Monday, April 20, 2009

Edward and Rosalie?

Our special correspondent Haleygolightly, sent us this article about rumors linking Rob and Nikki romantically.

"Ok, if this is true, I blame Catherine Hardwicke. If it weren't for her, Rosalie would be played by some statuesque model that Rob is intimidated and confused by. From a Twilight standpoint alone, this is disturbing. Edward fraternizing with Rosalie??! It's just wrong. All sorts of wrong!!! I like my Sparklepants single and ready-to-mingle. Sigh."

-- Haleygolightly

I have nothing against Nikki Reed. I really don't. I just don't think she was right for Rosalie. I applaud her commitment for the first movie of trying to transform herself for the role but she still didn't quite fit in Rosalie's shoes (not to mention they were ghastly shoes!) You see her role would have been better filled by someone drop dead gorgeous... the kind that stops men and women in their tracks. She doesn't do that. It was nepotism that got her the role. As for her allegedly dating Rob Pattinson, we'll as Angela Weber said "they're not really related." I don't really care who he is dating because the perrfect truth is not a one of them will be good enough for him. ;)

I also have nothing against Nikki Reed. Unless she's really dating our Rob and then I have EVERYTHING against her.

He needs a good Catholic girl... We may start much too late but we make up for lost time, Rob... I mean Edward....

I actually like Nikki Reed and thought she did a good job. The breaking bowl scene was tough to swallow but that wasn't her fault.

To be honest, I actually felt chemistry between Rosalie and Robert, especially during the garage scene toward the end. They were looking at one another quite intensly and I noticed it the very first time I saw the film.

I don't really care if they have a thing going - I'd much prefer Nikki Reed over K.S........... ANYDAY of the week!

Yeah but aren't Nikki and K.Stewpid best friends? I think that says a lot about Nikki. Maybe they get together with Rob for a three-some.

Well, who ISN'T he supposedly sleeping with? I saw an outtake picture the other day that obviously had a woman's hand in it and my first thought was: "I bet he was doing that skanky whore with her whore-hands right before this shoot." And for all I know she's his grandmother or something.

Good point, but I think it's more "on set" buddy buddy, not real life buddy buddy. I almost think that Nikki is acting as her older sister and that their relationship is kinda based on those types of roles. I think K.Stew looks up to her, and Nikki must like it. She probably feels like she's babysitting! :)

And it's not so bad getting a free bong hit now and then....

Wait, what? Did you just say "threesome" Ginger? Suddenly the whole fake-lesbian thing makes so much more sense. After all we know how much guys are into that...

Yeah but I just threw up in my mouth a little, trying to visualize it.

Well, if it makes you feel any better Rob's apparently gone out of his way to dispel these rumors right after they surfaced. (You know, according to other oh-so-reliable "blind items" and gossip columns.) I almost feel bad for Nikki since I don't feel like he put quite so much effort into proving he wasn't F-ing KStew.

Well that's because it was true.



Ninja Fanpire said...

Hahaha, my friend was JUST talking about articles like this! You know, like "Break-up on the set!" (Nikki and Rob) and crap like that....Even though Rob probably wasn't even on the set at the time....Oh yes, I trust gossip magazines, let me tell you.

Yes, also, Rosalie needed to be way hotter! Like you all have said, I have nothing against Nikki, it's just that, she's not Rosalie.
It also bothered me that in the first couple of books, Rosalie just basically ignored Bella. In the movie her I-hate-you-with-a-fiery-burning-passion-in-my-soul-if-I-have-one is really evident, and I just don't think Rose hates her THAT much. She just has a bit of jealousness.

And thank you so much Ginger for that wonderful image of "threesome". Not.

Anonymous said...

I really love your posts girls! Thx for making me laugh each morning!

a reader from France

beesue said...

Hello League Ladies!
I missed you guys - been away from computer from three days! LEAGUE WITHDRAWALS!@!

@ninja - I agree the gossip rags just! Just stirring the pot- as my ole grammy used to say!

If CH told Nikki Reed to play Rosalie as a "Biatch" then I think she was brilliant!

The KS/NR lesbo thing really bothered me - the Vanity Fair shoot when they were kissing and acting stupid !!!!! They asked for that attention and everyone else looked uncomfortable.

