Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Junior League: What if we CAN outrun him and fight him off?

This week's Junior League Member is: Chryssa, all the way from Greece! (otherwise known as our beloved @sakixry)

Name: Dazzle

Power: She can blind everyone with her dazzling self.

Would you like Edward half as much if he wasn't a vampire? I believe that I wouldn't because:

a) If he wasn't a vampire, he would just be a shallow (ok... gorgeous but shallow...) teenage boy of 17 years and what would torment him would be his lust for Bella's body and not for her blood... And for sure he wouldn't try to resist...

b) He would not have this mystery on him. We weak and vulnerable women have a strange tendency to love mysterious men that hide secrets or bad boys although we know they will hurt us. We always believe that we are able to change them...

c) He would not be able to read everybody's mind (although this couldn't be too bad because if he would meet me some day... I would die of shame!) and also he wouldn't have his super strength and view and he wouldn't be fast.

Before we get to League business, I must say you have a beautiful name. Okay, now to answer your question. Mr. Spank is actually my true Edward. He isn't a vampire (though there are times when he sucks) and he's not all that mysterious and thank GOD he cannot read my mind. As someone who wasted more than enough years on "bad boys" I would hope that if I were to do it all over again I would have waited for my Edward -- even if we could not have forever.

I think if Edward wasn't a vampire, the fact that he's really 17 (and not 100+ years old) would really turn me off. Because I'm not into 17 year olds. Now if it's a 22 year old Robert Pattinson, well... that's a WHOLE different story!

In all seriousness I think we'd probably still find the story sexy in that "forbidden love" kinda way, and therefore we'd find Edward attractive. I'm sure no matter what the age of the character we'd all be envisioning Rob, though. I know I do.

If he was just a regular kid, I'm not so sure I'd be into him. He'd seem kinda like the creepy quiet kid in high school that stares at people and has no friends. Plus, how sexy is it that he keeps denying her the passion. The sexual tension is wonderful (and frustrating.) If they just did it and got it over with and he was a two second wonder (like any seventeen yr. old) it would kind of be a buzz kill. And lastly, was it not a huge turn on that he saved her life w/the van and then in Port Angeles. Most guys would be standing outside 7/11 trying to get older people to buy them beer instead of stalking their true love.

Well, if he wasn't a vampire would we forgive the "stalker" tendencies or would we run screaming? I know it wouldn't exactly be comforting to think of a 17 year old sneaking into your room and watching you sleep. Especially since we know what a 17 year old would we DOING while he watched you sleep.


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Ninja Fanpire said...

@Meadow Wow....

Ninja Fanpire said...

I probably wouldn't have liked the books quite as much, considering the I don't like chick flicks and gushy romance.....And Twilight is romance. Creepy, stalker Vampire romance.

Akilah said...

Frankly, without the 100 years of life experience, he wouldn't be the Edward that we all know and love. He would be just another very rich, very spoiled, very creepy, albeit very sexy kid in a pea coat and bouffant.

Without the vamp qualities, Edward is just... Eddie, the weird kid next door that got arrested for being a peeping tom.

(Now, Rob is a whole different story, but we'll save that for another post.)

faith_83 said...

Good morning!! Well I thought many times about this…if he would be out of his special abilities would I be so into him??
Since all this Twilight phenomenon everybody loves vampires, normally they are bad, mysterious and very good lovers and all the women just love this kind of guys…but our beloved Edward is different which make us love him even more
A true vampire is always reserved with his feelings and he is just trying to pass unnoticed between the mortals everything about them invites you in…so if you take all this away probably I won´t be so crazy about him but I always said is not necessary to be an vampire to love someone beyond the eternity.
On the other hand I just can´t separate Edward from Rob and that makes it pretty difficult to think clear.
But like Ginger said just a 17 year old guy would be very nice for a teenage girl like Bella but for me, no, not really.
A normal Edward would say: “I love you Baby!”
The vampire Edward Cullen would say: “You are my life now.”
If you die, a normal Edward would find another.
If you die, the vampire Edward would kill himself cause life without you isn’t worth living.
As you leave the house, a normal Edward would say: “Bye, see ya!”
As you leave the house the vampire Edward Cullen would say: “Come back to me, love.”

He smiled my favorite smile. “Hurry back to me.”
A normal Edward wouldn’t care or notice if you had nightmares.
The vampire Edward Cullen would sing until your nightmares went away.
“Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.”
So I rest my case and the verdict is : I like the vampire Edward Cullen not the normal Edward guy (I don´t mind replace him with Robert in the real life I think I can accept the change ;)

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
Sakixry - can see you now -as the Greek Goddess of Dazzlement.

hmmmmm... interesting question???
@meadow - you are right - Edward would have been put in Juve Jail probably still holding the ...goods??

@spider - I can't believe you called a convenience store a "7/11". When I call them that - my kids don't know what I am talking about.
And yes - buying beer, condoms and ciggies - bad sort - I would never had done that - cough, cough!

So - with no vampy Edward - no Romeo and Juliet romance - no superhero fantasy - no ACTION - we have just another Kate Hudson (pick you male co-star) stupid chick flick!

Yep - we luv those vamps - especially when they are done "Rob Pattison" style!

sakixry said...

Aaaaaahh!! I am sooooo happy I am this weeks Junior League Member! And I really like that you like my post!

@Spank: Thank you very much my dear for liking my name! The whole thing is Chryssoula (bahahahha) but nobody except Greeks can pronounce it! So Chryssa is short for the other thing.

@Meadow: You really think he would be doing this while you sleep? Ewwww! Come on! Thats just pervert...

@Akilah: Eddie, the peeping tom? LOL

@fait: I can see that you have given this A LOT of thought :) But I did also. Many times. And I wouldn't like him if he wasn't a vampire but I WOULD like him and exchange for Rob... *swoon*

@beesue: Well thank you for this! I will introduce myself like this from now on! Hey! I'm Chryssa, also known as the Greek Goddess of Dazzlement *giggles*

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: Hey roomie! Where are you? I did it! I am the Junior League Member :) I know, it's not like being a REAL League Member but...

sakixry said...

aaaaah! yes! and i also wanted to say that i love the pic (Thanks Mr. Ginger) and the header! "What if we CAN outrun him and fight him off?"

robnutmeg said...

First! Congratulations - you've made the league! (mumble mumble) Chryssa? I agree w/ Spank that is quite a beautiful name and YES I am quite jealous of you for being a JR leaguer but GOOD for you b/c I can't be Jealous of YOU b/c I just think ur the sweetest greek I know. (the only greek I know but that's not the point) SO good job! AND I always thought that too.

What if Edward wasn't a vampire?

I'm not sure if I can handle my lust for Edward if he WASN'T a vampire and 108 years old. Besides would he be a virgin if he wasn't a MONSTER or would he be like any other mad mouthing know it all 17 yr old teen that walks the planet?

I agree, Edward no but RP YES! Besides he's 22, like u said so the LUST uh LOVE is still on as far as I am concerned!

AND I'm so glad that the guys I date can't read my mind! Unless it was Dr. Collin (Cullen) from yesterday! *swoon*

I don't know what it is but you seem to read MY mind every time. The bedroom thing - yikes - stalker and ILLEGAL and then Edward would be one of Robin's clients and I would have to DEPOSITION said Edward. MMMM. Let me ponder on that for a moment!


sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: aaaah! that is really really nice of you to say!! really really! You see, my name is Dazzle *wiggles eyebrows* Chryssa Dazzle! Bahaha! No, seriously! I love you too! And thanks for the thumbs up!

faith_83 said...

really like the name Chryssa Dazzle! It sounds like a fairy tale story (can include vampires if u like ;)

Cheryl said...

Wow, that's a really good (and slightly mind-boggling) question. Hm. You definitely can't compare my lust - I mean love - for Edward the Vampire with Edward the Mortal, yet I think I'd still like him *if* there was still adequate justification for his behaviors. If Edward had reason to be the slightly creepy introvert at school, I was that loser teenage girl that wanted to get to the bottom of his angst and make it all better for him. Yeah, I'm afraid to admit, his weirdness probably would have been a turn-on for me. But there's definitely a fine line between protectiveness and stalker, and Edward the Mortal would definitely have crossed that line. Let's just say that if he's sneaking into my bedroom at night, it better be because he's crawling into my bed to give me a sexy wake-up call. ;)

sakixry said...

