Thursday, April 23, 2009

Entertainment Twilight-Headed Tonight

WOW! Entertainment Tonight has the exclusive rights to all interviews for New Moon on a closed set? I wonder how much they paid Summit for that! Maybe they made a deal to pay for all the wigs.

Or a decent make-up artist. Did you ever notice (especially at the salad bar scene) that EC's ears were awfully red. They didn't apply make-up to his ears in like half the movie - annoying! Also, I bet MTV is pissed at this deal...

We aren't asking for much -- believable wigs, make-up artists that don't make vampires look like mime clowns and a continuity person who isn't on thorazine... just the basics.

*frustrated sigh* Why are we wasting time even discussing this? Wouldn't our time be better spent looking for ways to become correspondents for ET instead? We'd do a much better job than that blonde chick who is totally eye-screwing Robward in the interview.



Ninja Fanpire said...

@Ginger OME are you serious?!

Ya, how did MTV get cut out of the deal?

Spider, this is for you:

Total Fanpires said...


sakixry said...

First of all... Mr. Ginger, great job!
Meadow, you look quite stunning as an ET correspondent! I bet Robward would be eye-screwing you if you were there instead of that other blonde chick... (hopefully not only eye... hmmm).
I hope hope hope hope they will do a better job this time with the movie!
How the hell will I see all the interviews? You think some nice person will upload them to the internet for me to see?

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning, Ladies - and it is MORNING - like 4:15 am morning. UGH

What's with ET - I'd rather see Extra get the uh Extra - I'd like to see Rob on the manterouge with Mario as they discuss women. MMMM. I'm right there first in line....anyone else with me? Maybe Mario would be more discreet with the EYE screwing...UH that's a good one. mahaaaaahaaaaa

wow, I first thought YOU were the blonde chick. I think we all could do a better job than that gal. No wonder Rob always looks likes he wants to jump out of his chair and RUN LIKE HELL.

Nice job, mr. ginger on the pic.

most interviews are on you tube.

Yes, I'm hoping to see better makeup than the drag queen look and maybe they can afford more realistic wigs too b/c damn those were BAD - kinda like they raided dolly parton's or that pink eyelashed preacher's wife, (wtf is her name?) stash. While watching the movie the first out of *uh hem* times, I wanted to jump inside the movie and kick that makeup artist's ARTISTIC arse!

Here's hoping that Meadow gets on ET and while you are "screwing" Rob - put in a good word of all his NORMAL fans! Yeah I am sure you will! *snicker*

robin(me) said...

GM, League

To Meadow,
Get over there to ET and kick her ass. Or maybe just put a muzzle on her, stick her in a broom closet, borrow one of those wigs and stand in for her and then politely ravish rob....we'll be in the shadows waiting....

vampirefreak101 said...

why do i not live in America, then i could actually watch this, on a tv!

so how many minutes (seconds?) will it take someone to put it online ?!

it was about 2 hours last time.

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh Mr. G.~ again with the great photoshop skillz!

Meadow, you look wonderful, all sexy like waiting for Robward to come to be interviewed!

I'm with y'all. There better be makeup that doesn't "look like Mimes" (hadn't thought of it that way by the way, but it was).

I'm sure with each movie it will get better. Well, it better, is all I'm saying!

Can't wait for ET tonight. Gonna go set me DVR right now.

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: why dear vampirefreak? where do you live?

vampirefreak101 said...

i live in England..
nothing ever happens here.

sakixry said...

aah! come on! rob is from england!! which city?
you know that i'm from greece, right?
so talk to me about nothing happens... they don't even have Twilight for sale yet... *grrrr*

sakixry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vampirefreak101 said...

is Twilight not out in Greece yet? noo

ok, yea, England is great because Rob is English.. but almost all Twilight stuff happens in America. the filming, the tv shows, promotion.

