Friday, April 3, 2009

The Tuck

Ok, our readers are begging for us to discuss this picture. They're wish is our command!

(for original picture, CLICK HERE)

Ok, personally I'm not a fan of the "tuck." It kinda weirds me out. Now if this was the same shot of him un-tucked (from a wider shot where we could see his buns) and see the full monty in the mirror... I'd be all over that. I don't really care that he's not all toned. I'm not digging the hair, though I'm guessing I won't be noticing the hair so much with him lying on his back.

We can discuss it but I really don't want to criticize him because I love him he is a serious actor who has had to endure a lot of crap for this, er, craft. I know, I know, I am being a protective mama bear but, yeah, we should cover him, I mean, it, I mean the picture...

I'm with you and your Mama Bear instincts Spank. This picture isn't a picture of Edward or Rob, but of Dali. I think it's really brave of Rob to take on an unattractive role like this.

I know several RP fans who want to see this movie for all the acting nudity. Yes I know it shows lots of Rob in his birthday suit. But when it's all nude, all dude... I don't think I can handle it. Especially since I'd rather think of Rob loving women (specifically redhead women) instead of other men. That ruins my fantasy.

Honestly, I don't want to look at or discuss this picture. This isn't RP to me. But if our readers insist, I'm sure I can come up with something ... nope. I got nothin'. It leaves me speechless. (in a bad way)

I am not going to see this movie the same way men say they buy Playboy for the articles. I really do believe that this movie will be a very good story that will showcase Rob's ass enormous sperm pump talent. Seriously, I think this movie will prove that he's more than a stud, even if he's hung like one.

I'll let you watch it for me and tell me about it. If I have to watch him doing it doggy style with some dude, I'll be scarred for life.

You are looking at this the wrong way -- after this movie comes out, Rob is going to want to prove his manhood ... and that's when The League comes in. We have a caption for the feature... We're front page, baby!!

Hmm... You have a good point! Maybe we should be waiting at the premier to "comfort" him. *snicker*

Oh I think we can handle that!



Letters to Twilight said...

all i can think is: "poor mr. ginger!" he had to endure looking at the tuck for so long. i also have to thank him for adding the edward head on dali cause that hair is atrosh!

ps red heads all the way!

pps thank you all for the tweets for dazzle voting! we <3 you!


Ginger Swan said...

We heart you too! @letterstotwilight! Actually the smiley face is the first thing Mr. Ginger put on there. That was the only way he could stand to work on the rest of the photo. I wanted him to put a heart down there, but he refused. Guess he has to draw the line somewhere. ;) I'll make sure to reward him well for his effort!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that this movie only brings good memories to me...I´ll explain myself: when they were shooting in Granada (Spain) I decide to invest 60 euro (the best investment I have made in my whole life) and went to see him. Back then it wasn´t that famous so it wasn´t a problem to see him.
Which I did from a certain distance but still counts, right?? Boy he is breathless...
About the photo what can I say I embrace Spank theory and if he wants to prove his manhood and he doesn´t have a girl for that I can post my phone number...I´m always glad to help :)

faith_83 said...

boy sorry I forgot to put my name...

sakixry said...

Now really... ok... he doesn't look good in this picture. Be he is not OUR Robward! The one we came to love after seing him on Twilight! He is playing Dali! We really have to give him some credit for playing this role. faith_83 I envy you because you had the chance to see him, even when from a certain distance. Put me in a certain distance from him and I will close the distance... I will use all my superpowers to push the bodyguards and so away and I will attack him. Then maybe he will try to tuck it away from me but I'll find it wherever it will be tucked.. ahem, i think i wrote too much... got carried away! sorry girls!

Ana Cristina said...

I know I am outing myself as a bit of a prude here, but I was scarred, scarred, I tell you by the Tuck 'n Yuck. You can blame the Irish-Catholic nuns who taught me during my formative years. My boyf who insists that RPattz has a certain effete quality to him. Whatev.

Because of this, I'm scared to see the film. Don't think I could take it in action!

sakixry said...

Ana Cristina, I think it must be your Irish-Catholic thing that is making you scared! LOL
I for sure couldn't be scared of Robward... no sir!
Sorry but I didn't understand what your boyfriend thinks. Can you please repeat that? Sounds interesting...
Hey Robnutmeg, Robin(me)! It's time you wake up! Got to report what happened yesterday at your Karaoke night! Hope you didn't run into Robward and had a heart attack! Hope you DID run into him and make HIM have a ... ATTACK!