@faith: oh yes! please do add a vampire named Edward!!!!

@Cheryl: the wake up call would be a good idea!

I think I just have to stop replying to everybody... hmmm...

@Ninja: what are you doing up so late at night? plese tell me!

HappyHourSue said...

Hold up...I'm still a little mesmerized by the whole "anaconda" visual......

OK. I completely disagree - As soon as Edward turned the charm on her in Biology she was DONE. and she had no idea he was a vampire. I would be too. Plus, lusting for your body is way sexier than lusting for your blood.

Edward & I are going to go do it in the janitor's closet- l8r.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry Just regular hero stuff. I do my best work at night. You know, being a Ninja, the black clothing and all.

Alright, I'm really building up endurance for Jasper, okay?

robin(me) said...

Congrats! I'm calling you CD now...*wink* Good job and Good thoughts... mmmm.

But would Edward be so ENDEARING if he was just like Mike Newton? ICK? I mean his eyes wouldn't be all blackity and he wouldn't have a reason to hold his breath and glare at her like he wants to kill her. Would Bella have liked him? MMM. OK with looks like that -- uh yeah!


I don't know I dated and married the guy that glared at me in high school b/c i was a little pesty 14 yr old lusting after a 15 yr old big shot! *wink*

UH OH .... Gotta go and give grandbug his breakfast....momma duty!

LeLe said...

If Edward's not a vamp, I'm not interested. Just like everyone else said, he wouldn't be the Edward we know and love is he were mortal. There would be no forbidden love storyline and yes, he'd just be another creepy stalker. It's only okay that he stalks b/c he's a vampire and we can't fault him that. And it kinda weirds me out to have the hots for a 17-year-old in both body AND mind. Ew.

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, when I first read this I just couldn't wrap my head around it. First, you have to think I have been reading WA for the last 4 days and *that* Edward isn't a vampire and I am totally hot for him!!! LOL *Blush*
That being said, If I hadn't read any fanfiction, here is how I would feel about Edward:
From the movie perspective:
Someone staring at me with those looks from across the room, parking lot, cafeteria....totally creep me out! I would have been turned OFF by matter how cute, it was creepy stalkerish! However, would Edward have been looking at her like that if he had been able to read her mind (in the cafeteria) or if he didn't thirst for her blood (in bio)? A normal 17-year-old would have glanced and when caught staring turned away.
That kind of makes it hard to answer this question realistically because most of the "creepy" stuff he does is BECAUSE he is a vampire, lol.
The things that turn me on--I mean I admire--about Edward is the fact that it is literally painful for him to be around her and he loves her so much that he does so anyway. He puts HIS desires behind hers---except for the whole sex thing, he doesn't give in to that right away, lol!!
If I were 17 and a guy came in (gorgeous nonetheless) and was 1/2 as thoughtful and sweet, etc., as Edward...yeah I would do date him *GRIN!*
As for long as he doesn't do the tuck I don't care if he is a vampire, a human, or a drag queen!...ok, maybe the drag queen is a little much...MAYBE LOL!

So, since I am NOT a cradle robber and *usually* don't have any thoughts about teenage boys--ewww--why the heck do I really, really, really like Edward in WA? Even before he turns 18...actually much more BEFORE he turns 18??? lol...I feel like a dirty nasty old lady and yet, there is nothing I can do about it!! *sigh*
Maybe it is the name Edward now....maybe anyone with that name will just get should I say it....happy? lol!

robnutmeg said...


Uh come on, Edward would be BETTER if he wasn't a vampire - why?

1) he wouldn't have to be all worried about killing you during sex
2) he wouldn't be all moralistic b/c he wouldn't have been raised in the 1900's - just a hot blooded ready to get down and dirty teenager w/o all that guilt!
3) Hey it worked out for Mary Kay Letourneau - well after she spent a few years in the pokey...but hey HAPPY couple now....just saying...
4) he could safely bite YOU instead of pillows!

Move over in that closet, I'm next....hubba hubba

robin(me) said...

Are you intoxicated? You just got done saying that no Edward wouldn't do it for you if he wasn't a blood sucking animal? Now he would?

faith_83 said...

is true she had no idea that he was an vampire at that point but you forget that Jessica previously inform her "he was totally gorgeous, no girl is good enough for him... so the table was already served and name me a girl that can stay indifferent to a good looking mysterious, kinda lonely person...

TwiDW said...

If Edward is not a vampire, then he is just a moody, controlling 17 year old who will one day turn into a fat balding moody controlling husband. Where is the hot steamy lusty romance in that??

robnutmeg said...

The League

I'm Hot and Cold...what can I say?
So I've decided....I'll take Robward anyway anyhow anywhere....

Will ya get out of the closet already? Geez. Didn't anyone teach you how to share?

robnutmeg said...



Come on, you know you'

mmm. I do like bad boys. I'm a bad boy magnet - maybe that's why I'm divorced....*hangs head in shame*

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robnutmeg Ok, that was a vague comment....I just posted a doozy of a post and you said I am so right....about what? LOL! I chatted my brains out, it couldn't all be "right" or could it?

I feel like I bore you guys to tears because my posts are never short. I can't help it, can't you tell I don't have a life outside of this website? LOL!! Well, I do, but it is boring real-life stuff, not sexy mythical stuff (I love how mythical actually includes UNICORNS!!!!! HAHA) said...

Now that was quite the visual this morning....

Congrats to you Dazzle - like it. JR League r ehh? So does that mean I need to ask for your autograph now? NO NO NO I'm just kidding. I love ya, you know that! Where would we be w/o our Greek Dazzler...which leads me to:

What a thought Edward not a vampire. MMMM. Would I have seen this movie if he weren't? or read the books?

OMG I can't read this morning so I'm sure someone brought this up but...I'm sure the ANACONDA is happy that Edward is NOT a vampire and could eat him any moment....

WOOHOO for the anaconda...oh to be him for just one teensy little moment...wrapping around....

OH WAIT...sorry....

Why'd you have to ask me this? Why?

Everyone has such great points - Love the League...

Your comments crack me up and I'll tell you why...
I thought the same thing - first NO WAY - Edward is just another rude know it all teen if he isn't a vampire and then I started THINKING...
He's so much better looking then MIKE *ick* Newton or JACOB *woof*...OH wait...If Edward isn't a vampire than there's no need for the MAWGs which is a good thing, RIGHT????

OK I don't give a damn if he's a vampire or NOT, just move over in the closet Happy Hour Sue and Robnutmeg -- OH is coming in!

robnutmeg said...

You are never fact, didn't I tell you that we were very much a like? & I'm not boring. Well maybe to everyone that meets me, I'm boring...which also would make me feel kinda bad that I'm boring...oh god now I'm depressed...where's my meds?

If I was vague..I'm truly sorry. I love your comments! I'm just used to summarizing - it's my job to summarize, decipher, analyze and then mumble to self: I hate this client! ...have you ever listened to a anyone who's broken the law for something stupid like fire hydrant tampering? Now that story just draws you in....OH GOD. It's like death...kill me now....NOW if the stories they told me were like YOUR stories...SIGN ME UP!

Where's that anaconda? Well after he's done wrapping...OMG @OH -- that was too funny....
Can I borrow him?

Susan said...

Thinking of 17 year old Edward is like thinking of scarved Edward, but more awkward. I never was one for guys younger than me.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I think I'm too new to this to know what being a Jr league is? But I'm happy for you b/c you seem so happy and WOW that was awesome picture...and League you are always there to make me laugh!

So mmm. I have to think here. Edward not a vampire? Ok so I grew up loving Buffy (as you probably already know from my rather shy mom and godmom) and the whole vampire world took me by storm while being a preteen.

But I think that since I'm a sucker for a romance, I would have been drawn to the movie and then most likely drawn to Rob P. Who would have been more likely to be in the movie b/c he crushes on kstewpid and he wouldn't have had to live up to being the ohsobeautiful, dazzling, sparkly, EDWARD!