Yeah @ginger - fell the same way about the "threesome" but I almost blew beads!!

So, I will live in my Rob Bubble. Where Rob is a 22 year old virgin that is saving himself for me...too bad I didn't save myself for him!?!...OMG almost burst the bubble...OK we are running thru the park..with Patty...picking daisys....i am died!

robnutmeg said...

GM, League
You would have to talk about this disturbing stuff when I'm supposed to be WORKING!

Quickly I will say b/c I can't just NOT say anything...

If what they are saying is true (and of course we all know that they all tell the truth) then the Rob & Nikki story is a shield to protect the real story that Rob & Kstewpid have been bonging uh I mean doing it since the first movie where they UH studied their lines for days at her dining room table. (or ON her dining room table) AND I think the BF has been gone for awhile......

Rob's been seen together at nightclubs on and off with both "girls" since kstewpid's birthday which actually made her LEGAL drinking age in Canada. Of course we all know how law abiding she is with her smoking POT and all....but just saying.....

As much as it pains me (and believe me it pains me) it's most likely true that Rob is having a delightful time picking apples from any tree he wants to.

AND I don't mind Nikki Reed, you could tell she had it bad for RP since the first movie.....BUT that doesn't mean she was a good Rosalie OR that she's good enough for my Rob...I mean Rob...

But I'm with Beesue, IN MY MIND, he's in my bubble and he's anything I want him to be.....

Erin said...

I've had withdrawals as well...I must start sneaking & reading Storytime with Meadow on my 'disconnected Sundays'! (and the fanfic that goes along with it! hehe)

I didn't picture Nikki Reed as Rosalie either, but I think she did a good job (minus the gloves & ugly shoes!)

The gossip mags crack me up sometimes with their headlines...hubs even heard on XM that there was a big stink on the set of New Moon and our convo went something like this...

Hubs: "Oh no, what are you ever going to do...I'll be you can't wait to find out what's wrong" **note there was an unnecessary amount of sarcasm in this statement**

Me: Oh, I'm sure its just a rumor, they like to pick on Rob, I wish they would just leave the poor guy alone.

Hubs: **Rolling his eyes** You like that gay hissing freak more than me don't you?

Me: Sometimes, you should just accept that I think he's wonderful, hot, and take some pointers from Edward. But I still love you!

Hubs: **Rolling eyes & cussing under his breath** yeah...right

Me: Just accept it...geez, the addiction isn't going away :) you honey!

Hubs: **silent**

The 'news' on XM was about the Rob/Nikki 'break-up'...I giggled and said that was old news!

I don't mind who he dates, as long as he is happy ::sigh:: (and her name isn't Kim or Paris)

GallifreyReject said...

Mr. Sparklepants..heheee

Hmm.. My 15 cents on the issue is um lets see..

Nikki looks older than me(i.e. mid-late 20's!), seems like a hanger-on and a closet lesbian(hence her latching on to Kstew).

Rob is just enjoying the fact that women want him(besides the jail bait crew and the cougars and despite he comes out the house looking like that bum asking for my last quarter on the subway..)

Kstew is just there...without the Oregano lol

If either one of them are doing the 'forbidden dance' with each other, I hope they have a front door pass to Planned Parenthood and a GET OUT OF AN STD FREE card handy. Cause if 'Thirteen' was any indicator on how Nikki grew up then well.. you get my drift..

I should mention I have nothing against them (and if i am ever in a movie with them, this gets deleted!! lol)so my opinions are pretty much um..mine lol

Now if the rumor was Nikki doing Jackson, then I'm waging a war against her lmao

Ana Cristina said...

Now if the rumor was Nikki doing Jackson, then I'm waging a war against her lmaoPretty much ditto. But you know -- Nikki doesn't bother me half as much as KStoopid normally does. And also, Rob turned me off in that ET sneak peak that was released the other day, when he made that crack about any girl he talks to is assumed to be automatically his girlfriend.

I linked to you in my discussion today if you want to see:

Yes, the site's brand-spanking new.
(And no my use of the word spanking has nothing to do with this post's topic...)

sakixry said...

@Erin: LOL at your hubby --> You like that gay hissing freak more than me don't you? Bahahaha!
Kim who??? Yeah...Paris...I H.A.T.E. her!

