Monday, March 30, 2009

Target and Twilight Sitting in a Tree

Hot Topic has the 2-disc Special Edition Twilight DVD with an included film cell. Borders has a 2-disc Special Edition DVD with sparkly pictures. But Target gets the THREE disc Special Deluxe version (with free iTunes digital copy of Twilight). Who saw that coming? Since when does Target sweep in and steal the best version of Twilight out from under Hot Topic? I got the Hot Topic version for the film cell, only to find out from Spank that Target had a 3-disc version. Later Mr. Ginger surprised me with the Target version. Love him! Oh, but I'm still glad I got the film cell. Thank God it was a shot of Edward and not Mike Newton.

I already thought Target made a deal with the devil. How else do you explain my walking in to buy the Twilight DVD and walking out having spent $170?

You need to take the shopping-nazi with you to Target next time.

Target, Summit (Twilight), and Hot Topic form my personal axis of evil. Between the three of them my bank account has taken a very significant nose-dive. How is the economy not more stimulated when I own hundreds of dollars of Twilight merchandise?

... and yet with all their power, resources and our money they cannot come up with the $12 million to get Rob naked? Evil indeed.

Yes, Target, please cough up the $12 million. Because until you do, I'll have to rely on Mr. Ginger's photoshop skills to fuel my imagination. Oh you missed the Naked Rob picture before? Don't worry, we'll share it again.

Do we have any homeschoolers out there? You have our permission to use this picture of Robaelangelo to teach your kids about Art History. You're welcome.



Ninja Fanpire said...

@Ginger I saw Target having a special edition coming. But, after all, I'm a Ninja. Plus this article told me so way in advance:

"Though was shut out from the March exclusive deal Summit Entertainment entered with Target and Best Buy, they did manage to secure a different exclusive offer."

Hey, it even talks about the early copies that were available, never noticed that.
"Rental copies through Blockbuster, Netflix and other companies will be available on March 21."

Has anybody gone to Best Buy yet? I heard they were supposed to have the same one as Target.

~Jamie said...

huh... I was wondering how hot topic didn't get this as well... plus it really stresses me out that there are different versions... I only want to buy something once... you know and not have to purchase the exact same thing three different times to get three different versions of it. Good thing there's an internet, eh?

Ginger Swan said...

Well my Target Deluxe Edition DVD said it was a Target Exclusive. I haven't checked Best Buy so I don't know what they have. Maybe by "Target Exclusive" they mean the sparkly finish on the outer DVD sleeve?

sakixry said...

I am deeply hurt, shocked and frustrated... Today I walked into a fnac and requested the Twilight DVD as i got finally paid... and what did the guy say to me????? Twilight is not released yet... we dont know when it will be released... W.H.A.T.?.?.? WTF??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Why am I living in Greece? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? *cries* I want the Twilight DVD now!!! Thought I should share it with you since you're the only ones that can understand me... *tears falling from her eyes*.

BeCullen said...

This has all been an evil trap in which I fell head long into. I of course ordered the Amazon version months ago. Then Borders had this awesome version with "sparkly pics" so had to have that version. Then ordered blu-ray from Best Buy, gotta go buy a blu-ray player now. Then, as if I needed a fourth copy, Target came out with the same version as Canadian HMV(which I had wanted desperately), so of course what could I do but order the Target version. Alas, I ordered 4 versions of this DVD. Then for some unknown reason, I received 2 copies of the Borders-I promise I did not order 2. So here I sit with my 5 versions of Twilight and to be honest, I am happy beyond words. Broke but happy. lol

Erin said...

The Best Buy DVD is only a 2 disc version (I've checked out pretty much all of them...but I only have the Target version).

@Spank I did the same thing when I went to was all a trick to get you to buy more stuff...

I think for NM they should just have 1 or 2 versions...not the 10 million different version that make you want to go buy each one of them!

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Now wait a sec, you promised naked Rob not pre-viewed naked Rob! Ninja where are you?

I'm just glad that I was being an air-head and waiting to buy, cause I got my Target DVD first thing that morning. No waiting for the mail, got my piano scene. Though I didn't get any film cell or sparkly pics. Though I think the Blue Ray that I'm ordering from Amazon in May has a bunch of extras like that.

robin(me) said...

And here I was so surprised by Mr. Robin(me), He brought home the 3 disc DVD yesterday morning. OUT OF THE BLUE. I didn't even have to beg or anything. I was afraid to ask him why the sudden burst of twigenerousity!

So I got my Edward piano concert. But, you said pictures? WTF? What pictures? What is going on here?