But...I like dark Edward...ok I admit it...I do. So I'm torn and you know this isn't good for me right now.

Hey Dr. Colin (cullen - sly grin) just came in and said and I's life in DIZZYland" OMG is this guy trying to kill me? Funny AND gorgeous? My husband is just so anxious to get me out of here. *rolling eyes* I love my husband, I really do! but damn this dr is HOT. I feel so attractive...yeah, right!

@ALL LEAGUE members, sakixry or JR Leaguer dazzle, robnutmeg, OCD, robin(me), happy hour sue, ohforthelove and everyone else that has a dirty mind....

YOU are not helping me in the slightest should all be ashamed of yourselves. tsk tsk

Gina said...

I could totally copy and paste your comment right here for me! In fact, would you mind? Mine are so boring and lame, you said what I was thinking exactly! EXACTLY! Perfect job, thanks!

which could actually be kinda scary for you...

OCD Sufferer said...

Lol, thank you! I had to go back and re-read my comment because I honestly forgot all that I wrote!! I guess that is kinda a problem with speaking your forget what you said because it wasn't well-thought out...or I like to say "rehearsed" ha! I rarely "rehearse"
Sometimes that causes me to eat my own foot, and that is bad because I hate feet!!!!!!!!!!! lol

sakixry said...

@Jasper: where the heck are you? Ninja is waiting for you! I am certain she could make it through the whole night by now without even blinking!

@OCD: You really crack me up. Sooo in love with Edward from WA! I really have to read this now! Unicorns huh??
And you are NOT boring!!! You are very interesting and entertaining and MANY MANY times you just take words out of my head!

@robnutmeg: i get all your points my dearest roomie 2b! and how very interesting...point 2...down and dirty teenager without all that guilt...maybe if it was rob with his 22 years...
And well yes, I said I wouldn't like him half as much if he weren't - you know - a vampire but if i would DO him? Well yes, I would!!! *hangs head in shame*

@robin(me): robnutmeg is loosing it... I'm telling you. something about that Dr.Co(u)llin yesterday...something the Anaconda pic...all the Robward talk...

@faith: you got a point there girl. mysterious, lonely and gorgeous. I think i could handle that...

@oh: about that anaconda... I'm sure I'd like to be that anaconda for a little while... hovering just over the right spot you know. Or I'd prefer being a python. Isn't that the one that squeezes you?? I could give him a good squeeze!!

@Susan: 17 year old E like scarved E?? LOL Come on now,what if he would look like our Rob??

@isabella: rather shy mom and godmon? bahahahaha!

@HHS, Robnutmeg, OH: Some room in the closet for me too????

robnutmeg said...

rehearsing...who the heck wants to do that? yeah feet are just delicious. ugh. I think I'll go out on a limb and speak for everyone when I say ... no rehearsing for YOU!

you said exactly what i wanted to when i said about OCD "you are so right, sister!" what i should have said was i am a lazy bum! thank you
ocd for saying what i was too lazy to say.
What's with all the "i'm boring" comments today? We are not boring. and you, Gina are never lame! *sheesh*

is that baby keeping you too busy from commenting since you have the day off? geez. slacker much?

sweet darling goddaughter...i love you. but i don't have a dirty mind - i like to call it - mature and adventurous! WHAT? Dr. Cullen showed up and YOU.DIDNT.CALL.ME? Did he ask for me? No wait. Don't tell me. I can't take the rejection....*hangs head*

wtf are you and don't tell me it's late in Greece and you have to sleep b/c you started this and by golly you are with us to the bitter end. *rant over w/ a grin*

OCD Sufferer said...

@Sakixry Thanks so much for your sweet comments! My kids always tell me I am the funniest person they know...odd that I think I am far from funny, lol. Maybe it is BECAUSE I speak my mind (mostly...well, the PG part of my mind, which nowadays is much, much less than mostly...geez, the more I think of it, I am pathetic!! LOL)

@Robnutmeg I ADORE YOU!!! I love the things you say to/about me and then when I read your comments and thoughts I totally agree! I usually choke when I read them as well, you crack me up!

I love everyone here, honestly! I often find myself saying things to my daughter like, "One of the girls said...." and she is like, "What girls??" lol..then I remember this is my secret life and I can't share, LOL! I feel like Bruce Wayne except I'm not rich and I don't wear spandex and I'm not super smart and I don't go around saving ppl and I am a woman....LOL!!!
I just love you!!! lol

robnutmeg said...

OOOPs there you are. I take back what I said - ONLY the wtf.... part NOT the other things.

AND what? I'm NOT loosing it. GEEZ mon *shakes head*
You are telling married.lady.that.was.lusting.over.her.daughter' robin(me)? ARE you kidding me? ?
(in front of Mr. Robin)
*hands up in the air*

Python? OMG! Can we quit with the snakes already.. *slither*

beesue said...

@OCD - Ok - now I'm thinkin I am "on the fence" like @robnutmeg because I do Luv WA Edward. He is such a dirty mouth, bad boy but still so vunerable, protective and non-vamp. Yeah, I could definitely "help" him sleep at night! Rolfff!
And angst goddess takes forever to post new chapters - it took over a month for the last four and since she is finishing up - I am soooo impatient - I want to know what happens!

Oh and my lawn guy is here doing my yard and just thinkin if Edward was my lawn guy!!! (not a vamp) I could ask him in to ya know - pay him - he would be all sweaty - ya know and then "cougar attack"! yummy!

Brenda Jean said...

I have to go with The League on this one completely. Since I have two sons--14 and 15- I just wouldn't be able to go anywhere near a 17 year old Edward and not gag. But as a vampire-- heck yes!

Hey, did anyone notice that Spank was getting like mushy and nice? Wow, that scares me:)

robnutmeg said...

THANK YOU! At least there's someone else out there that changes her mind ok well you are "on the fence" which I instantly interpret as YOU ARE WITH ME on this. *smiles*

ROAR!!!!! him sleep at nights. Are you sure you want him to SLEEP? just saying. *evil grin*

@brenda Jean
think of Edward as RP at 22 and you'll change your mind...
AND yeah good point about Spank..
what's up with that?

@OCD! *tears*

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I'm sorry that I didn't ask Dr. Cullen about you? Hard to do when he's like doing an exam with strange COLD hands *cough* and saying things like "How are you today, still in dizzyland?" *melting on the spot* MOM! Isn't there a law against having a doctor this cute? I didn't even remember MY name no less remember to ask him about my crazy (yes sakixry she's loosing it or perhaps lost it) godmom! I'll remember tho next time! He's coming in at 5, he said. just saying.

WOW so many comments - I can't think anymore. Too busy being in dizzyland...except there's no Mickey Mouse in MY dizzyland - more like Edward Mouse or Mickey Jasper....mmm. I like it there, now!

LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for making my hospital stay so much better than I could imagine! Thank you, Dr. Cullen...*sheepishly grinning*

OCD Sufferer said...

You guys make me feel really bad (holding up a book to block what is getting ready to be thrown @ me) because I just never thought Dr. C was good looking! He was NICE looking, but not sexy or hot to me....I don't know, maybe I *am* a cradle robber

*walking away in shame*


robin(me) said...

Ok My turn on the laptop

I can't comment on everyone's but can I just say I agree? Oh maybe not.

I love Edward as a vampire and RP as a human...period! How about that? I'll take either one...and just well take....

there is NO controlling robnutmeg...and @robnutmeg - I admired not lusted *rolls eyes* after Dr. Cullen - come on I'm NOT blind! OH boy am I NOT blind!

no no no no you are never!

do you have that janitor's closet reserved? just saying.

you are indeed getting uh mushy, what's up?

7/11 and beer...yep! try dating someone who did that! mr. stare and glare turned to stalking unless with his no i'm not dating her buddies robin! *he's paid for that by the way*

robnutmeg said...

two words...
"animal attack"

still love you, tho.

OCD Sufferer said...