Just for you to know...Rob isn't dating anyone or breaking up with anyone cause he is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with ME! Yes, he is! In my bubble! *slight smile*

@robnutmeg: I think you should delete your post now because if "your boss" sees that you were in here posting instead of reading... tsk tsk tsk...

Katie said...

I gotta call you out....Angela Wheeler? Don't you mean Weber? ;)

Otherwise, this post is brilliant per usual! I'm a new reader and I completely love this blog.

Did ya'll see that video of the Cullens shout out to Italian fans? I ask because N.Reed and K.Stew were holding hands (like always!). It's getting a bit old...

GallifreyReject said...

@ana yeah that crack was funny..

but he's the new 'it' boy right now.. hell, i want them to link him with someone who has a tan.. all these vampire looking chicks freak me out.. lol lol @kstoopid.. *grabs flashcards* read along with me...Do Not Come Off Ass Arrogant To Those Who Pay Your

Christy said...

It's hard for me to believe that nikki isn't like 30 or some shizz. she looks older than she says.

I don't really care who Rob is with as long as he is happy. And I don't really know a lot about Nikki but I think she comes off as a hanger on - just wants to get some of the attention he get. **shrugs**

HappyHourSue said...

I think Nikki is a very pretty girl when she's her natural brunette self- but she just can't pull off the blond Rosalie look.

Rosalie doesn't have that many lines: aren't there like a bazillion "perfect blondes" in Hollywood????????

Susan said...

@HHSue I agree. There are many beautiful blondes in Hollywood.

*munches on gummy pre-natal vitamins* Though it is weird to know Alice actually has long hair, lol..when not in character.

Btw, did you ladies know Stephanie Meyer is being sued for plagiarism by her old roommate who claims her short story in college was the same idea? New moon production is being halted because of it. Sad day!

sakixry said...

@susan: is this true? ok, being sued doesn't me she did it also. even if she did, how can the roommate prove it now? and why come forward now when it's turned into a movie? more money i suppose... that's just stupid i think...another way to make money...

Susan said...

@sakixry Yeah, I know. I hope it is just someone hunting for money.

Ginger Swan said...

@Anonymous from France, thanks for leaving us a comment and for the feedback on our blog. We love our readers!

@Erin, you seriously cracked me up with your little dialog between you and your hubs. Hilarious!

@Susan, do you have a link to where you read this about SM and her roommate? I'm seriously skeptical that it would halt the NM filming. Don't those things drag on in court for years?

Ginger Swan said...

With the help of google, I've now uncovered the truth about the SM being sued by her roommate/NM filming halted rumor. It explains how it started here...

sakixry said...

@Ginger: I am very happy that this was BS... I couldn't stand NM to be postponed because of this... got to see Robward soon in new mouthwatering scenes!

haleygolightly said...

My thoughts on Nikki-gate is the same as any other Twilight-hookup-up rumor: They're all hot, young, hormonal, neurotic people being wholed up together in a foreign land where all they have to hang out with is each other. The chance that they are all getting it on at one time or another is pretty big, I think.

For any of you that have waited tables, you know how you quickly learn that everyone at the restaurant is hooking up with someone else in the restaurant? It's the same concept, I think. This is why I am never too quick to dismiss such rumors. Why wouldn't they hook up?? If I were Nikki i'd be pissed it took this long to get him in to bed!

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, so during recovery, when I had that stupid tube in my nose, I swear I was gonna go:
NO! I don't even know what you're can't be serio....i mean...what do you?
then I thought they might make me stay longer and I was really hungry so I didnt do it, lol!! I really, really, really wanted to!!!!!!!

Gonna go read what you nuts said then I will post again. ;)

OCD Sufferer said...

I agree that Rosalie was too mean in this movie....she was mean from the get-go and she wasn't in Twilight. Then again it will make it even easier for us to HATE her in BD lol!!

robin(me) said...

Well Good Morning - actually it's not morning it's my morning which is actually afternoon...

What a day!

It's alright that you were on today at 5:08 a.m. b/c u worked ur butt (and we're not kstewpid & nr) today and thank you.

UH now for the good stuff.

