Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Hale

When I think about what was missing from the Twilight movie the two people that immediately come to mind are Jasper and Alice. I know there are time limitations in movies and you cannot capture everything but they all but left out TWO very important people in favor of Buttcrack Santa and the security guard at the mill.

Alice wanted so badly to be Bella's BFF and in the book you get a good view of their bond forming, and that foundation is pivotal for what's to come. She loves Bella and I felt that was never really established in the movie.

Even though Jasper didn't have much of a role in the book WHY oh WHY didn't they establish that he had the calming ability that helped Bella maintain her sanity while waiting in the hotel or allow him the opportunity to say ONE line that set the tone for how the family felt for Bella (Rosalie notwithstanding): "You're wrong, you know. I can feel what you're feeling now --- and you are worth it."

Through the entire series, Bella never could grasp what her worth was. It would have been nice to have her experience the love of Alice or hear the validation from Jasper, especially given what's to come and the roles they both play in the continuing saga.

Yes to more Alice! Yes to more Jasper! No to Buttcrack Santa! Spank, that's probably my favorite line of Jasper's from the book. I don't think I even noticed until the 3rd time I saw the movie that they left out Jasper's special Xanax powers. And how are they going to handle Alice and Bella's special bond in New Moon when it was never established in the Twilight movie?

I REALLY wanted the hotel scene to show Jasper's ability. Instead it looked like Alice had to keep him calm and so it was easy for Bella to sneak away. Why couldn't it have been portrayed as a LITTLE more difficult to get away from your vampire babysitters?

Whenever I watch the DVD I have to take Xanax to help keep me calm through the dialogue and continuity issues. By the time you get to the hospital scene, you'll be so chill you won't even care about how lame the studdering is. Try it next time.

Hmmm... you have any extra Xanax to send my way? Because I want to try it while watching Twilight. You know, as an experiment. Besides, sending Rx medication through the mail shouldn't be such a problem since we now have Robin as our lawyer. Right Robin?

Hmm... My standby up to this point has been a gin and tonic and it really wasn't helping much. I'll have to try that too.

Am I the only one that doesn't have a supply of Xanax? Sigh. I need to find a new doctor. Or maybe I just need Jasper to watch the movie with me.

They totally dissed Jasper's ability and never explained it... that was bothersome because we never saw a tid bit of it until the hotel scene. And how come they were never "Hales" in the movie? They were all Cullens...

THAT'S why my pharmacist and Pharmacia Corp are getting rich! Not enough Jasper Xanax.

As far as Alice, it didn't bother me as much that she wasn't a big part in Twilight because she emerges so enormously in the rest of the series. Hopefully New Moon will depict that, if not, dear God. The biggest moment with Alice for me was in New Moon when Jake and Bella drove up to her house and the Mercedes was there. That was when I truly fell in love with the relationship between Bella and Alice and it became real to me.

That was also when I stopped e-mailing Ginger threatening to stop reading the book because it was then that I knew that dog's days were numbered.

It also signified the first of many scenes when I stopped feeling sorry for Jacob and started wanting to bitch-slap him.

Yeah, before then I just wanted to drop-kick him.



Total Fanpires said...

wow, you guys make me laugh so much!!! Keep it up!!

Ninja Fanpire said...

It also bothers me that at the end James never mentions Alice! How is her backstory going to get told now?!
And they didn't really tell Carlisle's either, did they?
Where was the wall full of picures?!

Edward mentions Alice's power while after Bella asks if all of them can read minds, but then he never mentions Jaspers!

The movie also doesn't explain that Alice doesn't remember being human.

I really wish, much as I don't like Rose, that they had portrayed her better. She has outright hate for Bella in the movie, while in the book she just tends to ignore her.

Ninja Fanpire said...

But I so knew that it was Alice, because I had read ahead slightly, to make sure Edward came back....or something. No, I think I was looking for parts with Alice...Anyway, I ended up at the beginning of the chapter where Alice comes back, but I knew I couldn't read any further and spoil it! So I had to rush through one of the most boring parts of a book I'd ever read to get to the good part, with ALICE!

Total Fanpires said...

I totally agree @NinjaFanpire!!
Also since Jasper last name isnt REALLY Hale, then shouldnt it be Mr and Mrs Whitlock?????

Just a thought...

Ninja Fanpire said...

Forgot this on my first comment. There's a part in the deleted/edited script where Alice, Jasper, and Bella stop at a gas station on the way to Phoenix. I had really hoped it at least made it to the deleted scenes, but alas, no Alice/Bella moment. It goes something like this:

Alice is standing under an overhang, looking out at the rising sun. Bella comes over.

Bella: "Alice, how does someone become...like you?"
Alice: "Edward would be mad if I told you."
Bella: "I didn't ask Edward. I asked my friend."
Alice: "We are friends now, aren't we?"

And Alice explains things, basically whatever it says in the book. And it's all "AWWW" touching moment! But NOOOOO! They had to leave that part out, didn't they? DIDN'T THEY?!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Total Fanpires

So right! Should definitely be Whitlock!

EternalWaterfall said...

I love how every conversation you guys have had recently has concluded with you wanting to kick Jacob's @$$. LOL

Let's talk about Jasper and Alice....oh yeah, and we want to drop kick Jacob. hehehe :D

Yeah, I'm in agreement. They completely screwed up the Alice and Jasper stuff. for one, they look awful. I've seen the new Alice look and it's GORGEOUS. haven't seen the new Jasper up close, but he HAS to look better than he did in Twilight. :) Second, they are completely under utilized.