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

yes, poor Rob, that is a horrible pic in the sense of THE TUCK! But I commend him for being able to do that for his craft. All though I am sure when he did it he didn't think anyone was gonna be watching it as wide spread as it will be.
Love Mr. Ginger's mad photoshop skillz in this pic! Dali's hair was atrocious at that point!

robin(me) said...

@The League
OMG I think I'll go back to bed. I can't think about this picture. Plus I'm a little hung over....

But kudos to Mr. Ginger - for doing this! (that better be a good reward, Ginger!) I just know Mr. Robin would sue me for everything I have, which is basically my Twilight collection *treasure* if I even asked him to attempt such a thing.

Mr. Ginger, hats off to you!

I'm with you, Spider. I'm totally scarred of this picture. I don't think I can see him play Dali. I want to but I'd have to shut my eyes the whole time and *shudders in pain*

But I can replace the pic in my mind with ROB's ciggy picture in front of my mirror looking at me and UH, paradise!

Thank you for inquiring about us. Robnutmeg and I are home now. Hung over and exhausted but otherwise in good health.

We did go to Vancouver. YES, girls went to Vancouver. We went to a karoake bar that came HIGHLY recommended by a reliable source and actually was next door to the SUSHI bar where kstewpid and her drugged out bf had gone two days before. It took some doing and we managed to interrogate *uh talk* to the manager and he did say that
ROB was there, also but he didn't stay long. (Except now he thought he'd lose his job for telling us...) I felt like kissing the walls, chairs and him! But I didn't want to embarass Mr. Robin! Now, Robnutmeg may have more to tell you b/c at that moment I was literally being dragged out of the restaurant by Mr. Robin.

ABBA karoake was quite fun, embarassing and if we could, we would have brought in a PA system that would broadcast it all over the bloody city! Like 60 people singing away.

Kstewpid is a sweet young thing the waiter said. OMG, what a blind little bastard he is! I hope she left him a decent tip!

Apparently all actors have moved to their own little "houses" away from the city. I just happened to talk to someone who helped Summitt with the real estate. I think I would have gotten more info with ONE MORE BEER but it was already 2 AM and well Mr. Robin (killjoy) wanted to go home.

I'll call & wake up Robnutmeg. I'm sure she'll have stories to tell you! Don't believe her, tho. She didn't take Rob home! said...

@mr. ginger
Thanks for changing that hair.

@the league
ugh. but i'll be there to comfort him and make sure he knows that he's a ladies' man - just in case...

i would have stayed and stalked - i mean "followed" the real estate person! you got to stop thinking LEGAL all the time, girl! it's not illegal it's for charity research!

twi'ing2analyze said...

You, my girl, are very scary. I like u.

@Ana Christina
hello. i'm the resident shrink, i guess. i prefer analyst.
i don't think u are a prude. that picture scarred me too and i'm definitely not a prude.

hello. i agree with you. rob made this picture before twilight, i think. probably never thinking that anyone would actually go see it. i think he's embarrassed by it. poor boy! i can help him feel better.

@The League and Mr. Ginger
Kudos to Mr. Ginger. Thank you for saving me from seeing that hair again. *shudder, cringe*
I'll go to the premiere to be a comfort for Rob...but like Robin(me) I can't see the picture. Too scarred.

wtf, girl. Where's your hunting skills? kstewpid, a sweet young thing? that makes me *cringe* more than the TUCK picture. I can just see your eyebrows lift up in disbelief and shock when that waiter told you that. OMG! KILL.

WTF, r u? Get up sleepy head and talk to us!

sakixry said...

@twi'ing2analyze: well THANK YOU! I guess... I think I will be scary to Rob... if he ever meets me... so dont let him meet me except I am drugged, ok? I wouldnt be able to handle this kind of enthusiasm I think... *slightsmile*

Christy said...

It's just a role. It's not Rob tucking and looking at himself in a mirror. I just hope he is being sexed, I don't care if it's men or women. He is too hott not to be getting some.

