distinction....

@robin(me), Kat's mom, robnutmeg
I agree....SM: sadistically masocistallllyaalalalay (whatev) that's priceless and very true. KILL KILL KILL (love it and LOVE Buffy!) Mr. Ginger definitely can bring those images to life...oh personally request while you are at it, Mr. Ginger....If I give you a picture of me can you replace that Bella with me? just thought i'd ask. How.come.Edward.didn'! Maybe he's allergic to iodine or something....mahaahaa haaaa.
Pregnancy and word: eeewwwwww and graphic much, SM? Give me the dirty sex you beast over bloody birthing anyday!

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, I just woke up, my eyes are still crusted over (LOL) and I see this absolutely GORGEOUS picture (on the left side at least)! IM AWAKE! IM AWAKE!
If you read Warmth, they say it started in the water, went to the beach and wasn't rough, then to the bed where it got rough after Bella BIT HIM! (dont understand how you can bite marble, but okay, that was hot---his reaction was the best)
So, yeah, I don't think anyone actually BELIEVES it happened in the water....but I am sure there was lots and lots and lots and...ok, you catch my drift...of exploring done in the water...yummmmmmm

Susan said...

As I read this book for the first time the day before and (a few) days after I got married, I giggled to myself about it.

(Breaking Dawn and other Twilight books got read after many milestones in my life)

I was hoping it'd get into Sooki Stackhouse detail about what all going on...That'd be cool.

robin(me) said...

Good Morning!

I think we all need to just take a trip to IE and see for ourselves what happened there....underwater cameras work wonders.....Biting marble...hope she has dental insurance!


Anonymous said...

omg... that picture... BRILLIANT.... i hope mr. ginger got (ahem) paid for that one ifyouknowwhati'msayin'

Spider Monkey said...

Ya know what I love most about you ladies (EC -sluts) is that you put so much thought into your comments. This could only mean two things...

1. you're as obsessed as the league
2. you're awesome!

Thanks for continuing to follow - WE LOVE doing our posts!


Mystify Me said...

All I can say is...Negril art student named Ari from Paris get to the other side...indeed...mmmm...Edward...

Susan said...

On a side note, anyone read that Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant? She announced it herself :) Yay for her!

We are pretty cool, woo. I am glad to have a husband that only slightly shakes his head at my obsessions. (Which are many)

Then again, his mother owns more Buffy figurines that most people I know, and also the 44" Smile Time Angel puppet.

Susan said...

...not that there is anything wrong with Buffy stuff. I bought almost all the Spike figurines, even Randy Spike.

OCD Sufferer said...

Well ladies, I will be gone most of today, I will surely miss you. I will be back around midnight (est) and I will respond to your nasty ramblings then *GRIN*
Have a great day!!!
(I hate that I am missing such a great post btw)

faith_83 said...

Girls, the best solution for our questions (lust, desire) is to fly to Vancouver and just face Robert about this delicate subject...maybe he can explain better what exactly happened in Isle I´m just crossing the line again...isn´t it Ginger??

~Jamie said...

It never even crossed my mind... there was definitely only kissing in the water... Edward had toooo much at stake that first time!

BreeCreely said...

i think they pounded like porn stars.....i mean..she did wake up with bruises....but it's worth it definitely

Ginger Swan said...

Morning ladies! I'll have you know, all this talk yesterday about Buffy and Spike led me to have a pretty awesome (and pretty long) dream about them. And I was Buffy. Oh yeah.

@sakixry, actually Mr. Ginger lined up Rob's neck and jaw line exactly to the original guy's neck and jaw, so maybe the original guy has a long neck? I don't know.

@Susan, SMG is pregnant? Where have I been? I saw AH(Willow) just had a baby with Wesley. And I love that you have the Randy/Spike action figure!

@Anime, (and everyone else who wrote something to Mr. Ginger) I read all your compliments to him, which he appreciates. And yes, I reward him well. ;)

@struckbytwilightning, actually there is a GREAT site for putting your face in a Twilight pic. It's the site I used for putting myself with Edward.

