Saturday, April 11, 2009

How To Meadow No Meadow?

Ok, here is something in NM that's going to drive me batty. The meadow was such an integral part of the book script in Twilight (especially) and also in the New Moon book. In the Twilight film the meadow was a very small part and didn't have nearly the impact that the meadow had in the Twilight book. And I was disappointed when the movie came out because it was one of the most anticipated scenes for me.

One of the most heat racing parts of reading New Moon (after Edward left) was when Bella kept trying to get herself back to the meadow, to find him, to hear him again. But since "the meadow" never happened in the Twillight film there is no way they can make it happen in the New Moon movie, or if they do it won't have the depth that it had in print.

When she finally reaches the meadow in New Moon and he's not there... I was devastated. Perhaps they'll still do it because of Laurent and the pack, but it won't have the emotional impact on me as it did in the book. Thoughts?

My inclination is to say that they will have the scene but then Melissa Rosenberg is so good at doing things like "remove blood testing scene for lame greenhouse effect" and "rather than have Bella meet the family and have conversation, let's have a really awkward moment in the kitchen where Rosalie breaks a bowl while wearing leather gloves and the squirrels, I mean, Alice and Jasper enter through the window because that will SHOW the audience how quirky she is..."

What, you have an issue with compost tea and worms? Do I even know you?

*snicker* Who knows, with all the "lets take important things and get rid of them" festivities maybe Bella won't even go looking for Laurent in the Meadow. Maybe she'll do her nails while Jacob braids her hair in his garage instead. *rolling my eyes*

Or Bella can braid Jacob's wig hair.

Hmm... Maybe in the new script Laurent, Jacob, and Bella will have a tea party in the meadow and trade tips on living with their hairpieces. They can segue into "the fight" when the other werewolves show up and Jacob has to kick Laurent's ass to defend his manhood. Then Laurent dies, we find out Jacob is a werewolf, AND we get to skip the Jacob-tells-Bella-his-secret scene. (I know, I know, I'm brilliant.)

Or Jacob and Bella do it in the meadow, as it should have been with Edward!

*passing out from shock at what Spider just said*

Well, that would sure as hell show Edward for leaving.

Spider and Meadow, are you both insane? Have you utterly lost your minds? That's bestiality!

*gagging* Hmm... Stephenie Meyer is kinkier than I've given her credit for. After all, Bella "can have puppies, if that's what it takes."



Ninja Fanpire said...

*Sets picture as desktop background.*

You know Spank, I think Meadow still has issues with Team Rob.

Meadow, your idea is genius.

No, no Spider! They have to do it in the tent in Eclipse! That would definitely "sure as hell show Edward for leaving."

Midnight_lady said...

Nah, NM Bella goes all lesbo and does it in the meadow with Alice.......................

Defo show Edward he was a fool for leaving and will give the pack something to mull over after they slaughter Laurent.

Total Fanpires said...

I totally agree with @NingaFanipre

faith_83 said...

Morning Ladies!! Ohh New Moon...I wanted to die when Edward left because it just made the book soooo boring(not because he left Bella, don´t get me wrong) Who really cares about Jacob at least I don't..oops I say that out loud...
For awhile I thougth Bella was falling in love with Jacob.
Did anybody else get that feeling??
I honestly thought that Edward was still hanging around watching over Bella, and that was why she was hearing the voices...
I love the changes that Edward goes through. He becomes so much darker and practically goes crazy when Rosalie tells him that Bella is dead...
Honestly I didn´t really like NM. I just found myself waiting for Edward to come back...
@Spider it would be a total lost if they cut the meadow scene...but we just gonna have to wait and see!!

Susan said...

Rob on New Moon Set, mmm.

Anyway...I am looking forward to this movie, and hoping my excitement when it comes out 2 days before I am due with my first baby doesn't make me go into early labor from shock and excitement.

I mean...If I start having a baby while watching New Moon...does that mean it is meant to have a Twilight-based name? Fate will tell.

Personally I pushed through most of New Moon - but hopefully the movie won't drag on too bad like the book did. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but the middle? Ugh.

Ninja Fanpire said...

But you won't leave the theater, right Susan? That baby'll get born in the theater aisle before you walk out of NM!

Caitlin said...

I agrees, New Moon was my least favorite book. The middle was so long and dragged out. We know she wasn't going to end up with Jacob, for heaven's sake she was using him to hear a voice inside her head!!

as for the meadow scene I'm sure they have to put in in there becasue of the whole wolf thing, and I bet theyll take out her looking for it so furitively and make it more of a coincedence that she shows up there.

I mean they have to introduce the wolves some how without completely re-writing the book!

Ninja Fanpire said...

And Laurent has to die, of course.

Well, if they REALLY wanted to mess things up, I'm sure the Volturi could kill him fornoreasonwhatsoever.

