Sunday, April 12, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: Gravity Edition

Okay ladies, we all love Bella (even though we secretly hate her because she ends up with our fantasy boyfriend.) With New Moon in production and all the thought I've had to devote to Jacob's horrid wig budding romance. How could Edward be so stupid? Why did I have to endure 1 1/2 more books of "No, I don't want to change you, you deserve better" just to get a bloody birthing scene before I finally get Vampire Bella? And why THE HELL didn't Bella make Edward FIGHT for her back? So I decided to search out some AU (alternate universe) fanfics from the New Moon timeline that satisfy my need for Bella to lay into Edward the way he deserved.

For you angst-lovers there's Gravity by Nightshade in which Edward returns to beg for Bella back and this is what he returns to (because he's eavesdropping under her window) (he's such a stalker-perv) (of COURSE I still love him!):

"No. Not my Bella. She was Jacob’s now. I could smell his scent and hers inextricably tangled. Entwined. Like the way I could tell her legs were wrapped around his hips.

I cringed into myself, hugging my chest tight as a gaping hole ripped through me. My heart. My soul. It’s gone. It hurts.

“Bella.” I breathed. Oh god.

Jacob mimicked me. He was whispering her name in breathy pants, his mind a mantra of oh god. So good. So sweet. "

I know, I know, I'm NOT Team Jacob. But I can't help but think "Serves you right Edward." *scowling at a fictional character*

Nightshade eventually takes some liberties with some of SM's vampire folklore (but in a good way). It's a work-in-progress but is being frequently updated. Oh, and Bella tells Edward off in the middle of school. Totally worth reading just for that.

Breathe... Breathe... *poof*

Bella's legs are wrapped around Jacob's hips? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! *covers eyes* My eyes are burning! My eyes are burning. MAKE IT STOP.

Edward isn't looking IN her window so he doesn't know that for sure. But come on, don't you think Edward deserved to suffer a LITTLE BIT?

Jacob fan-fic? I vote we throw you to the wolves for such an offense!!!!

Noooooo!!! It's NOT a Jacob fanfic. Dude, she ends up with EDWARD. Give me some credit. I just chose that excerpt because I thought it'd get a *ahem* rise out of you all.

*grumbling* There ARE Jacob fanfics but I would NEVER subject you to that. You people have no respect for the fanfics that I trudge through to find you the GOOD ones, do you??

Well you certainly did get a rise. (or it sounds like Bella got a rise out of Jacob... Ewwwww)
Yes, Edward deserves to be punished. I think Spank can handle that. Right, Spank?

Right now I just want to spank meadow for subjecting me to such *trash*

*ahem* Spank, this isn't that kind of website. Besides, I'm still working on getting permission from Mr. Meadow for a "pass" on Rob. I doubt he'd give you one too. ;)

If given the opportunity, I'm acting on my impulses and begging forgiveness later.

My motto: it's always better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. Go ahead Spank. Convince Meadow to stay away from any fanfic that has Bella's legs around Jacob's hips.

*gag* - stop saying that!! - *gag*

*throwing hands up in the air* Okay, PRETEND that I didn't say anything about Gravity. Why don't y'all go read Warmth instead? The only person Bella's legs are around is Edward. Edward on the beach, Edward in the bed, Edward on top of a table, Edward against the wall...

Gravity? What Gravity?

Can someone write fan-fic of Spank's legs around Edward? That would be even better...

While I don't read the fanfics as Meadow does (lazy whore), I do believe that there could've been much more interesting "mingling" going on throughout the series. That's the problem with "teen audience" that Stephenie Meyer picked.

I truly think that if Jacob got into Bella's room that she'd have thrown him out! How can you even dare to compare??? Give me an Amen! No competition. The thought of Bella's legs wrapped around Jacob kind of makes me happy. Because then it gives me hope that he and I could be together - hahahahahaha - In my dreams (really.)

Spank, I'm not into three-somes, but I'd like to share with the legs around Edward! And not just action figure Edward! ;)



Akilah said...

Okay, while I have to agree with the gag inducing idea of Jacob and Bella together (I never liked dogs.) Meadow hasn't steered me wrong yet with any of her fanfic recommendations, so I will take her work for it and give it a shot.

