Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bodyguards

There was a recent internet rumor that Rob was reportedly injured on set. While this incident didn't happen, it brings up an important point: It COULD! The League discusses ways to protect our nation's most important asset: Rob.

I say we still whisk him away to a safe house to inspect him for injury. Are we taking votes on who does the holding down and who does the inspecting?

I will be happy to inspect his head and I will vote to hold it, though I doubt his head will be down once I get a hold of it. Wait. Are we talking about the same thing? Uh…. Never mind…

There is nothing I wouldn't do for this man. I'll inspect his head for lice (which could very well be possible given the recent headlines about his poor hygene.) And Spank, I see no reason that we cannot share the head inspection. You could get a little tired after all, and I'd be more than happy to wrap my venomous mouth around his head to make him feel better.

I think Rob needs a personal set of bodyguards to protect him. A set of superhero bodyguards. You know what I'm saying, right?

I'm not sure we'd make the best bodyguards. Not because he'd ever be out of our sight, but because I doubt he'd be able to escape injury around us. Bite marks, scratches from our nails, rope burns...

Don't forget handcuff bruises.

I want, no I NEED, to guard Rob's body.

I'm pretty sure we can handle him, but the question remains, can Rob handle The League?

Don't worry, we can take turns.



Ninja Fanpire said...

Hire a Ninja, you can't go wrong.

Ninja Fanpire said...

Unless of course that Ninja was first hired to assassinate Robert Pattinson, then hired to protect him, then we have a problem.

Ninja Fanpire said...

See, Ninja's have great restraint and self control, amazing even around Robert Pattinson. Seriously, a Ninja is the way to go, take it from someone who knows, you don't want to mess with a Ninja.

A Ninja would keep their hands, faces, and all other parts to themselves, thus, there would be no harm to Rob whatsoever. And when you tell a Ninja to guard someone, they will do it, so Rob'll never be out of site either. Ninja's have a one track mind, focus on the task at hand, you know?

I mean even if someone just catches a glimpse of a Ninja, they're going to want to run away screaming. Screaming because there is a Ninja, or because it's Rob Pattinson, or both, either way, they're running. That's the important part.

OCD Sufferer said...

I definitely would be willing to grab his GUARD his body....guard sounds a lot like hard....hard...mmmmm....wait, what was the question again? I got sidetracked....LOL

OCD Sufferer said...

By the way, what in the world is he holding in that picture???

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD, why, he's holding his Twilight lunchbox, of course. (along with a doggy bag... probably for Jacob)

OCD Sufferer said...

Lol, that is what I thought!!

faith_83 said...

OK League, you also have to know that if you decide to protect our Rob you have to deal with the crazy screaming girls too not just the pleasant part of holding his body (or whatever part or his body you are thinking to protect)?? Are you ready for that too?? Oh and btw Rob I took karate lesson when I was a kid can I be your Kevin Costner and you my Whitney Houston, plzzzz?!?!

sakixry said...

Hey, don't forget me! I can bring the gun we were talking about in one of the earlier posts! If anybody else except the LEAGUE comes to close to him, I will shoot them! He's mine! My own! My precious!!! Ok, I am sharing with you and you know it! This is no one-woman man! This must be SHARED! Amongst the League of course!!!

beesue said...

Good Morning League!
Ladies, I have been giving this some thought and I really think we could serve as fantastic bodyguards for Rob. I mean, we are focused, responsible, level headed, loyal, strong and very mature women.
Just hope we don't turn into newborn vamps and start turning on each other! That could get ugly;)

sakixry said...

well good morning beesue! as it's already 2 pm here in Greece and i drank already 2 cups of green tea :) i'm the one to welcome you before the other sleepy heads wake up and make theyr way to them pc's!
I totally agree with you! We are strong, focused, level headed women! The real danger is not for us though cause I think that if we see Rob we will probably just attack HIM like newborn vampires and try to suck his... ahem... blood! LOL! Or tear him apart! Everybody will try to get a piece of him! Hey, stop tearing!!! This one is attached to his body!!!!

faith_83 said...