OCD Sufferer said...

I am having a hard time thinking good thoughts today because I read the new chapter of I Love LA last night and I am just thoroughly depressed, lol.
I hated NM (the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time--the 1st time I was looking for Edward everytime I turned the page)! I totally skip the Jacob part when I read it now...makes it a very short read, lol.
I was SO UPSET when I found out that Edward wasn't really "sending messages" to her! I totally thought it was really him :(
As for the meadow, I don't really care what they do with it. They screwed it up in the first movie, so they can have Laurent try to eat her at the restaurant for all I care! Maybe in the cafeteria at school, and he can grab Jessica and Mike while he is at it! LOL
I am looking forward to the movie, but at the same time I am not. I always cry when Edward leaves Bella (no longer for her, but I cry cause I know how hard it hurt HIM!) My only excitement is that they are adding lots and lots of glimpses of Edward! I don't think I could sit through a 2-hr movie with only 15-20 mins of Rob to look at! They better show sexy glimpses..maybe lots of bedroom scenes (real or imagined!! HAHA)
Anyway, who cares at this point. CH messed up the whole meadow excitement, so they can really do anything now :(
*Yeah, I guess my depression is spilling over to twilight...maybe I will read some Warmth before I head out to work....then again, I don't have time for a shower again....
see you guys this afternoon! Hope I feel better by then, I plan to read some Midnight Sun @ work so I can get back in my happy place ;)

Brenda Jean said...

I didn't hate New Moon-- but I also don't picture Jacob as Taylor in my head-- he's much taller, buffer and hunkier. Yeah, I hated that Edward left and thought Bella kind of over did the "I don't want to live anymore" thing, but it was all worth it in the end. Everyone has to understand that there HAD to be some type of Jacob. There wouldn't have been 4 books without that conflict. Seriously-- Bella and Edward making up was SO worth reading about Jacob. I know-- you all hate me. BAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh back to the Meadow Scene-- I SO agree with Spank-- I HATED the greenhouse scene and the bowl/gloves scene. How lame, and it's the same screen writer this time. Ugh. Who knows what they will do? Can we stage a protest? A Riot? BAHAHAHAHA

Susan said...

@Ninja Fanpire You bet! "But Edward...He's coming! I KNOW IT!" "The baby?" "No...Robert Pattison! On the screen!"

robin(me) said...

Hello Ladies
Mr. Ginger, I love the pic! AND for the record, I read you "deep thoughts" and I've been to LA Push, Baby, La Push MANY times and it's not gay! However, Eric is!

I'm with you girl. Spider and Meadow are having a breakdown...
So am I.
The Meadow, Meadow, Meadow - somehow to me the Meadow in the book WAS not some back yard of a school OR some California golf course. But hey that's just me!
I hated that green house scene, wtf was that about? GREEN is good? That's not funny when you live in EVERgreen WA! AND you know how it gets GREEN? Not by compost tea! ARGGGGG!
Hey you know, Meadow, you may have a point there with the whole FIGHT thing between Laurent & Jacobman! I personally LOVE Laurent or maybe it's EDI? Not sure. Bella should maybe do Laurent and the wolves? Maybe that would make her shut up about having sex....MUTE her boys! like Ariel so that when Edward comes back he can french kiss her! I don't really care what happens to Bella in NM. That book, DROVE me to drink a whole case of wine the first time around. AND I skipped 10 chapters! I had no idea who Jacob was!

The kitchen scene and the Rosebowl...*chuckles* OH god, I hated that part, too!

Hey I like that idea of the Volturi killing Bella off. I'm telling you, Robin is READY to step in.

I read the tent scene AGAIN in Eclipse last night. Of course I embolished quite a bit. It would be quite the hoot if Jacob & Bella did the deed in front of Edward since he's so "whatever makes you happy, Bella honey" and "you're only human" OK Fella, I'll show you how HUMAN I am!

BRAIDING Jacob's wig? *Hysterically laughing right now!*

grrrr arg.

Ninja Fanpire said...


And don't forget! "She can have puppies if she wants."
Edward, I think she wants to do it doggie style and have them puppies now!

robin(me) said...

OH and then they can sell the puppies b/c LORD knows that they don't have enought Twilight merchanidise out there! Doggie style...*cringe*

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robin(me) and everyone else:

Similar one:

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning League!

BFF Robin called me (woke me up and out of my first Edwardream ever!) to tell me to! Oh Edward, Edward! At least, I think it was him. Yep, it was. He refused to bite me! But it was quite ..... fade to black. AND it was FADE to Black b/c that's when Robin called me.
And I'm not going to lose my temper this time b/c she's my friend and we're going to be nice to each other.

my first dream...wahhhhhhh. Ok I'm better now.