@beesue, you finished Season One? Didn't you just start it yesterday?
Awesome! Keep it going. Spike makes appearances here and there but doesn't become a permanent cast member until Season 5.

@robnutmeg, I love the Buffy Invisible episode! Mr. Ginger and I always quote Xander and say, "Rhymes with Blinvisible?"

@katarinas mama, I totally didn't think of that... SM went so graphic with the bloody birth scene details but left out the sex. WTH? And we know SM has it in her to write a more adult version. Because the original Breaking Dawn she wrote was 600 pages long and she said it was a more "adult" version. And only her sister has that. When she found out Twilight was being published, and went back and wrote books 2 and 3 to go between Twilight and Breaking Dawn, she wrote a cleaner version of Breaking Dawn. So we know she has it in her! Maybe we should start a petition to get her to release a copy of her sister's book!

sakixry said...

@Mr.& Mrs. Ginger: I didn't mean that Mr. Ginger has not good photoshop skills! I just find the neck too long for the head size maybe? I don't know what is wrong with this pic (at least for my eyes..). Please dont hit me! I love you! You know that!

beesue said...

Just Gotta Say - all you guys are hilarious!
@Ginger - started Buffy at 8Pm because Gray's A was a freakin rerun and I have been worrying about IZZY all week-so pissed -anyway -up til 3am watching all 8 episodes and just had to see the "Angel" one. Am VERY curious about Spike - "Wink"
Keep on wondering what the Hell I was doing in 1996?

I do concur with all of you that the deflowering was not done in the water but @robnutmeg - yes SM does have some "splaneing" to do!

But it was probably because of Bella - after she saw Big Eddie "up close and personal" she went "running and screaming" back into the house. Now I would have had a different reaction - come on baby!

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger Swan
Why is it that I can dream about being Buffy but I have never had a satisfying Edward dream....did SM put a hex on us or something so that she would be the only one to have a bloody dream about him? just saying. Coz baby I had the best Spike dream to date last night. Mmmmmm. Now I just need to corner those uh thoughts and see if I can have an Edward dream! Edward sure could take a few pointers from Spike...mmmmm....*grin*

Bella probably got scared of the hard marble is that Edward? And what do you plan on doing with it? NO way. I'm telling ya Edward dump the Bellabitch already, will ya?

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: i dont remember my dreams at all... *sobs* It's so frustrating... *cries incoherently*

@beesue: LOL about Bella running screaming into the house after seeing Edward up close and personal...mmmhhh...i think HE would flee if it was me instead of her...

beesue said...

Hey Guys - usually don't put links on here but these are the first pics I have seen of Rob on the NM set -sans the Kabuki make-up and bouffant hairdo. I likes it alot!!!

robnutmeg said...

I've had no sleepy dreams about Edward at.all! *grrrrr* I go to bed thinking of him and wake up dreaming about Spike...although that was quite yummy! *grin*

OOOh do you remember the episode of Btvs about the Shumahsh tribe and Xander? and the penis? OMG, that was the funniest thing ever! AND Dracula? And Buffy said to D, I'm standing right here! when D was trying to do his vanishing tricks *laughing stitches* It just gets to me that SM seems to have copied some of Josh's work - still bugged about that! right Robin? I mean "I got a theory" la la la la and EC: "I'd rather hear your theories"
MM. Maybe SM was really dreaming about Angel/Spike and Bella and made up Edward....after the fact. HUH?

OCD Sufferer said...

I totally agree...I have tried soooo hard to have Edward dreams, but to no avail :(
I have even read Warmth RIGHT BEFORE bed...nada
It is depressing

Caitlin said...

LOl I never thought about it. I mean it says how he lost control and bit the pillows while they had sex, so obviously he wouldve killed her if they had "done it" in the water.

He had to have soemthing to distract his vampire self, like massacreing pillows and head boards, so with no distraction in the water he wouldve bitten her.

