Friday, April 24, 2009

Is It Hot In Here?

So, I'm still Team Edward. Really REALLY Team Edward. But, you know, if Edward is off with his "distractions" is it really wrong of me to ogle appreciate the fact that "the Wolf Pack" doesn't wear shirts?

That's it! I am quitting The League. This photograph is the kind of thing that I cannot possibly stop staring at turn a blind eye to. *sneaking one more glance.*

Still, and only forever team Edward.

But Edward is gone! He LEFT me! Um... I mean, Bella!! And he never takes off his freakin' shirt!

All the more reason to taste him my sweet....


"panting", what are you on the "dog team" now? You're not quiting the League, we're kicking you out! Dog lover!

Damn it, why hasn't Summit released a shirtless-Edward-in-Volterra promotional poster? I blame them for any lapse in judgment that is occurring right now.

You know, there are four of us and four of them. I think we can take 'em...

Haven't we all agreed before, Summit sucks! They don't give the people (cougars) what they want!

*throws cold water on her face." All I need is Robward and his six pack (of beer). You can keep your chisel-chested sweaty dogs. I'm back, baby... I'm back!

*sighing in relief* Thank goodness Spank, we would have missed you!

I'm staying on Team Edward. I don't really like it "doggy style".



vampirefreak101 said...

you don't like it 'doggy style'..?! thats not what i heard.. !! LOL

sorry i am still firmly with the vampires.. i really really really don't like dogs!! grr

Ninja Fanpire said...

Um, still Team Jasper here!

And in any case, my second choice would probably be Asian, not Indian.

Natahka said...

i don’t care if their shirtless i still like my men pale! ^_^

Anime said...

hmm... but they are nice to look at... (i've seen pale pics of chaske aka sam floating around and "he's sort of beautiful" :grins:o.0 )

:throws hands up in the air: please don't hurt me! :cringes:

Anime said...

@ninja don't they kinda look asian to you? esp

@ginger u r hilarious... "doggy-style"... lol

~Jamie said...

Well... you gotta figure that these guys have to stay pretty much clothesless for the next few movies... and well... I'm cool with that. :)

Ninja Fanpire said...


No, I know Asians. And they are not that dark. They are more on the whiter side.

sakixry said...

I feel a little bit... out of myself today...
I slept at 4.30 am... and woke up at 8 am to get to work... I am kind of drooling because of the lack of sleep... so don't you throw that kind of pictures at me because I am going to drool all different kind on you... and yes! I am f****** team Edward, Robward, Darkward and Wetward but from the lack of sleep my resolve may be not so tight...
Pffff... I don't even know what I'm writing...
Where is my caffeine???

vampirefreak101 said...

tired? hmm wonder why?! LOL
*yawn* that was a late night but worth it to see/discuss the ET clips (i have left comments on yesterdays post again..duh)
i am at work, really struggling to keep my eyes open..less than 4 hours sleep. f*ck ! the things we do for Twilight.

no, even half asleep this photo does nothing.. Team Vampire 24/7

@spank you deserve a spanking for even considering this is hot..and you write a whole post about it! *wagging finger at you*
this had better not become a habit..

Total Fanpires said...

Nope i think they're hot!
But i love Edward too!
BTW lovin the matching 'Wolf Pack' tattoos!!

faith_83 said...

Morning girls!! I have to admit this photo has something...but nop...can´t replace Robward!!

You said it girl: Summit sucks! C´mon, what DO WE HAVE TO DO so they can make a shirtless-Edward poster??

I agree, we do whatever is necessary for Twilight and more...if that includes not sleeping be it ;)

When you said "doggy style" I´ve remembered "Little Ashes" Rob and Javier together...oh boy got to get rid of that image...need to look at some pictures with Rob to calm down…
What do we have and feel for Twilight/Robward you can`t cure it with coffee, you need something much stronger (do we think at the same thing??, oh never mind I´m just sleepy :)

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning Ladies

NOPE I'm still Team Edward!

Picture of wolf pack. MMM. I don't seen goosebumps on them, they must have had somebody blowing hot air on them....
UH, Meadow???? Is that u doing that?

i don't like it either *cringe*

AMEN to doggie style *thumbs up*

we have the same sleep patterns. and the same robward,wetward,bedward disease. no, ur not team just drink ur coffee and wake UP. or just read WA! *snicker*

OH and just so that all of you know, I was flaming yelling cussing mad last night...had everything ready to watch ETwilight and the ROB and Comcast was screwy so there was NO SOUND! aarrrggggggg! PE and I went to bed all sad and rejected and everything!

robnutmeg said...

don't think that I'm thumbs up for the doggie style - thumbs up for what u said..

robin(me) said...

I was wondering when that pic will show up...

Oh come on! U know that ur not in at least bit interested in 4 guys with their shirts off and ready to pounce....NOPE ur not!