Mr. Ginger
LOVE the picture, Edward on a broom. Now that's something you don't see everyday! LOL

OH New Moon drove me to go see a therapist! My least fav book and the only part I liked was the Volturi. Now they have potential! There is something quite sexy about Aro. Let's hope they get a decent actor to play him!

@Spider & Meadow
You know there's nothing wrong with Bella practicing with Laurent or Jacob..LORD KNOWS she needs it. She can't even seduce a sex driven blood thirsty vampire? Maybe that's the reason Edward doesn't need "stretch jeans". OMG!

Those were delicious pictures. And what baby? Go see that movie girl - you can have a baby anytime but RP comes first. *maahaahaa*

I.had.a.dream...lalalala ABBA karaoke, what a memory. AND I had a dream. GEEZ. Life sucks.
I understand your feelings towards NM. It killed me. But I'll go see it, like the rest of you, b/c well b/c!

The kitchen scene. "gee she does smell good" OH WTF? Didn't I see Edward/Rpatz word that when Alice said that comment to Bella? Rose and her bowls? What's up with her? A salad bowl in Twilight and a doggie bowl in BD? Although I loved that doggie bowl.

@Ninja & Robin(me)
DOGGIE style? 2nd cringe! Puppies for sale. Rare breed! Long hair, muscular, brown eyes and ANNOYING as hell!

I kinda (don't shoot me) liked the green house scene. I felt like killing Jessica for INTERRUPTING Eddy and Bella. Manners? Geez, born in a barn or something? God, Jessica!

oh where are u, soon to be roomie?

TwiDW said...

Just like CH and MR completely missed portraying Edward and Bella's relationship in the Twilight movie, I am sure MR is going to do a crappy job with Edward's leaving Bella. New Moon is such a painful book to read- not enough Edward aside- because of Bella's intense pain, and I seriously doubt that they will be able to transfer it to the movie. I mean look what they did to Twilight!!! What made them pretty much do away with the meadow scene and what was SM thinking when she allowed it? Isn't the entire Twilight saga centered around SM's dream- the meadow scene!

Now that there has been no real meadow scene in Twilight, how are they going to show Bella looking for it? Don't get me wrong- I will be at the midnight showing of New Moon regardless, but I don't have high hopes! I am pretty sure I could have done a better job with the adaptation from book to movie. Maybe they need a consultant???

robin(me) said...

A new consultant and a new Bella!

But srsly ladies, those NM set pictures of RP that Susan shared are breathtaking. *gasp* It does look like they've improved the vampire look especially on Edward. Wait, maybe that's just gorgeous RP shining through. NOPE he's wearing the Cullen crest so he's in costume and has GOLDEN eyes! YUMMY!

I say - let's give the boy (CW) a chance!

Anonymous said...

I just found you ladies, and am so glad to find people that hated the changed parts of the movie as much as I. I too fear the changes that will be made to NM. It'll probably just take place anywhere...I feel like Melissa doesn't even care - why'd she mess with these things in the first place! Grrrr...

Susan said...

Mr. Susan seems to think that this movie should be interesting, he interested in seeing the Volturi but he said I am not allowed to stay if I am in labor, poo. I told him then he can be the one to watch the baby while I go watch it myself afterward. Bwahaha! Honestly, I wouldn't be able to do that, but I can dream I guess.

I like his look better too, Robin. I swooned for a good while over those.

I told him I will be ultra pissed if HE stays, though. But a teeny bit proud of his Twi-fandom. But mostly pissed.

Ana Elisa said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies
I feel I know you and have adopted all of you as my own.....
OH yeah I'm Heather, Robin's very pregnant and uncomfortable-backaching-can' daughter.
Thanks for keeping my mom so busy these last few weeks so I never get to see her...*uh hem* NO NO NO That's actually a good thing. NO NO NO, I didn't mean that either!! and meg is my godmother - and my son's godgrandmother...I know hard to believe, isn't it?
They wreck havoc but they are indeed the best!
I love this blog. AND trust me I've read them all - seen them all!

I feel like something should be said about the GRESHAM saw mill. UH that was a HUGE oops in the movie b/c HELLO? I have cousins living in GRESHAM and it's in bloody OREGON! God, I could have jumped out of my theatre seat and screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw that!

I concur with all the comments and YAH, hi Susan - fellow pregnant friend to be....How are you feeling? I hate to say this but not even Edward helped me with the morning/noon/day/evening sickness. I looked liked him and the Cullens though. And I felt like Bella! OH can't think about that right now. SCARES me!

You guys, though, have very very dirty much so that I never knew (b/c i can't read minds, like EC, damnit!) my mother had such a MIND...Mr. Robin IS.MY.DAD and Dad, mom's gone nuts.
Oh and I never knew they went to Vancouver either...geez the daughter is the last to know!