I live in Norwich. but i am moving to London (Robs home city!!) as soon as i find somewhere to live (within next 2 months hopefully). money all sorted, just need a house/house mate.
I am wanting to live in the borough of Islington (hmm i wonder why..who lives there?! well,when he's not in L.A LOL)

Kittie said...

Robert looks hot in the interview.. good to see lil pieces of the shooting,even the tiniest thing is good hehe ....

Cheryl said...

Meadow, hot stuff! Robward would completely ignore the eye-screwing correspondent if he saw you on set (especially in that boobie dress) :)

I'm not going to lie. I'm completely psyched about whatever ET is going to throw my way tonight. And truth be told, I think my husband's kind of stoked too. Maybe he's just hoping it'll get me in the mood. If he would stop falling asleep before I'm finished with my nightly reading of Wide Awake...

robin(me) said...

u are lucky - i'll have to sneek peek the sneek peek of the video on ET tonight coz Mr. Robin is TESTY lately. Well b/c Mrs. R's case sux worse than the bloodsuckers....but I can't wait too.

rob does look good enuff to EAT! wow, he looks happy about the movie too! doesn't he?

i told you to move here! hurry UP!
we'll have a twilight party that lasts for days (especially when this case is over) and maybe we'll write fanfictions!!!!

Gotta go and work, dammit!

Erin said...

Totally must watch ET every night now...I can't miss it! That will be discretely added to our TiVo list :)

Yeah...hopefully ET will pay for some new wigs/make-up artists...I'm really good at dying hair blonde (I do it about every 4 to 6 weeks, so I've had a lot of practice)I'll do it on a volunteer basis for the Cullens!

@Spank, Yes I please hope they get a new continuity person...the last one missed a lot!

Hopefully they will realize how much we love these books and do a better job this time :)...we shall see :)!

vampirefreak101 said...

the smallest amount of info about the movie will be good... anything.. we are going crazy here waiting..
oh and obviously we all want to watch Rob.. are we gonna notice what he actually says? or just stare at him LOL

sakixry said...

@all: I just have to say... it's 5.25 pm here in Greece and I should be on my way home already (my bf has his namesday today! yes, we celebrate namedays here in GR) but I just couldn't leave... I'm reading "Wide Awake" since yesterday night and almost half the day in the office (yeah... I know... I'm gonna get fired soon...) and I just finished the chapter after their first kiss... aaaaaaahhh!!! *sighs* I have no words... *sighs again*

kmoye said...

i cannot blame blonde ET chick cause i would eye screw Rob too. and the whole interview i would be praying he would ask for my number or at least do that too cute "will you marry me" bit. *sigh*

LeLe said...

We should start a petition for the League to be special Twilight correspondents. But to protect your identity, you'd have to wear your super-hero duds.

Ginger Swan said...

@LeLe that's a GREAT idea about the petition. But you're right, we'll have to wear our masks to protect our identities.

@sakixry and @vampirefreak101 They might put the interview clips up on the ET site. I'd keep checking them.
If not, I'm sure they will soon be put on YouTube.

I think Meadow would make a MUCH better ET host/correspondent.

Spank Ransom said...

@kmoye - I'm with you. I eye screw Rob every time I see him on TV, internet, photo in magazine aisle while in the store buying cheerios and such for the little ones who say "Mommy, Mommy, that's Edward Cullen!" "Yep... and I just eye screwed him, my dear daughter."

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: well, i would definitely come and live with you in Islington... but I promised Robnutmeg to move to Seattle with her... tsk tsk... I'm soooo sorry! But we can visit you if you want! :)))
Ah yes! I think after we see his new interview for the 10th time, we will be able to notice what he says!
Good writing!!!!!

@Spank: bahahaha at you for eye-screwing Rob in front of your little daughter! tsk tsk tsk...

@robin(me): i know that but you know...i have some "issues" here... i cant just leave! *sighs*

@Lele: I'll sign the petition for the League to be the special Twilight correspondents! But they have to promise that they'll give us all the dirt we can handle...

