Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chemisty Set

So, Ted Casablancas posted this "blind item." I'm confused. Do you think he's talking about Kristen and Rob or Rob and Kristen? Not sure. It could be ... no, it's Rob and Kristen. I say they go to a nice Italian restaurant, drink some fine blood red wine and order the best spicy Italian dish on the menu, hold the Oregano, please.

This article makes no sense to me, perhaps because I've had my wine, but it still doesn't make sense as to who they're talking about. Is it just me???

Spider, it's the wine. Read it again when you're sober.This is so obvious... They're talking about Esme and Taylor!!! *snicker*

If they're talking about Esme and Taylor, I'm going to need a vat of wine!

Esme and Taylor, ewww. Now if you had said Esme and Mike Newton I might have believed it!

*laughing* But this is the problem with "blind items" in general! They try so hard to be vague that half the time you have to read it more than once to get what they're saying. I'll sum it up for you Spider: he thinks that Kristen should dump that Oregano dude and get with Rob. And I disagree. Because the only woman who should be gettin' with Rob is me.



Ninja Fanpire said...

No no no League! It was totally about Rob and Stephanie!

Total Fanpires said...


Shana said...

I was thinking maybe it was about Ashley? The whole dating under the radar thing? I could be way off, but I'm trying not to think that he's saying Rob and Kristen should hook sad am I? LOL

Anonymous said...


He was talking about Rob and the hurry.up.and.die.already Queen!

Remember Rob's textmassage to moi? Yeah well he's doing the queen for that NEST egg and he kinda was intrigued by the royal blood thing. THEN he is hitting the Volterra nightwing clubbing life and hook up there. with me!

WTF - some brunette dudette was offered the part of Giana?

HEY, I met CW - uh - wow. Maybe it was the keg of VR I shared w/ robnutmeg on my way to visit w/ him OR something else but has anyone else noticed that guy is a tad bit on the HOTTTTT side? just saying.

The whole world has blinders on...Rob and Kristen are doing it or NOT doing it. Summitt is using them to get the fandom screaming. Rob said it was bizarre and MH said JUST FRIENDS. I didn't hear him say that? He didn't deny. I think the whole set is doing it like bunnies....just hope that they have vampire - strength condoms.

WTF is oregano? And I thought those two kids would make it last....U know, CW *ahhhhh* isn't like CH -- thank GOD! -- The movie is already better b/c it's not being directed by some hyper psycho that's got the hots for Rob! (at least not now)

thanks for the letting me come by on my way to vancouver stardom, the VR, couch and UH it wasn't ME who took the robposter down so i could uh lick it - i mean - sleep with it...

As always -
The Lurker

Anonymous said...


Where is everyone?

All the anonymous'sssssss - oh wait there's the Lurker - who really isn't anon sorta of a REBEL...

u've got the "doing it like bunnies" right. Queen? wtf? i'm lost here. royal blood? wait, i need to regroup....BACK ....other post, OMG that's funny! queen should be dead *spitting out my starbucks only b/c it's HOT not b/c of what u said*

Hello other anon, Shana, total, and ninja and of course

I agree with all of you!

Well - I'll speak if no one else wants to.

At this point, they are all little puppets on Summit's string....I heard that Summitt won't let oregano on the set...mmm...of course we all believe what we read...

Oh and Lurker:
Ur right, CW is a little bit hot. Never saw him before. MMM. Maybe he's getting a little NIKKI action or maybe a little KRISTEN action - or maybe all of them - maybe he likes the wolf pack...maybe he's stricktly p-r-o-f-e-s-i-o-n-a-l but as long as the MOVIE is f**** good and we get our Robfix I don't really care.

As much as I hate it and GOD I hate it:
kristen and rob are going to do it eventually. rob is hot, he has the hots for her, she has the hots for and it's most likely not a serious relay at all. but it's not a PLATONIC friendship either. *pffff - yeah right*

I always thought that Rachelle (Victoria) had a little eye sex w/ Rob too. They did this interview together and they looked at each other mmmm. Ya never know. Yeah i know, she has BF - in the words of Rob: Who cares - pfff to the bf!

Spider Monkey said...

@lurker... I'm a brunette! Who says it's not me that got the role. Plus, I'm Italian, it all works perfectly...

Ginger Swan said...

You know on second thought I think he may have been talking about Mike Newton and Eric. *scandalous*

Anonymous said...