I think I relate to you the most. Not sure why and that's a tad bit scary since you.named.yourself.spider! Geez! I need to go back to personality testing and see what went wrong with me. Oh it's the pregnancy! That's it.

Edward makes me have contractions and right now that wouldn't be good since I'm only 28 wks along. Little girl is already KICKING to get out so she can have a piece of Edward, I think.

Anyway, nice to meet all of you - LOVE you guys. Try to keep mum outa trouble, PULEEZE!

Ninja Fanpire said...


Spider's mom named her....Don't ask about that. Or Spank. Or the meadow that Meadow was born in. But you can ask Ginger anything, she's the worst at keeping her identity a secret.

Ninja Fanpire said...

And you don't have to be Anonymous. Spider doesn't bite.....anyone who's Team Robward.

Susan said...

@Anonymous Hi hi :) I'm alright. I read through Breaking Dawn right after I found out I was pregnant, and was horrified.

Good to be of service :D

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Hi Ninja & Susan

Spider's mom named her? Ok not going there. I still like her, though LIKE I like all the LEAGUE. I'!

Carlisle's cold Ob/gyn hands and the speculum....posts a few days ago...O.M.G. That cracks me up even now. Hey if Carlisle was MY doctor forget the draped sheet, if you know what I mean!

Robin, OK uh MOM? I refuse to call you Robin(me) that is totally sick and LA LA LA LA I can't think of that....Howdver, I do see the appeal of said Robert or Bedward or Robward,etc. etc. etc.

Ok so I'm no longer anon but I'm still emo! This sucks.

Oh Susan,
Didn't anyone warn you about BD? So sorry! I read it b4 I got prego (part 2 - i have a 2 year old) and I still have nightmares...geez lueeez. Hey I love it that you want to stay in the theatre to watch NM in the event you go laborcity but is this your first? Take it from me...LISTEN to Mr. Susan!

Susan said...

Yeah this is my first baby, as I said, I'd listen, but I can dream.
I read it before I got pregnant, and it wasn't so....graphic to me beforehand when I read it. When are you having your baby? I'd assume soon.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

The League
I grew up watching Buffy...know Angel & Spike quite well as did most of my tween friends....
Spike v Edward?
I don't know. But wouldn't it be just lickity to see them together though? Spike would just EAT Bella - he likes blondes, like me!
Mom, Robin, tells me very little about everything that goes on here...(yeah well now I can see WHY?) anywho, I do so solemnly despise Jacobmawg and I HATE kstewpid. As to most 20 somethings out there. And it's not b/c she has to KISS Rpatz, which is such a chore I'm sure *rolling eyes* it's just*! grrrrr.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I'm due July 4th. If you see fireworks - well that's the reason!

Susan said...

I am 21... Haha. I was 20 when I got married.

Gotta love Spike. I have all the action figures of him, and met him at Dragon*con. He gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek, and told me I made an adorable catgirl (I had ears and a tail as a costume haha) I almost melted into nothingness.
His CD is pretty good too.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I'm 22. got married at 19. had my son at 20. runs in the family. my mom got married to my dad at 18 - they were together for 4 years. my hubby Mr. Heather was my first bf at 14, dad almost killed him! that's only b/c mom's dad almost killed him! it's a tradition!
WOA, woa from SPIKE? Oh so jealous! CD? I know every word and sing every song from ONCE MORE WITH FEELING but what CD? Tell me.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Darn this thing. I'm trying to download a pic of my son.

Susan said...

James Marsters' CD
He sings, and plays guitar.
He has 2, actually
Like a Waterfall and Civilized Man

He was in a lot of bands as lead singer such as Ghost of the Robot.

He does have a good voice, though.

robnutmeg said...

Hello again
I love ya goddaughter. UH Connor -my fav godgrandchild!

Now now, Isabella...
Be nice about ur mum! You know she's had ur issues with her Rob/Edward feelings....

You didn't happen to read all my comments on this - uh - blog did you? *ready to sprint like edward after a baseball*

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I just checked itunes, damn not there. Guess I have to check out and get the CD the old way.

omg has my family gone actually crazeeeeee? i.don't.know.u la la la la la la la la
Yes I can read, and you don't need to PROTECT me from the big bad world....(unless of course you are Edward - Edward, darling, hear me with your vampire ears!)

Meg, oh I mean seem to think that I'm still 5 years old, don't you? *violently shaking head*

Hey, did I scare everyone away or something? Well besides Susan?

robin(me) said...

Hello League, daughter, robnutmeg, Susan - uh Connor!

I'm here, I'm here. Don't have that baby! I'm buzeee making Easter dinner b/c someone has to go visit the INLAWS on EASTER Sunday..mmm???? *sheesh*

The League is the best, we love the League! Sorry about the family reunion, geez!

Ginger Swan said...