Which didn't happen. (dang)

but yeah, that's my theory =D

robin(me) said...

League and readers!
Wow another busy day of comments! Awesome - it just proves to me that this is the best site out there!

EC sluts - too true, too funny!

@OCD & Sakixry
I can't remember my dreams - so this is how I differentiate between them: if i wake up smiling and a little frisky - I dreamt about Edward and fill in the blanky spaces on my own...if I wake up grumpy I've dreamt about Jacob! If I wake up wet, I go back to bed! *smirky grin*

@Ginger & robnutmeg & beesue
I'm totally into BTVS again. OH, I love the blinvisible episode..CRACKS me up! "Stop trying to see me" Buffy to good! OOOH. @Beesue, you'll be hooked I'm telling you, HOOKED! Addicted! and Angel is just the beginning! I agree totally - Joss was the KING, THE KING!

OK, let's see. Can I add anything to this whole Isle Esme discussion?

NO but I need to vent:
I totally HATE the whole blood gushing birth scene and I get a little bit ticked at SM for being graphic there but not with Isle Esme. Rated R for violence and Rated G for LOVE scenes. Geez I think there was more french kissing between Ariel and Eric on Little Mermaid! You know "kiss the girl"!

beesue said...

@robin(me) - French Kissin in Little Mermaid - ROLMFAO!!
Ariel was pretty sweet too! Unlike Kbiatch. said...

OMG Ladies!
This is GREAT!

Tell Mr. Ginger - he's a GOD! I love that pic!

ANOTHER GREAT POST, League. Lotta luvs 2 ya!

Ya know I (don't kill me girls) kinda liked Isle Esme and the mystery of it all. DID they in the water? Maybe maybe not. I think the tropics have that certain appeal to me. I go to Hawaii and fade to black EVERY TIME!

But that doesn't mean that I'm not frustrated with the whole SM and her "dirty little secrets" schemes b/c frankly I'm already pissed that she's not going to do MS!

XRated version? What Xrated version? Are you sh*tin me? *strong but hopeful frown*

Your dream analogy is top rated and little bit slutty, too.!

robin(me) said...

I posted yesterday that Rob better not buy a b-day gift for kstewpid...he might have since he was pictured with her partying with her last night!

That's it. I'm going right now up there to BC to see that guy! GEEZ will he ever learn? Plus I really need to settle this marble thingy once and for all.

Coming anyone?

haleygolightly said...

Mr. Ginger- You must have been reading my mind... I have been scouring the internets for a suitably interesting photo of Rob as Edward to adorn my brand-new macbook! Behold- there it is. I might make a habit of switching out my desktop with my fav Mr. Ginger photoshop work of the week.

milfy goodness said...

This really is the funniest blog. I'm home sick and I still got a good laugh and a smile reading all of the comments.

No doubt, there was no sex in the water. It's really hard to do - and even if one person is crazy strong and whatever - they are both and virgins; I think it would be beyond them.

Plus, people (even undead guys) who care enough about their "virtue" to wait to have sex until marriage are not getting all kinky the first time. It has got to be straight up missionary position, no deviation. Maybe that's why SM was so withholding of the details. It's just Bella on her back, Eddie pounding away, biting pillows, etc.

Though, I always have thought that Edward would have done a lot of research before the big event. I imagine him reading the Joy of Sex and the Kama Sutra to prep for the big night. Maybe watching how-to videos. He's a bit of over-thinker like that. Can't you imagine him passing the nights reading sex manuals in the weeks before his wedding? He has an excellent memory, right? he could memorize all the complicated positions for later use.

Basically, I imagine Edward preparing for Isle Esme and the big bang the way normal guys devour player stats and read internet sports news to get ready for their fantasy team drafts.

Mystify Me said...