Good morning sakixry!! I totally agree with you about the part where we might suck his...blood! Lmfao...Is that I don´t have the strength to stay away from him anymore either and I probably be a lousy bodyguard because the last think that I probably do when I am around him is to protect him (I just want to make him scream). I don´t know if is just me but every time I speak or think about him my imagination just runs wild…is that normal?? Maybe I am suffering from some kind of Robdependence or Robdisease. Is there any cure for this??

robin(me) said...

Hey ladies....

Did you forget about the attorney? GEEZ. I feel the love.

I'm totally speechless, which is HUGE for me!

HMMM. I agree with all of you! I'm not playing favorites today...well at least not until I've had my quad shot mocha..then maybe I'll be able to state my case.

I would never turn on you. I think there's PLENTY of Rob to share.

Green tea? UGH.

@Spider, while u examine his head for lice - I'll examine the other parts to make sure they're all there and in perfect working order!

The League
I have an announcement to make!

Mr. Robin(me) accidently saw this post...(which I thought would mean certain death!) but he actually kinda thought it was --- *cough in disbelief* GOOD! He liked the photoshop hey MR. GINGER hooray! ESPECIALLY devil Renesmee. EXCEPT I won't show him Robangelo...not sure he's ready for that just yet. AND definitely not THE TUCK.

My hubby is not a complete twivamp yet but there's HOPE. I think I can turn him! *fingers crossed*

Anyway, LOVE the "doggie" bag!

robnutmeg said...

Good morning girls...

@the league
LOVE that picture! AWWWW Rob is carrying a snack...but how did they fit Bella in there?

my my aren't we violent today? not share with moi? i'm seriously hurt here. *pouty face*

HARD to guard...u hold him...I'll "guard" him! *snicker*

No way, we won't turn on each other...*much*

You weren't in the office when Mr. Robin ALSO remarked on the TEAM Jacob sign about to smack Rob's head...he said, and I quote..."come on do it...just end it already" Don't be too quick in getting those his and her tshirts! *wink*

Want to take turns with your readers who are a little anxious on this end!

Craque L'├ęclair said...

I have a PhD in sponge baths from Oxford. I feel obligated to serve Rob's and my country on this tour of duty. Sign me up! said...


OMG we are in fine form today, aren't we?

OK so here's my 2 cents....

The Twilight Headers League along w/ their faithful and mature readers will be delighted to accept the assignment of "guarding, inspecting and providing medical care" to Rob Pattinson.

fine print: not responsible for blood or fluid loss of said person.

Need I say more? *grinch grin*

ur hubby sounds like a doll - we'll help u turn him over to the twiside....right, ladies?

ooh ur sassy today, aren't u? what's in that green tea?

do u hire out ur skills? if so, i have this neighbor that really irritates me!

letterstorob said...

but what can we do to protect his twilight lunchbox

(my fav part of today's post.. or is that the MUSIC box?)

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) Mr. OCD is starting to come around somewhat, too! I can't go as far as letting him see this website, but he has made jokes about me reading the books and he even didn't get angry when I said something about how my sister and I agreed how dangerous it would have been if our favorite actor had played Edward instead! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I love Rob, but Josh Hartnett will always hold a special place in my heart---and he DOES have a very nice six-pack *swoon* Anyway, my point was that my husband seems to be a little less jealous of my Twi addiction ;) Let's just hope I don't slip and call him Edward or Rob and ruin the whole thing!!! HAHAA

robin(me) said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Mr. Robin, I fear, will NEVER be able to handle some of those other pics of Rob. I, too, *confession alert* had some UH misgivings about Rob being Edward. NOT to the point of petition or anything...but I did picture Edward being played by *heart flutters* Hayden Christensen. His evil look is legendary...not to mention he's drop dead gorgeous.
BUT BUT, Rob convinced me as soon as he walked into my (I mean, Bella's) cafeteria!

i'll get the papers moving to make it all legal if everyone is in agreement, anyone?