My heart totally goes out to you at this hour of need and want. I would gladly send you my 2 disc.

@The League
Thank you for the Robalangelo. I somehow pictures Rob a little more *cough* endowed...., tho. Still we must use our imaginations. Oh and what an imagaination I have!

I agree. There will be no fooling of the Robin(me) for NM dvds. Not unless there's some sort of "extended" scene of Bella dying at the hands of the Volturi or the cliff or the motorcycle. Then that would be tempting...

Oh and Robnutmeg is a little bit emo. Apparently she had to find a dog last night to KICK? Now someone here is responsible for that...well anywho...she called for Jacob...Jacob...Jacob...(I could hear her since her condo is a block away from mine) AND then there was the giggling to the point of hysteria. Apparently a toy poodle came running towards her! How could she kick a toy poodle? She couldn't so she just went emo instead.

sakixry said...

@robin(me): thank you very much for your generous offer! It's as if I received it already! You are such a doll! said...

These DVDs, T-shirts, PE and pictures are going to kill me! I need another job to support all of this!

Hey, but if we really want to see Rob naked...I believe "Little Ashes" will probably support that uh *need*. I think I can ignore the other "guy". eeegods, Rob if you had to pick your first sex scene why did it have to be with a guy? At least the good news is that it's not with Jacob! NO OFFENSE out there. But with LA, I believe there will be some skin! *wink*

Tell me ur secret - how'd u get the husband to do that for you? First the "ciggy" picture and now the Target DVD? JEALOUS! said...

I forgot: I have another question!

I want Rob's other song, LET ME SIGN. iTunes was supposed to have it, it doesn't. It says to buy the Twilight Score and it's NOT ON IT! OK so before I totally blow out the rest of my brain cells, I thought I'd ask you guys! Where's the song? How do I get it?

Erin said...


you have to purchase the entire soundtrack to get it...its an exclusive extra (but only if you purchase the entire 'disc' at once said...

from iTunes? or the actual "shiny" CD?
And thanks!

Erin said...


from iTunes said...


Thanks for the info!

robnutmeg said...

Top of the morning to all of you!

Wanted to let all of you know, I'm just zippy today. I'm not emo. The media is LYING!

Do any of you get the feeling that Twilight took us poor smucks for a little twiride with all these DVD offers? Just saying. It's like come on, Summitt (CH had a lot to do with this) - give us a break! I just never like CH. She gave me the willies. I think she had the hots for RP. I don't know. Just my feeling. As if...pffff! Why is she suddenly all around us, haunting us now? SHE.GAVE.NEW MOON.UP! Just deal with it already and let us R.I.P.! Go away!

I hope that NM and Chris Weitz is not as confusing to the fans. I think he cares about NM (or at least the shit load of money he's going to make...). He better!

U know I heart u, right? LOVE THE Robaelangelo picture! Eyecandy!

Cheryl said...

Target apparently also has a special edition Blu Ray. I went with Blu Ray b/c i wanted to see Edward...I mean high def. I was bummed to find out the version I got from Best Buy didn't have the Midnight Sun deleted scene and everything else people have been chatting up. Turns out Target has a two-disc Blu Ray. Looks like another $30 of mine is going to the Twilight franchise...

Spider Monkey said...

That picture rocks, and yes, while in Target yesterday I refrained from buying the three disc edition as I own the two disc edition.

I did however buy the freakin directors notebook for $17.99!

It never ends!

robin(me) said...

Oh I was too afraid to admit that I bought the director's notebook. So glad u did!
*hangs head*
Please don't tell hubby. He doesn't know about it. It's hidden under my Edward tshirt.

Erin said...

@robin(me) & Spider

I just buy it and sneak it on the bookshelf...luckily the bookshelves are in my Mary Kay room, so hubby doesn't look in there :)

Mystify me said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone in my addiction. 5DVDS.
Saw Twilight March 20 in the theatre, bought the triple from HMV on the 21st because I couldn't wait for Amazon which arrived on the 23rd.
Film cell and sparkly pics???? Ooooo.. .looks like a cross-border shopping trip might be in order. ;)

Ginger Swan said...

@robnutmeg, I'm so glad you heart me. I heart you too!

@momof3crazykids, ok so I may have tricked you just a little... but, uh, MADE YOU LOOK. (yes I'm in 5th grade)

@robin(me) All of us on The League have the director's book. We're totally planning on discussing it here, so it's good you have your own copy. You know, for research purposes.

beesue said...