There is so much in the Twilight movie that doesn't allow for continuation. What were they thinking? Didn't they think about the other 3 books? geez. :(

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
@eternal - no I don't think they were thinking at all -CH was too busy "set dressing" like "notice the wolf picture in the background" WTF!- who cares!

@Spank - You said it! And what about Harry Clearwater? Whose funeral will Charlie be at when Jacob answers Edwards phone call?

Everthing was left in such a big mess that New Moon is going to have to be "one Hellofamovie"

Pass the Xanax, a bottle of Vodka and Jasper!

btw- Jasper and Rosalie are twins and are both Hales - per Jessica in the book.

faith_83 said...

Good morning ladies!!Nice photo Mr. Ginger, (btw what´s with Jasper´s hand?? looks scary).
Like you girls already said are so many things that they "cut" from the book and now they have to think of a way to connect them...(especially for those that have no idea about the books but they saw Twilight)
But what I´ve noticed is that when they are doing things that don´t stay with the book and doesn´t include Edward/Rob I am always upset but when it comes to Edward doesn´t really matter if they don´t follow exactly the book as long as I get to see more of him...and when I say this I speak for me...don´t know how you guys feel (well I can always imagine ;)

Anime said...

I completely agree with Spank's first comment (that was my favorite Jasper line btw)... the only reference to Bella and Alice's friendship was when Alice said that Bella and her were going to be great friends when Bella was at the house for the first time. And Jasper just looked creepy most of the time because they don't explain why he is the way he is... ugh... i hope they do a better job of explaining in New Moon...

sakixry said...

Well Ninja, aren't you the wordy one today? *smiles*

As I've already said, first saw the movie, then read the books. I was disappointed when I read that Jasper had this powers and they didn't mention it in the movie. They left soooo many good things out! Alice is something I also missed a lot! She is such a wonderful person. And hers and Carlisles background should be mentioned too! WTF? They have the big wooden cross in the movie but they never say a word about it. Hey Bella! A gigantic wooden cross is in the middle of the stairwell of the vegetarian vampires? Didn't you notice it?

Oooh! I really hope they show all the relationship of Bella and Alice in the movie! They should not spend all their time with building Bella / Jacob relationship! That will be bothering!!!!

@Spank: The quote you used is really the best of Jasper! I was like: "aaaaahhhh...., he is soooo nice!!!". It was really great knowing that she was worth it (the book Bella, you know what I mean! Dont hit me!)

@Totally Fanpire: You are so right! Why isn't their name Whitlock?

@Ninja: Stupid screenwriters... they left out all the good moments to add the stupid buttckrack santa, the james dont play with our food and the look its a worm scenes... ick!

Erin said...

Good morning League!

Okay...one thing first...I thought it was Rosealie Hale and Jasper Whitlock?? It is 5 am here, so I could be completely crazy.

I hated they didn't even mention Jasper's ability, now it's going to look like Edward lied/omitted certain things to Bella (that is if they mention it!)

@Ninja, I totally agree with you about the part between Alice & Bella...I really wish they would have developed that relationship better.

I'm eager to see how the script/movie is done, since they left such major parts out!

BeCullen said...

I agree. I think it was a significant error on Melissa's part to leave out Jasper's ability along with Bella's sleep talking. Two key elements of the Saga I think. Maybe they can redeem themselves with New Moon. Anywho, I am so excited about New Moon.

Ninja Fanpire said...


Jasper's human last name was Whitlock, but since they are supposed to be adopted Jasper and Rosalie use the name Hale, since they are also supposed to be twins-"for all intents and purposes."

sakixry said...

@Ninja Fanpire & Total Fanpires: Are you related or something close to that? I was just wondering because of the similarity of your name.

Also, where do you live? In the US too or in Europe? It's strange that you are always the first to comment togehter with Jamie (where is Jamie).
beesue, faith, anime? where are you from?

Ninja Fanpire said...

Nope, no relation, just a copycat.

*Billy Black glare in the general direction of Total Fanpires.*

No hard feelings, I just look forward to killing you soon, Total!

Jamie isn't always first. We used to compete for it, but she started going to bed too early. I live in the US, probably only about 5-6 hours from Ginger, actually.

sakixry said...

@Ninja: what time is it there now? in which state you live in? I am in Greece - as you probably already know - and it is already 2 pm here!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Almost 4am. As many of you may not now, I am very nocturnal.

sakixry said...

@Well I think I have figured this out by now *grin*
Are you training for Edward?

Ninja Fanpire said...

Oh I'm Team Jasper as far as Cullen boys go. And, I CAN handle THAT!

sakixry said...

I think you do ;o)) I hope he wont keep you waiting too long!
Where are the other sleepy heads? Still in the feathers? Hey, I said feathers... this reminds me...hmmm... pillow... pillow biting... hmmm, Edward on Isle Esme! I think I have a one tracked mind!

faith_83 said...

hello sakixry!! Im from Spain...is a bit difficult to "chase you" girls because of the time difference ;) but I just can´t stay away!!

sakixry said...

