Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Junior League: Rob On The Radio

This week's Junior League member is Barbara

Superhero Name is Stephie Spartan.

Superpowers - Charismatic (pom-pom) Leader - Can Crepe Paper an entire Gym in 10 minutes! Voice amplification (carries well in a Gym)

Here are a couple of radio interviews with my favorite vampire - that I found very interesting and UPlifting for us older (ahem) mature women:

It is the "Ladies Room Interview" annnnddddd - so fantastic - Rob has a great sense of humor (go soak your head Ryan Seacrest) alllsooo - the three last words he says - OMG - can't breathe - I play over and over.

Also, here is part 3 of a radio interview on the Elvis Duran show and Rob says he would "definitely" be open to a relationship with an older woman - that Elvis describes as "hot, steamy 40 year old women - that are dying to throw themselves at you".
Heart don't fail me now!!! My life has been given a new hope - a dirty affair with a 22 year old vampire!

Thank you so much, Ladies, your site is soooo funny! Agree with most all of your comments since I am a Rob luvin", piss ant hatin,' put the mongrel on a leash wantin' -Twlighter.

I am a busy woman so I don't waste my time with unrealistic expectations about what may come of my "acute fondness" with Rob Pattinson. But now my dreams will become reality. So thank you Junior Leaguer Stephie Spartan for giving this "older woman" all the evidence I need to justify my traveling to Vancouver with my hot lacy F-me now panties and throwing myself at Rob. Yes, I feel like it's dirty. Yes, I feel like it's wrong. But Rob invited me to do it, and that makes it all right.

I am totally resisting the lure of bashful-I'm-not-screwing-anyone-and-I-like-"older"-women-Rob. Yup. Resist. Not interested.

Let me first say, Stephie, that I LOVE your last sentence! Can I get an Amen?

Amen. (Psst... Rob... Still resisting.)

Rob said he was open to 40 year olds. What about women in their 30's? And I'll gladly ravage him.

For the record, we are ALL in our 30s, thankyouverymuch.

Stephie, this is just the last thing I needed to hear. I'm going on vacation and I'm seriously thinking of ditching my family at the airport and making a side trip to Vancouver. And I'm going to hold up a huge sign that reads: "Rob, I don't want you!" But that's way too funny and I would fall down laughing because it's such a farse.

And I love how he says he's wide open.... I can say w/confidence that I am too Rob. So I guess I just contradicted myself.

And Ginger, did you hear the mention of birks???

Yes I did, Spider! He's gonna LOVE me and my birks!

*snicker* Wait, we're supposed to believe that Rob loves 40 year old women in birks? Suddenly his stock went waaaay up in the granola-eating-tree-hugging-lesbian-demographic. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

I think he was being facetious...

That's only because he's never seen US in birks.

I'm pretty HAWT in my birks. Just saying.

*sigh* Okay, Rob. I'll come to save you from yourself and show you the ways of an experienced woman. I'll be the one in F-me heels and a skintight superhero bodysuit reading "well written" smut FanFiction. Let me know if you have a favorite and we can start by practicing that one. *evil grin*



~Jamie said...

Did he say anything about newly thirty women? How does he feel about us?

Man... he knows how to play the cougar crows, eh?

faith_83 said...

OMG!!First of all I have to say that I´m officially not interested in Robert Pattinson!! (the way he said "I want YOU" made my heart stop...oh I mean felt nothing when he said that) So Rob put me in that list too!!

beesue said...

Have heard both of these interviews before and luv the "ladies room". Could he be any more luvable! That laugh!

Just want to hear him say "panties", "moist" and 'I.WANT. YOU." ONLY TO ME!
And you are right Faith - where the hell is that LIST? because I am a very mature woman who will NOT
throw my panties (I just said panties!) hehehe! and I NEED to be on THAT LIST!

kmoye said...

i don't want Rod either. Nope, not one little bit....
ok who am i kidding? I want Rob.

robin(me) said...