After much research, I think I have a problem (LOL)...yeah I know you all knew that, but still.
I looked up all the guys I think are HAWT!......
Most of them are younger than me *blush*
Fortunately, my favs are only 3 and 4 years younger, so they are still do-able (LOL!!!!) Well, besides RP, that is...we all know we don't care he is only 22 (next month we are going to have to get used to saying 23, lol..much better!)
There are a few that are older than me, *wicked eye-brow wiggle* but most are younger....sigh
Now I have more to feel guilty about! THANKS A LOT!! LOL!!!

robnutmeg said...

i gave up feeling guilty about age a long time ago

EternalWaterfall said...

I'd actually be quite happy if he wasn't a vampire. I've never been a fan of vampires - cold dead body? ick.

But, I did like his personality - his character was interesting.

I think it would be lame if he was just a normal boy, but...

if Edward was immortal somehow - but not a vampire, (you know, lose the bloodlust thing), he could easily be the same character. He could still be depressed and dark and lonely.

But, we wouldn't have to put up with that "i want to kill you' crap. Edward might just be BETTER that way.

I never believed in the books that they actually fell in love. I just saw it as lust from beginning to end. It would have been nice to shed the bloodlust side of things and focus on the love - I might have believed it then. :)

robnutmeg said...

this is off the mark
but rob has announced retiring after New Moon/Eclipse...please tell me not to read/believe this b/c if so

animal attack has changed to PANIC attack

Can anyone verify this so I can sleep tonight?

OCD Sufferer said...

I know that was a joke for April Fool's day....are you reading that? Cause I almost had a panic attack when I read it, too, but like I said I found out (after I ran from the computer and finally got the nerve to come back and actually click on the link) it was a joke.
I know he said he really does want to pursue music but doesn't think there is much money in it anymore...come on...there is money in ANYTHING he is involved in! He could sing the alphabet song and I am sure the show would be sold out!!!

beesue said...

Here are pictures of NM cast at Jaspers 100 Monkeys concert last night.

Peter (doc cullen) is looking pretty hot! Just sayin' - Rob was a no show.

OCD Sufferer said...

Rob has been a no-show to everything.....I like to believe it is because he is secretly buffing up so we can gawk at him for his shirtless scene, but in the back of my mind I wonder if he is scared we will find him and rape him!! LOL!
I hope it isn't because he just doesn't like anyone he hangs out with, lol...I don't like to think of him as a snob!
Maybe he just truly is an introvert...but....
I THINK WE CAN HANDLE THAT if ya know what i mean!!!

robnutmeg said...

Oh bless u for saying Dr. C is HAWT but some ppl *uh hem* don't think so...

yeah he's freaking out again b/c of all the fans...but maybe he was doing jazz a favor...who'd listen to jazz if he was there???...AWWWW he's so nice...*i hope* OH wait, do I care if he's nice? or care if he's there, hot and in my golden sheets? mmm.*sweaty*

He better not be kstewpid...god I hate all this gossip shit - what's real, what's not?

Ginger Swan said...

Morning ladies! Man, by the time I get up (west coast time) there are so many comments it takes me forever to get through them. But in a good way! Plus, I have the normal Ginger juniors interrupting me.

Hey everyone... @Gina, @OCD, NO ONE is boring here. We love you all and all your comments, so keep them coming!!!

@sakixry, your real name is Chryssoula? Wow, you really do sound like a Greek godess!

You guys like the anaconda pic? That was some old modeling pic that Perez Hilton said RP did for a gay magazine. I don't know if that's true or not b/c I don't read gay magazines. ;)

Oh, and Anacondas and Pythons are both constrictors. (remember, my superpower is being an insufferable know-it-all)

@HappyHourSue, I hope it's a walk-in closet because it sounds like it's getting kind of crowded in there.

@isabella, I'm so glad we're making your hospital stay better. Don't you have a cellphone camera or something, woman? We keep hearing about Dr. Cullen from you, your godmother and mom. Picture please!!! (oh, and hope you get better soon, of course) Oh, andI'm sure you noticed Meadow and I are HUGE Buffy fans. Sadly, Spank and Spider never watched it. We love them anyway.

@Cheryl, LOL at the sexy wake-up call!

@robnutmeg... your bit about Mary Kay Letourneau actually made ME choke on my spit. SO funny!

@robin(me) you crack me up and I LOVE the dynamic now that your daughter has joined the mix! Of course I can say that because you're not my mom, but I'd totally freak if my mom thought RP was hot. I think my mom still has the hots for Neil Diamond.

@Susan, I never had a thing for younger men either until Mr. Ginger swept me off my feet. (he's a year younger than me)

@beesue, sorry Rob couldn't make it to the concert. The League was keeping him busy. Or he was keeping us busy. Either way, there was a whole lot of "getting busy". ;)

@Brenda Jean, I'll have to tell Spank she's getting soft. Maybe we should do another Jacob post to bring her back to form.

@OH, Good point! I probably would not have watched the movie or read the books if there were no vampires and it was just a teen love story.

@TwiDW, wow... are you speaking from experience? If so, I'm sorry. That would suck.

@faith, I love the breakdown between vamp Edward and mortal Edward.

OCD Sufferer said...

I knew you wouldn't let me live down not thinking Dr. C was hawt, lol!

I am telling you what...this whole WA is really messing with me! I keep reading about RP and stuff, and though, yes, I still think he is unbelievably gorgeous, EVERYONE is taking a back-seat to my newly gorgeous mental image of's so funny! He doesn't look anything like movie Edward or book Edward...he is a newly imagined sex god! I wish I could take a picture and make it my wallpaper on my computer...I mean he is unconditionally and irrevicably GORGEOUSLY SEXY!!!! LOL, i have issues.....

OCD Sufferer said...

Somehow I missed your post about the garden guy. It is soooooo funny, I was coming home yesterday and I noticed 2 guys doing the landscaping at the storage next door. I allowed myself a second glance and liked what I saw!! LOL! I thought, "Geez, now I am totally LOOKING for Edwards!" If it would have been warm outside I probably would have went out and worked on MY landscaping...maybe asked for help....nah, I woulda gotten caught!! LOL! I still know I woulda went outside for SOME reason, lol

Spider Monkey said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he's not even on location anymore....

It's not easy leaving spider to hang out w/dogs... never know!

robin(me) said...

Have u forgotten that I live on the west coast too? How late do you sleep in anyways? mm??? B/c damn! Well I kinda want your life anyways being that you have this semi superhero world mixed in with a semi super real life mingling with movies and meeting famous ppl and u were THIS close to meeting Rob...(I know he was in Mexico drinking margaritas but...)
AND I've been disappointed TWICE now with a case of mistaken idenity...first with my son (omg I tried to forget about that incident) and his RPatzing wardrobe and then Dr. "Cullen" - what's next or should I say Who's next? ELVIS from the grave?

You know robnutmeg's comment about MKLat.. is more than just funny - she kinda worked on that case....I won't tell you which side!

UM. What else?
walkin closet. ROAR!

u are an UFO...unidentified female obsessor! but at least you landed at you are in GOOD company with the rest of us obsessors!

Hey League
Quit hogging Rob...geez. Can't you just finish up already! OH wait, is that why you slept in Ginger?

I refuse to answer the question about me lusting - I mean - LOVING after RP while my daughter is in the background READING everything I say...the fact is that she's always known that she has a totally HIP mom now turned grandma and she's used to it! OH and my mom (great grandma at 72 yrs old) thinks he's HOT, too. Which does creep me out! UGH!!!! So I guess I could see Isabella's pov. OH that's funny POV. Familiar isn't it?

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) That's right you guys are on the West Coast too. But you have real jobs and I stay home with the rugrats, uh, I mean Ginger Juniors. (and homeschool them) Truthfully, I was up until 3am reading "City of Bones" because my good friend @katarinasmama who is also a fellow Twi-mom HIGHLY recommended it. (it's the first in a trilogy) And I'm loving it so far! (hence the reading until 3am)

Oh, and since I homeschool, we keep the kids on a different schedule to maximize their time with Mr. Ginger. They stay up later than most kids and sleep in. My oldest wakes up at 8am but keeps himself quiet while everyone else is sleeping. My younger two wake up around 9:30am. Yep, it's a glamorous life!

