Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meadow's Robward Crisis

I was telling Mr. Meadow Haley's "I met Rob" story* and he goes "Well, he sounds like he totally dissed her. You still like him after that?" And I was all "Of course! He was being charming and funny!" but the more I think about it the more I think "You know, he was being an ass. And she was really nice about it. What a loser!" and so my Rob crush bubble was burst. What if it interferes with my work on the blog? I want to change my contribution to the last post to "Rob, you are an ass." Ah.

Okay, calm down. Drink your coffee! When I first read her comment I thought it was rude but here's the thing...

1) He was laughing (she said BOOMING with laughter). I think he was being irreverent and sarcastic in his English way. "well, you failed..." I think he was being tongue in cheek, sorta.

2) He is literally hounded CONSTANTLY by paparazzi and fans everywhere he turns. I think it might feel somewhat like being a caged animal on display. He was just having drinks with a friend/business guy and was approached as he was leaving. It must get old after a while...

3) He is usually noted for how kind and patient and tolerant of his fans so I think he was either trying to be funny or was just really tired or drunk or both.

Now drink your coffee while repeating: Rob is beautiful and you'll be fine.

I'm trying... It's not working for me. I may have to stare at Robapalooza all morning.

Did it EVER occur to you that Mr. Meadow is a man and would not get that such hotness has a pass at being sexily sarcastic? Not that Mr. Meadow is not hotness but let's be real ... is there any other Rob?

I think you should watch Robapalooza, and the video where he says "daaaaaaannce" and go to the portion of the Hot Pocket interview (5:38) where he talks about how Hot Pockets is pandering to vegetarians and how disappointed he is. You'll fall back in lust. I have faith in you.

You're taking it personally - you need to distance yourself. He would not give any of us the time of day, snap back to reality girl. I hate to point it out because it's nice to dream that he would fall madly in love with us at first glance!

And furthermore she obviously said she prefers it doggie style otherwise he may have spoken to her more, me, not so much. I like it cold and hard like marble.

But maybe the issue isn't that he wouldn't give me the time of day. I don't think I'd give HIM the time of day. Now, Edward... Well, I'm all about the fictional men.

Rob was totally joking around with her and laughing when he said it. I mean you know all the real details, but of course you can't tell the tone in written word when someone is describing it vs. when someone is telling it. If he was an ass, he would've kept walking and ignored her "excuse me". He's very nice to his fans. And he was joking around with her. Go pop in that copy of Twilight and watch the part with the rain coming down his face. He's soooo not an ass.

And of course he'd give us the time of day. He'd say, "The League! I read your blog every day, and I especially love when Mr. Ginger photoshops my head onto someone else's body!"

Ginger, you totally need to hot pocket up - there is no way in hell he is reading our blog! But just the though of him makes my pockets pretty hot!

Of course he reads it, Spider. He told me so himself.

I don't know guys. I'm working on it. I'm trying to push through for the good of The League.

**slap, slap** SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

We may have to take this to the people.

*re-watching Twilight* I think I'll be okay. After all, I don't have the strength to stay away from him.


*for the cliff notes version, our good friend Haley, who gave us the name "Mr. Sparklepants", saw Robert Pattinson at a bar one evening in L.A. She tried to send him a drink but the place wouldn't allow it. When he got up to leave, she yelled, "Hey!" and introduced herself to him and told him she tried to send him and his friend a drink but was unable to. Then he said, "Well, YOU FAILED!!!!" **queue booming laughter** and then Haley smiled and thought to herself, "I love you!".


Ninja Fanpire said...

Team Jasper is where it's at Meadow.

If you're feeling a bit down, I think he can handle that. If-you-know-what-I-mean. ^-^

faith_83 said...