That was hilarious! That sounds like my Mr. Robin - he gets this glare in his eyes and rolls them...
U should have seen him yesterday when I was talking to a neighbor about Twilight..
He recited the I know what u are scene and then he saids. say it say it out loud...Mr. Robin goes...I'm a twilight fan - OH GOODIE....
So we have a bunch of "comics" for hubbies it looks like. Ur hubby and mine and most likely dozens out there like them!

yeah yeah Rob's in love with can he be - when he wants me? Ok I'll share him. I'll be nice.

Kstewpid & nr - who knows about those two - who cares about those two and frankly both are bad for Rob but he's probably not going to ask my opinion so how can I tell him?

so glad ur back and ok. no one could do that scene as bad as kstewpid so i bet they understood u. mahahaaa

I think he's with ONE of them - I would prefer NONE of them or maybe someone NICE like Natalie Portman - who isn't some bitch. But IF I had to pick for him - oh god, I don't want to pick for him...I think anyone other than kstewpid...just me. That girl just bugs me! *grrr*

OCD Sufferer said...

I just read something about Edward's water scene in NM....I have read that book 4 times and I don't remember a water scene?!?!?! WTH??? Am I missing something or are they adding something? Rob...water...let's just say that part of the DVD will have a permanent crease in it from overuse, lol!

beesue said...

@OCD - Yeah-saw that too - I think they got it wrong. He does not have a water scene in NM.

sakixry said...

@ocd: so glad everything went well! happy to have you back. it was very quiet today... :-((

good you stopped yourself cause we wouldnt want you in a straight jacket now, would we? *grin*

Robs waterscene: maybe they mean the scene in the water after bella jumps off the cliff?

@robin(me): why thank you! you are sooooo generous! how did the case go? you released the bastard client yet? lol

robin(me) said...

Ur welcome. And no this case is going to take days if not weeks. *shaking head* UGH! Scream!

What did I miss, what waterscene? UH?

Someone tell me.

Does anybody know the truth about any of this?

Mystify Me said...

I don't know about the water scene, but watch this...OMG!

robin(me) said...

The media is driving me crazy...water scene in NM? He's not even there - well maybe he'll be there in SPIRIT....dumb bunnies!

Now kstewpid is TRUE to oregano and rob sees it as a CHALLENGE oh brother. MMM. True to oregano...yeah when Oregano's INBLIVISIBLE (thought you would like that GINGER!) and obviously not around? OR is he? Oh crap this drives me insane.
Rob LIKES the girl. Can't even say her name now. *ewww* but whatev.

They have the cast on you tube though in NICE clothes (birthday dress?) and they are apparantly sending a greeting to Italy. wtf? Rob looks GOOD, though. YUMMY!

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
OMG, that is sexy as hell...I LOVE that song. Eat You Up! UH HUH! Bloody hell!

robin(me) said...

I mentioned that video too, sorry I didn't see that you posted about it too.

I was too busy looking at Edward..memorizing what he was wearing and such YOU know for research and stuff....kstewpid & nr holding hands...again? pfffff

Katie said...

@Robin, Oh gosh it's no problem! All that matters it that the world gets to see the video. :)

I understand the distraction...unfortunately they were waving their hand holding in my eye line and distracting me from the pretty (aka Edward).

robin(me) said...

and it waz p.r.e.t.t.y! (i mean Edward's suit)
kstewpid's outfit was kinda matronly though. What was up with that? oh yeah lack of fashion least ONE thing is true to the book!


Friend of Nikki said...

I totally believe it i should know i am personally involved. I also feel bad for Nikki because she wants to be with Robert but he doesn't want a long term relationship with her. so she keeps going on and of with him

Katie said...

@Robin, Yeah, I couldn't figure out what was up with K. Stew's outfit. Robert was by far hot enough to make up for it though. I mean, who are we kidding, we won't be watching her in that scene anyway.

Is it November yet?

Spank Ransom said...

@Katie - thanks. Spank FAIL! I just fixed it. I actually know someone by that (incorrect) name IRL. Perhaps The League should reconsider my role as League proofreader.

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

@Spank -- I figured it was something like that. Easy mistake to make! Hope I didn't come off as obnoxious for pointing it out...I'm in the midst of finals and I'm an English Major so my mind's just sort of stuck in fact-proofing mode.

Love ya'lls posts! I'm a League fangirl now for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

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