Bekah said...

my fav part is that "The Tuck" is smoking... it's SMOKING

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
F*ck the Tuck! I am taking the Vamp crouch to protect my Rob!
IT does not make HIM gay - Dali was gay and that is the character he is playing. Many actors have played gay roles - (look at BrokeBack Mountain)! Men and Women both!
So, I look at this for what it is -
a chance for us to see Rob "in all his glory"! Don't you just luv the "V" going down to his goodies!
Kinda like a "map" to lead you to your destination!

@Robin(me) - did you get that real estate guys's card? I am really interested in a summer home in Vancouver - I bet he could help me out! He He

Mr. Ginger - you are the BEST! Working with your eyes closed Must have been difficult!

robnutmeg said...

Well good morning and maybe afternoon for some to all of you!

I'm hung over and depressed but I'm otherwise ok.

@The League
Are you trying to kill me? AM I that much of a pain in the ass to you.. Wait, don't answer that, least wait until I can feel my toes again!

That picture kills me. But I love what Mr. Ginger did with it. Good job! Other than that, my brain is refusing to work this morning. Total shut down of sorts.

I think we can handle that...memories of vampire baseball. That's brilliant Ginger....Brain cells connected to that very well indeed.

Ok Vancouver Karaoke. fun, beer, off key singing - no wonder Rob stayed away.... (lots...lots....lots of it) strange ppl up in BC...stranger than either get the twifans all in their 30-40's or they look at you and say, twi what? Who's here filming? Who's that?

OMG I felt like standing on top of the bar and saying...

Rob Pattinson is in your city stupid humans and I'm here to find him!

Then you get some young waiter with bronzing fluffy hair barely 21yrs old bragging about seeing kstewpid....It's at that moment I have become HOMICIDAL...yes, twi2analyze...HOMICIDAL....

So 4 more beers and I felt somewhat better, dizzy but better.

Let's see what else happened? I think Robin met some real estate dude that claimed that he's renting out houses to the actors but ONCE again wouldn't give us addresses or anything. asshole. Wanted to kill him too!

Mr. Robin was very patient and was playing COP the whole night. God, makes me happy I'm divorced except for the fact that he was the driver! Craig, u know I love u like *huh* my bff's husband.

I really need to go back to bed.

But I did get that real estate agents phone number and have plans! Get that winnebago gassed up and ready!

Back to the topic
I'll be glad to lend a HAND or two to help Rob overcome his shyness. Please don't turn to the dark side!

I heard a very nasty horrible rumor last night...Rob might be dating bitch Rosalie! I know it's all over the press but there might be some truth to it. I told ya, she's got the hots for him.

Ok now I'm going back to my fetal position and sulk.

robin(me) said...

tsk tsk
You DID go on the bar table and cry out
"Rob Pattinson is here in this bloody city stupid humans and I am not leaving until I find him..."

That is when Mr. Robin played COP. before a REAL cop came. GEEZ.
However, you rocked robnutmeg and everyone liked you. Especially after you sang SOS and kept adding Rob's name in it. Very touching, indeed.

Vamp crouch! u crack me up. v to the goodies. somehow i don't think you can mapquest that! *ouch it hurts to grin*

Yes, I'm willing to overlook Dalirob and imagine Isle Esme Rob. MMMM.

OH and Robnutmeg has the agent's card and is already on the phone with someone. Mr. Robin already told me NO to a summer place, damn him. I think he's acquired some of Edward's mind reading skills! Hope not.

u and robnutmeg would be a force to reckon with if you lived in the same city! now.i'm.scared! *hurry up*

Erin said...

Thank you Mr. Ginger!

I agree with @momof3crazykids...I can't imagine how hard it was for him to do this movie when he has self-esteem issues!

twi'ing2analyze said...

uh huh, i knew i had u pegged right. crazy girl. love it!

i think ur husband was right to play Cop in that case. don't be too hard on him. be Ginger, and reward him!

i had forgotten that Rob was shy. But I feel that if he attends the twi'ing2analyze school of body selfesteem - he'll be cured! *wink*

beesue said...

@faith - OMG - I think you should win the "True Rob Pattinson Fan Award". You were on the "Rob Wagon" before he was HUGE!

btw - If any of you are reading "Wide Awake" - new chapters have been added!! This is some gooood reading! If you haven't read this - I firmly recommed. Here is the link:

Chapters are down on the Left.

Ginger Swan said...

@Ana Christina, I wasn't raised Catholic and that picture scarred me too. I much prefer Mr. Ginger's version.