If there isn't some cold hard Edward involved though, we will have to have some serious words...

Love ya ladies!

~Jamie said...

It does bother me that she just goes right back to him... like in New Moon when she is worried that he doesn't WANT her. ugh.

robnutmeg said...

AWW shucks that was harsh of YOUR friends to attack u like that...but I do have to admit I got a tad bit nervous with the whole leg wrapping thing around Jacob b/c DAMN - I can't handle that.

@rest of League
U know u need to have some faith in ur friend, come on ppl! I'll teach ya! *snicker*

I haven't read it but for Meadow, I'll go out on a limb (again!) and do so right now! *brownnose, cough!*

NO dreams! Just a faceless whoever that got in bed with me last night and then NADA! I.give.up!

One thing tho, legs wrapped around Spank & robnutmeg. I'll share! B/c I'm.a.good.friend!

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Good morning league!

Just two questions? What's fanfic? AND do I want to know? Last week's read - I couldn't ask and I'm still confused....and it isn't good to be confused and 6 months pregnant!

Speaking of that, being pg and all. I hate to burst YOUR bubbles but having my legs wrapped around UH HEM got me into this UNCOMFORTABLE predicament so I'm not so keen on having those types of thoughs right now....

BUT in the case of EDWARD? I'd make an exception....
Why Meadow, I truly admire you for putting up with that. I mean u were doing them a service for giving them I'm "throwing hands up in the air* with you!

Hey, 22 and Stephanie Meyer and her addicting books (???) drove me NUTS too! I'm leaving u Bella - (translation: you bore me, I've got better fish to fry, etc.) and I want you to do one thing for me and Bella: ANYTHING. ? . OH Bella wtf? Take it from me the word PUNCH HIS LIGHTS OUT would have been something I would have done!
AND then Of course I love YOU always. NOPE this girl would have been a little bit NOT SO NICE.. OH I'd take him back alright but he'd pay. *enjoying my thoughts right now*

@robnutmeg, ginger
The only dreams I have these days is playing basketball....

Ana Cristina said...

@Meadow: You have turned me to the dark side! Not only am I reading fanfic but I am continuing one I started some time ago, on the origins of Alice.

@League: EEP! "Gravity" made me want to run and comfort (you define "comfort" however you want, ladies) Edward. And yet, for whatever reason, it's Movie-Jasper I fantasize about, not Edward. Less competition that way...

Gina said...

I hate to admit this to ya'll. You guys are WORSE than a pack of wolves.... but I thought Jacob was endearing in the books. I never had the hots for him and definitely didnt think Bella should be with him, but still liked him as a sweet friend with a kind heart and throbbing blue balls for Bella. Who can blame him for his acting out?? Bella was an idiot.

Meadow, I am looking forward to checking that one out. Edward does deserve to suffer a bit. Then I can comfort him. Thanks for the rec! I sure got a "rise" out of the quote! I would buy into it too, because Bella had herself so convinced that she didnt "deserve" Edward and he truly didnt love her, she may as well take the next best thing. She believed he would never return, so why the hell not?

robin(me) said...

Top of the morning to you all!

@Meadow C.
Well I have to agree with robnutmeg, u did take quite the little beating from ur friends! U try to do them a NICE thing and wammo! *snicker*

I do have to say that I freaked when I read: legs wrapped around Jacob's hip! *arrrrrggggggg* That picture so early in the morning --- NO NO NO! Can't deal! Maybe it's b/c in my thoughts and there's NO WAY I'm going to wrap my legs around a DAWG! Sorry! All I have to do is look at Trainwreck and see how that is absolutely Not.happening!

Good idea! I've already written a few of those leg wrappin stories!

But I'll take ur word for it and it turns out ok in the end. Actually it would SERVE Edward right!


@Jamie & isabella
N/K. I always thought that Bella needed to play a tad bit with that after Italy bedroom scene. I mean, Desperate, much? UGH!
Isabella, u are so cynical - must get that gene from ur DAD! *grin*

Fanfics: well let's just say that there are thousands of twifans who weren't very satisfied with SM's love scenes and decided to "venture" out alone....don't.go.there! Uh huh!
AND you have NO time for that!