@faith: what time difference? :) Hey, I live in Greece and I think I am only 2 hours ahead of you. It's 3 pm in Greece now. What time is it there?
Ok League. Dont hit me today. You should have a forum or something like that where somebody could write down all the non related things :)

sakixry said...

Hey guys!
What's going on??? Where is everybody??? Hellooooooo? Anyone out there???
Aaaahh... I feel so alone today... *sighs*

Ninja Fanpire said...

I am here and waiting for answers too! Where is The League?

sakixry said...

There must be some problem with the site today. They really cant be still sleeping... what do you think Ninja?

Ninja Fanpire said...

Definitely not the fault of my evil side. I swear I don't remember slipping anything into anyone's drink.....or do I?

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...

@sakixry & Ninja
I'm here - but it's 6:45 a.m. and I had a hard night....this is totally weird-
I dreamt of Jazz and here the League has featured him....creepy.

I do like Jazz but here's the thing: it's Edward on the brain and on other things....

AND I'm in Idaho potato!

I do concur with the League - Alice and Jasper were so important in the book and got totally jippered in the movie! growl

Where is everyone? Sakixry did you scare everyone away? Ninja did you show you powers again? I told you not to do that! Unless you are getting paid!

Don't you guys have anything to say? Cat got ur tongue?

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning, League

Alice & Jazz - they should be up there brangelina! still love them! even tho they got no lines on the movie except for It's ok, Jasper you won't hurt her....Pleased to meet you! *shakes head*
I hope they don't lose sleep over their learning those lines!

LUV the picture!

@NINJA - u are a chatty cathy, aren't u today? so philosophical!

Thanks for being the ONLY one to miss me...I feel so loved and cherished...by the rest of u. *sad puppy eyes*

I'm a nobody in the big bad world.

I agree w/ you. They have a lot of backtracking to do for NM, I'm afraid. tsk tsk

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...

Oh stop with the *sad puppy eyes* - what happened to make u so so so Edward?
What no snappy comments?

what was in that drink?

get back on right this minute!

Ninja Fanpire said...

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy You'll have to ask my evil side when I let her take over.....er, when she takes over me. I hardly know what she does.

And it's only League drinks, you have nothing to worry about.

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...

re: drinks - only League drinks - that's what I was referring to... i have my own here

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! la la la la la
Yeah well ok. OH is shutting up now.
*rough crowd*

u know i luv ya more than my luggage...*snicker*

faith_83 said...

Nice to see all the family reunite the conversation (still missing Robin(me)I think)well I think that my last post was on 5:00am as I see but my hour was 2:00pm so we are talking about 8-9 hours ahead of you...if I´m not mistaken sakixry...btw I took Greece dance lesson when I was younger, really like it!! maybe the league will kill me too, talking anything but not about today subject...sorry :(

Susan said...

Mm, Xanax.

I wished for more Alice. I really did. But I don't think Kstew had the love for Alice in her dark druggie heart to make those emotions work.

faith_83 said...

one more thing...I´ve always wanna ask the league something: the photos that you´ve picked for representing the league... any resemblance with you in the real life or are just random photos?? I know, I know has nothing to do with the subject and yes I know what happen to the cat that was to curios but I just can´t help it...

Ninja Fanpire said...

@faith_83 To answer your question, yes, they all resemble the real life League. I think Ginger made them, didn't you Ginger?

My my, where in the world could The League be today? ;)

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...

I always wanted to ask the league that question too about those photos that represent them. they are so cool.

we are all family but the only family that i know about that are well related are: robnutmeg & robin(me) friends and coworker and i believe robin's daughter recently joined us and her name is ???? someone help me here...

i came onboard about the same time is robnutmeg, i think. but i've never met her or robin(me) but they usually crack me up

have you met robnutmeg and robin(me)?

just in the dark here like normal.

OH yeah, tell me about the druggie kstewpid - does she have feelings ... like...at all?

Ninja Fanpire said...


Ya, didn't you know KStew is secretly BFFs with Rosalie?

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...


that explains it...friends with rosalie/nikki - i had forgotten about that! Well I think I forgot ON PURPOSE.... *look of disgust*

What's with all the hoopla with the DAWG (mawg) and those two? geez. smother him why don't you?

Ginger Swan said...

Morning ladies. Rough night. Just did taxes last night and, uh, anyone have an extra 15K they'd like to pay the government on my behalf? Geez Louise, I could definitely use some Jasper now.

@faith_83, mi querida amiga, Jasper's hand looks weird in the picture because it's not Jasper's hand. It's the old dude's hand in the original picture (American Gothic). If you google "American Gothic" you can see the original.

As for our Avatars, they are obscure comic characters I found on the internet, looking for ones that best represent us. The hair color and hair length of each character represents us, as well as attitude. We're actually right now working with an animator who specializes in drawing superheroes to re-draw us in full body and slightly change our faces so we're still recognizable but it is original work. Oh, and he will be drawing Mr. Ginger too!

@Ninja where do I live? (since you said you're 5 to 6 hours away from me) Oh, and you made some great points about everything they left out.

robnutmeg said...

Hi again, everyone

Robin(me) had to leave work in order to be with Isabella - apparently there are some complications in the pg so - I'll be going to the hospital to check on them shortly.

Ninja Fanpire said...


Southern California.

Near Santa Monica, right?

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...

Hello. I bow my head in a moment of silence for your tax situation b/c damn I hate this time of year too.
Where is that Jasper when you need him, anyways...

give my love to robin and isabella (thanks for her name)
thoughts and prayers!
please keep in touch

Spider Monkey said...