Hello gals.Happy Good Friday.
I stumbled on a Twilight site and took a quiz: What Twilight character are you most like: I am Edward.Hmmm...I was hoping for Alice, but thought *ack* I will probably be Jasper(I always looked pained).
Hmmph. So I am 'smart, charming and well mannered(insert *rolly eyes*) but I approach everything with intensity...ummm...yeah...
where's the beach, and where's Edward...forget the manners, bring on the feathers!!!

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
i did that quiz too. but i think it screwed me over b/c it said i was bella? wtf? i was too mad to see why i was bella! bella? but then again i do end up with edward at the end....mmmm. maybe there is a light at that tunnel! i just wanted to be a vampire...i want to monster like edward! *yep whinning like bella...* i guess i am her after all. *pouty face*

mmm. so if ur edward and i'm bella - *cringe* there's something definitely wrong with that quiz!

robin(me) said...

Ok dear you are missing the point of the quiz. You are Bella b/c you are around someone (a sexy unhuman guy someone) who wants to suck ur blood dry and YOU.LIKE.IT! Sounds exactly like you!

@mystify me
You are sensitive, kind, gentleminded and you sit too long on the think tank.....

robnutmeg said...

Hey I don't know about YOU Mystify Me but I'm quite certain that I was just insulted.?.
So I think I will just stare at you, Robin(me) with my ""
I'm hungry

What was that you were saying Ginger about respect and love for each other? *sheesh*

Mystify Me said...

What?? I insulted you?? Nah-ah..never....what are you talkin' about??

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
No it was Robin(me) up there somewhere that insulted me b/c I do not want to be Bellabitch. She thinks I am. blah blah blah She thinks I'm a sadist. She's the lawyer and I'm.the.sadist?????

I only mentioned you b/c she said something about you, too but I was too MAD to see what she said about you.

OH Jacob dog, come boy, come boy! I have a nice cookie for you!

robin(me) said...


I know you worship the quicksand I walk on! (and yes, that's a quote from Steele Magnolias!)

You know I love you more than my luggage....(quote SM, again)

Srsly, wtf is so bad about being like Bella? She gets humped by a Edwardvamp for God's sake! One lucky bitch if you ask me!

OH quit comparing her (Bella) to kstewpid! Bella can't help it that kstewpid plays her! I'm sure she would have wanted someone else to be her.

@to all
I'm not trying to insult my bff! I said it.

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

LMAO, seriously, to everyone. I don't know where to start... Water sex DOES seem very advanced for "beginners." But Edward "preparing"??? Now I can't get the image of him pouring over the Kama Sutra while watching Bella sleep out of my head and in my mind that always goes to dirty, dirty places.

Ariel and Eric french kissing... Well, Ariel was mute at that point. Maybe KStew should try that approach. ;)

And @OCD, I was (re)reading Warmth before bed last night was graced with my very own Robward dream. And we WEREN'T discussing the national debt. So don't give up just yet. ;)

robnutmeg said...

Well since I seem to be Bella *sarcastic look* - I'm determined to and have a good, down and dirty Robward dream IF.IT.KILLS.ME and then I'll probably like that,too! *pfff*

I can't say that I love you more than my luggage. That would be lying and Bella is not a good liar. Ask Edward. *suspicious grin*

AJ said...

I'm thinkin' marble is pretty slippery when wet...just sayin! *wink*wink*

Ginger Swan said...

Hey ladies... I've been out all day with Mr. Ginger and my little Ginger juniors but now I am home.

@sakixry, I take no offense whatsoever to Mr. Ginger's photoshop skills. He's better than a lot of people but there are definitely people who are better at photoshop than him. But I was only saying that before because he matched up the jaw and neck of Rob's with the original guy. And it's never going to look exactly right since it's photoshopped and though he's good at it, there's always room for improvement. We're totally good, and I love you! And even if you hated the picture, but were nice about it, I'd still love you. :)