My daughter is due 2 weeks after she gets her BS in marine biology sciences! Woo hoo! *tears running down my face* Of course I wanted her to follow in the legal field. She told me - one word: ICK! Kids, pfffff. The good child ~ a son - is in 2nd yr majoring in law..hooray! He lives out of state but not out of mind!

Sorry, blah blah blah....

What can I say?

Dreams? I gave up a long time ago about having those! NOTHING works for me! Except one time I remember that something or someone was standing on top of a bar yelling something about Rob Pattinson is here STUPID HUMANS and I'm not leaving until someone releases him! OH wait. That actually HAPPENED! oh god. *shudder* And they say I'm not a good friend. hmphhh! *chuckle*

Edward, u drive me nuts in NM - quit being such a wuss and either bitch bite or hitch onto her and do it like bunnies and GET>IT>OVER>WITH! AMEN Yes, I just made that up.

@sakixry, OCD, beesue, OH
we're waiting........

wtf are YOU? miss u.

robin(me) said...

Oh just wanted to show off my new picture.

Caption: Wait for me, Robin!

Gina said...


robin(me) said...

Why thank u? The KID showed me how to do this. I suck at computer stuff.

AND you would change ur mind about wolves if u had a BIG DOG living with you that was 1/8 wolf and the rest yellow lab. Don't ask! All I know is we rescued this dog from a MEAN, scary man that got arrested for breeding dangerous animals 5 years ago. I ask myself WHY? many times a day. No, actually Trainwreck is a great watch dog. Everyone runs like hell when they see him!

My first thought of NM, after I skipped all Jacob chapters looking for EDWARD to get his ass back to Bella, was JACOB is a WHAT? CRAP!

robnutmeg said...

Where'd u get that picture? (evilglaretobff)

I don't like dawgs...period. Trainwreck is quite scary and he likes me...
But I just don't like Jacob either. He bugs me. So I'm with the League on that one! But I do think that Edward needs to pay a little and willing to let Bella have a little fun with Jacob to get Edward back. Tent scene Eclipse...yeah.

robnutmeg said...

OH and I concur with Robin(me) oh where or where can my roomie be?

Alliebeth said...

Hello ladies! I just love your site, it's the first thing I check in the morning, I like to start the day with a good laugh!
You all talk so much about dreams that I had to share a story...I talk in my sleep nightly and say very crazy random things (telling my sister to get out of a tree, asking how to roll eggs down a roof...). Mr. Allie is a very light sleeper and it always wakes him up, so a few years ago he started keeping post its by the bed so that he could write down and remember the things I say. Shortly after I started reading Twilight I woke up with a post it stuck to the headboard that said "Who the HELL are Edward and Jasper and why were you moaning their names so often last night?!" It happens so often now that he doesn't even write it down anymore...

Susan said...

Oh fanfics, how I swear I am only going to read one, and end up getting up 15 stories later.

Gina said...

@Allibeth THAT IS GREAT! What a great sport your hubby is to endure you moaning other mens names. Ok, well, "men" might be a stretch since they are vamps, but still! Thanks for the laugh! Great story!

Susan said...

Lol, my MIL gave me a little onesie as a joke that says "Caution: May be half vampire"

it was hilarious.

faith_83 said...

Hello Ladies!!
I really like the way you think!! You are good but I have to stop reading so much fanfic because I´m having some strange and wild dreams (+21 fanfic).
But honestly Bella's legs wrapped around Jacob's hips? Poor Edward that hurts for sure more than the torture that Jane puts him through for sure...
And the part where "Edward isn't looking IN her window so he doesn't know that for sure" I can understand it but remember he can read his mind and I bet is not very plasent to read his mind when he has Bella wrapped...OK I will stop because like Spider said I can´t compare...

nice pic, thks for sharing with us!!
Oh btw Happy Easter to you all!!

robin(me) said...

That is a great dream! LOVE IT. But question: why were you MOANING...mmm??
If u've been reading the last few days, you might know that my hubby, Mr. Robin isn't too keen about my robsession - to him, it's It's.a.nice.story and doesn't really understand the robsession except for all the twi stuff I have in the house...I still say it's the BOOKS and MOVIE I love.... so obviously he wouldn't be so "forgiving" if he heard me moan Edward's, Carlisle (animal attack), or Jazz's names in my sleep... right ladies? Nope. Not likely...