@Ginger: thanks for checking for us and also...hmmm...about Meadow being a correspondent and all...I don't think she will be corresponding a lot... I mean yeah... seeing Robward and being so close to him may trigger the animal in her! Maybe she will ATTACK him!! I think she should have some "wing man" who can help her attack aaahhh, I mean who can help her to ease herself and play it all cool and so you know... I can go with you Meadow! I can help you to hit that ass - i mean to correspond right... what was i saying?

vampirefreak101 said...


yep you can all come and visit !!

am writing.. its going well so far :op
am going to rewrite/edit alot to make it perfect for you all before uploading. i hope you like it.

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: *squeals with delight* I can't wait for it!!!
I'm sending you all my inspiration!!! *sending,sending...*

haleygolightly said...

Ok... totally just got excited after watching that video. Minus the annoying reporter, over-dramatic, voice-over.

I did cringe just a tad when Jacob says, "You like me right, I'm not gonna give up".. don't know if its because i'm way nervous or way excited.

While i know this is a very pro-Edward, anti-Jacob camp, I still really wish Jacob a good portrayal. If his character is not done justice it's gonna screw up the whole thing. Best of luck, Lautner.

Spank Ransom said...

@ haleygolightly - I am anti-Jacob but pro-Taylor.

vampirefreak101 said...

@sakixry !!!

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: you are my heroooo!!!!!!! thank you soooooooooooooo f***** much (as Wide Awake - filthy mouth Edward would say). Thank you! Thank you!

I agree with you spank and hayley. i think it is very important for Taylor to pull it off. i will be very sad if he wont...

robnutmeg said...

Soon to be roomie....You swear like a construction worker! Thata girl!

Bless u dear child. *sqeeee*

I'm agree with u and @Spank - I don't like Jacob - just b/c he irritates me but I do like Taylor -he seems to be a nice guy. Always willing to talk to da fans!

Rob can never do anything wrong especially if he's just standing there. It must be rough for Rob being that perfect and sexy. Geez. No one can compete with that.

I.can't.wait.for.tonight! I have my PE, my meaty and sausagey HP, Heineken bottle(s) *sly smile* and I sent BF on a little errand for the evening. Can't have him around when I'm drooling - I mean - watching Robward.

Will we see YOU, Meadow? How's that plan coming? I thought I had a good plan, didn't I? NO?

Am I too late again on this thing to talk to anybody? GEEZ I! I'm so depressed.....*sigh*

vampirefreak101 said...

dear child? i haven't been a dear child for a long time LOL

my only comment i have is:
'edwards wealthier' LMAO !!!
Rob you are great ..

... so more tommorrow?!

Mystify Me said...

Did we watch ET??
So Mary H. is smitten? Well duh!
Everyone but my mother is, but she hated E.T.(The Extra terrestrial) AND THINKS "VAMPIRES ARE USERS".WTF??
Sorry I'm yelling.
I loved it when Rob says "When he sees all of these people, he somehow feels he needs to PLEASE THEM"
Well Hell ya!! Saddle up baby!!
God bless his cotton socks! :)

vampirefreak101 said...

Rob can 'please me' any time.. :op

OCD Sufferer said...

Just wanted to pop on and say hi to you nice...ladies! lol
My daughter had acheivement tests this week so we have been gone a lot and I have to admit that the time I have been home I have been living up to my new OSD name....*sigh* Four of my FFs updated yesterday and I was so excited, lol.

Do you realize that I now have so many different Edward's in my head? Each one is soooo smexy in his own way (yes, even Domward...which is pretty creeptastic and disturbing to me, lol)
I still <3 WA's Darkward the best, but he doesn't have as much smutty scenes so he doesn't fill my daydreams as much as the others, sad

On another note, I was running by the teeny bop mags again today...pathetic, I know...and there was an article of how Rob "broke it off" with Nikki and is trying to get with Kristen....WTH? Can't they think of anything good to write?
A "Rob insider" said, "He is sleeping his way through Hollywood and loving every minute of it." and how he flirts with everyone....That doesn't sound like our Robward...someone is mistaken! LOL

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: i cant f*** help it... it's angstgoddess's fault and filthy mouth Edward's for f*** sake... LOL

Hey, where is OCD? Haven't seen here around for a few days... :(

@vampirefreak: are you going to bed so soon? hey, it's only 1.30 am in the UK!