Mrs. Ginger did a fabu job on our avatars - they are all pretty representative of our appearance but slightly more "airbrushed" if you will ;)....

Wait till you see the new and improved versions of us!! Watch out!

Ginger Swan said...

@Ninja Very good. Los Angeles more specifically. What! You mean I'm not in Phoenix, Arizona?!!! *sheepish grin*

@oh.for.the.love. Thanks so much for the moment of silence for my tax situation. Not feeling so patriotic today.

@robnutmeg, can you send me/us Robin's email address?

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Ginger You're the worst at keeping secrets.

sakixry said...

@oh: hey, i'm here! i was here all along but nobody wanted to talk to me except Ninja! it's strange for me to have to wait until midday to read something from all the rest of you and then suddenly nobody answers... robnutmeg! where were you? robin(me)? did you had an early trial?

Ginger Swan said...

@Ninja, Actually I just got tired of keeping secrets and leading double lives. I did it all with the consent of the rest of The League who agrees with loosening our anonymity a bit. I recently told everyone who reads this blog, that knows me in real life, that I'm Ginger. Some were shocked, some suspected it and two emailed me and asked me point blank. (they're too smart for their own good)

sakixry said...

@faith: i totally have the same question about the league... not that i resemble at all to rob since i picked his picture but you know...

@oh: no, unfortunately i haven't met them and i am afraid that it will take a while... i'm too far away.. i would totally LOVE to meet you all! anybody cares to come to Greece for the summer? ;o))

@Ginger: I can't wait for the full body avatars of the League and Mr. Ginger!

@robnutmeg: just read the story about robin and isabella!! I hope everything is OK with her pregnancy!! Just let us know please! Give them my best!!

robnutmeg said...

Robin(me)'s email addy is

I was totally shocked by that email b/c i was thinking she'd have something like twigoddess or something...

Anyways no real news here at this damn hospital...can't even bribe someone to tell me anything. so i'm sitting here at my laptop relying on illegal texting w/ the family. stupid humans! where's carlisle when you need him?

thanks for your thoughts and prayers, i'll pass them on to robin(me) & isabella - when i get to see them, that is!

i'm here, i'm here just going crazy, that's all.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Ginger SOMEDAY Ginger! Someday I'll know your true identity......Just. You. Wait.

Susan said...

I think I need some of that natural xanaxing. They suspect I might be having twins, but will do the ultrasound to see if they are right on the 11th of May. Breathe, Susan! Breathe!

Freaking out a bit!

Susan said...

@Ginger It's a hard knock life being a superhero. *hugs*

robnutmeg said...

That's awesome...u can name them: Edward & Bella but pleeze anything but Jacob....or Renesmsmsmsenenene.

Now wait you shouldn't be hounding the League about their idenities. That's not nice. Besides, you know that they'll crack under pressure eventually!