You and Ginger - hubbies of the year! OCD, did u hear that?
But I still! He's still awesome.

Except there's been some glaring his way since I found out he sent my daughter to "spy" on the site...hee hee. Luckily she's a double agent and also wants me to sit for the grandchild once in a she knows what side to take! *snicker*

robin(me) said...

thank u, i'm quite proud of myself for getting that pic on. edward is my new desktop buddy!

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Happy Easter everyone!

@robin(me) and robnutmeg THANK YOU for defending me against the rest of the closed-minded League. *muttering*

@faith I have actually been having the STRANGEST dreams since I started reading fanfics for this blog. If I start having dreams about Jacob I'm quitting the storytime thing totally. I'm sure you'll all understand.

@allie Your husband sounds adorable for putting up with it. I'm pretty sure mine would kick me out of bed if I actually said Edward. ;)

@isabella & @susan I hadn't been on here enough recently to congratulate you both. And to thank you for not considering the name Renesmee. *shudder*

@ana I'd love to see the links when you're done. Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies. ;)

@Gina I agree totally with your Book Jacob description. Bella WAS an idiot, but she was torturing Jacob when she should've been torturing Edward.

ANYWAY, I'd like to state FOR THE RECORD that I do not think Bella should be with Jacob. I didn't HATE Jacob's character in the books, but I didn't want him to win. I just know that if Mr. Meadow had abandoned me in some misguided attempt to "do what's best" I wouldn't exactly be sparing him my wrath even as I was taking him back into my arms. Woman scorned and all that. ;)

I'll give the deep thoughts a break and be discussing nothing but smutty goodness next week. I can't handle the League's beat-down two weeks in a row...

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

@Meadow Cliffdiver
Why thank you for your congrats. UGH. Renesmee - it took me months to learn how to spell it no less pronounce it. UGH UGH UGH. I'm still wanting to name my little girl Isabella Marie...geez can I help it that Stephanie stole MY name that I've liked since I was 4 years old and I named my cabbage patch doll that? Besides Marie is my middle name. Still, I'm getting a lot of flak for stealing that I guess we'll see.

I totally agree that Bella needs to teach the creepward a lesson...NO one knows what's best for ME than ME. He deserved to pay. I stand firm on that.

My mom and "aunt" did I nice thing? Wow. That's cool. But you know those legal ppl always have motives. just saying. (*evilgrin*)

great dream but that would mean certain death for me especially in MY condition. *cringe*

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

@robin(me) *cringe*
I will never recover from that login! I'm scarred for life now.
Oh - trust me Dad.knows.about.rob.edward.jasper.carlisle.spike.angel and Piece Brosnan. Are you kidding me?

Nice picture, btw! *rolling eyes* I.give.up! now MY *!*

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Hello all again - I promise I'll stop after's the 2 year old, pg hormones, school and! srsly!

Hey I'm NOT a spy, I confessed but can anyone just send me a good cookie recipe (if anyone still bakes and cooks anymore?) Recipes that don't involve edward, jazz, carlisle, dreams, bella and jacob, bella and edward, water sports, fanfiction....b/c dad wants evidence, I guess. *panic attack...not animal attack - that comes after the panic attack*

That is a great onesie...! My son has a crazy tshirt that everyone loves on him except me....but my hubby doesn't have a clue what I'm a Cullen means....My hubby is not crazy about vampires b/c he was raised by a woman that reminds me of Elvira! You know that movie lady...or maybe it's cruella deville.... *shudder* My motherinlaw (or rather monsterinlaw)....luckily likes ME better than the other daughter in laws. May they RIP!

beesue said...

@Meadow - OK I just finished reading Gravity - Yeah, I'm like a Wine-O with a new bottle of Mad Dog 20-20 - I can't stop 'til I finish the whole thing!!

Anywho - this Nightshade is DEE-EEP! Meadow, it IS a good read and I cried! Bella is killing Edward and it killed me too! You also get to see "Bad Jacob" which did my heart good - always knew he couldn't control himself-put that dog in his kennel!!

@Isabella and Susan - Congratulations! am feelin like Alice and wantin to plan a baby shower!