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) OH YES!! Hayden is gorgeous!! My sister and I also talked about him! We can't help it, Josh is just #1 on our list. Heath Ledger used to hold that spot, but sadly, he doesn't anymore :(
I have to admit, I had read all 4 books when I watched the movie and when he walked into the cafeteria I was like "EWW! Why didn't they pick a good-looking Edward??" LOL! Now, mind you, I am 33 years old, so "my" Edward, even though I am repeatedly reminded is 17, looks a little more 28, 29, something like that, lol. Then, in Biology, his voice just got on my nerves! I was like, "HE SOUNDS GAY!!" haha! *It wasn't until my 3rd or 4th time watching it that I realized this was his "dazzling" voice and I found myself DAZZLED! lol*
I have to admit that by the time we...I mean, they were in the restaurant I was hooked! I still have a few issues with some of the angles of his pretty face (the lion/lamb angle just doesn't do it for me...and the "outloud, say it" accentuates his teeth in an unflattering way, lol). As far as LOOKING at RP, I prefer him sans vampire makeup and with his hair a little more mussled up---absolutely breathtaking! But, it's those eyes...I can't get past those eyes in the movie! And I often find myself staring at his lips and thinking what I would like him to do with those lips.....crap, I need a shower! HAHA
As far as the husband--if he even knew I was looking at RP I would probably end up on the side of a milk carton! He is just coming to terms with "twilight" not RP!! haha

That reminds me! I picked up a copy of Life & Style (gorgeous picture on the front, I couldn't resist!!) and I was very upset with the articles in it! They are acting like RP is jealous of the wolf pack and everything! I loved the pics of him, but the article ticked me off :(

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) LOL! Look what I just read!! *My husband, personally, HATES RP's hair--my girls and I think he is nuts cause that is the SEXIEST HAIR! (my girls better not say it's sexy though!LOL)*

Twilight and Edward... from a dude's perspective
Ladies, enjoy reading about what your husbands REALLY think about our obsession with everything Twilight.... oh, and Edward. The name "Edward" alone has become every woman's code word for "swoon", and every man's nemesis.

Here's a snippet from a husband;

"So we started watching "Twilight," and I found myself waiting for the first appearance of this dude Edward. He’s the romantic male lead in the story, which I know because I feel like I practically live with the guy. For well over a year, I’ve heard Colette and the girls gush over him, and how he’s super-hot, and ... well, and how he’s super-hot. You know how, if you’re a chick, you kind of hate people like Angelina Jolie, the one woman that pretty much every guy fawns over? Well, Edward is that guy for us dudes. I’m sure there are women out there who aren’t hot for Edward, but I haven’t met any of them yet.
"Every time Edward walked on screen, the first thing I noticed was that hair. That ridiculous, three-inches-high, pointing-in-every-direction hair. His hair always looked like a mongoose had a seizure in it while he strolled through a hurricane. It was the dumbest thing I’d ever seen. The worst part of it all was that the actor who played Edward, Rob Pattinson, somehow made it look good. Scratch that. He made it look, though I am loath to use my favorite word of all time in this context, awesome.

robnutmeg said...

@OCD u crack me up! It is true what u said about Edward being a new (soon to be ex) bf HATES all that is Twilight b/c of that "EDWARD"! The other night as we were cuddling and putting a DVD on...Twilight disc happened to be in the machine *cough - look of innocence on my face* and started playing....he said and I quote: OH GOD not this guy again! I said, listen here bud this guy is GOD! Don't talk about God like that! THEN the scary part he shuts up! NOT a sound!

Ok when I guy shuts up about Edward something is NOT then his eyes start to twitch and he goes and I quote (again) WHO is that? Meaning the cute little pixie, Alice. Now I love Alice but now I'm not so sure...TWILIGHT is not for guys - isn't that what we've heard for MONTHS now?

So being the open minded type, I'll go out on the limb and say I can understand the appeal of Alice - she's cute and pixie like (although I hated that wig) and she tells the future...who wouldn't like her?

Had he said, Rosalie I would have punched him into the next state! NO kidding!

AND don't even get me started on Brangelina...UGH!

yes, this is the bf YOU said was good for me. we'll talk later.

OH and I love what u said about Edward/Rob. You see, I'm 34 and when I went to see Twilight there's NO one even close to my age there (unless they were hiding under the seats...ashamed like me) ANYWHO, I'm thinking that's not Edward - wtf? And what's with the awlful clothes he's wearing. God, take him to the mall! I thought they were rich vampires and Alice dressed them? I LOVED Emmett and even Jazz (awful wig again) were fine....just Edward. Then he spoke UGH. It wasn't until that first hospital scene with Bella that I felt mmmmm...not bad. THE best scene was PROM and "isn't it enough to live a long and happy life with me" and i'm saying out LOUD, OH YES, Edward!