@mystify me: he sure wont need a lot of time to please me... i would be wasted after a single touch... *sighs*

OCD Sufferer said...

I literally posted 1/2 minute before you did!! Thanks for missing me!

*see what I mean about WA and the F****?? I think I have said that particular word 3 times in my whole life and now I find myself thinking it in almost every single conversation!
I just read the Office, The Submissive, The Dominant, and Midnight mind is just truly warped now....I have images and thoughts that bleach can't even clean........

sakixry said...

@OCD: Aaaah! there you are! i was just wondering... i started WA today and i'm reading chapter 23 now... it's 3.42 am in Greece and I can't f*** sleep... just have to read some more...and some more... i know... construction worker as my roomie called me...for f*** sake! i'm working tomorrow... ehm... today i mean...

vampirefreak101 said...

its 1.43am and i'm still here..i stayed up to watch the clips! LOL and then havent gone to bed.. hmm.. i will go to sleep now i think. i have to be up at 6.30am to be at work at 8am.

sakixry said...

@vampirefreak: i understand you dearest! i hope i will sleep soon too... good night! sleep tight!

robnutmeg said...

@Mystify me
u.crack me up!

i'd ride rob's range anyday pardner!

oh i definitely know that u are most likely NO child. *wink* ;)
I was just thanking u for the vids.

Oh u do pleeeeez me, Rob, u definitely do!

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

@everyone who commented on my imaginary boobs in the picture - thank you. I hope they entice Rob to eye-f*** me back. (Yes, Darkward has affected my vocab too.) ;)

I say we start and online petition! The League needs to be represented in Hollywood!

And @OC(S)D, I most certainly DID NOT read The Submissive and DID NOT enjoy any of it. Which I only could have done if I read it. Which I DID NOT.

P.S. Do you think Dom Edward would make up a workout/meal plan for me? Because I think I'd actually stick to it if I got to have sex with him afterwards.
P.P.S. Crap. I just outed myself, didn't I?

Mystify Me said...

A re-cap

And my fave line:
"She's trying to get over me...I'm an addiction".

I also read that Kellan slept with Lindsay Lohan.Say it ain't so!!! :(

sakixry said...

ewwwwww! Kellan with Lindsay f****** Lohan? ewwwww!

robnutmeg said...

u know i luv ya, right? i can't be the only one that has construction wkr mouth, right? no offense to any construction wkrs out there!

i know, i've been gone too much too but that's robin(me)'s slave driving ways....
I miss this - I can't stand to be gone away from the league and fanfics...wait, you read Dominant and Submissive...*oooh yeah* makes u shiver doesn't it? i love that darkward - i'm hopelessly and sickly disturbed now. AND LOVING IT! Soon I'll be called osd! Which will only add to my other sins. *winking*

OCD Sufferer said...

@Meadow yeah, you kinda ruined that denial, didn't you? lol!
I actually hated a lot of Domward in the Submissive, but after reading the Dominant and realizing how early he loved her I <3 him of course....I HATED the spanking...that was just too much for me to handle.
When they switched roles....I BLUSHED! I really, really, really BLUSHED! I am not a blusher, I have never before, but when he called her Mistress Swan I BLUSHED! I am glad no one walked in on me, lol
I hated him the next morning though.
So, have you *NOT* read the Office either? Bossward reminds me a lot of Domward. That FF is plain all-out is pretty dirty lol...*and I can't get enough of it....* argh!

robnutmeg said...

yes, i know u wouldn't read that dominant stuff. *cough*
I'd work out w/o a meal if I'd get the sex with Edward.