@robin - Luv your new picture - Rob is lookin mighty hot on the NM set-I swear - that guy makes my panties go up in flames!

Alliebeth said...

Mr. Allie is a doll for putting up with it as much as he does. He bitches frequently, but then brings me home the audiobooks, any magazine that has a picture of rob on the cover, he must not mind too much. He's dying to have a baby, so my theory is anything that gets me in the mood is fine by him!

@robin(me)- I have a weird photographic memory, so when I see or read anything that interests me, I almost always recreate it as a dream. If you've read 'warmth' then you know what I was dreaming about ;) said...

@Meadow, Meadow
I'll say one thing for you..she was a brave soul! Sorry, tho I'm SWITZERLAND here. (ok chicken shit is more like it)
I hate Jacob b/c I hate whinning dogs! My neighborhood dogs howl all night long. How can I dream of Edward when Jacob howls all.bloody.night! *sheesh* Get a muzzle!

Anyway, I did love Gravity. And yes, like you, @beesue - I cried like a baby & hey, wine helps me deal with Jacob issues.

BABY shower - HEY fun! We'll get the Volturi, Denali clan and have a huge party! I'!

@robin(me)! "Edward, u drive me nuts in NM - quit being such a wuss and either bitch bite or hitch onto her and do it like bunnies and GET>IT>OVER>WITH!" Do ppl stand back when u speak? *snicker* UH yea, ur a lawyer that's right! But, I do concur!

don't change ur baby's name. Meadow's right - as long as u don't name it renesanesame....*ick*
oh, Connor is really cute and looks quite mischievous!
And I don't have cookie recipes - maybe Edward can bake u some since he watches the food channel.

Mystify Me said...

QUOTE:Rob Pattinson
"I got drunk last night and apparently told Taylor Lautner I love him. Damn. This is how it started with TomStu. I don't need another one. "
Well this puts a new spin on things.

Gina said...

@ Meadow!!!!

*this is me talking really loudly, on the verge of yelling* HOLY CRAP girl!!! That is a great fanfic you rec'd!!!!! THAT is how NM SHOULD have been! Bella should have moved on a bit and Edward should have come back to see that the world doesnt revolve around him. (just because MY world revolves around Robward, doesnt give him the right to KNOW it! That would make him conceited.) This relationship wil need to be pieced back together, not an instant thing like SM did. Anyone heard of trust? How can Bella trust him so easily after shattering her heart? I have only made it a couple of chapters before i have to stop and ... oh, i dont know, feed the kids or some stupid shit. (kidding, if you dont already know) And it is Easter and all, maybe I better go now.

But more reading after everyone is in bed...

robnutmeg said...

I totally agree w/ you!

OOOH. You know it's like Stephanie Meyer HATED Bella and had this indecent disgusting crush on Edward b/c lord knows no one out there feels the same way about him! Why else would she have Bella get beaten up (Twilight), cut up & heartbroken (NM), stalked (Eclipse) and finally torn to shreds from the insides (BD)!
That's why Gravity makes u feel like if I'm going to relate to this girl - I need some retribution or some REVENGE b/c my theory is: I don't get mad, I get even! or it ain't happening Baby. But I think I would have loved it better with Laurent over the dawg. He wouldn't have wanted to kill me if I met him in the meadow, at least I don't think so!

@Mystify me
WTF? Rob better have been VERY drunk. Better yet, LA LA LA LA I didn't hear that. Oh I think I need a little bit of Spike to get me through this. I need to lie down, I feel sick... Shoot me now.

robnutmeg said...

Ur welcome!!

robnutmeg said...

I'm sorry about ur dreaming situation or lack thereof. Jacob is such a nuisance! Geez just someone let.him.out or like @beesue said - put him in the kennel!

About ur dream! DAMN girl I'd kill for a dream that would make me moan Edward's name & you moaned the other names too?...AND I'm single well I still have a BF but he doesn't really count. Plus I could have sworn he moaned Alice's name the other night...*muttering swear words right now*

robnutmeg said...

Robalicious picture take 1! I hope this works, I'm Renee, I repel technology!

robnutmeg said...

He looks like PE! I'm gonna find another picture! This sucks.

robnutmeg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robnutmeg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robnutmeg said...