OCD Sufferer said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
I homeschool my 4 kids too! I get so much guff around here about it! I keep mine on a more convenient schedule, too, lol. I usually send them to bed around 10:30, 11:00 and they wake up around 9:30, 10:00. My mom gets so ticked cause she says one of the most important things to learn from public school is having to get up early and catch a bus at the same time every day. Meh, my husband went to school for 13 years just like everyone else and he didn't learn how to get up early from it! LOL!

How old are your kids? What grades are they in?

robnutmeg said...

who's picking on the OCD b/c you homeschool? That's utterly stupid of someone to give u guff for that. Now ur obsessing is another story but that's like the pot calling the kettle black so ... (backing up now!)

I didn't have kids but I just lived my life through those like Robin(me) who did have kids. Spoil, teach bad manners and then oops gotta run now! Yep that's me. I love my godkids! *wink*

if rob is not on the set, there where is he? mmm?

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robnutmeg mainly it is the i mean in-laws. They HATE that I homeschool. Funny, cause my MIL is the one who suggested it when my boy was in K-garten. I didnt do it until he was in 3rd grade and by then I had 3 other kids so she thought it was a bad clue why ???
My family doesn't like it either, but they don't say too much. My mom says what I told you about them needing to get up early. Every now and then she will "quiz" them to see how smart/stupid they are, but she doesn't know other kids their age so she really can't compare. Ticks me off because I know that regardless of how smart they turn out they will be better for it because they won't be so tainted by the crap that comes from public school! Public school around her sux @$$ big time because the teachers let kids fall through the cracks instead of helping them. Besides the fact that my precious boy learned what a blow job was in FIRST GRADE!!! Yeah, ppl around her are ghetto so I don't want my kids around that crap!

robnutmeg said...

I killed my inlaws...maybe that's why I got a divorce...?

OCD Sufferer said...

@robnutmeg LOL! I have thought about it! Mine are insane! They have "kicked me out" of their lives before (they hate me with a deep-seeded passion) and like an idiot I accepted their apolgies and came back. Things have been good for a while and crap started up again so Mr. OCD told them off a couple weeks ago and told them they wouldn't see any of us, including the kids, until they grew the F--- up. Unfortunately (sorta) for my kids, they won't grow up. Not sure how long Mr. OCD will keep them away. I am a whats the of course here I feel sorry for them not getting to see their grandkids when it is their stupid fault! Yeah, I need therapy! I actually was IN therapy for that before, but I can't change my ways no matter how much a therapist tells me to, lol. Its just me:
A perverted woman who likes to rob the cradle (i said rob!! LOL) and dream of sexy vampires and hot teenage bad boys while enabling those around her to treat her like a doormat! I am perfectly normal!!
My wonderful Darkward believes normal is highly overrated. I concur!

robnutmeg said...

Did you ever say where you lived? Oh and I was just kidding about killing my inlaws. not that they didn't deserve it but i didn't want my best friend to have to prosecute me! that saved their lives!

OCD Sufferer said...

@robnutmeg I knew you were just kidding! lol murderers usually don't confess that easily!!!

I live in oHIo lol

**hoping no one in my family sneaks a peek at this website and puts 2 and 2 together as to my comments and where I live...that would be bad...really bad....**

robnutmeg said...

inlaws suck worse then vampires. my x's mom:
i don't like ur leather coat and leather mini skirt

my x's dad:
i love that coat and mini skirt wanna wear it for me tomorrow night? "wink - wink"

my x:
Oh come on sweetiebugs they don't mean anything by it...

It was like I was in a play called "family from hell" that never ended....until i signed on the ..... line. *relief*

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD, I love you too! yay! Another homeschooler! I've got a 3rd grader, pre-K and preschooler. My sister first told me I was going to ruin my kids' lives and they'd have no social skills. But she stopped saying that nonsense years ago. Everyone in our family supports us, but if someone else gives me a hard time I give them a quick answer. We homeschool so we can keep them up later to see their daddy. If I don't homeschool, they will only see him on the weekends. That usually shuts them up. Wow.. your in-laws sound horrible. They sound like my grandparents who always hated my mom. I'm glad your hubby sticks up for you!

@robnutmeg, whew! I'm so glad you clarified. I really believed that you killed your in-laws. *grin*

OCD Sufferer said...

I have a 9th grader, a 7th grader and two 2nd graders. I held the twins back last year. They should have been in 3rd grade, but they weren't ready. To be honest, I probably should have let them start K-garten a year later.
High school is rough. I was a straight-A student in school and in all advanced classes in high school and yet teaching someone high school is so much harder! I loved algebra and my son has a hard time with math so algebra has been the biggest challenge for me! However, I hated science, which he loves, so when he asks me stuff about his science stuff i simply tell him, "Look unless you are going into the medical field or something science-related, science is unnecessary. I hated it. you are on your own. I don't really care if you fail every single science test, I will still pass you!" LOL!! Yeah, I hate science!! Funny, though, cause I ended up going to school for Medical Transcription (not my initial choice, just an easier one down the road) and here I was faced with science-related stuff head on!! HAHA! I still graduated with honors, which totally shocked the crap outta me! I made the dean's list and everything. Mr OCD was so proud and I told him it was basic memorization, that is all, lol. I haven't done MT for 3 years and I can honestly say I think I have forgotten everything I learned! So much for that dean's list, huh?
**this is why I can re-read Twilight, ILLA, and WA over and over and over and still love it...cause I forget 3/4 of it!!***

robnutmeg said...

oh to be a vampire and just eat and run....

robin(me) said...

@OCD & Ginger
LOVE the homeschool - kapowee to those who don't like that you are doing this for you kids! I'm so lucky to have been blessed with nice inlaws - my FIL passed away last year and my MIL is a darling who just seems to do her own thing but she doesn't fool anyone..i know she misses him. They were totally in LOVE! real love story.

@robnutmeg and everyone
I'm shocked that you shared this. Wow. I know how much your inlaws hurt you and believe me when I say that those were dark days for me just wishing that I could just forget what side of the law I was on and just do them in myself. It.was.bad. I'm so proud of robnutmeg for getting through what she did. She's wonderful. Crazy. Gorgeous. AND the best friend I've ever had. How else could I put up with her now? *wink"

Ginger Swan said...

Hey @OCD, email me so we can talk shop!

@robin(me) and @robnutmeg... I love you guys! Really. And what a sweet thing for you (robin) to say about robnutmeg! There's nothing better than best friends that will stick by your side in good times and bad! FYI.. my sister was in a bad marriage for 11 years and totally found her soulmate on eHarmony. They ask more questions than the other match sites, so you tend to get a more compatible match. Seriously... 4 and 1/2 months after they met, they were engaged. And now they've been married three years. He's seriously her perfect match. (maybe you can request a Rob look-alike on your profile) ;)

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: hey! my mom returned from germany today. she visited my sister who lives there with her family and i had to go pick her up. a little catching up and then it got late. the time is 2 am here in GR! Don't you pity me?

@OCD: I love you too and I love all of you also!! Yes, a secret life without being rich and wearing spandex. let's drink to that! salute! And also, lets all raise our glasses and drink to younger men! Yamass as we say in Greece!

tsk tsk tsk @ beesue for thinking of Edward as her lawn boy LOL

I am 100% sure that Rob is NOT giving up acting after NM/Eclipse. No way! WE WONT LET HIM!

Spider Monkey said...

@robnutmeg -

Please stop disturbing us w/this nonsense about homeschooling and in laws and regular life crap.

This is the league, we're here to discuss and lust over all and everything Twilight. You guys are killing me w/your everyday life speak.

We need to get back to the matter(s) at hand. And BTW, what wouldn't you do to be RP's hand for just one day. To go through his hair, to wash (even if it's only once a week) in the shower, to go pee. His hands are very, very lucky. I hope they're appreciative of how many hands would love to be his!

I prefer to remain anonymous - married, two kids - that's it.