I'm true blue to Team Edward...*halo above head*

Read WA, like robnutmeg said - it'll purk you up FAST! or Submissive. But caffeine is not suggested for S or Dominant - more like a bottle of SCOTCH. *cringe*

Uh, read it b/c i love the fact that u can get free porn and edward (robporn - sorry girls it's 4:45 am) and Mr. Grecian Spa Robin is all for reading stuff like that with me. *shaking head very violently* NO NO NO NO NO

@faith and the League
Summit sux - rah rah rah - Mr. Ginger please make a rob poster, please! no shirt, jeans zipped jeans? mmm.


miss all of u like i miss my PE!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Rrrrrruff! Team Edward or not, I'm not blind. What a lovely photo.

Spank Ransom said...

@vampirefreak101 - I solemnly swear I am up to no good (especially with the dude on the left).

vampirefreak101 said...

i am keeping score.. be warned! LOL
the fanfic with that name is v good, assume you have read it ?!

kmoye said...

it looks like Paul needs some help with his pants (they're hanging really low on his hips) i could help him with that....
but my question is WTH isn't Taylor in this pic? huh, summit?

vampirefreak101 said...

jacob doesn't become/ find out he's a wolf until half way through the book/film. these are the ones that are already wolves.. i think thats right?!


OCD Sufferer said...

Team Edward all the way, however, who says I can't be holding Edward and looking at the "Pack of six-packs" over his shoulder? Something about a tan six-pack just makes me all giddy.....Their faces do nothing for me, though, in the words of my darling Thumper (in regards to Robward) "He's got those eyes!!!" yummy, yummy, yummy
Doggy style is fine with me as long as it is with a vampire!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
My daughter will melt into a pile of goo when she sees this picture...that is what she is looking forward to--shirtless Native Americans for at least 1 hour....maybe I should bring a little battery operated light so she won't be sitting in the dark, that might be a little awkward sitting next to her, lol......

What in the world was that comment you made to me? Are you talking about ff? Which one? lol

Spank Ransom said...

@ vampirefreak101 - I have not. Yet.

Melanie said...

Sorry, I'm immune to dogs. They do nothing for me. I prefer pale sparkly rock hard uh skin, yeah that's it.

HappyHourSue said...

These guys are just background noise. Wait'll you see Taylor L. without a shirt - rrrrowr.

(sorry Edward, honey; there's a "Group Power" class at the gym at 10 - could you maybe go?)

Erin said...

I like Eye Candy... :)

I like the wolfpack and it will make it slightly easier to watch New Moon without Robward being in every second of it. Still feel like I'm going to get in trouble though if I say anything about Jacob/Taylor :)

I've been 'inspired' to post eye candy lately on my blog :)...Hubs isn't the happiest with it, but it makes my day.

Feel free to go check it out :)

Christy said...

I am firmly in Edward's camp, BUT that one way over on the left, he could totally take my mind off Rob for a while, a long, hard while.

LeLe said...

I'm having a hard time not looking at Meraz...*drooling*

But I'm still Team Vampire!!!

Erin said...

Can I be Team Switzerland??

Katie said...

I'm personally really glad they're making Jacob/The Wolf Pack appealing. I mean, we all know Edward wins, hands down, and that Bella was never going to NOT choose him in the end. BUT. If they're going to make New Moon, I want them to make it good and I want them to convince me of why Bella is conflicted. I think this'll help.


faith_83 said...

Now that you´ve mentioned ladies the guy in the left looks... pretty good...too good I can say.

Can I help with those pants too??

Mystify Me said...

Call me crazy, smack me upside the head and call me Nancy, but the wolf-pack does nothing for me.
Nada... diddly squat...ZIP with a cap zee (or zed if you're Canadian).
Nick~nack six~pack give the dogs a bone!!
I just want Eddie and his tortured intense gaze... his chiseled jaw line...his tousled mane ...his long...
fingers...his...oh lunch-time!!!

hehe ;)

-jocose- said...

hi ladies,

long time reader, first time commenter. this is the first twilight blog i check of the day and i LOVE it! =)

here are some more wolfpack pictures:


Spank Ransom said...

@ jocose - so glad you came out of lurkdom to say hi. I am glad you are enjoying the blog and for sharing that blog link. ;)

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: HEY! How is that fanfic going???? I am still very very tired but I'm ready to read some more ff stuff you know...

I spent 2 hours today describin WA to my sisters... hmmm... OCD, I think I'm going all f****** crazy with that Darkward.. *sighs*

@Total Fanpire: I also like the tattoos!! And I do think they are kind of hot... *ducks for cover* Not like Edward or any of the Cullen boys but they still are... I would choose Robward with my eyes closed and my hands bound... mmhhh... not a bad fantasy...

@faith: OMG!!! Why did you just put that Dali doggy style picture in my head??? Aaaaahhh! Where is the bleach??? Uuuuhhhh!!!
...also... hmmm... what are you referring toooo???

@robnutmeg: reading WA makes me all fuzzy around my ... you know, stomach! and I haven't even reached the UNICORN chapter!!!
Poor little girl... you can watch it on the internet!!!

@robin(me): I was in the office for 8 hours today and worked maybe the 2 of them... ahem... what? who? I am leaving the Submissive one for evenings in my bed... cause if I read it in work... I will have some Scotch issues!! Aaaa! Thank God I was alone the last 2 hours at work today cause I read the chapter where Darkward finds Bella on the Gym floor and I was crying like a baby.. I'm telling you... I am not well... pfffff....
What??? Mr.Robin is reading this free Rob porn with you??? Huh?? Hey, where is Isabella??