Mystify Me said...

"Awesome" indeed! *swoon*

beesue said...

@OCD and Robin - Luv the TwiHusband comments. Mr. Beesue was home this weekend (he builds football fields and is always on the road) and we were about to work on the taxes on my laptop. I looked him in the eye and said "payback is a bitch, so don't be commenting on my screensaver (Robs GQ Pic). I have put up with nudie women on motorcyles all my life. So he just shook his head and said nothing. I stood by Twiground and forbade him to look in my favorites list since it is all Twlight sites. The funny thing is that he had NO IDEA who Rob was - Very Funny!

Robnutmeg - He brought a snack - ha ha - I think I could fit into that bag!

OhfortheLuv - my pen is ready to sign on the dotted line!

Sakixry - sucking is good - tearing --Hmmmm - clothes off - comes to mind!

Ninja - we may all have to sign up for a "pre-bodyguard class" just so our "skills" HEHE - as protectors are sharp!

twi'ing2analyze said...

I love the pic and topic for today, League! Sign me up! I'll be junior guard, inspector, medical advisor - whatev!

@mystify me

Awesome! I second that! *swoon*

UH the restaurant. Who cares about the's those "oh baby" eyes.

Prom! I don't remember my prom dates LOOKING like Edward -- Had they LOOKED like HIMMMMM - they could have bitten my neck and totally drained me and I would be OKIE DOKIE. I need to put twi on again damnit i was trying to restrain myself today...

twi'ing2analyze said...

I love the pic and topic for today, League! Sign me up! I'll be junior guard, inspector, medical advisor - whatev!

@mystify me

Awesome! I second that! *swoon*

UH the restaurant. Who cares about the's those "oh baby" eyes.

Prom! I don't remember my prom dates LOOKING like Edward -- Had they LOOKED like HIMMMMM - they could have bitten my neck and totally drained me and I would be OKIE DOKIE. I need to put twi on again damnit i was trying to restrain myself today...

robin(me) said...

Hey if they made a pocket beesue and robin(me) we'd fit! OH OH better we'll put PE in there too! *wink*

Which GC pic do you have on your screen? Just asking. I have the the "bedroom" eyes one and Mr. Robin(me) doesn't say anything b/c it's MY laptop! He just rolls his eyes.

we need to edit ur boyfriend prereq's. must be able to put up with Rob Pattinson, and all Twilight. I'll draw up the app asap. OK?

Neil likes Alice? I was thinking Rosalie - ya know - she's blond - ur blond. OK, OK!

He's cute, tho.

U blogged twice. Just thought I'd point it out.
Loved what u said about the PROM. *snicker* My prom date - uh sexy Edward..(aka...Mr. Robin) had caught the stomach flu and preceeded to throw up on me...And I even married him.?.?.?.

robin(me) said...

I mean GQ not GC - can't type for my life today!

Christy said...

I'll be Rob's personal cockblocker. And personal cleaner of that general area if there is a need.

beesue said...

@robin(Me) - I also have the bedroom eyes (dirty minds think alike) and above those eyes it says "Let's stay in bed all week".
Sometimes - hmmmmm - I just stare at it!!!

robin(me) said...

omg that's funny *shy smile*

TOOOOO funny
u know what mine says
the top of the pic says
come and play with me
and the bottom says
come on baby ur a lawyer divorce would be easy...easy...easy....

beesue said...

@robin(me) - (Cleaning up coffee that just spewed from my mouth!)You win - that beats mine - hands down!

sakixry said...

Well, first of all... I think this with the whole Greek-US time difference is really not fair 'cause at the time you really got it going, I'm not close to a pc or something like that... grrrr...

@faith_83: I'm glad you agree with sucking part LOL and no, I dont believe there is a cure...

@robin(me): hey, i'm trying to drink something healthy in between caffeine and alcohol! I'm a grown up women and if I'm about to meet Rob my skin must look healthier... ya know!And Mr.Robin(me) really IS a doll! I knew it from the cop playing night but now it is confirmed!