And stunning, of course! Just like the rest of the League and our readers!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg & OCD: Interesting chat you got there... :))) robnutmeg, i'm happy that you dont have inlaws anymore... family from hell. You need help getting rid of that bodies? ;o)

@OCD: You are really lucky with your hubby supporting you and

@Ginger: tell the people who bug you about homeschooling your kids to f*** off... what do they care? I don't understand what the big deal is... geezzz... If we could do that here in GR, i would totally do it for my kids too - if i had any i mean. Greek public school sucks!

Yes, i am a little jealous of robin's and Meg's relationship. they truly love each other! hate you for that! love you for that!

@Spider: you are venomous and a spielverderber as the Germans say... which means someone that spoils the game :)

Ginger Swan said...

@Spider, did you just say "go pee"?

robnutmeg said...

Thanks for the Come to Jesus - get the f*** back on track to all that is Rob chatting. God, I just hate it when ppl chat about other things. UH oops -- guilty as charged. *hangs head - kicking a dog as soon as I find one*

u 2 could b here so don't give me that jealous crap

it was fun while it lasted but i need to behave now...spider said so.

robnutmeg said...

@spider & ginger
did i just miss you asking spider about helping rob "go pee" Clarification please ..there's a difference to helping HIM "go pee" and helping him w/ UH other needs...
Let's see A show of "hands" *smirk* of those willing to help Rob with the OTHER needs....

Mystify Me said...

Who killed who @ school? Oh sorry I just blurred and sped through 75 comments.
Edward...ah yes...if he were a normal 'boy' I'd still heart him, as I to have a weakness for bad boys much to my 'chagrin'. But really Eddie wasn't bad at all (by his own doing anyway).He was most sweet, thoughtful and loving, so what if he's a blood-sucker?
Any REAL seventeen year old might appear to be such but his main directive would be to get into the girl's pants at the next lunch table.
So, would I love Edward if he were mortal? vote for Rob. said...

@Spider Monkey
You know I still well sorta love you even thought I hate spiders and kill every one I find in my house....but I have to say .... OMG are you low on webbing silk or something? Have you ever seen ARACHNOPHOBIA? (ok I suck a spelling so what) mmmmm????
I rest my case...and I'm not even a trial lawyer...

Hands that help Rob go p? ewww. Ok well you can handle that department!

I'm not sure why she picked on you but I know others were guilty of this too...and you know who you are!

You are always so nice unlike some others we know.

thanks for speaking up about robnutmeg - that was indeed really nice of you (shut up Spider!) AND we all know how devoted you are to TWI and to ROB!

I always get a laugh out of EVERYONE here and YOU DO TOO Spider if you could just get over it....

KICK me off if you want to I won't be bitter b/c I love it here - I'll just lurk and be anon again and you'll never know it's me! mahaahaaa.

Mysify Me said...


Mystify Me said...

I think we need to have League shirts made!!! said...

@mystify me
Ok so here it is in a nutshell
*Some like vampires only
*some don't care that just want edward anyway they can
*some want to do rob/edward in a janitor's closet
*some once again don't care b/c edward is just a stalker teen if he's not a vampire
*some homeschool their kids but they get FLAK from their inlaws
*Fanfiction is taking over
*Someone really likes their gardener...I think.
*NO one killed anyone but they should have or want to b/c their inlaws suck....
*OH Spider's mad at robnutmeg
*Robin(me) loves robnutmeg
*Ginger is nice to everyone
*There's a real Dr. Cullen
*Rob is quitting the movies, uh wait no he isn't

AND spider is going to seek me out and bite to kill me....

AND how are you? You can only say anything if it's Robrelated...which I'm sure won't be hard! said...

OH OH and mystify me
Sakixry has gone all JR league on us and her name is DAZZLE

Spider Monkey said...

Yes, I said PEE! But think of all the other things that those beautiful hands do with his body...

No explanation needed!

And just to clarify; I LOVE you all. You are the reason we are blogging! We love your comments and respect your thoughts more than you know!

Keep it up, please!

beesue said...

@mystify - yeah t-shirts and baseball caps too!!

@robin - Me, me, and @spider - I would love to be robs hands - esp. when he puts his fingers in his mouth or chews on his thumb - yeah baby!

@ginger and OCD - hey - whatever works for you. I was a SAHM and couln't wait to get them out of my hair everyday(did I say that out loud!). I do respect your patience - cause I don't have much of it - Got my BA in English and was supposed to teach but after my student-teaching! well-kids can be a handful - esp. adolescents. So keep up the good work!

Gotta go - oh yeah and Rob isn't on set 'cause he is here in Texas with me - ta, ta - have a REALLY HOT date!

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

*laughing hysterically* Listen, everyone, Spider is just being sarcastic. It's what she does (well, along with stalking RP.) Just earlier today she and I were discussing how she can't stand people who have feet so could I please hide mine at all times when I'm near her. (Of course, I told her that I couldn't stand people with dark hair so she should get a dye job immediately.) It's part of her charm.

So please, everyone, keep talking about kids and Rob and us and books and Rob and fanfics and Rob and clothes and Rob and families and husbands and Rob. I think I might have left off something... Oh, yeah, Rob.

And OH, I just might make you Honorary League Secretary and Keeper of Minutes at All Official League Meetings just because you could keep up with all that. *bowing down* *playful wink to all*

Ginger Swan said...

@Oh, you seriously cracked me up with your bullet points of everything that was covered in today's comments! (especially the part about how I'm nice to everyone)

@robnutmeg, I don't know what Spider meant about "go pee" but if she wants to do that, I think all of us will step aside and let her have that job. Right?

@Mystify, League shirts... that would be cool... and maybe something we can do in the future!

Anonymous said...

Is it safe - where's Spider? OMG

please don't go away b/c spider was MEAN>TO>YOU! You seriously make me crack up every day.

I'm seriously all about the rob, the twi and the books but i can get that on other sites...blah blah blah (how much do you love rob - no i love him more - no i love him more than you! it's a f***in zoo out there) - but here everyone is different, opinionated but different. AND so frickin funny - it's embarrassing at work...ppl think i'm seriously in need of therapy.

So I love the League and YES even you spider (even tho you scare the shit out of me and I saw that smile!)

Ok that's all I've got to say! I'm just a lurking machine! AND that's my code name LURKING and anonymous.

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

@LURKING or whoever you are, please please please delurk any time you want. Especially if you are going to compliment us AND our readers like that. In fact, can you delurk several times a day? Because I start to feel a little low around 2 pm and could use a good pick-me-up. ;)

And, seriously, Ginger, you didn't get Spider's "pee" comment? Because when she said "pee" we all know she really meant things like hands that "wash his body" or "relieve his tension" or "jack off to advertisements for new beanies." (Yeah, I went there.) (Whatcha gonna do about it?)

Ginger Swan said...

@anonymous lurker... you leave a seriously awesome comment and you expect to go back to the shadows and lurk? Come on... leave anonymous-land and come join us! I dare you. ;)

P.S. I love Rob MORE.

Spider Monkey said...

Come out of lurkdome, Spider loves to put her venom in all readers!

Love you all! xo Do not fear the Spider - to be truthful, I detest all insects in real life, seriously, I scream like a little girl when I see an ant! :) I'm so innocent (trust me?)....?

robnutmeg said...

I know you can't help being's what you do. I know evil when I see it. xMIL was the star of Arachnophobia - she played the large ugly spider. Right, @OH?

Regardless, I kinda like kicking dogs now so I'm still going to.

AS for the P, you handle the P and @beesue and I will handle the OTHER substance that robjects out. (did I just say that?) OMG. I'm dying here. Oh wait, maybe we'll wash his hands first since we can't have dirty hands in mouth or can we??? @beesue, whatcha think?

Spider, I still kinda *cough ewwww* love you! After I visualize Charlotte on Charlotte's Web .. awwww.

*grin* & I'm seeing my therapist tomorrow b/c someone HURT.MY.FEELINGS....You know I think I still have those spider traps I used to have..mmmm...where did they go?

ur a mindbongling genius - and thanks for sticking up for me!

Oh's right you are nice. *uh shucks*

@mystify me
so the OH's have lucky are you to get a personalized summary report. while i get .... well never mind...*sigh*

@lurking and annoymous
Thank you for your kind words. That meant a lot to me. Esp. now! *grin* AND I agree about those other websites. *rolling eyes*

TSHIRTS - I like that idea!

are you still out there?