GOOD Morning League

ONE word:

I can't think of anything else!

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning to you, Rob. I told you that you could only stay for a few hours b/c I have a life!

But, You were delicious last night....I was, too??? *shy blush*

I loved it when you said you wanted to take my boy shorts off with your vampiric teeth.

(oh hi everyone)
Oh wait, have fun at work darling. What? You'll be back after you dump Bella bitch? That's fine, dear! My boy shorts and I will be waiting!

Craque L'├ęclair said...

I. Want. You.

I'm making a new ring tone out of that for the mobile right after I put on my
a) lumberjack plaid merry widow,
b) hand knit, wool fishnet thigh high socks, and
c) 4" stiletto Birkenstocks.

Going commando has never been so sexy.

robin(me) said...

@Junior League(r) Stephie Spartan-
Thank you for bringing hope to all of us twiaged! *feeling spunky* YOWSA.

I love it...rob luvin, piss ant hatin, put the mongrel on a leash ....PRICELESS! I'll come your way. I'll bring beer and hot pockets and b/c I'm a lawyer, I'll show you my briefs! *grin*

@The League
call me stupid but what are birks? And do i want to know?

@ocd, sakixry
where r u? this is good news! rob likes older woman, yippie!

so that's why you didn't answer your iphone last night....i'm gonna pummell u after i stop laughing.

sakixry said...

Oh come on now! Why would Rob like women in their 20's? I mean early 20's, no offence Jamie!
He can learn some things from us and for those who have read "I Love LA", you can understand how HE could serve US *wiggles with the eyebrows*.

@Meadow: is this denial working? ooops, you slipped at the end with your heels and skintight bodysuit!

can somebody please tell me wtf birks are? yeah... i'm Greek, i know...

oh! have to write one more thing... Kellan is hot... not that i am denying my Robward addiction but as long as you ladies feast on him, i could spend some recreational time with Kellan... hmmmm...

robin(me) said...

Hello Greek friend.
I asked them the same thing about birks...
So League? wtf are they?

Kellan? Carlisle? Jazz? I'll consider all of them....and I admit it - I have!

OCD Sufferer said...

I love that you miss me when I don't post! It makes me feel all tingly inside---not the *usual* tingly I feel when I am on the website, just so you know, haha!
I totally got busted last night, so that is why I have been MIA...gotta super sneak now :( Mr, OCD caught me and my daughter looking @ Kellan's pics online and they just HAPPENED to be 1/2 naked, haha! He totally freaked and yelled (mainly cause I am letting my 13-year-old look @ sexy pics, haha) and he is about to burn my Twilight stuff, so I gotta stay on the down-low for a bit...make him think I haven't been doing anything Twilight for a while, haha!

(totally stoked about the older women interview, btw, just don't have time to swoon over it, rofl!)
I love you guys! You are so great!

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh yeah, I will still be reading what y'all write, just have to be careful when I post, haha

robin(me) said...

I feel ur pain, the Mr.'s can be so touchy sometimes! I will be thinking of u!

Actually more Rob for me. (oh god I didn't really say that, I'm really a nice person...but when it comes to Rob, I can't help it)

Anonymous said...

hello ladies- can I just say that I LOVE every one of Rob's radio interviews!! ALSO-when that Duran interview came out all the ladies over at twilightMoms totally lost their sh*t- so I'm pretty sure that all of your reactions here are normal! and to the foreigners ''Birks'' Birkenstocks- a kind of sandal that became super popular in the 90's--mostly with bandfollowers like deadheads and wannabe throwback hippies (no offense to either of these groups is intended) I also had a pair-they are super comfy

Christy said...

"I can't bite you,it will hurt." OMG! **squee**

robnutmeg said...

Oh YES he can!!!!

Maybe you wouldn't have gotten into trouble Mr. OCD if you hadn't stopped by last night when Rob was!