I'm sorry that you live so BLOODY far away from us that live in the US. Even though some of us are 2-3hours in time difference.
Thanks for asking about Robin(me) and Isabella...still NO real word. It is driving me crazy!

~~~~~~OH text msg - hold on...Isabella is hypoglycemic (wtf is that?) and keeps passing out - (i take back all of my blonde jokes sweetie) anyways, they've admitted her until she gets better.~~~~~~~
Baby is being monitored and so far doing fine.
Isabella is very mad at said doctors who won't let her go home.

Well end of text msg.

OK so now I can focus on today's topic...wtf was it anyways?

OH yeah Jazz and Alice
This is Robin(me)'s fav topic besides Edward Edward Edward....she'll be mad that she missed out on this - well maybe not.

Maybe we can have a repeat for tomorrow?

Maybe not.

The League
I.love.ur.airbrushed.pictures! But why did they need to be airbrushed?
You aren't ginger from gilligan's island are you? *ducking for cover* mahhaahaaa!

I hate this hospital and there's this creepy guy staring at the wall sitting across from me.

Susan said...

@robnutmeg I don't even like dogs...or renesememememee.I can't say or spell for the life of me that name. Plus, Mr. Susan's brother is named Jacob. (Poor guy) and I don't like that name much.

LeLe said...

I took some xanax just this morning! I think that's why Jasper's one of my fave characters. I was really disappointed that he and Alice were toned down in the movie and I think they were not considering the sequels enough when they wrote the screenplay (or at least when they cut it down for the final movie cut). I hope they get with the program for New Moon b/c I'm gonna be pissed in the future sequels if Jasper isn't as prominent as he is in the books.

And that line you quoted, Spank, is one of my favorites in Twilight. Hands-down. It really shows Bella that the Cullens consider her one of the family now and would do pretty much anything for their brother.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robnutmeg Well, I know Ginger will

robnutmeg said...

That creepy guy is TALKING to the wall!

Hey I read all the posts now, it feels so good to catch up with the real important things in life...anywho.
I LOVE IT, as always
"bitchslap" him...*hysterical giggling in the waiting room of the hospital* and getting lots of stares except for talktohimself guy. *shakes head*

I sure look busy here in my suit, stilleto (ouch) heels and blogging away on twilight-headed - hey at least I LOOK busy! It's about appearance!

I need that zanax, please..like now...or Jasper...or a pillow! Or Jasper on a pillow!

OCD Sufferer said...

OME! Guys, I haven't had time to read today, but I had to come and tell you ladies what just happened! My 15-yr-old son just ran into my room and said, "Mom! What does this remind you of?" He was there w/out a shirt on and had one of my scarves wrapped around his neck like that horribly disturbing picture of Rob!!! I ALMOST DIED!!!! he is so fruity! He asked me if he looked like him and I said, "Thank God, NO! I don't feel like washing my eyes with bleach!" rofl!
I just had to share!
Sorry for not posting, I will eventually, but I have an appt and I am trying to quickly re-read about the UNICORNS! haha

Spank Ransom said...

@robnutmeg - I thought I had robin(me)'s email from her comments but don't. If you could pass along my well wishes to both her and her daughter. Tell her that I will be thinking of and praying for them all. xoxo - Spank.

@everyone -- I look EXACTLY like my avatar. Yep, I do. :)

Susan said...

Anybody watch today's http://robpattinsonlovesme.com video?


Ninja Fanpire said...

@Susan LOL OME!

beesue said...

@robnutmeg - please tell Isabella and Robin that they are in my thoughts and prayers and "little Bella" too.

@Ginger - Just KNEW you were from LA! Cant wait to see the new and improved pictures of the League.

@ninja - yeah, I am a also a "child of the night" - just preparing myself for Edward when he wakes up from his Bella infatuation.
As long as I have been posting here - it was understood my me that you had dibs on first post! Just sayin'

Meghanface16 said...

they totally have a scene in the movie when Bella says, "So does the rest of your family read minds" or whatever she says..

and Edward (*Swoon*) says something about Alice being able to see the future.

WHYYYYYY didn't he just sneek in a little "Jasper can feel and change moods it's a good thing when having a bunch of raging vampires running around the house"


robin(me) said...

@Spank, Ginger, sakixry, beesue, Oh, and forgive me if I left anyone out...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us: Isabella, Bella jr, nervous robin(me) and even nervous(er) Mr. Robin....

I hear from Robnutmeg that it's a great post today and I'm missing it...so I had to take a peek while they're doing ultrasounding tests...

So - baby is fine. so far. Isabella passed out a few times yesterday. That isn't good....I'm going WHAT? DUH!

So here I am with her in ER triage and I almost flipped out of my chair when some blonde cute guy (who later becomes her ER doctor) comes in and his name is Dr. Collin. Isabella wakes up and her eyes are simply bulging out of her head and says OMG! I knew exactly what she was talking about and then I knew she was ok.

So thanks again - love all of you guys!

Isabella, too!

Alice & Jasper -
*shaking head* I'm a little speechless - not sure what to say. The words: jipped, pissed, stupid Jacob,

Meadow: bitchslap! roar!

OH just tell us who you really are, you.know.you.want.to! Come on!

oh.for.the.love.of.all.thats.holy said...

@robin(me), robnutmeg & isabella

So glad everything is going to be ok. We're all wondering what was going on and why it was all quiet on the posts today.

would love to visit Greece...maybe i will but it's called $$$ or lack therof.

You know maybe Jasper didn't want to have too many speaking parts in the movie. You know how shy he is! (well not in some of the fanfics I've read about him but...)

Yeah I agree. Edward could have mentioned Jazz but he didn't...must be jealous that he's with Alice!

Anime said...

omg you guys are so funny... lol reading this stuff is a good pick me up when i'm at work haha...

@sakixry sorry bout the late response... had to fall asleep... was doing taxes (ugh) as i'm sure ginger would empathize with... and then work (double ugh)... i'm in cali, los angeles specifically... where'd u say you were from again?

@robin(me) that is some strange, freaky coincidence if i ever heard of one... i would've freaked out... was he Dr. Cullen-hot?