Now... to ALL the people that have never had an Edward/Twilight dream. I can SO relate! I've had a number of yummy Spike dreams but NEVER a Twilight dream. Everytime I read the Twilight series, it would be the last thing I did before turning over and going to sleep, just HOPING I would have an Edward dream. No luck! And you know what's worse? My 3 year old told me she had a Twilight dream and she dreamed about Bella and Edward and Jasper. AAAAAHHHHHH. NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR, I tell you. Though something tells me she wasn't having the same kind of dream I was hoping for. ;)

And just for the record... @robnutmeg and @robin(me) are best friends that work together, so they frequently talk smack to each other. It's all in good fun. (just to make sure that others don't think they're being truly rude to each other)

@milfy goodness, you crack me up! Thank you to everyone who says such nice things about our blog! We appreciate all the feedback. Without you guys, we'd just be four women talking to ourselves. ;)

Mystify Me said...

Okay then...peace.

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
peace to u too sister.

@ginger swan
thank u for explaining about robnutmeg and me! we're kinda like this all.the.time most ppl r used to it and just go about their daily buzz - u should've seen us when we talk "shop" when btvps was airing. omg. it's just, like u said,

We are really good friends. AND we LOVE are new friends here, too.

We'll tone it down tho b/c we didn't want to scare ppl away, mkay?

AND about dreams: I don't know, it's maddening not being able to remember if I have a good dream or not. I suppose if I ever do have a dream I remember it will be just my luck that it will be the DAWG I dream about! So~ I just have to have daydreams, then! Just as yummy!

UH that's so cute that your little 3 year old likes Edward and Jazz. My grandson has a I am a Cullen t-shirt - it's a little big but it's just priceless when he wears it. Living near the HAPPENING Forks has a lot of different t-shirts to choose from.

You know, it used to be that you would take visitors and family that lived far away to the Space Needle in Seattle or Pike Street Market...NOW we all go to Forks! It's a hoot!

robnutmeg said...

@Robin(me) & EVERYONE
sniff sniff

@AJ & milfy goodness
OMG that is too funny!
marble...slippery when wet...*shudder*
"It's just Bella on her back, Eddie pounding away, biting pillows, etc."

OK that's it...I'm getting a drink and a cold shower.....

Erin said...

Mr. Ginger is AWESOME!! We love you Mr. Ginger!

@Meadow, my husband saw the preview for the Twilight movie and called it a 'f***ing cocktease'!

I will plead the 5th about the pool, hot tub, shower, in-laws hot tub/shower...ok...pleading the 5th...It is seriously not the easiest thing to do standing up and I certainly don't think salt water would be any help (but the cold marble cockiness may help, soothe certain areas)...I think they did the slap & tickle as it was called earlier and finished up in the feathers :)

again...thank you Mr. Ginger!

Sabrina said...

Didn't he break part of the bed the first time along with biting the pillows? (btw- movie Edward, I would be happy to rehearse the scene with you until you get it just right...just sayin) I am going to have to go back and read it again. If you read the synopsis on Twilight Lexicon it says they consumate in the water. WTF! I just assumed he drug her wet behind to the bed for the real action. He would have been worried about her comfort and all that. Being a deliciously hawt gentleman and all.

OCD Sufferer said...

I'm baaaaaack!
Well, I watched Twilight at work today (haven't watched all week, so I had to sneak one in, haha) It was difficult watching with a straight face...ya know, not licking my lips @ certain scenes, not getting all goo-goo eyed @ other scenes...not sure I will watch again while other ppl are in the room...just isn't as good!! HAHA!
As for the dreams...someone posted something that made me think of something...this is funny, but not funny!
I have had 2 different dreams (after watching/reading Twilight right before bed) that were literal nightmares about being chased by zombies or rabid dogs! no lie! Both times they were trying to bite me to kill me. I ***REFUSE*** to believe Twilight is giving me nightmares, lol, but it is odd that they both involve biting....and not GOOD biting *cry*
I'm not sure which dream I want anyway, *my* Edward (who is a super sexy 30-something hottie) or Rob...either would be more than I could ever ask for, but I guess my imagination isn't great enough to give me sweet dreams like that :(

OCD Sufferer said...