Morning ladies! (well still morning for me) @isabella (formerly anonymous) I'm SO glad you joined the party! We felt like we knew you too! But I understand you freaking out just a bit about the things your mom says. I'm fairly certain I'd feel the same way if my mom said those things... though my mom was raised Amish, and I'm pretty sure she's still a virgin anyway. ;)
I love the name Connor, but PLEASE tell me you didn't name your son after Angel's bratty kid! Unless it's Connor from the last season of Angel. I liked him much better then. Yay, another Buffy/Spike/Angel fan has joined the group!

@Susan, I'm fairly sure you inspired the horrible nightmare I had last night. In my dream, I found out I was pregnant (8 and 1/2 weeks) with my fourth child. *horror* and I was flipping out and Mr. Ginger was all sentimental, saying, "Ah, we're having another baby!!!!". Anyway, thank goodness I woke up and it was all a bad dream. VERY bad dream.

To all the NM haters... I suffered through the book the first time, but each time I've read it since, I go straight from chapter 2 to chapter 12. That way I never get to the part where Edward leaves, and I can pretend he went on some Cullen business trip to Italy, then Alice shows up, whisks Bella to Italy to help Edward get out of trouble with the Volturi. Yes, I like that version much better.

Also, I too was soooo disappointed that Edward's voices that Bella heard weren't actually Edward watching over her, but was all in her insane head. I think if Melissa knows what's best for her, she'll have written it that Edward WAS actually watching over Bella and saying those things to her, and Bella thought they were in her head. And then maybe he sees her becoming more friendly with Jacob, so he decides to leave, and then the Cliffdiving happens when he's joined the Cullens... and he hears the devastating news and runs to Italy. Yes, why didn't they just have me write it?

Where's @sakixry?

Ginger Swan said...

Oh, and that's actually Harry Potter on the broom. That was Mr. Ginger's idea to make the picture even sillier.

Ninja Fanpire said...


Ahahaha, I had a dream not too long ago that I was preggo. And due anytime. And I was worried about what I was going to name the baby. Don't know who the heck the father was!

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Why thank you, for your welcome greeting! I've read all comments (and I do mean ALL) - ugh - that my mom has written. Did I say UGH? Amish? *chuckling like santa here - sad to say I look like him when i wear RED...*

I have a confession: My dad told me about this whole blogging thing and told me to - yes, it started off as "spying" but now i've been converted to the "dark side" so you are out of luck, DAD.

I'll just tell Dad that this is a completely harmless nonsexual and no one even talks about Rob whatshisname? site that everyone just trades cookie's that? *wink*


OH and thank you - I love the name Connor too. And he's not named for Angel's brat different spelling Conner. Although, I don't know I did have a slight thing for Conner, sorry. But NO. Although the twilovingfamily have nicknamed Connor - Cullen now. OOOHHH. Ticks me off! Daddy to Connor and unborn baby girl, goes UH? Twilight what? Cullen who? Edward who?
That's the way it stays!

Why Ginger, don't you want another baby? MMM.

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
CH screwed up on so many things in Twi-the Meadow scene is only the tip of the iceberg. What about Jasper's power - never mentioned.
I really think that Edward's leaving won't have that big of an effect because as @twiDW said - they really don't have much of a relationship. They didn't say "I Luv You".
I wanted to see Bella come down the stairs snd say "I'm Decent" - and pass out when Edward kissed her and what about "Mind over Matter"! Those were such sexy scenes! Rob would have been soooo good- "You are utterly indecent -no one should look so tempting, it's not fair". OMG - I have read that sooooo many times.

@OCD - Yep am also very upset w/feathers. I cried last night - Grace is an idiot!

Olivia said...

@Spider--The thought never occurred to me, but you're 100% right. That scene was amazing, especially reading it for the first time when she walked into the meadow and no one was there.

@Ginger--I was really sad when the voices weren't really Edward either! I was SO sure that when he left he wasn't REALLY gone, and I thought the voices proved that :(

Question though...why is Harry Potter in the picture?

Love you ladies.

~Jamie said...

Okay, let me just start by thanking Mr. Ginger for putting that quidditch in there.

seriously Mr. Ginger... awesome sauce.

Now, I am also worrying about this... the whole first half of this friggin book was Bella searching for the meadow and that special moment... will she be searching out her room in the middle of the night and the panty scene? Because that doesn't seem to have the same effect for me...

Susan said...

@Ginger I knew you loved me, but to dream you were like me? Aww, I'm touched ;)

@Jamie I hope this isn't so...but probably will be *sigh*

Off topic, anyone know a cure for food poisoning? Remind me to never eat at that chinese place EVER.

HappyHourSue said...

Forget the meadow, forget blood typing: just give me more recycling. And diner - please, I can't get enough diner.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Are you sure it's food poisoning?