robin(me) said...

i love this site too. it's the best.

His name tag said Dr. Collin - robnutmeg got a chance to talk to him (more like DROOL) - I just sat there staring like a dumb bunny. At first glance you see BLOND white coat name tag and it was like OMG - I was gone after he said Hello... yes hot as in really cute like Chase on House, MD. (anybody watch that?) So no he didn't really LOOK like Carlisle. It was just the name! I think his first name was Michael or something. Who cares?

Mr. Robin just glared at me. Geez. Busted.

Well gotta run and go back....tests are done for now.

OCD Sufferer said...

I'm so glad everything is okay ;)

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I'm resting in bed now. Well at the hospital.

Thanks for all your well wishes. If I'm good, *what?* I'll be released later this afternoon.

Um Dr. Collin - yeah well he's quite yummy but I don't feel so sexy right now since I look like a spider with 2 legs instead of 8. OH I'm sorry
NO offense. But I doubt YOU look like a spider.

So - I'm bored and dizzy. The one thing good about this is I don't have to wash dishes and my 3 nurses love Twilight/Rob. So we have made a twiclub here on the maternal/fetal floor.

2 out of 3 nurses LOVE Jasper and said that they would have done a better job with his wig - they said ICK!

The one nurse said, who is Jasper? What? I don't think she's really into twilight - just going for the ride, I guess.

Take care everyone.
Keep the funny posts going so I'm entertained while I'm stuck in JAIL.

Oh and Connor is being well cared for by grama robin! He sends a kiss!

Cheryl said...

Right on, Spank. That was my biggest disappointment in the movie. I think that they're going to have to do a bit of backtracking for the Bella-Alice relationship to make sense in New Moon (pretending that viewers have not read the books). And don't even get me started on the obvious lack of Jasper in the movie. The hotel scene was one of my faves in the book; I understand that they felt the need to shorten it to get to the climax of the plot, but they didn't need to completely blow through it like they did. Jasper's talent is so cool. The least they could have done is acknowledge it. Okay, jumping off my soapbox...for now. ;)

struckbytwilightning said...

Hi League and EVERYONE

Did you miss me?

My computer crashed big time. Made me so mad, I'm surprised you didn't hear me from across the world/nation! I'm in Florida.

Wow, you've been so busy -
Mr. Ginger I have missed your pictures.

I would be impossible to hit everything you guys have covered so I'll just get the basics down...

You are so amazing, I knew those pics kinda looked like you. Remember I analyze......and know all...or i think i know it all. *wink*

you still crack me up, are you ever going to leave Greece? and no DVD? wtf?

@robnutmeg, robin(me)
uh i'll have to get back to you later - uh wait..
Dr. Collin???? we will definitely talk ltr.

Here is my take in a nutshell and if I copy someone - I don't mean to
1. Jacob doesn't deserve to live, BITCHSLAP - Priceless
2. Alice & Jazz rock and it made me mad that they were ignored - things better change for NM
3. Xanax - YES love that!
4. I loved what you said, Spank, about loving the relationship between Bella & Alice after Bella jumped. It was pretty powerful.
5. I also read someone that someone wants to see Charlie have more of a deeper part (other than steak comments) and he, too, was close to Alice in the book.

Love ya guys and hopefully I'm back to stay.

sakixry said...

@Susan: chill out Susan! You're gonna make it even if they are twins!! I have twin sisters :) They look nothing alike but I love them!

@robnutmeg: i'm happy that it's nothing serious! hypoglycemic means that isabellas blood sugar is low. she will be fine! dont worry and give her and robin my love!
you can kick the guy sitting opposite from you. consider him as a mawg :)))

@OCD: ...I dont feel like washing my eyes with bleach? bahahahahaha!!!

@robin(me): I guess that you are both ok since you have this blond Mr. Collin to watch over you! Seriously, robnutmeg did scared me a little bit today with all the hospital thing. I am pretty sure she was scared as well! You guys really have grown on me. I hope God has you all well and I dont mean only robin(me) and robnutmeg guys...

@oh: I know exactly what you mean with $$$. In my case it's the lack of Euros :) otherwise I would certainly visit robnutmeg and go to the preview of NM with her and robin and everybody else who wants to!

@Anime: I am from Athens, Greece like Europe :):):) far far away from you!

@isabella: so glad to have you back! you take care!!

@struck: yes, indeed. where have you been! computer crashed? poor gal! Aaaah! That was you screaming about a crashed computer over there? *grins* I dont think I will ever really leave Greece. I grow up in Germany until I was 10 years old but live since then in Greece.
And yes.. still no f*** DVD... I cant believe this shit...

I guess that was it from me for today! I think half the posts are from me...

Love you all and wish you a good night (it's sleepy time in Greece ya know! 1 am!)

robin(me) said...

Thanks, sweets. Thanks for caring. Sleep good and dream about Edward for me...
I know what you mean, my day was a little bit ARRRGG. It was like Help! But I also knew what hypoglycemic was so I dealt better with it after I heard..and then of course Dr. Colin (in my dreams it's Cullen) made it so much better! AND Robnutmeg, god bless her! She's wonderful - and you'll never believe this but she bought a coffee for Dr. Colin and they talked hypoglycemia ...omg...i do not know her sometimes! I think she's quitting the legal field and going into medicine.
Please let the ground just swallow me whole!
Scary guy a mawg? Maybe? UGH.

Yes, and Isabella has her laptop up and running. I didn't know she already commented. tsk tsk. I'll just have to go find Dr. Colin...*wink*

was ur computer struck by lightning? *snicker* I'm sorry that wasn't funny. uh yeah - it kinda was -- but no. god, i'm stressed out. anybody close to seattle that can drop a bottle of JD to University of Wash. Medical Center by any chance?

bleach? huh? 15 yr old in a scarf? OMG please I've had a bad enough day as it is. *cringe* Please if he does the TUCK pose don't tell me ok? *still cringing*

Susan said...

You know, watching Once More with Feeling (From Buffy) makes me happy inside, even when stressed or depressed.

robin(me) said...

That's a great idea. I don't know if you know how much I'm hooked on Buffy, too but UH HUH that is me. Spikey oh Spikey..