@mystify me
Kellan & L f**** Lohan? (nice, Sakixry)
*hands up in air* I'm going to be sick. Now why can't SHE go for one of the dawgs? She can take her pick now....

robnutmeg said...

Yeah I know Submissive and Dominant were a little *uh* EDGY....let's just say. *shiver* But I for some reason had to keep reading...damn...I kept saying...bad robnutmeg bad....bad bad bad. But I couldn't stop! You know I love a good spanking (yeah well...) and I believe @Spank does too but YEAH *eeek* that one was a tad bit UH cringy for me too. BUT I persevered and kept on reading (like the nut I am) and yep that was *uh - crooked smile* I didn't blush I didn't blush. NO way.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well - what do we have here?

Thanks for the video...ET. Yes I will vote for anyone to be Rob's interviewer than ET chicka desperobbo and Mary Hartyforrob. *nada to say*

@Meadow - nice! i mean much better - no joke. except that i think paris wore that dress already. good job, mr. ginger except - kinda creepy with the boobs and that fact that she's MEADOW and not GINGER! Since ur Mr. Ginger and all. just saying.

yea- rayneeerrrrrr beeeerrrrrr, i remember. don't ask me why. must have gotten drunk in a keg one night and had a nightmare. hint: tastes like crap with a twist of lime. I love.....runs like hell.

it's no longer smut - u've graduated to the S & M. Congrats. Now ur talking girl!

Video Rob:
Love the purple which means royalty which is really fitting since ur uh from that country w/ that queen that never dies.

Who else thinks that the queeny has the hots for rob, too? rob, just do the little freak and then u'll be richer than edward cullen and u can have a taste of real royal blood. ok, wait == i just sorta had a little vomit in my mouth ---

Well I'm a leaving my country - it's official = rob, thanks for the textmassaging last night - it was as good as always...I'm on my way to Volterra - yes, I'll save a place for you and Bella. Will have u both for dinner. Bella the menu and u the guest! YUMMY times a comin. Except I don't eat Bellabitch. Whine is good but I'm sick of whine and cheese.

Well goodnight and let the Cullens bite - if they do then u better have a good SCREW!

The Lurker

OCD Sufferer said...

You are a bit feisty tonight, aren't you?? LOL!!!

Yeah, S & M scares me...however, that writer makes it....I cringe when I say it....erotic....??? LOL! I can take pain more than most women that I know, but it definitely doesn't turn me on, lol....everytime any FF says something about *him* biting (lol)....I get really bad goosebumps! Does NOT seem good to me, lol....iono

Ginger Swan said...

@The Lurker, the body is all Mary Hart. Mr. Ginger just does what he's told with photoshop. I asked him to put Meadow's head on Mary Hart's body. There was no manipulation of the boobs at all. Well, not HER boobs anyway. *wink*

vampirefreak101 said...

morning! i am so tired work already but can't keep eyes open *yawn* it 'may' be something to do with staying up until 2am to watch / discuss ET clips (and having to get up again at 6.30am to go to work) but it was soo worth it!
great clips.. is there more?!

robnutmeg said...

I wouldn't know about any clips....didn't HEAR them and I live in USA. stupid digital cable...sux! *kicking table - owwwww*
f***** cable...

that's mary harts body? !@#$%^&

@The Lurker
Uh, I agree w/ OCD feisty! but thanks for the rayneeeerrrr beeerrrr support...I don't think anyone believed me. yep runs like hell.

No Rob - no Queen - not worth it.

Spank Ransom said...

@ OCD - That wasn't Mistress Bella; it was me! ;)

@ The Lurker: "textmassaging" and "That Queen that never dies" were my morning LOLs ... *thank you* - don't ever lurk again. ;)

@ robnutmeg - Ginger's not kidding. She really is always nice. It's a BIG problem for The League. LOL