@sakixry, robin(me)
birks...mmm...stupid sandals that fall of my feet....Robin(me) you knew what those days, remember? UGH

OCD Sufferer said...

If I had gotten in trouble for being with Rob last night---now THAT would be worth being punished!!!!! I didn't say that! That wasn't me!!! LOL!

robnutmeg said...

I know you didn't say that, but I was just helping you confess...uh never mind. YOU.weren't.there - I was wrong. Just me, Rob and the gold sheets....
*going to get a cold shower now*

Gina said...

loving that ladies room interview. Now if only I could get him into MY ladies room! Him saying "I cant bite you, it would hurt!" in his cute little brit accent... that is a hurt I would endure Many, Many times a day. Yep, and looking forward to it soon, Robbie. How does that man manage being so freakin cute?

@ OCD Sufferer.. thank God my hubby doesnt realize the extent of my obsession with Rob. He only knows the tip of the iceberg and found himself a bit jealous, so the rest is under wraps. If only he knew, he would be THANKING Rob Pattinson for all the sex lately! OME did I say that out loud?

OCD Sufferer said...

LOL, what I was saying "I didn't say that" about was how it would be worth the punishment....hahha! I need a cold shower myself, LOL!

robin(me) said...

@OCD & Gina

I know exactly how you feel. I'll take 5 steps ahead with Mr. Robin and then he'll get all jealous of Rob and I'm not even that crazy about Rob - Rob? Rob who? (I have no idea where he gets these crazy ideas from...uh those pictures are nothing, nothing - and 2 sets of the Twilight DVD - mean nothing to me....and POCKET Edward, GQ, etc! ) and then it's 10STEPS backwards...and HELL to pay.

But he gets rewarded for good behavior..*wink*

OCD Sufferer said...

@ Gina...OH MY GOSH! You totally took my thoughts and put them on paper!!! I Love LA has done strange things to me lately and hubby is really reaping the benefits...I didn't just say that either.... *looking over my shoulder*

OCD Sufferer said...

actually, my thoughts weren't on paper--duh, but on the computer screen! Man, my mind is in the Rob gutter and I can't think straight!! lol....geez ladies what have you done to me????

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me)Well, I don't even get the 5 steps forward...maybe 1/2 step!! Then it is 10 steps back, lol.
Also, I agree with the "I can't bite you, that will hurt!" It is soooo stinking cute! I would like to have that as a ringtone, hahaha!

beesue said...

OCD and Sakixry - I just finished ILLA and it is really ironic-right!
How he tells Grace that his interviews have hidden meaning for her. Wonder if she will mention these interviews in upcoming chapters because when he says -I want it to be dirty and wrong.

And OCD - I am really pathetic - I have five - fanfics going and constantly checking for updates!

@robnutmeg - are you hallucinating - like in Wide Awake?

@robin(me) - Carlisle - HMMMM - "Animal Attack"!

@Craque - hand knit, wool fishnet thigh high socks - that is priceless HAHAHAHAHA!

@meadow - You are back paddeling - remember the reverse psychology - we don't WANT HIM!

@spider - I will help you hold the sign - because I know Rob will make a beeline right to us "hot and steamy" 30 year olds.

OCD Sufferer said...

I have 4 fanfics myself..I just checked and Dark Side of the Moon has a new chapter! I am so excited! I am reading it right now! YAY!

robin(me) said...

It's nice to keep an open mind so Carlisle...YES...."animal attack" He's married, I'm married -- it can happen, tho. Just saying..

As for Robnutmeg...I think it's not a question of IF she's hallucinating - it's a question of when is she going to WAKE up! (shakes head) IT's those gold satin sheets of her's, I think! AND way too much fanfic reading! I'm sure she'll be coming around soon to comment - uh i mean - hallucinate again!