@Robin(me) and @Robnutmeg, sounds like an awesome night you had! Did you happen to get any of that on video? ;) And good for you for such tenacity in trying to find Rob's location!!!

robin(me) said...

I got parts of the night on my cell. other than that, forgot the cameras. i think Mr. Robin had something to do with that...mmm. Think how mad I would have been if we had actually seen Rob...*evil glare at Mr. Robin*

OH news from Robnutmeg. Summitt has finished building the house that is supposed to be Bella's. It's on a familiar street (or so they said) in Vancouver. Yea, that helps us Americans a hell of a lot. Thanks. I'll keep trying. Lord knows I have nothing else that's more important to do! *wink*

I'm right there reading those chapters and thanks for the heads up!

katarinas mama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katarinas mama said...

Oh Mr. Ginger. You are a Unicorn Extraordinaire indeed. Not only did you appropriately "pixalate" the image, you added Edward's face (and thus, eliminated weird Dali hair). For this and all your other "creations", I thank you.

And yes, as Ginger duly noted on twitter, I was one of *blushes* those "requesting" this topic. Hopefully, our Super Hero Ginger will find a way to "pay you back" *winks*.

I'm, of course, with you all on this. Rob will need comforting. As someone who doesn't like to watch himself on screen and ran out after viewing 10 min of "Twilight" ummm, yeah, he'll need someone to sit in the car with him and umm...comfort him. Volunteers?

beesue said...

@robnutmeg: Rob and NR? Fingers in ears - lalalalalallala! In total denial!

Really though, have heard this rumor floating around on the net!
So who was your source? (007/ James Bond/Sue in action with superspy skills!)

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah, thanks A LOT girls!! Not only did that picture scar me for life the other day when I first saw it, now I have to use my "vampire speed" everytime I visit your page and scroll down! It's not that I just can't bear to look at it again--which I can't--but if someone just happens to walk in when it is on the screen...let's just say I DON'T "think we can handle that" lol!!
I am sorry, I just can't bear to think of Rob in that role! I never was able to watch Brokeback Mountain (funny how someone else mentioned this cause that was exactly what I was thinking of) because it has 2 of my favorite actors (before I became a Twihard) in it and I am sorry, but guy-on-guy action is not only a turn-OFF for me, but it activates my gag reflexes!! LOL! However, that being said, I was a little...anxious, see just how much they showed....and this picture just grosses me out! Thank goodness Mr. Ginger put the Ed-head on cause that Dali-head is just horrendous, but he is just too pale and skinny!! I think he has put on some weight since then, or at least he hides his skinnyness well cause he looks so much better in all of his pics now...and tanner! yum!
Anyway, I'm sorry, but I just don't like this picture, lol.

Also....and I know I am going to get hit in the head with rocks, so I am dodging before I say it, lol....the male genitalia just doesn't do much for me--as far as LOOKS go, that is...I would rather see him in some tight-fitting boxer briefs, HA!!
Ok, I'm done, now to use vampire speed and post and scroll down!! haha

twi'ing2analyze said...

Strangely I do understand where u are coming from with the whole male sex part thingy. I.cant.believe.I.just.said.that! Not b/c I'm embarrased but b/c at one time I had studied to be a nurse and believe me - u see one - u see them all. *UGH* But in Rob's case I'd make a LONG & HARD exception! And I do believe that I would have stayed a nurse if Rob had ever become my patient. just saying.

@katarinas mama
OMG - LET ME SIGN up to be a volunteer. Good point. Rob will definitely have an anxiety attack with Little Ashes. I think I will if he doesn't.

I, too, can't deal with RP and NR. Now I'm getting homicidal. I would have loved to see you on that bar and calling everyone stupid humans. YOU.CRACK.ME.UP!

Leo's Mom said...

I hated the idea of Rob in the role of Dali to start with, I have a degree in Art and have seen most of Dali’s work, so I can tell you, the man was a freak. He had some serious issues. I would not want Rob or anyone I care about to get anywhere close to him. Hopefully the role of Edward (or vampire venom) can repair any scars left over from Little Ashes.
I hate that picture, I don’t think I can watch the movie either. Maybe if I take my ipod (that has Twilight, Rob pictures and music) with me I could quickly erace any damage to my brain before it became permanent.

robnutmeg said...