Once I get home - I have the little bug for the night while isabella is in hospital - feed bug, put bug down for night night and I'm watching it! AND then I'll watch Twilight w/ sexy Rob's commentary...I'll just ignore CH.

NO one is working tomorrow - luckily my case got a continuance until Monday b/c the judge had an emergency too.

Hey, do you feel better now? Twins?
My sister had twins
My sister in law had twins
My grandfather was a twin

But it missed me and so far my kids. But they're fun once you get over the shock. You'll be fine!

OH League
Please don't be mad...I'm sorry that I've/we've been using this as communication...I LIVE for Twilight - you know I do - so forgive me.

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) COME ON!! I said it WASN'T bad! lol
That pic of Rob was just severely gay looking! Not to mention he looked 12!!! HA!!
Believe me, if my son does "the tuck" you won't hear about it because I will have died of a heart attack!!! That is just sick!! *shudder*

Besides, not to sound perverted, my son looks pretty stinking good!! He is 15, but looks 18 and he is getting definition (Rob needs to take pointers!!) So, yeah, it wasn't near as eye-burning, but so stinking funny that I had to share!

Does anyone have any idea when WA is going to be updated?? I am kinda sitting here with my stomach in knots cause I am scared she is gonna have Bella reject him when he comes back! I am gonna freak if this ends badly. I f***ing love Darkward now (lol) although I feel the need to wash my mind out with soap after I read! Man, he has a filthy mouth and I find myself wanting to say f***ing everything! I just hope my mind filter doesn't mess up like his did, I think my husband might get suspicious if I start talking like a sailor for no apparant reason!

robin(me) said...

I think you misunderstood me, it wasn't cringe YOUR son but CRINGE the scarf picture without the shirt of Rob..- Rob looked kinda MgGoo...
But Rob has often said he did modeling when everyone thought he looked like a girl.
Your son sounds like mine although mine is older 21 and could show Rob a thing or two about weight lifting, girls, and no ciggys! Although I do hate to admit that Rob's ciggy pictures are HOT.

OH OH OH and WA and there are two other fanfics I'm following that take FOREVER for them to update. GEEZ I'm waiting here DYING and I know what you mean about the effing word! I bite my tongue everyday in court!

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) Please don't apologize for off topic comments. We have our own little community here. We're all friends! I think you're the one who needs the Xanax for what you've been through today. I love that your daughter had Dr. Collin. That's awesome!!!

@robnutmeg, thanks for the updates while Robin and her daughter were busy. I was literally cracking up when you were talking about the guy who was talking to the wall!!

@isabella, I'm SO relieved they found the problem and that they are monitoring you closely. I and the other League members were praying for you. Take care of yourself!!! (and I think you should totally call your doc "Dr. Cullen" and see if he notices)

@struck, so sorry for your computer trouble. I once was knocked offline for 11 hours and I very nearly had a panic attack. I rounded up the kids and went to a grocery store parking lot to check all my emails and tweet on my iPhone. Glad you're back! Where in Florida do you live? I was born/raised there.

@Anime, it appears you and I live in the same town. ;) And yes, I can definitely empathize with you about the taxes.

@Susan... You can name your kids Alec and Jane!!! (They're such subtle Twilight names only hardcore Twilighters (like us) would get it. And how can you not be cheered up by "Once More With Feeling"? "His penis got diseases from a Chumash Tribe" LOL

@Cheryl, preaching to the choir! You can get on your soapbox anytime you want. We love it!

@beesue, how did you know I was in LA? The fact that Mr. Ginger works on movies?

@OCD, that is terrifying what your son did! LOL

@sakixry, WHEN are they gonna release that blankety blank DVD in Greece??? That's just cruel.

Mystify Me said...

Eeeks.77 comments.I just can't read back (not now at least).:(
Alice is my second fave in the series next to our Edward, but she flittered around like bloody Tinkerbell from lillipad to lillipad without ever landing long enough to ground herself or to establish the importance of her character and it's purpose for that matter.
Sure Ashley is sweet and endearing, but was more fluffy than I would have liked.Like some adorable girl on 'shrooms. A little zippy and trippy.
Hopefully NM will give her 'balls', and she won't merely be Bella's gloried chauffeur in a hot yellow car.xo
OH btw I entered Ellen Degeneres' Twilight contest today! :)

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) LOL! I hate the cigs! I was so stinking happy when Mr. OCD quit! I hated it when he started back up, but he quit again, thank God! I just think they are disgusting! There is only one cig pic of Rob that I can deal with, most of them I don't like, lol.

I am keeping up with WA, ILLA, Dark Side of the Moon.
I have read Warmth and Baby Steps and though they say there is more to come I am wondering if there really will be, lol.

I am just scared as heck about ILLA and WA...they sound like they are heading in a sad, sad direction....I can't do sad!
I started WA the other day, read all 47 chapters in less than 2 days. Yesterday I started it again, mainly just to save each individual chapter in my own folder with my own title (cause let's admit, her chapters don't exactly tell you what happens!! LOL) I am already almost at Valentine's day again. I wish she would hurry! On the 10th she said she was almost done, but how long does it take???? :(

Mystify Me said...

@saxikry Can you not order?? From Britain or the US???
I know I can not order British DVDs here in Canada.The set up is different and they won't play.
But I have seen Bad Mother's Handbook and the Haunted Airman.
Both equisite.Where there's a will there is a way! ;)

Mystify Me said...

Okay gals.I guess I've missed a lot today. xoxo everyone

OCD Sufferer said...

HOLY FREAKING CRAP! I read WA the other day and am re-reading it again (like I mentioned earlier)...I am reading it on AG's livejournal.....well, I hit the forward arrow and realized I was reading something new...and very, very smutty....OH MY EDWARD I didn't know there was a DETAILED chapter of Valentine's day!!!! That totally is going to make me have super sweet dreams tonight! Edward is such a sweet, sweet man and Bella is so naughty! She would fit in with us here! I just can't believe I missed that before! I was so upset when I read it on the other website, I was thinking "Ok, she is pulling a stupid SM fade-to-black with just a little detail, this sux!"