Meadow scenes - needed more, got less
I love u's - didn't happen except for that little maybe a whisper that Edward said to Bella as Alice was about to whisk her away to AZ after he said YOU are my life now. I could have sworn (as some of my friends think) that Edward murmured But no one else believes me. Maybe I lost my mind. Quick everyone run to the DVD and play that scene....
Restaurant - loved that scene, Edward looked NORMAL w/o the red lips...
So I still love it, but uh yeah could be better.
I'm going to KILL if the bedroom scene after Italy is not in the movie....
just saying

Susan said...

Pretty sure, seeing I am throwing up pretty violently every 5-10 minutes, and my morning sickness was never that bad. said...

Hello everyone
Just got back from the Easter egg hunt. What frickin fun that was...

GREAT picture, Mr. Ginger once again! Love the added HP touch. CRACK me up!
R the wolves going after Bella or Laurent?

Spoken like a true uh true.

Prego? That nightmare would be indeed the very worst unless the daddy was Jacob....*shaking head violently*

Nice to meet you...finally. We just love your mom and robnutmeg, don't we ladies? Don't we? Yes, we do.


Nothing else to add, but NM better not screw around with the book too much. voices - i hear voices!

I almost forgot
I'm hooked again on Buffy. I thought I conquered that addiction! *hangs head*

ImColdandSparkly said...

1st time posting!! I love it here.I feel Ive found a home with some other obsessed girls that understand my pain of loving a cold and sparkly vampire named Edward!! Ive been reading for a couple weeks now..Love you guys!!! So damn funny! Kudos to Mr.Ginger!!! Great the Isle! (Twilighter19 on twitter is me)

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Ok ~ mmmm. I caught the stomach flu (thanks to Connor) @ 10 wks. If you can't keep water down, call your doctor just to be on the safe side - OK???? They may want to get some fluids in you! I'm.not.kidding!
*worried frown*

Ginger Swan said...

@Susan, seriously, @isabella is right. Call your doctor right away. My morning sickness started around 8 weeks and lasted until 13 weeks, but I have a friend who violently threw up the first 5 months of her pregnancy. It could be morning sickness or it could be something more serious. Get it checked out! *worried*

@isabella, I LOVE the cover story about us exchanging recipes on this site instead of saying saucy things about Mr. Sparklepants. I hope you're here to stay!!! Glad to know your son wasn't named after Angel's son. ;) Oh, and no ma'am... I most certainly do not want another kid. Three is enough!!!

@ImColdandSparkly, thanks for leaving a comment! Keep the comments coming!!! I'll tell Mr. Ginger you loved the Isle Esme pic.

@~Jamie, glad you liked the Harry Potter touch. That was Mr. Ginger's idea.

@Olivia, Mr's Ginger's favorite kind of photoshopping is for silly pictures. He wanted to add HP to the picture just to make it even more cheesy. ;), How awesome that you're hooked on Buffy again! That's one obsession I'll never get over. There's plenty of room for Buffy, Harry Potter AND Twilight (and Mr. Ginger) in my heart.

Mystify Me said...

Hello gals!
YES NM WAS MY LEAST FAVOURITE, and as far as the meh-dow went, well it went.Without dear Edward*sigh*...
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that...(fill in the blank)lol.Never mind.;)
Do you think someone can develop a supersonic remote that can fast forward a movie in an actual theatre?? That would be great for those excepting right???
Welcome Isabella!! :)
I too drempt(or is it dreamed) of Edward last night, but no biggie.He was just walking around in front of me...naked.No I'm kidding.I think it was on set.
Hopefully I can do better tonight.

sakixry said...

Hello dearests!

First of all I want to say a Hello and give a cyber kiss (on the cheeck...not with tongue, ok?) to my soon to be roomie robnutmeg and dearest Ginger who apparently are the only ones who missed me today... thankyouverymuch... *evilglaretoeverybodyelse*

I have written many times that I think that this scriptwriter they have hired is really shitty... She really didn't show how deep E/B relationship goes, she leaves it all very superficial, adds stupid scenes, throws out great scenes and now she continues with NM I believe she will do a shitty job again...can we just demand to throw her out? We could write better...

I liked New Moon very much, maybe I'm a masochist(stop throwing things at me).I hated missing Edward and I cried like a baby when he left Bella and then again when they found each other in Volterra. I dont think they will include the meadow scene as they should. Somebody mentioned that they will probably add it as a coincidence or something. Maybe so. I will go read the book again after I see the movie just to condole myself... stupid script writer...