@Leo's Mom
I know...I can't see that movie either nor can I look at that picture...especially now that I'm somewhat sober! *ouch* I know that Rob is not really Dali but I just don't adjust well to change. He's EDWARD, damn it! I would love to say that I have some sort of Artistic talent but I'm the stick figure artist! So I'll take your word on it that Dali was weird!

And now that my hang over is more of a dull pounding of the head....

@to the rest of you
God, I feel like such a smuck..I failed in my mission to infiltrate the Summitt filming compound! AND to make matters worse, I failed to penetrate Rob....I mean Rob's whereabouts. The 5 (ok 6) beers was a bit too much for me but - holy crap - what was i supposed to do when 1/2 the bar had no idea what Twilight was and the other 1/2 were withholding important info! (dirty dogs!) *hanging head b/c it hurts like hell and in shame*

Please don't hate me League!

not sure who told me about rp & nr, i think it might have been the waiter who was crushing on kstewpid *violent shaking of the head*. probably outa spite.

I.hate.Vancouver! Let my people (twilight)go!

~Jamie said...

Okay, I totally get that this was a serious role and it's supposed to show us he's got acting chops and all that... but WHY is this the role he chose to take when he's a teen heart thRob?

robin(me) said...

I think I remember Rob saying in an interview that he filmed LA before becoming Edward - when he was this hidden secret to the world! OH - ur heart thRob is brilliant!

I think we should hold a contest on the many words we can use with ROB!

Come now, bff. It's not all that bad. We're going back to BC and we'll get answers even if we have to turn the place upside down. I'll even leave Mr. Robocop at home! We.will.prevail! said...

6 beers? Like for real? Was that before or after u sang SOS?

Please don't feel badly about letting us all down...even though we were counting on you to find Rob and bring him home with you! But hey we'll be ok, right League? *not bitter*

As for RP & NR - don't hate me ppl but I'd rather him be with HER than KStewpid! It's not true anyways b/c Rob would have said something. RIGHT? God, I'm so sick of this he's dating, not dating crap! He's gonna finish being Edward and then marry me! I'm so sorry, Rob but I couldn't help just slipped out!

haleygolightly said...

wow, KUDOS to Mr. Ginger on that one!!!!!

LeLe said...

Ginger, I'm with you on the scarring--can't bear to see him in man-in-man action--makes me wanna cry and puke simultaneously. And redheads rule!

Ginger Swan said...

@LeLe, redheads DO rule. I'm staring my own club of Twilight redheads. "Twilight Gingers Unite" is our battle cry. So far we have 7 members. (even though at this point it's still a nonexistent hypothetical group)

@robin(me) and @robnutmeg, The League LOVES you guys! Even if you couldn't get the dirt from them, you score major brownie points just for going up there and trying to get the scoop! And I think we proved our loyalty by saying that you could even come to us and say you love K.Stewpid and we still wouldn't hate you. And that's saying something, right?

sakixry said...

Uuuuhhhh!!! Ginger, now there are 8 members in the club "Twilight Redheads"!!! Twilight Gingers Unite! Yuppiiii!!!!
@robnutmeg & robin(me): you totally did go on the bar table and cried out this phrase about Rob Pattinson and stupid humans, didn't you? Ooooh! I would soooo much like to see that! Should have come visit my soon to be room... hmmm... robin(me) it's good to have a hubby cause he can play cop when you need him too and drive you home too :))))
Ok, ok! The picture is awful but you just have to think that Rob did this BEFORE Twilight, before he got famous and before anyone else wanted him to play somewhere else. Although I believe that he will be great in this movie too cause he's a damn fine actor too. Not only a gorgeous sex god with inhuman beauty! When you go see the movie you just have to tell yourself: This is not Edward, this is not Edward, this is not Edward...

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger Swan
I know, you did prove your loyalties to me...and I thank you! I think I'm fragile today b/c I was THIS close -- *snap* and NADA!

*head stop pounding, please!*

I kinda wish I had red hair but alas I'm blonde with brown eyes.

When are we leaving?

Mystify Me said...

We go from Rob doing Dali or portraying Dali rather lol(or doing his Madame Butterfly as I call it) to beer and karoake and searching for Rob! Way to digress!
I wonder if you type in Rob PATTINSON TO a GPS unit..where would it take you????
Rob and Nikki...hmmm...perhaps.
Didn't I read that he dated her for a big 2 months during the filming of Twilight??
I don't know.I feel better having him date someone that I am familiar with rather than someone I'm not.Is that a weird thing?
I am not a Mum, but feel very watchful of him, when I am not of course WATCHING him! hehe ;)

Mystify Me said...