@robnutmeg: I solemnly swear that I will ALWAYS share everything with my crazy roomie(to be)!! And that is you my dear!

@Craque:Hey, where did you got the PhD for sponge bathing?I would like to take the course...

@oh:I dont have to put something in the tea... just have a look at my wallpaper as soon as i open my pc in the morning and i come undone...

more comes later...

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh you know I want in on this guard of our Rob! We could all just play nice and take turns!

@spider "I'd be more than happy to wrap my venomous mouth around his head to make him feel better."
I just about spit out my diet Pepsi when I read that, but I like how you think, lol

Ginger Swan said...

@Craque, your PhD in sponge bathing might just come in handy. Don't worry ladies, we'll share.

@Robnutmeg, you and I are the exact same age. I went to a slightly more expensive, higher class movie theater (with reserved seating) for the midnight showing of Twilight. 85% of the people there were 20's to 40's. My friend and I went out for drinks at a restaurant next door beforehand, and it was full of women our age doing the same thing! It was awesome! I'm going to that same theater for New Moon.

@robin(me) You are The League's lawyer. We'd always bring you with us, to keep us out of legal trouble! And that's awesome that your hubby liked some of the photoshopped pictures. He's coming around!

And I probably win the award for having the most supportive Twi-hubby around, making all our blog design, photoshop pictures, etc. But that might have something to do with the fact that he worked on the movie (shhhhh). And I also never openly fawn over RP in front of him. I'm all... "gotta look at more Rob pictures for League blog business...sigh... he's not even that cute." (tee hee)

robin(me) said...

U absolutely and w/o a doubt have the most awesome hubby!

I know what you mean about the open's like Rob who? I don't want you to be like Rob, dear...but can't you hold ur fake ciggy in this position for me? *ouch - i really bought it with that one*

Tell Mr. Ginger that my hubby is impressed with the photoshop skills. Then he mumbled something to the affect of let me know when he photoshops nicole kidman. I said, what was that honey? and he just smirked at me. nerve. mmmm. maybe he would like to sleep with trainwreck tonight! and i'll sleep w/ pe and my already tattered looking GQ mag!

OK and Mr. Ginger worked on the movie? UH? hey, more details please! Am I the only one who didn't know this? *accusing glare to the rest of you out there!* If I'm going to represent the League I have to know EVERYTHING! So spill, girl!

whatever it takes to make us "mature" women look young - i'll do it. but i say no to: exercising more and drinking less. u do seem a little bit more INTENSE, you know with the gun and the ripping apart....just saying....and so that's why we were inquiring about the green tea.

yes, i'm all for playing nice and taking turns...i'm just not sure about the "others"

robnutmeg said...

ok, that's better, roomie(2b)! i'm as ~um~ eager as u are when it comes to rob so he would be very busy indeed if he moved in with me. i don't think i need the green tea.

ok so neil (bf soon 2b x) calls and tells me that he wants to take me up to BC to do some shopping. wait. uh?. what?. (confused) I know what kind of "shopping" i'm gonna do but what kind of "shopping" is HE gonna do!?

I now proclaim that snoopy bf's need to stay away from twilight. only i can be in lust (love) with someone from Twilight!

You better hurry up and move in sakixry.

What movie theatre? I didn't go with Robin last time so we're gonna go with gals from the office.

robnutmeg said...

Clarification...i don't need green tea to get me "eager" but i definitely need it to get younger! i curse mother nature!

it's sunny out and the radio just said and i quote...the Cullens are HIKING today for sure! living in seattle has become quite interesting since twilight....

Christy said...

My hubs is VERY tolerant of my Robsession. He, seriously, tried to find a poster that I liked, so he could hang in our room.

robin(me) said...


No, don't get me wrong. My hubby is the best. I kinda like being a part of this - I feel all James Bondie...and what the hubby doesn't know about RP the better he is! (and me)

do i have to knuckle u? u curse mother nature???? *evil glare*
ur 34 but look 24 ~ no lie!

2 words:
shut up! *grin*

neil (bf) wants to shop and ur questioning his motives? who cares? i'm really going to knuckle u!

beesue said...

@Ginger Swan - and the award for the most be-luved, most talented Twi/Husband, who's superhero "patient" power gives him the ability to put up with Twilight obsessive League-ers -goes to (drumroll - envelope rip)
MR. GINGER!!!! Applause, applause!