I thought you were in trouble,..mmm??? You are reading Dark Side of the Moon? I gotta start reading some more, I guess. Maybe all of our hubby can form a club or something...get together...drink beer and play poker...leave us twigals in peace! AMEN.

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh I *AM* in trouble...he is currently laying down watching Spongebob with the kids, so I have a few uninterrupted minutes of peace, haha!
You guys are lucky! My hubby is home 24/7, I don't ever get any *for sure* alone time...always watching over my shoulder, lol *sigh*
Yes, Dark Side of the Moon is great! I am reading where Bella just caught him before he walked out in the sun---so sweet! I just <3 him so much! lol
Even thought it isn't SM's version, it is a very, very good portrayal of Edward. I think SM will do one very similar--if she ever gets back to them :(

sakixry said...

Before all, I really have to say: I love you all! Since I have found you and got in "our" little dirty Robward secret (because a secret it is... at least for my b/f!) I am checking my e-mails (cause I have you on follow up!) I dont know... 10 times a day? and I am laughing my heart out! This blog is really great! I don't know why you aren't Nr. 1 Twilight related site! Vote sisters! Vote!

@OCD: Oh my! I guess you are in trouble now... why dont you take your favorite fanfic, change the names so Mr. OCD doesnt understand this is about Twilight... and ask him to read some parts together and then do them??? I believe you would get out of trouble in no time!
And he should thank you about showing your 13 year old daughter half naked pictures of Kellan because he is something that's worth looking at! She will be able to understand the difference between a sausage and a hamburger! LOL!
Also I'd like to say that I would like to get in b/f trouble because of Rob all the time!! And being punished too... by him of course if you know what i mean ;o)))

@Robnutmeg & Anonymous: well thank you for clarifying what "birks" are! Ok! I know them! Think they are awful but anyway! I am sure that Ginger looks hot in her birks!!

Girls, gotta say... my b/f also only knows the tip of the iceberg... I dont know what he would do if he knew my Robsession but surely he wouldn't be happy about it. Once he told me "I just dont understand why you like this guy so much..." I mean ... duh! What dont you understand? He is HOT! Very HOT! His hair, his eyes, his lips, his jawline... i mean C.O.M.E. O.N.!!!

@beesue: I have about 6 fanfics too and I have e-mail alerts for when they get updated! In the meantime I am reading more and if the story is very good i add one more so dont're not pathetic!!

robnutmeg said...

Alright alright my ears are burning! I'd rather Rob be nibbling on them right about now..but....shucks I'm only "hallucinating".....

I LOVE YOU TOO SISTER! Our Robsession has taken us to a new level of crazidon...I drink beer, sing Karoake?, wear black jeans, practice my brit accent w/ my next door brit neighbors, and my condo walls are plustered in Edward my college days...YIKES....

AND holding us all together is THE LEAGUE....Where would ANY of us poor helpless mature women be w/o them saving us every single day?

6 fanfics? MMM. I have a few, too, I'm literally on watch for is The New Bella (I like this one alot) but they haven't updated it with new chapters for a long time!! *boo, hiss*

Thank you for all you do! WHAT? This is not the #1 site? NO WAY!! We must do something to rectify that, dammit!

@robin(me), beesue
my peaceful hallucinating dreams...they've been keeping me warm ever since this all happened to me. Now I gotta go find another mawg to kick!

robnutmeg said...

oh dear, i mean plastered no plustered...*sheepish smile* I'm not plastered just my walls. HONEST

sakixry said...

where can we vote???

robnutmeg, dont let them get to you! continue hallucinating! let them live in their grey reality!

mmm...yes Rob, I'm coming! Throw a Hot Pocket in the microwave for me too honey!

Bye bye now girls! Gotta go! Rob is calling ;-)))) said...

This is hilarious! Had to take care of a sick kid so been busy....but I couldn't help but comment...

Gina: so true so true.

of all the things about rob...i will this one to be true! Great POST!