@Spider Monkey
well if that's the case then I'll be seeing u in Volterra! You can sit on one side and I'll sit on the other side of Edward's lap and we UH suck his neck. OH wait a sec: I'll be a vampire by then if all goes to plan - I'll be showing u how but I'll be glad to shove Bella outa the way and share w/ you!

Mike & Eric - that's it! Glad that's settled.

I hope u didn't get BURNED when you spit out ur coffee!

The Lurker

sakixry said...

For some f***** up reason I can't read the f****** article... WTF? Error on page? *glares*
F****** eonline... Yeah, I know... a lot of the F word today again... it's just because Wide Awake is soooo long (as I surely hope Robward... ehm... what?) and I haven't really slept 3 nights in a row...
Can somebody please copy/paste the article? Ted is usually very short!

Mystify Me said...

Oh good God! Stop the madness!
Next it will be Leron and the diner waitress.Bwaaa.
Personally I think Kristen is a kill-joy, and Rob deserves someone at least 2 dimensional if not three.Or me ...or thee...
Did you gals get the 1000 zoom close up of Rob's lips from New Moon on Twitter?

robnutmeg said...

What happened? Only 11 comments? Gone for 24 hours practically and it's like dead everywhere I go.

The League
I can see this kstewpid and rob thing is troubling - it bugs the crap out of me, too...but I/m begining to get f***** tired of all the SUMMITSHIT -- (@sakixry, yeah i.know - potty mouth central)

I'm willing to believe as @Oh so diligently put it, as long as Rob melts like butter in NM - who cares who he bongs or doesn't bong. He'll probably get married next yr to some euro model chick we never heard of and then get divorced a yr later - just to stop the robsten rumors and every other rumor.

@mystify me
I'm with u, I'm in my own perfect little f****** Rob world (wink to Sakixry) and nothing can penetrate it - unless Rob wants to FOR F***** REAL! *innocent eyes* Those lips, taste? Taste bite whatever it takes. *timbermeshivers*

I'll try to copy & taste but this if from the girl that the cable screwed up 2 bloody f**** nights in a row and I got great visual but no audio of ET New Moon. AND I'm going WTF? Did I not pay my bill or something? HEY I have rights here! Stupid world. I'm not brushing up on my lip reading.
You're getting NO sleep and I'm getting NO sound. What a frickin of roomies we will be! GRRRRRR.

in response to an earlier post, i always KNEW you were nice. just wanting to keep it that way is all.

Oh it was you who took robposter down! I thought he jumped off the wall trying to get to me -- finally...*hanging head in disappointment*

robnutmeg said...

copy & taste....OMG, Yeah i'd say i was drunk but the Lurker drank all my beer last night apparently while licking my robposter -- *glaring at lurker* NO, just a lousy typist, nothing more. Hey but if u could TASTE rob mmmm kinda ties in to what @mystify me said with the zoomed in LIPS. IT WAS A PLANNED TYPO!

robnutmeg said...

give me ur email and i'll email it to you...but not promising i can get anything to work.

GallifreyReject said...

Allllllllrighty then!!

Ted's first blind vice about Twyla babe-sucker is kstew. the second one.. julie bone-jumper is about ashley..

how do i know... I'm the females sherlock holmes kids!!

that and his clues are just um obvious lol

Anonymous said...

First, let me make this remard - well I'll make it anyways w/ or w/o anybody "letting" me...

WTH! Talk about DEAD, @robnutmeg - it's a F**** ghost town!

ur probably sleeping like the DEAD right now, but at least u have spark even when ur DEAD tired...

i was so frickin happy that at least u commented that i read ur comment like a little girl at Christmas and then I said to did she just say?

Still lurking but confused...

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: my e-mail is :o))) you have a very f******* fowl mouth today... *wink*
i also have to tell you that when i move in... the Lurker wont be visiting us... *glares at lurker*... taking posters down and drinking all the beer... *huffs*

robnutmeg said...

just got on - and u just commented. hooray! *jumping for joy* i'll c & p that article and email it to u - see if it works - i haven't used my email in along time. i don't even know if i remember my pw! i'm pathetic. (maybe robin(me) will let me use her's - she lets me use everything else....sugar, blankets, books, DVDs, itune cards, Mr. Robin, jeans, makeup, .... u know just stuff...)
yeah not sure why my potty mouth - just f*** slipped out.. *grinchsmile*

yeah Lurker(s) are annoying! *showing certain finger at Lurker*

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: heyyyy! where is my e-mail???

Anonymous said...

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