OCD Sufferer said...

WTH??? I left for 2 1/2 hrs and come home to 25 new messages!?!?! LOL!
First message I read someone (sorry, forgot who) said something about being Rob's hands and of course, being the nasty lady that I am, I only thought of ONE thing he would do with those hands and I liked to died!!! Then she said, "Run his fingers through his hair" yeah, that made me come back to reality cause even though the first thought was nice, I have always wanted to run my fingers through his hair!! LOL!
Where did the hands comment come from anyway?? LOL!

OCD Sufferer said...

LOL! I totally understand about ppl thinking you are weird! My kids will hear me die laughing and they are like, "WHAT?" and of course I usually can't tell them what I am laughing about!! LOL! They hate it so bad when they come in and I am reading with a sh##-eating grin on my face and they try to talk to me and it is like I am oblivious...what am I saying? It's not LIKE I am oblivious, I AM oblivious!! LOL!

robnutmeg said...

Spider mentioned the hands but you need to READ on. Well skip what she said about ME no maybe you better read that part to since YOU got me into this mess about well never mind.

AND just say YES - I want a part of the HANDS on far it's me and me!

OCD Sufferer said...

@ Meadow!!!!! Just when I thought this couldn't get any funnier!! OMG!!!!!!! new beanie commercials??? THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!
I hate his beanie! I want to burn, I want to steal it and sleep with it under my pillow, but let him think I burnt it!
Kinda like Edward with Bella's hoodie in WA or Grace with Rob in ILLA!! LOL!

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robnutmeg I didn't actually mean who started the hand comment, I just couldn't figure what made her start it!?!? I didn't remember- unless I had a brain fart, which is very possible-anyone talking about hands and Rob and oh my, now I am thinking of MY hands on Rob and, crap, kids are coming, gotta go!!! said...

I am honored that you want me to be the secretary...but I was thinking of a more important role like human flyswatter or UM a can of RAID for you know when those nuisance insects get out of control...but well whatever you think is best...*grinchgrin*

i love u too - u remind me of my pet tarantula - Paul....

@meadow, robnutmeg
"jack off to advertisements for new beanies." -- oh god is that what's on that thing? do you think that if he's distracted by I don't know someone - that someone else could maybe still that thing? Coz damn! Of course, I'd rather have the REAL @robnutmeg..robjects? Can't you see my hands are up? ME ME ME

Whoever gets to rob's BEANIE wins the prize!

OCD Sufferer said...

@Meadow did you say Spider said she can't stand ppl who have feet????? That is like 99.9% of the population!!!
I hate feet, but I don't hate ppl WITH feet, lol...just keep them AWAY FROM ME!! EWWW!
That reminds me! Mr OCD was talking about how cute my feet were and he told me he bets I would like them licked and I told him if he ever licked them I would use them to kick him where it really hurts! He looked at me so weird and I said, "FEET...MOUTH...THEY DONT GO TOGETHER!! YUCK!" He just died laughing!
*shudder* feet are gross!

OCD Sufferer said...

@spider you know, I don't know why everyone thinks you are a are a spider MONKEY! Totally different species, lol! It's a good thing though cause besides me, everyone in my house is afraid of spiders and I have to squash them rather quickly! I remember getting in the shower after Mr OCD one time and there was a spider the size of a quarter (legs not included) and I laughed when I came out and called him in and told him to look what he had taken a shower with (just to be mean) and he almost screamed like a girl!!!! He shivered up and down and made the god-awfullest face! It was priceless!
But, since I am making fun of him, I will embarrass myself as well. One time I was taking a bath and I had the door open cause everyone was in the other room and they know not to come around when I am taking a bath (cause the room gets too stuffy). Well a stupid wasp came flying in and I just kept an eye on it and finished washing, well, then it came right at my face like it was going to land on me and I couldn't help it I screamed and jumped out of the tub...lo and behold all the kids came running to see why I was screaming....and they immediately RAN THE OTHER WAY!!!!! haha! They probably were scarred for life!
Ok, Spider is probably mad at me now cause that was totally not RP/Twi related, but.......
**na na na naaa na!!**

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but its lurking I'm gonna stay. Hence the meaning of LURK!

Is it not enough just to have a long and happy, (annon) life with me?

AND don't say "for now"....

But I will continue to boost your already depleted egos and compliment your readers..b/c that's what I do...*innocent winky eyes*


Mystify Me said...

You are truly funny.
I need a new keyboard. I have spit out my drink whilst reading way more than once...twice...three times a lady...not.;)

robnutmeg said...


Ok so forget the hands - I somehow got lost in the translation.

Feet, I can agree with. Feet are gross and NO ONE touches robnutmeg's feet and lives to talk about it b/c they are really sensitive and not in a good way. But if Mr. OCD wants to LICK ur feet - why don't you just let him? AND then you can just ease into um honey, since I let you uh lick my feet - I just thought I'd ask if if would be alright with you if we had someone over for dinner one of these nights. His name is Rob and you know he's new in town and (well new in the country in fact) he's ALL alone and I think it would be so nice to just be neighborling and have him over for dinner. AND maybe let him sleep on the couch b/c you know I don't think he has anywhere to go.

Just a thought....

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robnutmeg OME! I was reading and like, "Wait, she just said she thinks feet are gross, too...why would she tell me to let him??" then I realized right where you were going with it and yep, you sure did!! LOL!
I can do one better, though. Mr. OCD sleeps on the couch so poor Rob would be stuck IN THE BED WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!! Shux!

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
didn't someone tell you not to drink while keyboarding - I'm sure if I look hard enough I'll find some sort of law against it - you do know the 3 strikes law, right? j/k! u know i love ya, right?

bring on the t-shirts! I think I'll try and get a wine named after the league...I have a client that owns a winery.

I can't possibly comment on all of these comments - but thanks to
@Oh I got the gist of things and thanks to UH spider, meadow and ginger I got the rest of the picture....hey is Spank dead?

...geez...gone a few hours...and it's like a debate! Or an adult movie! Can't decide which one...

i agree w/ the league - come clean u'll feel better!!!

u do know that u kill me, right?

HANDS? where? I'll take them anytime, anywhere and I don't care where they've been or what they've been doing.

please don't read this stuff - i like to think that my daughter is still that innocent 3 year old!

@anyone else i left out? sorry. sue me.

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) that is exactly how I felt when I came home after 2 1/2 hours!! I was freaking out how much these ladies chatted...and to think, WE weren't even here to keep it going!! LOL!

Spider Monkey said...

@OCD Sufferer -

You are a brave soul. I freak when I see any sort of insect. Mostly spiders. So, my cover is blown! I detest any sort of insect, no matter the size, shape or form. But I love Spider Monkey b/c my man called me that in the flick! :)

And I also heard that Ginger is fond of cockroaches???

robnutmeg said...

you can't say i never did anything for you...
couch? he sleeps on the couch? oh yeah so here you go:
say honey, this guy named rob is coming over to have dinner - um - I'm actually THE MEAL - then he's going to stay the night - if that's ok with you...oh couch...guess he'll have to sleep with me. That won't bother you, will it? *evil grin*

OCD Sufferer said...

You are sooooo bad!!! Mr. OCD sleeps on the couch because the bed hurts his back (s'ok, more room for me!!!) and also he has sleeping problems so he is often times not even going to bed until 6 am or something and he doesn't want to disturb me on a daily basis.
I enjoy sleeping alone (unless I am cold) but I have to admit if Rob/Edward asked to sleep in the bed, I would happily oblige...not that there would be much sleeping, but.....

Anonymous said...

@Spider Monkey
Now what kind of crap is that? You're afraid of spiders? Ok I get the "spider monkey" BUT I never did get that "spider monkey" thing b/c when you think about it -how romantic...better hold on tight, spider monkey?
WTF? I would have kicked the bloodsucker in the nuts if I had been Bella. GEEZ. How about Princess? Sugar Lips? God anything but that....he called her venomous stinky thing - rough translation....