Ok this is my last try!
I may not smoke but in this case I'm willing to make an exception...besides who needs a ciggy to SMOKE!

OCD Sufferer said...

Hey ladies....I am sorry I haven't posted today, but I have been reading and reading and reading and let's just say this:
I LOVE F***ING UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA! I now know why you guys love this stupid story so much! I forced myself to start reading it last night thinking I could never get past hearing "angel" Edward talk the way he talks. But I (almost used the F-word as I said this...geez, he rubs off on ya) LOVE HIM!! Oh my gosh!
Is it crazy that I am rooting for 2 teenagers to do the deed??? (had to add a little ILLA in there too lol)
I swear--and this is saying a lot because I never, ever, ever use expletives (hehe)--I am just wanting to say f-ing about everything! haha
So, I doubt I will be posting anymore tonight ladies, I might need a few cold showers while I try to finish this.

Ginger Swan said...

@Alliebeth, thank you for the laugh. I actually laughed so hard at your telling of your talking in your sleep that I had to explain it to Mr. Ginger who was wondering why I was laughing.

@Isabella, I got your cookie recipe, I just need a minute to look it up. I made a batch of them when meeting a potential birthmother and she loved them, and ended up choosing us to parent her child. Was it the cookies? Maybe, maybe not... just saying, they are GOOD cookies!

@Susan, I think I'm in love with your MIL. Can she be my MIL too? Or maybe my Aunt?

Hey guys, we were just giving Meadow a hard time. She knows we love her!!!

Happy Easter everyone! I have to tell you a cool story. Last night Mr. Ginger and I watched "The Secret Life of Bees" which I HIGHLY recommend. Awesome movie, and such a great reminder of how far we've come with racism... by the way racism sucks, especially for a parent of a black child, like me. Anyway, it was starring Dakota Fanning. Well, Dakota is a member of my church. Today, when we got our of our car we saw that Dakota Fanning and her family had parked directly behind us and also had just gotten out of their car. So I walked up to Dakota and told her how we had just watched that movie the night before and how much we loved it. Her younger sister is in my son's Sunday School class, so I've seen her a number of times. Anyway, she was so sweet and appreciative of what we said. Then about an hour later, when we were in the middle of the Easter service it dawned on me... DUH... She's in New Moon, and I didn't even mention it!!!! FAIL! Anyway, I'm totally on Team Dakota when it comes to Jane because Dakota is always so nice and gracious when I see her at church.

sakixry said...

Hellooooo! Again I'm a little late but I really had a H.U.G.E. fight with my bf and wasn't in a very good mood all day long... I also wasn't in a mood to stay indoors so I wasn't home to read you... Sorry about that...

@Meadow: Since last time and I Love LA, I WILL ALWAYS TRUST YOU! I will even trust you with this one and read it! No, I dont like Bella to throw her legs around anybody else but Edward but if it's just to punish little Edward... well... ok. Make him beg on his knees!!

@League: Girls, girls! This story isn't about the mawg! Its about E/B. The mawg is just a little bit involved to spice things up!

@Gina: I agree with you. I also didn't despise Jacob. I liked him as a friend to Bella. He was a good friend although he had blue balls all the time...

@robin(me): it like bunnies? bahahaha!!!
Congrats for the wonderful pic!!

@Allie: bahahaha!! Poor Mr. Allie must be tired of writing on post it notes! Do you remember anything of your dreams?

@robnutmeg: the way you describe what happens to Bella in each book... (get beaten up (Twilight), cut up & heartbroken (NM), stalked (Eclipse) and finally torn to shreds from the insides (BD)) does make somebody to really feel pity for her... is that really something you wish to do??? I don't know... since yesterday something is wrong with you and your bff... have you two taken your pills??
Great pic by the way! I guess we both love the GQ pics... :)))

sakixry said...

@Ginger: aaaaahhh! You really did forgot she's in New Moon?? That's kinda funny for somebody who was a blog about Twilights Robward you know... ha haha! Is she really kind and sweet and so? I hope she doesn't change after being bff with KStewpid...

Ninja Fanpire said...

*Was taking care of some Ninja things last night and missed it, forgot the rest of today.*

Well, Bella probably would have ended up with Jacob eventually if Edward never did come back. She never would have been truly happy, obviously.