I'm about to open a bottle of red, Montepuliciano...toasting to Edward in the courtyard all shirtless and sparkly just prior to noon.Anyone care to join me?
Hmmm...I don't know...7.50 CDN.
Not sure how this will taste...

robnutmeg said...

UH yes according to Robin(me) and the other friends we had with us, I did get on the bar *under major stress* and say something about Rob and stupid humans and actually live to see another day, w/o Rob! I blame Summitt and Vancouver for this! Why can't they just cooperate, damnit! *wink* But well worth it, b/c I think I've converted/perverted at least half of those twits into being TWIFANS now! AND think about could have been there with me, Sakixry. *tsk tsk*

No, that picture still doesn't do it for me. I fear it never will.

@mystify me
I'm a godmother and godgrandmother but I fear that Rob would need protecting from ME instead of the other way around. *i'd wink if it didn't hurt so much!*

Oh god, I think a bottle of wine would absolutely - uh, did you already open it?

robin(me) said...

I don't think we can return to that particular bar again...*cough, sputter* And I feel the need to set things straight.
Robin - NOT on table, bar or anything...partly b/c of Mr. Robin(me)COP who was already wanting to kill me -- but he saw her first...omg priceless look of disbelief and total SHOCK on my lover (of 25 years)'s face...even MY mouth dropped open when I saw robnutmeg on top of the bar -- Hey but the bartender had a blast starring at her. *shaking head* I only thought 4 words. I.dont.know.her! When in doubt, DENY, DENY!

But a guy singing Beautiful Stranger in Madonna's voice will stay with you whether you want it too or not!

Mr. Robin/Cop is convinced that robnutmeg has gone MAD! But hey he's just grouchy b/c he was up late and only got 1 beer out of the deal! I'll take care of him tonight and he'll be fine.

Are u sure u want to move in with her? Just saying.

@mystify me
I'm a mom/grandma and I don't want Rob dating anyone! My mom instincts tell me that NO ONE is good enough for him, unless it's me of course.

Do you have any wine left?

And nope that picture still scares me totally!

Let's buy Rob a GPS and send it from his MOM!

twi'ing2analyze said...

Sign me up for the wine if there's any left!

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, awesome! You're our 8th member!!!

@robnutmeg, you are awesome for actually taking charge and getting attention. We definitely need you on that Winnebago!

@Mystify Me, save some of that red wine for me too!!!

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger Swan
Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better, actually! I might need a bottle of wine or a few beers to be able to do that again. *shudder*

And if it weren't for Mr. Robin(me)Cop, I think I might have found myself in the pokey b/c I think I said a few things to that waiter. GEEZ, a kstewpid lover! *calm - finding happy place on isle esme now*
Let's just say I don't think I left him a tip!

Thank you Mr. Robin(me) - you are indeed my hero!

Spank Ransom said...

@ all you redheaded leaguers: three words (and I quote Edward Cullen):

I prefer brunettes.

**passes the wine, clinks glass with fellow brownies!**

Mystify Me said...

Okay so I AM BRUNETTE...but sparkle orange in the sunlight and have sprinkles of freckles so I am BI. lol

robnutmeg said...

blondes have more fun!

Leslie L. said...

I usually sit back, read your blog and comments, and enjoy, but I had to comment today...

@Mr. Ginger
THANK YOU for covering the "man-gina" that RP was sporting..."the tuck" was just not working for me. I honestly don't know if I could even handle seeing the twig and berries.

@Ginger Swan
I'm with you on this one. I won't be seeing this flick b/c I can't handle seeing RP doing a man doggy style. Besides I'm not down with the dawgs!

Cheers! Now that makes 3 in the "Twilight Brunettes" club.

Ginger Swan said...

@Leslie L. Thanks for de-lurking! We love when our readers de-lurk. Feel free to comment anytime you want!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: i'm very sad and annoyed for not being there with you... my boyfriend wouldn't understand it though... hmmm... i think i will have to eventually kick him out! just kidding... i luv him! (not like Robward... but I do!)

sakixry said...