HEYYYYYY!!!! A new chapter is up on I love LA!!!!! Reading now! yayayayaya

robnutmeg said...

NO, that's not good to have nightmares. I tell ya what, I'll lend you my PE and my Edward nighty (I sewed on a pocket so minieddy can stay close to me throughout the night)! I have yet to dream about Edward - but I haven't given up on him yet! I've always have dreamt about Spike for some reason. He's spicy but Edward is a honey - and in my dreams Edward is not hard EXCEPT for one body part! *lickity*
Don't give up and it's not Twilight giving you nightmares. That's bad! NO NO NO.

Mystify Me said... not a communicable disease.
Sweet(or sexy) Edward Dreams.
Good nite...

Mystify Me said...

Now everyone will have an Edward dream.;)

OCD Sufferer said...

I am not happy..... Very mad at feathers...mmmm (lol)
Now I will have sad dreams tonight.

Ginger Swan said...

@Mystify Me, Oh, I sure hope you are right! I could really use a SED. Though if not another SSD (Sexy Spike Dream) will be sufficient.

Midnight_lady said...

Anyone remb the film 'show girls' and the pool scene?

That's just not the way to have rumpy pumpy in the water, lets not act like jaws is ripping you apart...........:-)

I thought she was drowning tbh

Brenda Jean said...

Shower and bathtub I'm nodding yes to, but not in the actually water. Oh come on, of course they did it in the water. I think he thought it would be "easier" then they headed indoors. That's my version any how, so don't go messing with it:)

robnutmeg said...

@Brenda Jean
Hey it was easier for Baby and Johnny to do it in the water....

Naughty girl, tsk tsk Baby was learning to dance!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This part should have been the best in the whole series. Far from it, it was the worst, or at least an absent one. As we see Bella growing up or getting more mature along the twilight books, then Stephenie Meyer destroy the emotions bringing us to the next morning, besides, saying Bella seems to "forget the details" of the whole night. It's pretty unrealistic. I was really disappointed with her, she can't keep talking about sex during the last to books and pretend that when it finally happens, we have to imagine it because it wasn't a book for adults! That sucks.

In my non-imaginative mind, the scene was really good btw looool

yanxxx said...

Very cool pic!

I have no knowledge of doing it in the water. Although I have found a honeymoon fic that I believe is what would have happened if SM didn't fade to black.

yanxxx said...

Very cool pic!

I have no knowledge of doing it in the water. Although I have found a honeymoon fic that I believe is what would have happened if SM didn't fade to black.

Anonymous said...

In the book, Edward says that he bit a few pillows. That, I think, means that the foreplay was in the ocean and the actual consumation was in the bed.

VictoriA said...

I believe Buffy and Angel's history is the best about vampire's stuff, Whedon says their love is immortal, breake the time hurdling, the difference hurdling. They are a couple who know will hurt, they know love hurts, but they stay together, they try breake the "prophecy" who said she need kill him or he kill her. A different love, this is what BUFFY AND ANGEL HAVE. What Meyer did isn't this. And in the truth, I read a little bit of the book "Breaking Dawn" and I believe that Meyer's inspiration for make Edward Cullen was a Whedon's vampire, Angel (played by David Boreanaz). If you see, Edward has almost the same problems than Angel and how she describes Edward's body is more like Boreanaz, not Pattinson. I believe Meyer tried something in Buffy/Angel's style, and for now worked, but the real Whedon's fans notice similarity and we know as in a fight Buffy and Angel win with eyes closed easily.
First of all, I really liked Twilight saga, but I saw the similarity and I think with myself: "Okay! It is a good history of love, a beautiful love. But what Buffy Summers (the slayer) and Angel (the hot vampire) have is an immortal love, forever just like 'I will remember you!', so forget Twilight, Buffy and Angel are better!!!”
However, Twilight saga has an impact in people and I respect that, but don't ask me to love and prefer Meyer's. I don’t hate, I just prefer Whedon’s.

Anonymous said...

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