@robin(me):I've seen Rob in costume too (only on pics of course...) and he really DOES look Yummy! Lets hope CW makes a good job although I also saw Rosalie in wig and she didn't look so pretty... oh, and your daughter is very sweet :) she must have laughed her heart out reading all the things you wrote (i hope so...)
Well welcome @isabella! I would certainly be a little ... hmmmm... if my mom would write stuff like that but you know, just think of her as robin(me) and not as your mom! She's just wonderful! I love her! And your godmother too!!
The idea with the cookie recipes exchange is very good! We wouldn't want your dad to burn the pc!

@OCD and beesue: I think I dont want to read the new stupid chapter of I love LA cause I am thinking something about stupid Grace leaving Rob and going over to Matt or something and I think I would break my pc...

Oh, and you will soon have Easter! Wont you! Well, Happy Easter to you! We still have to wait a week here in Greece!

Susan said...

I can't help I need to collect all of my likes. Mr. Susan still bugs me I have "more action figures than most 12 year old boys" (But what about his 20 sega genesis consoles in a box in our apartment...mmmm?)...or that I have figurines of the Beatles as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club band, because I was obsessed as a child, and that's what I wanted to be when I grew up.... Was apart of Sgt. Pepper's band lol.

Is it bad of me to have got both the 2 and 3 disk special editions? I can have them? I'm bad. I talked myself out of 44" puppet Angel, he's just too expensive. My MIL has him, I wanted him SO BAD. His clothes are TOO CUTE!!

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

To Sakixry

Yeah, I'm so glad I got to finally hear from you, "auntie" meg (oh robnutmeg - can't get passed this stuff) ??? has told me about her roomie coming from GREECE. Hey I love GREECE althought I've never been...but that sucks that you don't have the DVDs yet! She told me about that...grrrrr. hissss.....

Thank you for the warm welcome and YES I'm a staying around.

Robin(me) *still cringing*
I love ya and I won't tell dad (I mean Mr. Robin) ???? anything. He already told me about the not feeding him and the dog those days. Geez mom! But now I see why. *sneaky grin* LOVE YOU.

So - what's the "recipe" for marble cake...I've read those posts ladies...hubba hubba. OMG!

TAKE care of yourself and little EDDY or BELLA. UH my mom has the 2 disc, 3 disc some LITTLE edward thingy that she broke the legs off (I don't want to know how?) and her GQ magazine is looking rather sad. OH and the director's notebook! MY mom has an Edward Shrine but I have a feeling some of you ladies have more....right?

So what's this about a winnebago trip?

BreeCreely said...

you know what...i hated how they changed the whole meeting the family scene. and the meadow scene was stupid because they were just staring at eachother like retards...but whatever...i still liked the movie...

Susan said...

I have 2 GQs of Rob, One for reading, and one for just plain swooning. Ha.

I went to the doctor awhile ago, they said I was a little dehydrated, but I should be okay if I go home and sit or rest and drink fluids. So I am :)

Leo's Mom said...

I don't really care what they do with the New Moon story. I'm just worried about what I might do if I don't get to see Edward SHIRTLESS in that alley. Let's face it, THE ONLY REASON WE WILL GO TO SEE THE MOVIE IS TO SEE ROB.

Mystify Me said...

I dearly love Twilight.But then again have to chuckle as I feel it was a wee bit like Corner Gas(Canadian)or rather Fargo like,(the COHEN BROTHERS) ALL IN ALL a quirky sort of funny.
If it were not for the extreme beauty and intensity of Robward...well I'm not really sure.
If it were someone that didn't pull me in, well then I can't say how I might feel.
Anyway.My friend Sandra and I have spent the last 3 hours trying t get Little Ashes into Toronto area cinemas.Phew. Plus rounding up a posse to go go see Sam Bradley in Toronto on May 2 .:)

robnutmeg said...

HI HI HI Roomie!
I totally missed u today. If we couldn't get kstewpid OUT and don't suppose we can get Melissa out. I'm just relieved that the ROBWARD New Moon Set pics are looking Gooooooooooddd! Major YUMMY!

Heck I don't know what to think about NM...I'm just a prayin that it's got those scenes in it that robnutmeg expects to see or!

ANYWHO, Been busy busy today with egg hiding for little Connor (spelled OR not ER as in Angel's brat ;) or also known as little Cullen. He has vampire speed the little bugger, I couldn't keep up with him.

I'm glad that u finally joined us Isabella...

But now I'm a resting and plan to cuddle with mini eddy, my "feather" pillow, and maybe "restaurant" Edward I.don' BABY ditch the Bella girl and let's go find a room! I'm ready!

@Leo's Mom,
I.hear.u.talking.girl! AMEN Shirtless EDWARD is a MUST even if it has to be sparkly naked chest Edward....bring on the goods! Do you think that maybe they'll leave his shirt there and forget to take it home? OH that's right they give him that Volturi cloaky thingy to wear. Suck!

I love you, too - even tho I get the feeling - You were being sarcastic! *tears* Hey, Ginger said we're in to stay! I believe her.