@vampirefreak: which fanfic with what name is really good???

@jocose: I take it you're Team Wolfpack, right? Hmmm...interesting pictures you got there...

hey! stop glaring at me! I'm just eyeing them!!! I'm not touching!!!
All I want to touch is f****** Robward!

vampirefreak101 said...

ff going very well! almost all written then need to proofread/ edit. i wont upload it til tommorrow night, i am working tommmorow morning, i want it to as good as i can, not rush it :o)

which ff? hmm

how about 'boundaries'

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: boundaries? hmmm... i hope it's not s/m too?? i will definitely check it out as soon as i'm done with wa!! i'm such a sick puppy...
you really should go to sleep now if you're working tomorrow again!
Hey! Was Twilight on ET this evening again???

vampirefreak101 said...

yep! i have found clips!! was only on tv about 30 mins ago..

not great quality though

day 2 part 1

day 2 part 2

yea i'm gonna go to bed now, i was staying up to see the new clips :o)

no 'boundaries' isn't s/m, don't worry. enjoy!

sakixry said...

thank you my dear Twilight correspondent from Britain! Sleep tight! Tomorrow again.

vampirefreak101 said...

one last thing before i go to bed..

ok so its fake but o.m.f.g!!

goodnight, for real this time!! LOL

sakixry said...

aaaaah!! yes! what a beautiful photoshopped picture... why Bella dear...your boobs suddenly grew so big! is it from all the pulling? ahem... what? who's there?

robin(me) said...

I have no idea what i was saying at 4:45 a.m. - I think I just was agreeing with your ff habit and was cheering you on. Love it. had a smelly guy be a witness today too. ewwww. lysol needed. i kept checking to see if he was going to turn into a shapeshifter. looked the type. UGH.

Yes, yes yes yes, Mr. Robin loves Submissive he thought i was nuts at first for reading stuff like that and then one night i started reading out LOUD sorta mumbling to myself like OMG i'm dying and he said waz the matta honey? the rest is history....he hates edward still but likes to support my UH reading habits......*sick sob* but you know whatev it takes....

Isabella has been put to bedrest for a little while. She's bored sick of being pregnant and starving! She's ok, though. Baby bella is fine. Her friend is staying with her now to help with little Edward b/c she got laid off. I couldn't get away from this bloody case....pfffff.

YES she misses all of you but she's having troubles with the wireless so it should be repaired soon so she can chat up with all of you. So in the meantime, she's not reading anything. yeah for me!

@mystify me
Oh I agree. nada here, too!

@vampire freak
i'm rather anxious to for your ff!

Mystify Me said...

Well I flippin' missed ET tonight.
:( I'll find a good link on Twitter.
Soooo.I finally was able to log in to the fan fics.Which one should I read first, and where do I find?? So many categories...
Does anyone live in New York?
Rob will be there filming 'Remenber Me' this Summer.
Hmmm...never been to New York.
Hmmm..good shopping I hear. ;)
Better get a passport...
Since I can't make Montepulciano, N.Y. just might be doable!!
It's not that big
Gas up the Leaguabago!!!

sakixry said...

"Have you ever heard of a safe word?" *very wide grin* he who understands... understands...

@robin(me): aaah... I dont know if you are the lucky one or Isabella... pfff... Lucky you reading ff with Mr.Robin... *winks*

@mystify me: logged into fanfiction or twilighted????

It's 3.40 am right now and I'm f****** tired. I thing I will f****** sleep until noon tomorrow... Love you all!
Good night!

Mystify Me said...

@sakixry...well I'm not entirely sure.
I saw Fan Fics..Twilight...pre Dawn... but I also saw a chat Forum.
How would I know? All new to me.

OCD Sufferer said...

I read two new ffs between yesterday and today. The first one I can't remember the full name, but it is M.A.D. and I think A stands for sddictive or something like that. That was a very disturbing story. It really kept you enveloped, but the "happy ending" is not a healthy ending. It really leaves you sad....I don't like my Edward like that.
HOWEVER, O-M-E...I read a very, very, very awesome one!! It is called Retrograde! I can't tell you anything about it or it will give it away, but let's just say retrograde means something about amnesia. VERY, VERY, VERY great story! Whole new twist to the BxE relationship! Very, very happy ending! And....*drumroll* I have redeemed myself because it is pretty SMUT-FREE! There is a little sex in it, but the storyline is way better than the sex! And trust me, it doesn't take away from it for those of you who are OSD with me, lol.
It is only 15 chapters, but really, really good!! GO READ IT! YOU WILL THANK ME FOR IT!

Badassmama0709 said...

wait, there is a poster of Edward with his shirt open... does that count? (just google "new moon posters")

OCD Sufferer said...

Sorry, M.A.D is
Mutually Assured Destruction. Again, I didn't care for the ending, but y'all may like it...and unlike Retrograde, it is pretty SMUT oriented lol

sakixry said...

@mystify me: aah! you should go to and read "The List" and "I Love LA". ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! *grin*