Meadow calm down (if you are watching Twilight take a good look at two scenes -the one when he kisses her forehead at the hospital – can you see the mark of the lipstick?? and the second one –watch the TV in the room – what do you see??) don´t let others stories/impression change what are you feeling…stay with your instinct, Rob is a nice person that is why we love him. Probably he is tired of all the attention and the fans that seems that are everywhere…but deep down he is just Rob the shy guy that win our hearts.
Maybe he was just trying to make it like a joke you know how he like to joke a lot about everything…
You know even nice people sometimes get mad. It might happen when u can´t even enjoy a beer with a friend and everybody is trying to make you photos and trying to talk to you.
I have to admit that I did once stalk him (well I can´t call it like that – The Little Ashes shootings) but I am a lousy stalker because I had him so close with nobody around and I didn´t have the guts to say hello, so….
So focus in what you already know about him which is that beside that he is very hot is a good person, trust me I know it!! (My instinct never fails)
Does anybody here notice that I sound like a lawyer trying to defend Rob from some kinda crime of something…??

Erin said...

I thought he was trying to be's okay Meadow, a couple of times re-watching Twilight and Robapalooza will make it all better.

Just think of all of his interviews where he is constantly laughing at himself/everyone...maybe it his way of dealing with the craziness that happens to be his life now...

robin(me) said...

You do sound like a lawyer...I couldn't have "defended" our Rob any better than that! Good Job

@Meadow! EITHER

YOU know you can't believe everything you hear. Haley might have caught Rob in a bad mood. I mean we all get in bad moods, right?

YOU guys are not going to burst my perfect Rob bubble. Maybe Rob didn't want a drink at that time or maybe he was grouchy. It happens.

How about that singer's run in with him last week in Canada? WE heard about her in that bar - just kinda dissed the story b/c well of jealousy. But apparently she (Adaline something) was at some party and she saw Rob. He was trying to tell some girl that he couldn't take a picture. And she went up to him and said what's wrong Rob? And she said something to the effect that I don't want a picture with you - you are just a sweet normal person just like me. AND then he hugged her and said thank you! OMG
She said he smelled wonderful, too!
Ok do I downloaded one of her songs on my ipod. Not bad!

He's just in a crazy life right now and doesn't know who his true friends are, ya know?

Just watch Twilight again, hold you PE, LOOK at his magazine pictures and then say AHHHHHHHH.

Christy said...

Oh Meadow. He was totally joking. I think not speaking to her at all would have made him an asshole.

I have tried to find stuff to burst my Rob bubble, but alas, i have found nothing but more fuel for the fire.

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
You ladies are Killing Me!

Meadow, I really think you are overreacting. His good friend Sam Bradley said in an interview that he was never negative with fans, just got a little nervous when they would approach and then was OK. Please don't give up on Rob!

Of course, after reading our blogs (Ginger, I totally agree with you) he should be afraid - very afraid;)

I mean - I keep a permanent marker in my purse with a picture of Rob - just in case I meet him! Oh, and I have really given some thought to were I would like him to sign ME - my arm, boob or maybe my neck - HMMMMM the possiblities are endless.

@robin(me) - I don't know if I believe the Adaline story! Need to see some proof - She could have ripped off a piece of his shirt or something! Got to have proof - HE HE!

robnutmeg said...

Where is everyone else?

sakixry? beesue? ocd?

Ok, well I defend Rob with my life! I mean, he's perfect (except for that damn picture from yesterday's!) and I'm not believing anything else.

FUEL a forest fire! GOOD one! YES! I'm burning up already! *hands up in air*

Hey I missed the song writer story. She met Rob? Where was I? (if you say that I was on the bar again!)

*spitting out coffee* Madonna boy. OMG! Not even a keg would help me escape from that memory!

Let's face it ladies, we are hopelessly and happily in lust (I mean LOVE) with Rob and we always will be!

Can we bring back the GQ pictures now? PLEASE?

robnutmeg said...

Sorry, we posted at the same time. How about that?

I agree! LOVE your marker idea. My next Vancouver adventure...I'm bringing a few in different colors...just in case.

Adaline, beesue wants PROOF that you met Rob. AND come to think of it, so do I! HOW dare you use Rob that way to get your career going! NO shirt? NO picture? BAH! said...

Ladies Ladies, I agree with Ginger!

SLAP SLAP - snap out of it!