@robin(me):yes, yes!! sure i do! i already figured out she is a nutcase but that's exactly why i wanna move in with her! we could go hunting then and dancing and screaming on bars and so on! you know!
Who is the guy singing Beautiful Stranger in Madonnas voice???
Mr.Robin(me) is a doll!

@Spank:I'm actually a brunette. I can prove it.. if you know what i mean...*wiggles eyebrows*

robin(me) said...

If u are still reading this post. I have to admit that as crazy as robnutmeg is (and believe me, she's nuts!) I love her. She brightens up my world that is usually all wrapped up in defending bad guys. YOU'D have a blast moving in with her. AND, she does have a bf (well several after her bar debut!) who for some reason doesn't understand the whole robnut least not yet. Mr. Robin(me) is a doll! LOVE HIM but tell him often if I had met ROB first......

The guy singing Madonna - have no clue who he was, but he was one of the guys who paid for robnutmeg's 6th (or was it 7th?) beers! *cringe* NO guy should sound like Madonna, I'm sorry! CREEPY!

How about a mixture of blonde, brunnette and red hair all in one neat little package? My hair sylist is a little mad, I think. I'm like Rob, I don't care about my hair as long as it's there and not in my sink!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): of course i'm still reading this post. I have e-mail notifications and the posts come directly in my inbox so i wont miss anything ;o))

About robnutmeg, i believe you. she (and you too) seem to be just wonderful! tell her to stay away from the madonna singing guy *grin* and if somebody doesnt understand her Robward obsession, she can always come to you or us! we will!

you wrote a few posts ago that you are with Mr.Robin(me) for 20 years? well... it's good you haven't met Rob back then.. ha ha! he was still a baby...
but now he's all grown up *slight grin* and I really dont care that i'm 12 years older than he is! if i only could get my hands on him...

love you!

LeLe said...

Ginger, I'm actually @mabeswife on Twitter, so you may have counted me in the Twilight Ginger group twice. Hehe.

Ginger Swan said...

LOL @LeLe. Maybe I did! I'm glad you identified yourself. I didn't realize (or I forgot) that you were @mabeswife. You were my very first member! (besides me)

robnutmeg said...

ur so sweet. we love ya, too! been gone all day doing trivial tasks like food shopping. Being Twi-less is very hard to do! But, you have to sometime, ya know!

robin(me) and hubby have been together for a long time w/ 2 grown kids and the most beautiful grandson that you ever want to see. I think Connor's won some baby contests but Robin will never admit that.

i'm 14 years older than rob. hey it worked for demi and ashton!

UGH i have been trying to drown the memories of madonna guy for 2 days now.

i got a call from the real estate (i actually have a date with him...but wait, it's not as great as it sounds) he said that they signed confidentiality contracts with summitt as to the location of both bella's house and some other rental property they are using. BUT, if i pump him for information....ya never know...
BUT he did give us the name of the restaurant that the cast frequents and it's called GLOWBAL. And you know, I think we were right across the street from it.

AND....he doesn't believe that story about the singer either!

I'm thinking another trip! Wanna come?

sakixry said...

robnutmeg... you are stabbing me right into my little heart!!! if i want to come??? OF COURSE I DO!!! But... i cant... maybe you go for me and videotape everything this time. maybe you can even make rob send me a plane ticket cause as they say so nicely... "no money, no honey..." pffff... and i really dont have the money right now... *cries out loud*

you really do all you can, dont you? having a date with the real estate man.. hmmm... maybe if you press in all the right places *wink* he will give you more information LOL

robnutmeg said...

Hey I do what I can for the good of womankind..robward,darkward,bedward is worth it.

I'm not sure that this RE agent is worth it, tho. I'm going for drinks with him but I can't even remember what he looks like so Robin(me) and Mr. Robin are double dating with me. Mr. Robin thinks I need protecting. Hey if I had Edward I wouldn't need protecting OR the bloody date!

I'll send you the plane ticket! That's what twifriends are for, aren't they?

sakixry said...

you are the best ;o)))
i'm waiting for the tickets *laugh*

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love the pic with the Edward head! I'm with you also Ginger I was worried about being scared for life too even though I know its just acting & I commend him for taking on such a unattractive role...but still.

LovePattz said...

Little Ashes was great, and there are plenty HOT Rob moments in it. He looks weird at the beginning, and later on at the end with that strange Dali moustache. There isn't really a lot of nudity in the movie either (unfortunately), but he did an amazing job as Dali.

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