Also,(whispering and suspiously looking around net) what you said that he did VERY IM.PRES.SIVE!
WE do need details.

Ginger Swan said...

Ok, Ok ladies. I need to protect my true identity and all... but yes he worked on the movie. He knows Catherine pretty well. Went out to lunch with her a couple of times, just the two of them. Emails back and forth with her assistant. Got me an autographed poster (with CH's sig.), took me to the cast & crew screening so I saw Twilight before it came out, and took me to the wrap party where I met (and hung out with) Catherine, Edi (Laurent), and saw a number of other celebrities and big time producers and directors. (Rob was in Mexico at the time... boo hoo)
Ok, ok... Mr. Ginger is my "inside source" and all the inside info I've mentioned, he heard from Catherine herself.

There you have it! He's literally seen the movie hundreds of times from working on it, and is always quoting Edward (or the other characters) to me. Gotta love him!!!

robin(me) said...

@Ginger Swan
I feel like such a ***** about what I said about CH in the past posts. You won't hold that against me & Robnutmeg will you? I'm back peddling to see what I said and so is robnutmeg. We're normally not mean and vindictive - HONEST! *sheepishly going to cover in the corner now*

One thing positive: I always loved the fact that CH was so excited about Twilight! I really felt that she sincerely loved it. And I'm not just saying that for brownie points or anything.

OK I'm going now.

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) Mr. Ginger thought CH was VERY hard to work with. She was always distracted, the movie took much longer to make because of it and her mood swings were huge. He thinks it's a good thing she's not on NM. So yes, while she loves him and was very good to us on a personal level, she is not a director he would want to work with again. No worries on anything you said before. Because we agree!

robnutmeg said...

@Ginger Swan
I, too, humbly apologize for what I said about CH...even tho I do feel that she didn't quite act like a normal director...she really should have been one of the actors. But, she was excited about it, I'll give her that. Makes you wonder about CW - what does ur hubby know about NEW MOON so we know ahead of time to keep our mouths shut!

OH to have a husband or BF that speaks the velvety voice....*dreaming*

WTF was Rob doing in Mexico? And u didn't hop on a plane and visit? Ginger Ginger!

I was ruder about CH than you were. But the League will forgive u!

sakixry said...

@OCD: Yep! Rob is making "the hair" look gorgeous! I like the comparison of Robward for the women to what Angelina represents for men... hmmm...

I actually loved Robward from the moment he stepped into the cafeteria... I hadn't read Twilight yet so maybe this was the reason. I L.O.V.E.D. the kissing scene...just loved it... when i went to see it the first time, i went with my boyfriend... the second time i went with my sisters (age 22) and the third time i went again with my sisters and their friend (also 22). the oldest person in that room was ... me. right behind me where my sisters and then some girls looking around 18...

@robin(me): well robin, i can understand now why Mr.Robin(me) is such a doll... with all the throwing up and you marrying him... how could he not? *smile*just kidding!!!!
About your desktop pic and the quotes... really? you are a lawyer, divorce would be easy? LOL!
Also... you are SUCH A lier about CH!!! Aaaahhh!!

@Christy: cockbloker? ha haha! that's original! and how in earth did you do that with the poster? you must be doing something special to your hubby... tell me the secret!

@Ginger: aaaahhh Ginger, you are cunning! I don't know what i can tell my boyfriend when he sees all this blogging... maybe i tell him i work for the league and have to! aaah! that's a good idea!
Mr.Ginger is THE BEST!

@robnutmeg: of course i do drink green tea because it has this natural antioxidants that are very good for your skin and body you know! you'll have to do something from the inside too!!! i don't need it to get eager too... just show me a pic of rob and I'm getting as eager as possible! and also... I think with Robin(me) as your best friend, you don't need anything else! You're a lucky girl!

That was a long post... sorry about that but i wanted to write to everybody!!!

Ginger Swan said...

Ladies, Ladies... no need to apologize about CH. I agree... the one good quality about her was her enthusiasm for the movie. I don't think she's a good director.

Rob was in Mexico doing press for Twilight and getting mobbed by fans. He WAS invited to the party, so I was hoping he'd catch a flight back just in time, but no luck.