Sorry, I just had to share. You know, you guys are the only ppl in the whole world I can talk to about fanfiction :( It is pretty sad. No one else will ever understand! It has been killing me! I have so many things I want to discuss and question and giggle about and no one to share with!!! Man, it kinda sux being a pervert and not able to flaunt it!! HAHA

robnutmeg said...

You, my dear, are very naughty. But I know what you mean about finding someone to talk to - well yeah I talk to robin(me) about all my ummmm well you know - and I'm very lucky that she feels the same way - I do understand how the fanfic and the whole twiobsession HITS you like a ton of BRICKS! And then you can't stand up!

I don't know how this twifandon hit you but I was such a skeptic at first...I was too much of a Buffy fan to even think that Twilight could win me over. Then I saw how BIG those books were and I felt that I'd never be able to read them all. But I devoured the books and saw the movie and it was like - the pages were made out of heroin or something - ("you're like a drug to me)

I was addicted man and there was nothing I could do for 3 days but read and I think I drank wine...not sure. I'm still a Buffy fan tho. I can't help myself.

I do love fanfiction but sometimes I get caught up in them and it just bugs the shit out of me that the next chapter takes forever to get there. Then I have to read it again! I'm a finished book girl, I think. Although I'll read a real smut and OCC Edward/Bella (minus mawg) fanfic - gotta love those.

I'm reading this really funny one and it's rather hot, too.
The Cullens write fanfictions...
It's a hoot but it's new so still in process...
I can't seem to get the stupid link to copy. But it's The Cullens Write Fan Fiction.fanfiction.net

Give it a whirl, you might like it.

I just got finished watching some Buffy - and OMWF musical as Susan had suggested....and I'm telling you OCD if you aren't a Buffy/Spike fan you oughta b/c damn those two were HOT. And yeah the show got canceled but that's the beauty of DVD.

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robnutmeg you are a woman after my own heart! LOL!
I made a vow to myself---but know this, I don't keep vows to myself very good, lol--that I am never reading another fanfic that isn't complete! I hate waiting! And I started these stories after they were all well into 20 or so chapters! I couldn't imagine having to have waited for each chapter! I not only check the stupid things daily...I check them SEVERAL times a day! Just hoping it has been updated. I hate how they have cliffhangers @ the end of the chapters...that makes it so much harder!
I tell you what I hope she does with WA..but I am always off on what the writer does...apparently I am not good at literature, lol. I want Edward to come home and go to hide out in his room and see Bella laying there on his bed! I don't want him to come home and someone tell him she has been staying there. I don't want her to go back to her house before he comes back. This is what I want! I think that will make it a beautiful reunion! I want him to scoop her up just like he never left. I don't want her to reject him, like I am scared to death AG is going to make her do (she has started the process of moving on, so that doesn't fare well). Then I want Esme and Carlisle to just let Bella live there! She is almost 18 anyway! THIS is my happy ending. If I don't get it, I am going to make my own fanfic of WA, rofl! Too bad I suck at writing....it would be too short and I would get bad reviews, HAHAHA!

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh, forgot to mention. In ILLA she talks about a few fanfics. One I read, it was only 1 chapter, but the other one I have saved: Cullen's Island
Has anyone read it? I haven't tried yet, but I am afraid to if no one else has, lol....however, if the girl who wrote ILLA mentions it, it makes me think it might be good lol!

Anime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anime said...

@mystify me that's hilarious because i just entered the same contest! i'm hoping it's a pass to the NM premiere, but a girl can only hope :sigh:

@robnutmeg @ocd sufferer
you guys crack me up... i'm glad i'm not the only one that's irrationally obsessed with the fanfics almost as much as i am with the original saga... just can't get enough of the twiworld LOL... fan fics have been responsible for many a sleep-deprived nights... =( i think they should give that kind of devotion its own terminology in the medical books! haha =D

sakixry said...

@robin(me): I laughed sooooo hard when I read your comment to OCD regarding her son and him doing the tuck... I almost choked on my spit! I am NOT drinking or eating while reading this site! But I choked on MY OWN SPIT! OMG!!

@OCD: OMG! Please just inform your son to NEVER do the TUCK pose because we couldn't stand loosing you!!
Talking like a sailor??? Bahahahaaaa!
I also follow ILLA and I really didn't liked the last chapter... I was like grrrr... Haven't started WA yet because I want to have some time ahead. But it's about time now... We have our Easter this weekend so I dont work Friday and Monday/Tuesday next week!
And I feel the same about YOU ALL being the only people I can talk about fanfic and my Robsession! Nobody else understands me... They are like: What?? You read Rob porn? Ewwww... They don't understand... *shakes head*

@Ginger: I don't freaking know when they will release the DVD!!! They already got it out for rental but they told me it's just the movie and I already got that one!!! Aaaaahhhh! I wan't the commentary and the deleted scenes and Roooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!

@Mystify me: I could order but I would like to wait for the Greek version with the Greek subs you know... not that I have a problem seeing it without subs... I know almost all the dialogues but the "other people in my family" do... ;o))

I truly think that in the end, the League will ban me from this site... I write tooo much and tooo many out of topic things... wanna have my e-mail address anybody? ;))

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, NOOOOO we would never ban you from the site! We love all your comments!!!

sakixry said...

@Ginger: thank you for letting me know *sighs with relief*

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