Ok off the soapbox...
I love your name now that I have separated it from the venomous species...


Anonymous said...

Oh wait
sorry i don't love your name - i just well like it better now that i understand it...
Oh whatev - i'm anon so i don't have to explain.

robin(me) said...

Hey I get the sleeping ALONE - sometimes it's like sleeping next to a heated lamp only I can't shut the damn thing off. AND a lamp that SNORES in your ears is even worse...
AND then you are having this nice erotic dream about BEDWARD and then you wake up and it's LIKE TORTURE (just saying - that never happens to me) and
Getting cold would be fine if I could snuggle with a marble statue or something like it...*wink*

Spider Monkey, You know that LURKER has got a point. that was not really a nice nickname for Edward to use but then again - Bella probably never heard it...I wouldn't have... but Sugar Lips? ewww.

Spider Monkey said...

Can I just say, I DO have sugar lips... anyway you want to interpret it! :)

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally agreeing with you until you said the Bedward dream and reality, OMG! I lost it! (peeking over my should and whispering--I agree though)
yes, Mr. OCD seriously, and I am not kidding, takes the room up by about 4 or 5 degrees when he walks in, and no, it isn't because he is hawt! LOL! yep, he snores too! He also has these neurotic tendencies to wrap his big ole heavy leg around my hip and causes my already bad back to ache like the dickens when i wake up!
Yeah, I like sleeping alone...specially since recently I have woke up a few times moaning!?!?! God, I wish I had remembered those dreams! I like to hope they were about Robward but my luck it was Spongebob or someone totally disgusting!! LOL!

robin(me) said...

ROAR, OMG ur killing me. The thing is that I truly LOVE my hubby but so true about that heavy ole leg *snicker* just always finding my stomach to wrap around and it's like a 100lb if that was Rob's leg - I wouldn't complain so much b/c I think my hubby is like 50 lbs heavier than Rob and well damn it's ROB..ciggy (ugh) smoking sexy hair rob!
Hey Spider - I'm talking robtalk so I'm LEGAL!
wth are u? are u telling me that ur just going to let ocd and i talk BEDWARDROOM talk and not say anything...hello? I know you hear me.

robin(me) said...

You can say anything - I'll believe ya. Hey I stayed out of trouble today so that's a plus for me.
Sugar Lips? I was thinking of the uma thurman's lips from batman & robin or was it batman forever nope it was batman & robin..oh who cares. the environmental evil girl that kisses and KILLS. ur not like that, tho!!

OCD Sufferer said...

Lol, just got this in my inbox...I think it is appropriate for today, LOL!!
Read the top of the map.

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) yeah, I think my hubby is a little more than 50 lbs heavier than Rob, LOL! When he quit smoking he made up for it in eating! HAHA!

robnutmeg said...

that was really creepy! gee thanks a lot.
hey i wonder if that would work with my PE....
I think i'm going back to my robdream.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry All night, all day, whenever your ready Jasper, so am I!

robnutmeg said...

I thought you were the early Ninja or is it late Ninja or ? Ok I've had a hard day and I haven't even read fanfic OR watched Twi or Buffy. geez

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robnutmeg I AM the late Ninja! It's evening now, is it not? Well, where I live it is. I was up all night, as usual, and slept during the day today.

I am late AND early. I sleep during the day, and am up all night way into the morning hours.

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD! That was totally creepy!

@The Lurker, see, we're not asking for your first/last name and SS# or anything. We just want a way to tell the difference between you and other Anonymous readers. You can just keep signing "The Lurker" if you want. There's a lot of us on here (cough, The League) that rely on our anonymity here in Twilight-Headed-land.

sakixry said...

I open my e-mail Inbox to find 52 new posts from you!!! Waaahhhahah!! League, which other post had soooo many? I am special! :O)))

I do want to be Rob's hand for one day too!!! But his left hand maybe if he pee's with the right hand...

And I also want a League shirt!!!

@oh: a great summary you got there!

We know that Spider is being sarcastic! I love Spider! Don't you hurt my Spider anymore! Hey! I will now use my superpower and Dazzle you all so you will leave Spider alone! LOL!

@Anonymous: Oh come on now LURKING Anonymous! De-lurk please! We wanna see your face!

@Meadow: I want to relieve his tension! Is he tense! Me! Me! Me!

@robnutmeg: come on now honey, you dont need to be hurt anymore. we wont let the big bad spider hurt you anymore. she is also dazzled, remember?


sakixry said...

@OCD: Mr.Sakixry (my boyfriend, whe are living together) is sleeping in another room together with our dog-daughter! He is snoring very loud and he also has sleeping problems so I am also enjoying my sleeping alone in my double bed! I could have Rob come over too and since there is no other open space for him, he would HAVE TO sleep with ME!

@Robin(me): I can totally understand you since I also NEVER AWAKE ALL SWEATY AND know... CAUSE I HAVE NEVER EVER DREAMED OF EDWARD...Dang!

@OCD: You are dreaming about Spongebob? ewwwww! LOL!

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

What a post of well or sorts of nasty little things.
That was the nastiest site I've ever seen - you should have warned me in my delicate condition...geez.
3 yrs old...*violently shaking head* I don't want to know about heat lamps and big legs
u tell them, girl - feet? why don't u just - never mind. i get the whole spider monkey thing but that LURKER dude or dudette is right - that wasn't a nice nickname...
u know it's not like u didn't expect that there would be 123 now 124 comments after your dazzling. Why act surprised? udazzleme
Ur boyfriend sleeps in another room too? What's with all these guys sleeping on the couch? I should have thought of that, maybe I wouldn't be here if HE was out there where he belongs, huh?

sakixry said...

@Isabella: I really really didn't expect sooo many comments! I was dazzled myself too!
I think you should show your hubby how comfortable the couch is in your house. You could then install a bell and when you have... you know... moods, you can ring it :)

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

I would be too late about the bell - it's already been rung!

I get to go home today. At least I think so. I never really hear or comprehend what Dr. Cullen says anymore...just b/c well my brain shuts down as soon as he walks in the door.

I think he thinks I'm totally nuts, though. I just thought: "animal attack" and started giggling. Oh sorry, Dr. C I'm hormonal - can't help it. Can I keep him?

sakixry said...

@isabella: i think that because of the bell that already rang.. it's too late for you to keep Dr. Cullen too...
Just think about the bell after you give birth. Begin telling your hubby he is snoring or that you cant sleep with him in the same bed because he's too warm or.. find an excuse. He will start sleeping on the couch and you can install the bell then.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Yeah well the postman always rings twice...
I'll keep that in mind...
Hey I can keep Dr. Cullen if I want to.
OH, everyone!!!!!
He saw this site. I could have died. At least he didn't see my comments. He just kinda scrunched his eyebrows (OH god that was cute) and I think he kinda smirked or maybe that was a frown. Well I'm sure he's been twilighted by someone - coz damn that guy is a dead ringer for Carlisle w/o the pale skin and bleach blonde hair wiggy thing. BETTER.

Spank Ransom said...

Wow 128 comments. Maybe we should do a blogpost about homeschooling Rob. I call sex education. :)

OCD Sufferer said...

If we get to homeschool Rob, I think I get first dibs because I have been homeschooling for 6 1/2 years! If anyone can beat that, then by all means I will step aside, lol.

sakixry said...

@Spank: Yeah, we should "educate" him! He could have a different "teacher" every day!

sakixry said...

@OCD: Hey, that was my post! I should go first!

OCD Sufferer said...

I am telling you....this whole Submissive thing....I just don't know. I can't quit reading it, but I just can't understand that kind of relationship, lol!! You were talking about JD, well, I am not a drinker, but I do drink Pepsi Max to TRY to help me stay awake, lol....maybe it is helping like JD because I have drank 6 cans today!!! I normally drink 2....
Bella is a very strange lady, I gotta tell you. God-like looking or not, I am not sure I would want Edward spanking me the painful way (erotic, ok, I will go with that one, LOL!!)

sakixry said...

@ocd: no painful spanking for me either thank you very much!

Mystify Me said...

Compatible...*blek* Night League

Anonymous said...

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