Meadow, make up for it by posting the story I sent you, where Bella kicks his @ss!

robnutmeg said...

LOVED ur Easter story...! (The Secret Life of Bees) She's right, ladies....HIGHLY recommend it! WHAT? You forgot about Dakota being in NM
(wow) u.r.slipping girl!
Well, we'll forgive u b/c well we don't get to see anyone around here. Not even when u jump on top of a bar!
I'm just a nobody in the big bad world!

I don't know about the rest of us readers, but we love all of u guys on the League! w/o u being there, we wouldn't be here!

I went to church today, too. I love Easter. I sat there with my little godson with his little messy, chocolate gooey hand in mine and I JUST melted (after I got a little grossed out of course)! And I said to myself: SELF, u've got it made!
Friends are my family and they mean the world to me...sniff sniff.

This is a kodak moment!

I'll be back to my
life by tomorrow, I'm sure.

Isabella's MIL is cruella deville intensified...she NOT kidding! But we love the

are u dead?

Alliebeth said...

@sakixry- I do remember them all, and they are DEFINITELY worth remembering! I could probably write some pretty smutty fanfics if I just copied down my dreams...and made him say 'Bella' instead of my name...

I also forgot to mention that Mr. Allies middle name is Edward, so at first I tried to play it off as 'ohh, you know...just got tired of calling you Mr. Allie..' Yeah, he didn't buy that for a second.

I've been reading Gravity on and off all day and I love it! It's definitely not a team Jake story. Great recommendation Meadow!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: I'm aliveeeee! Still I mean! Thank God and the Easter Bunny! I don't like weekends I think...they don't let me to be as close to you as I wish!
That's a very nice picture you draw us with you and you little godson in the church!

sakixry said...

@Allie: You're such a lucky girl!!! Me and my lack of memory... I hate that... together with Greece not having the Twilight DVD for sale yet...grrrr...

robnutmeg said...

this dirty comment thingy box didn't print my whole robward statement - it was damn good too but i don't remember now what i wrote..but it was good! really.

u know, i said that SM hates Bella and if I were Bella after all that crap happened to me, I would have made Edward PAY a little. Then after he begged me for forgiveness, I'd knock him down and ravish him before he knew what hit him!
Oh and sorry about the BF fight. KNOW the feeling. Sweetie bug wouldn't go to church with me b/c he doesn't like kids. What's next he hates the Easter Bunny? GEEZ. I can't stand this edgy stuff, ya know?

thanks about the picture....oooh makes me swoon....

AND no I'm not on pills? I'm supposed to be on pills? That explains alot.

Ginger Swan said...

I know guys, I was totally slipping by not thinking of NM when I saw Dakota, but it's only because we had watched her other movie the night before.

@robnutmeg, that sounds like a beautiful Easter moment you had. Mr. Ginger and I don't live near any extended family, so we've had to form our own extended family through our friends.

@robin(me) I forgot to say that when I was younger, it was my dream to have a wolf, or 1/2 wolf, 1/2 German Shepherd, after seeing the "Journey of Natty Gann".

@sakixry, I'm sorry you had a big fight with your bf. I know that's a huge mood-killer. But glad you found your way to us eventually today.

@Ninja, I was wondering where you were! Glad everything is ok.

robin(me) said...

Yes, bunnies. Cross over with the whole Buffy thing again. I've got a theory, it must be bunnies....
*violently shaking head out of fog*
You know, I started bursting out in major chuckles with the apple scene in Twilight the first time I saw it...
"I'd rather hear your theories.." OH god, it just slipped, I said must be bunnies!
Ginger can relate to this!

AND no it's not pills, I borrowed kstewpid's "pipe" shhhhhhh.

I like my picture better! na na nana na!
WTF? u said, and I quote, GROSS take this kid and wash his hands...end quote. *rolling eyes*

robin(me) said...

Did you say you want a dog? You can have Trainwreck..he's housebroken...well at least he doesn't pee in the house....but he's called TRAINWRECK for a reason! *let ur imagination take u*

sakixry said...

stupid bf's... they can go drown themselves... baaaahhh...
anyway... robin(me) can lend us kstewpids pipe so we wont need pills anymore too.

i must sleep now... it's 3 am and i'm working tomorrow!

see you tomorrow!!!