As far a NM is concerned, it's a whole new team of people working on it since it's a new director. Chances are slim that Mr. Ginger will get to work on it, but you never know. ;)

Ninja Fanpire said...

Yes, you can definitely hire me. But, unfortunately at this my schedule is very busy. There is like a Ninja back order going on right now, it's totally crazy. But if I find an opening, you're at the top of the list.

robin(me) said...

@Ginger Swan
Ok so I posted a comment and POOOF it's gone w/o a bloody trace. It was good too, I think...

Thanks for sharing about hubby...and letting me off the hook about CH. I had heard a lot of people groaning when they heard she was directing Twilight to start with.

Yeah, I know I was lying....about CH. She milked Twilight...and I think she tried to milk RP..*wait...ewwwwwwwwww*

Oh and Mr. Robin and me at my senior PROM. HE threw up on me, my $100 strapless silver sandals and my dad's 1959 Classic Corvette. AND yes I married him 3 months later. We dated since we were 15 and 16 yrs old so we knew each other pretty well.... But you know the scene where Charlie GLARES at Edward before the prom? I LIVED that scene with my dad and Mr. Robin AFTER the prom. MEMORIES MEMORIES

We both had scholarships for school and the rest is history. UH true love...and I got him back with my first pregnancy by throwing up on him at a wedding. OOOPS.....

I lamenated bedroom eddyeyes and put it on the ceiling of my shower. All I have to do is look up! Not sure if Mr. Robin has seen it yet - don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for about a month and just couldn't stand not to say anything.

I love this website. League YOU ROCK! I almost feel your powers.

But I have to confess that I was NOT a fan of Twilight when I first saw it. *please let me explain b/4 the pitchforks start flying* To me, vampires were supposed to be like Lestat, Dracula or Spike(BTVS): sexy, HUNGRY and egotistical. It's the way I always knew. It's my box!

I went to see Twilight and I got Romper Room! BUT, it was like you couldn't escape it...IT WAS EVERYWHERE you went. It was Rob Pattinson everywhere too. Now my first thought about him was hate the hair, the lipstick but those eyes are amazing. Why'd they make him look like a 2 bit hooker with the lipstick? That was wrong. Anyways...he would also have some brunette chick with him too on every interview. I was at the Today show taping when he and that chick showed up and I think me and one other person were the only ones who didn't scream bloody murder at them. Ok so the brunette was his costar Bella. I didn't even get her real name....Instantly, my friend and I say to each other ooohhhhh, they are doooooooooooinnnnnnnnnnggggggg it! uh huh no doubt about it.

Fine whatever.

Then there's books? What? OK so friend and I buy said Twilight book. Not bad. Read New Moon...not bad...depressing...but not bad...Eclipse better. Breaking interesting. HATE Reneenenenessmsmsmsmsssneee. But whatever.

Now I'm a little hooked, addicted and totally denying it b/c it's not me. I'm cynical and not like this!

So - here I am. Hit by twilightning and totally googling and reading all about twilight and new moon and oh god kristen stewart - (can I add that she's totally LYING about her feelings for Rob b/c I.was.there!) and then there's Rob Pattinson, who doesn't seem to have any fans here, does he? *wink*

So ladies - here I am. Palms up and confessing that I was wrong about Twilight and I believe.

Say commentators/readers has anyone told you guys that You are hilarious! and quite perverted?

Just an honest opinion.


Christy said...

Anon: I think you just described how a lot of us found ourselves herrre (said like in Decode).

sakixry: I don't think it's what I HAVE done, I think it's what he WANTS me to do! ;) Seriously, my bday was yesterday so a friend gave me a Twilight poster and some Twilight themed conversation Sweethearts.

Ginger Swan said...

@Anonymous, thanks for de-lurking! You made some great points and even touched on some things we'll be discussing later in the week!

I love that you've been hit by twilightning!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): CH "milking" Rob? ewwwwwww!!!
your lovestory with your hubby sounds really great :) i love how you got back to him though LOL

@Anonymous: Amen to you too sister!

@Christy: Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Ok, so I'll push my bf to tell me what he WANTS me to do to him and maybe then we can read some rob-porn together and recreate... hmmm