Well Edward wants to go to bed, *wink* YES, Edward I'm coming!

HAPPY Easter to all!

Mystify Me said...

Now I never want to see Rob with Kris,but this is rather sweet.Shoot me if you must .

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
I would NEVER consider shooting u or ANYONE on this site....I've had so much fun these last few weeks - my daughter's right...I've been a little "distracted" lately.

I watched that utube and it (sadly) was quite cute...makes u kinda think that it will work for those 2 kids someday..don't it?

You know I never really minded kstewpid THAT much before she went "psycho" - yea she kinda sucked in certain scenes of the movie but I even admit that she did make a pretty good Bella. AND that hot chemistry cannot be overruled~or thrown out of court...It's truly evident that there is some hot nooky wanna be happening between those two! UGH.

OK the reason I hate her is she's a bitch, she's ungrateful, annoying and her father looks like the UNGRATEFUL Dead band member or maybe ANIMAL from the Muppets - undecided....But damn Rob seems to like her.

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, YOU'RE ALIVE! (sorry, channeling Mike Newton for a minute) Missed you. ;)

@robnutmeg, yes you and @robin(me) are here to stay! Just don't scare off the newbies. And I don't think @Oh was being sarcastic at all. We DO love you guys here. You bring so much to the comments!

@isabella, I'm so glad you're staying too! Which cookie recipes did you want to exchange?

@robin(me) Everything you said about K.Stewpid... I concur!

@Leo's Mom, You're right... we all wanna see NM because of Rob. Well, except for the insane ladies on Team Jacob... (kidding, of course... Team Jacob people are totally welcome here too!)

@Mystify Me, I'm the first one to admit there is a certain level of cheesiness in Twilight. Oh, but I have grown to LOVE all the cheesy goodness!

@Susan, I hope by now you're feeling better!!! Stay hydrated! said...

@Ginger, Robnutmeg
I guess I was being a little sarcastic but that's just me...I never mean anything...I have this really dark sense of humor but I have a funny feeling that a lot of people on this post do too.. So all is good and you.don'! ha ha ha ha
*sheepish grin*

I kinda like when robnutmeg and robin(me) fight - it's hilarious to us, isn't it girls?

Gotta go back to my Buffy...*glare.sigh.grin* Oh Spikeward...Can we maybe put those two kids together in one person? Now that would be interesting!

robnutmeg said...

You're alive...channeling Mike Newton..
Don't worry we won't scare away the newbies long as the put their guns away...

Team Jacob? ewwww. OK OK rah rah hooray for Jacob. (can I kick him now?)

Dark humor applications accepted here! *darkhumorgrin*

Spikeward? oooh. now that is sweet, chocolatey goodness for me to ponder upon as PULEEZE let me have good dreams tonight! *wink* or maybe a continuation of last night...

One favor: Please Stop making Connor (I said Connor) wear that silly I'm a Cullen t-shirt! Poor kid, hunting for Easter eggs in that shirt. tsk tsk. Besides that, Mr. Robin hates that shirt on his ONLY grandson.
*shakes head*
wow, ur being nice about kstewpid? who are you and what have you done to my bff? *baffled* But u (whoever u are) do have a point. k & r bake nice cookies together.....

sakixry said...

Happy Easter to you all!!!

@isabella: thank you isabella! i'm glad you like it here and i hope you will stay! I have never been in USA so we should make an exchange visit ;o))) you can bring your mom and your god mother with you! Yes...about the DVD...*cries* they still don't have it!!!! I'm still waiting!!!

@robnutmeg: I do love you, you know that, don't you? You even speaking about me to Isabella? That's really pretty amazing! thanks! cant wait to move there! ah girl! we're gonna have so much fun!!

@ALL: Where are robin(me) pills? she wrote something about never minding kstewpid before and that she has chemistry with Robbie and that she made a pretty good Bella??? Call an ambulance! A doctor! Something! We are loosing her! Can it be the Easter that is affecting her like this?

I'm waiting to see the damn alley scene of Robward too! Robbie, you better work a little bit out boy!

@Ginger: I missed you too!!! I do, I do!

robin(me) said...

I just thought that the vid that mystify me brought up was .... uh .... cute! kstewpid is still well kstewpid but she's a cute little bella...And it's Mystify's fault for telling us about it in the first place!

Hey and Ginger concurred with me! @robin(me) Everything you said about K.Stewpid... I concur!
SEEE???? *so there!*

I feel better now, though. But just so that u know... I.hate.her.again!

I knew it wouldn't last long!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): Ok! It's good to know you feel better now! The truth is I agree with you too. They do have a great chemistry and they do look good together... damn... I like them together on screen and I even hoped that they get together in life too. I mean WTF...This Michael Angarano or what his name is is UGLY...