I agree w/ Sakixry...don't listen to them. I loved what you said about Rob in the morning....I almost believed you!
You.are.2.funny, girl!

Mawg? Did I miss something?

@beesue & OCD
I know how bad fanfics can take over. It makes u all naughty, don't it?! *grinch smile*

I won't bite you, it will hurt? OMG .... OH Rob bite all you want - I can handle the pain!


Gotta go - little girl sick again. Being a mom is great! *rolling eyes*

robnutmeg said...

Why thank you (almost) for your support! I appreciate it!

mawg is half man half dog...his own best friend
*Spaceballs...kinda reminds me of Jacob - wolf!*

Sorry to hear about your sick little one. *that sucks* ;(

Ginger Swan said...

Hey ladies, did you miss me? Had a doctor appointment (cause Superheroes need check-ups too) and then Mr. Ginger and I took the kids to the park for a picnic. :)

Thank you to @sakixry and @robnutmeg for the awesome feedback on our blog! You guys (and all our readers) are awesome!!!
I will even forgive you @sakixry for saying that Birkenstocks are awful. I have very cute feet that are always well pedicured and look awesome in my birks, thankyouverymuch. I know Rob would LOOOOVE them.

And you can vote on our side bar (scroll down) and there are a couple of sites to vote on. We USED to have the Dazzle Awards site up but took it off... more on that later!

Ok I must say, you guys are just a little TOO Rob-sessed. Don't you think you're taking this just a little too far? I mean, next think you know, you'll be starting a superhero Twilight blog with three of your best friends. Oh wait... uh... never mind. ;)

Susan said...

I guess I am out of luck for Rob.

Ginger Swan said...

@Susan, oh no!!! You're not out of the running! I think he's an equal opportunity shagger. I mean dater. :)

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger Swan
Even superheroes need doctors...just like Batman needs Alfred - oh wait, he's the butler...never mind. Oh how about KIT from Knight Rider - he had a mechanic that's sorta is a medical'ly thing, right? Nope they really don't Ginger ...
You want to hear my theory? it was "radioactive" SPIDER... kinda always knew that one day she'd go all venomous! j/k Ginger and Spider - aww you know I love you guys, right! RIGHT, Spider? *sheesh* I know I know, I'm going to go kick that dog again!

But before I do, YES, we are all robsessed and wouldn't it be marvelous if you added some more superheroes to your threesome? I mean, really there were a lot of them that shared ... like the fantastic four and the super 7... Call me. I have legal experience ok maybe I'm not bragging about my BRIEFS like some people are...ahem. but I do have a paralegal degree.

I am able to climb bars and sing with complete strangers about a complete hunk that I've never met but would like to shag/bong - I mean meet! (I hate when I do that word mixing up thingy) I'm a total Twilight fan and fight for the TWI fans across the globes and pummell the antiTwifans who get in my way.

OK OK so PULEEZE...I'm not begging just I'm still forever true to you. If I kick the dawg? I'll kick the frickin pack if that'll help!

yeah yeah. *sulking in the corner now*

still love ya, though! *smirk*

GallifreyReject said...

I am soo glad I don't want him in that way lol.. Now if it was Jackson... *faints* *gets up and dusts self off* ok now what was I saying? lol

Ginger Swan said...

@robnutmeg, wow that was quite a sales pitch to join our League! When we first started the blog we got so many requests from people wanting to join The League, that we created the Junior League to let our readers participate. So please, please submit a topic to us so we can feature you! Click the "Join our Junior League" button on our sidebar for more details.

sakixry said...

@Susan: You shouldn't feel out of run for Rob AT ALL! He is a vampire! He can go all night you know so he just HAVE to ... mmmhh... run to all of us!

deconstructing jen said...

I'm beyond late to the game here but he said wha???? I ain't got no birks but I can kick some docs and I know he digs those. And older woman... I got that right here. Where was he when I was 19??? Oh man, I shouldn't have gone there.