What's next? Start loving the dawgs? TEAM Jacob? TEAM Mit students? AND I'll personally HIT anyone who goes to the DARK side and becomes TEAM Caius! (sneer at SM for having names in those damn addicting books that I can pronounce or spell!) Sorry new brit guy!! IT's the corner for you and NOT Rob!

Ok I can understand loving JAZZ (he is kinda HOT) and Emmett (licking lips) and CARLISLE (baby he can examine me anytime...)


I'll be scarred/damanged/ruined/destroyed for LIFE if you give in and say Rob isn't perfect...DON'T do this to me!

*big gulp of JD!* said...

(sneer at SM for having names in those damn addicting books that I CAN'T not CAN pronounce or spell...) OOPS typo!

C? you upset me. DAMN! NEED more JD!

Mystify Me said...


twi'ing2analyze said...

@mystify me
YES, that's it. I can relate to the smart ass, since I happen to be one myself!

I don't think anyone here will ever become TEAM MIT or JACOB! IT'S CALLED...Wet dog smell....*eewww*

I agree, bring out the GQ!

Ginger Swan said...

Hey ladies!!! We (The League) read that singer's account and we all concluded that we don't believe her. We think she's making it up.

As for Haley, she actually told me in person about meeting Rob. When she got to the "Well, YOU FAILED" part, it sounded like he was being a smart ass (funny) and not a jerk.

Haley, are you out there? Maybe you can weigh in on this discussion.

If you guys are missing the GQ pictures, they are in the Robapalooza.

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger Swan
Robalooza here I come!

Adaline, THE ALL POWERFUL LEAGUE HAS WEIGHED YOUR CASE AND HAVE REACHED THEIR! & we.don'! It's ridiculous what ppl will do to get a piece of Rob...*shameless hussies*

Oh yea wait I'm one of them! *hangs head*

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Ok, I agree with all of ya'll that say he was trying to be funny. Sometimes that happens to me where I try to be & maybe it sounded better in my head than it did out loud. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I see a 'real' account of him being an a@@! lol
The looks & personality just outweigh the rest!

@Meadow- get over it girl, or not, it just leaves one less for us to knock down to get to him, lol

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh yeah forgot to give Mr. Ginger props for his super mad photoshop skillz! This was a good one!

robin(me) said...

@Ginger Swan
I felt like such a smuck for downloading that Adaline's song on my ipod. *fell hook, line and sinker for that one, damn*

Call it temporary insanity.

As for Haley, I believe you and I believe Haley. And I envy her for having the chance to meet him even if he was a smart smart ass is better than NO ASS at all! like we experienced in BC.

She could at least feast her eyes on him! *downing a scotch*

As crazy as you are, you would NEVER use Rob to further your career. You would just get him into bed and hey that would benefit both of you. *wink*

sakixry said...

you missed me? here i am, it's Saturday 9.21 pm in Greece and i am lying in bed (you can't really say alone cause i have ALL of you with me). I'm sooooo tired...
OK, about the post! when i first read Haley's story, i thought... WTF??? was he really such an ass(hole)? but then i remembered all the interviews where he totally degrades himself joking and also that he was kinda wasted that night and thought... uhu.. so he was a (smart)ass! like mystify me puts so accurately.
robin(me)... you could hire faith :) and do some pro bono work for rob! we could sew, sue... (i really don't know how you spell this word) this Adaline for being a lying b***. she should find someone else to hug! hands away from robward!!!
i rest my case.

Ginger Swan said...

@momof3crazykids, Thanks! I'll pass along your praise to Mr. Ginger. He appreciates the feedback.

@robin(me) that's one of the reasons we feel she's making it up. Because she's trying to use it to further her career, and obviously it's working. She may have possibly seen him at a bar, but we think the whole conversation between the two was made up. She probably didn't have the guts (like our friend Haley) to approach him. But don't feel bad, everyone has been duped at one time or another by liars. I know I have been!