HappyHourSue said...

Thanks for the link! I love Gravity- read the whole thing in one sitting and have it bookmarked!!! Really well-written- almost as good as Wide Awake.

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me), no I don't want a dog. That was just a fleeting wish after seeing that movie. I quickly realized that I am a cat person and somehow I ended up with 6 cats.

robin(me) said...

it was worth a shot. no, i'll keep him. he's at least a good watchdog!

Susan said...

@Ginger You'd probably love her, she's truly amazing!

She has a t-shirt that says "How about this one? What kind of girl travels with a mummified corpse... and doesn't even pack lipstick?" she got on e-bay. Ha!

Ginger Swan said...

@Susan, OH, Ampata, the Inca Mummy Girl!!! OMG I LOVE your MIL!!! Seriously! She needs to adopt me STAT!

Anni said...

(This is Nightshade, the author of the story you recced!)

I have to admit, I was really excited when you said you were going to recommend this on your site-- but SERIOUSLY woman!? You picked the most god-awful quote EVER to advertise it! aghhh, I have a whole slew of people thinking it's a team Jacob smut-fest and to be honest, I don't think there's anyone out there who hates Jacob as much as I do.

Is there any way to repair this horrible, horrible damage? X_X;

I still love that you thought to recommend it though :)

sakixry said...

@Anni: aaaah! what an honour! the author of the wonderful story "Gravity"!! Dearest Meadow just wanted to prove something with her mentioning the specific quote! She told us it's not a Team Jacob story and somebody can figure it out of course by reading it!

Spank Ransom said...

@ Anni - Wow! What a cool treat to check comments and see the author of the fan-fic wrote in! I will say that Meadow's recommendations are only of the best... she scores through TONS of fan-fics to find them. I am pleased you found us and please don't worry about people thinking it is Team Jacob. We just love giving each other a hard time.... I, Spank (resident dog-hater), have already begun reading this and am hooked. You're very talented and I hope to read more of your stories. If you are interested in writing one about Spank and Edward, you have my express permission. ;)

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

@Anni *apologetic grin* I knew that you probably wouldn't love the quote I chose, but if you haven't noticed we're not exactly "Team Jacob" around here either so I knew it'd get a response from the girls.

Our readers really responded to your story, though, and I hope you were able to read all their comments. They trust me enough to know I wouldn't send them anywhere that they'd have to dwell on the shapeshifter too much. ;)

deconstructing jen said...

I always love your fanfic recommendations. I'm definitely going to check this one out. Edward definitely deserved to get a little more a throttling once he returned. The oh, I just forgive you because you are so you bs was a bit too sticky sweet for me.

Have you read this fic? It's REALLY good as well. It starts out Bella/Jacob but does get around to being Bella/Edward. Really worth the read.

Ginger Swan said...

@Anni/Nightshade, Your comment was hilarious! I'm so relieved to hear you feel the same way we do about the Dog. (or as some of our readers have called him "Mawg"...half-man, half-dog, he's his own best friend)

Meadow was just trying to get a rise out of us with that quote. And I think she convinced everyone that it truly was not a Team Jacob fanfic. I know a ton of people who responded on Twitter and said they're going to read Gravity since Meadow has never steered them wrong before.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment!!!

Anni said...

Oh my god. MAWG?! hahaha you can't just THROW something like that on me! You need to give me a warning! I nearly snorted orange juice through my nose!

You ladies are hilarious, I love this site!

robnutmeg said...

u wrote gravity? now that was good.

yeah mawg was kinda me - it kinda just slipped out. love spaceballs.

I also have been known to get mad and want to kick a I call for Jacob, Here Jacob - Come boy!

AND I almost didn't read Gravity b/c well man I hate Jacob - almost as much as kstewpid but let's not go glad that Meadow talked me into it! I trust Meadow!

Christy said...

Meadow - I trust you and your recs!!

Christy said...

Totally sucked into Gravity. Dreamed of what might happen next last night.

Georgie said...

This is my problem with fanfic: I don't like reading things that are different from the original. I prefer reading fic that keeps everything from the books but is after them. So that the books are a reference that help build a new story. Not simply changing the original.