@robnutmeg, I love your reading of our verdict! Awesome!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robnutmeg Aww, thanks for thinking of me! I was at work :( I miss you guys on Fri's and Sat's cause I have to be away from my compter! In Aug I should get my new laptop and then I can hang with you guys at work, too! LOL!
As for Rob's attitude:
Dude, I totally think it wasn't like that at all. He is so stinking sweet in all of his interviews!! I just want to grab him and kiss him...well, yeah, of course, but I mean his words make me want to kiss him...not just his because of his *swoon* smile, eyes,...well, everything (except that picture yesterday *shudder*)
So, yeah, I think he is too sweet to really be a jerk like that lol.
Just watch the restaurant scene again and see his gorgeous smile and it will be all better....*sigh* I am suffering from Twi-withdrawals...haven't watched for 3 whole days! I am trying...I repeat, go a while w/out it so Mr. OCD will quit yelling at me. It's okay, I have some backup eye candy I am watching...not quite the same, but it will do! ROFL!

Lacey said...

oh Rob is just a booze lover! he probably went back into the bar and had a stern word with the manager about the situation. im sure he was peeved that the bar hindered an opportunity to get his drank on. thats all. we all know how socially awkward Rob is, it may have not been the best response to the situation, but it was the first thing that came to his mind. so he said it. i love that he doesn't filter anything he says! and i love that he isn't afraid to joke around with fans like we would with his friends!

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Okay, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but for the sake of his image maybe he should talk to me in person about this whole mess. You know, kinda "clear the air" or whatnot. So, Rob, if you want to send me a plane ticket I'd be glad to meet you after shooting sometime. ;)

Mystify Me said...

And Meadow...we will want pictures.

robnutmeg said...

Hey, no prob. Been gone all day myself - yea trying to have a twi-less life is so hard. *pouty face* but had to go visit family, grocery shopping, u know life things.
Yea, Rob's a sweetie. Can't help it. I'm hooked. It don't matter if he has bad days. Plus I'm sure Rob gets tired of complete strangers coming up to him and asking him for things. (not that Haley did that) but others. He's a celebrity that kinda hates being one.

I'll hide in your suitcase!

haleygolightly said...

hey guys!

So- given the fact that I haven't spent hours upon hours with Rob as I'd like to, I can't be 100% sure, but it seemed to me that he was being funny. He was full-on smiling and laughing (SWOON) when he said it and I was kind of happy he didn't just say something like, "um, ok BYE". Especially knowing that Rob scares easy, it was nice he was joking with me and did not seem completely uncomfortable (as he would have been, had I told my actual intentions for the evening were he to accept my offer)

I also got the distinct impression that the dude he was with was also his ride- he looked to him for an answer, so I retain that had he been with one of his friends they MAY have actually taken me up of my offer.

All speculation of course, but I was pretty satisfied with my half-conversation. It'll be a good ice-breaker the next time I find him out on the town : )

robnutmeg said...

Where were you when I needed you a couple of days ago as I searched for Rob?
I think I might have scared him tho if he had been there...I won't bore you with the details of my night up in Vancouver but I think I made a major impression....*still shuddering*

I think Rob is a smart ass just like I am.

Care for company the next time you are out and about? I can be quite entertaining. (I even have a close friend that is a lawyer!)

milfy goodness said...

Meadow - I think you are taking Rob's response to Haley totally the wrong way. It just sounds like a joke. He was laughing. The fact that he stopped and talked to her at all is pretty nice - he must be bombarded by girls trying to talk to him, buy him drinks, give him their phone number, etc.

Just think about what you would say if a total stranger tried to buy you a drink and then tried to talk to you as you left a restaurant - I know that I would just blow them off!

Of course, he can't just ignore all of our love b/c he's famous - but you do have to admit that he is already being nice by stopping and talking to Haley at all!

As for the thing with Adaline - I don't see why you think she is lying. I think we all read that Rob was at the Juno afterparty thing - why wouldn't that girl have talked to him? I hope he was as sweet to her as she said. That would be my dream encounter (well, except for all the x-rated dreams).

Christy said...

Meadow: I agree that you and Rob need to talk.

Hayley: I'm glad you posted again about your thoughts on it. I would have totally thought he was being a smartass in a good way. That's something I would say myself so I would think it was funny as hell.