Good Morning League - here we go again - I feel like I am in some
prisoner of war camp with bamboo shoots being shoved under my nails - I CONFESS!
I ordered Cullen baseball shirts and caps for my frienda and me and we dressed as the Cullen baseball team for our Friday nite "Twilight Party" (had to bribe some of my friends to do this). Stood in line at Walmart for two hours to get the CD and then pulled an all nighter - watching! 6AM - I was the only loser still up listening to the Audio Movie! Gave away my Walmart CD and went to Target the next day to get the 3-disc with all the other extras.

Got CH book,the Twlight movie companion(which has great pictures of our Rob - they have this at Target), buttons, bags and every gossip rag with Robs picture on the front!

But I luv it all! and living on hot pockets and root beer!

@robnutmeg - Twiride - luv it! I also think CH does have a crush on Rob after listening to the Audio movie. She tries to use her sexy voice with him - kinda creeps me out!
@league - I'll take Rob naked any how - any way!

jennykate77 said...

I got the Borders 2-disc set with the sparkly cards, but now I'm thinking I should get the Target one too. You said it was a 3-disc set, what's on disc 3? Gosh. I'm going to end up with a dozen copies of Twilight before it's all said and done. I totally agree that when NM comes out they should just offer a's too hard to decide what to get!!

robnutmeg said...

Yes, the audio clinched it for me but I suspected something weird was going down during some of those Twi promotional interviews and Comic Con when CH was asked about the funniest thing that happened during filming and she said that Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed. (I kinda think that kstewpid pushed him, any thoughts?) *shudder* *cringe*

And baseball caps? Awww. I love that!

so glad that ur glad.

@to all
Anybody want a toy poodle that answers to the name of Jacob? I think he's lost or something b/c I've spent all morning trying to find his home.

And yes, I have every CD, DVD, every book, I even got Bella's charm bracelet (which I don't recommend). AND I'm never satisfied. It's like tofu. *sigh*

r u moving here? room still open. rob will just share w/ me. oh and u can then feast on all the dvd's as I feast on Rob. *wink* GREECE, u suck!

beesue said...

@robnutmeg - well, if ks did push him off - she is the idiot that I have always suspected! Now me - "animal attack"!
Never thought of ComCon - hummm Yep
CH was after Rob or who knows - maybe got some of Rob! Bad Visual!!

robnutmeg said...

i love it.. "animal attack"
one word for ks: kstewpid and CH and getting some of Rob? oh i definitely need my happy place...and a bottle of wine.

Ninja Fanpire said...

Valerie(momof3crazykids) Ninja has been here the whole time. Why was my presence requested?

sakixry said...

@everybody... I so much hate you all today... you cannot imagine how it feels to be so excluded from all this... I have to freaking order the directors book and so from Amazon and wait - I dont know... 10 days - for it to arrive and you have your target around the corner... ooooh! I'm so frustrated right now! Stupid Greek market...
@robnutmeg: I think I will move in very soon but - this might sound a little kinky - if Rob is in the next room doing some ... hmmm... inappropriate things, I wouldnt need anything else than watch him do them. Ok, I know.. You will be with him but if you are ashamed I promise I wont look at you! Ha ha! And when you are tired, I can keep him warm for you *grin*

sakixry said...

@beesue: Ick! How can you even write this down? CH with ROB?? Ewwwwww!!! She is ugly... I dont even believe she HAS a sexy voice... but I wouldnt know of course because the DVD is still NOT available in freaking Greece and I havent heard an audio commentary... grrrrrr

beesue said...

@sakrixy - I know, I know! been thinkin it alot but just had to "say it out loud". CH just really plays up Rob in that audio (sorry to rub it in) but you are right- disgusting thought!

HappyHourSue said...

Rob's ween is way bigger than David's.

katarinas mama said...

Love my Tarjay Blu-ray DVD...*hugs it close*...d/l'd the digital copy on the iPhone. Now Edward is fully portable. May neeed to d/l your Robangelo, as well. Dear God...Mr. Ginger - many thanks for your wizard like skills in PS.

sakixry said...

@HappyHourSue: Do you know this as a fact or do you just hope so? *grin*

Anonymous said...

got both. also thank god i got an edward film cell. PHEW. sad i didnt get buttcrack santa though. then my mom called yesterday from costco where they apparently have ANYOTHER version and she wanted to know if i wanted it and i was like ummm maybe this is enough. geez summit.

robnutmeg said...

@Happy Hour Sue
OMG u crack me up. His wean? *tears rolling down my face*

CH & Rob is a visual I can no longer handle. I mute the audio when that woman speaks. ewww! I need another bottle of wine!

I'm so sorry about your issues there in Greece. Just pack ur bags and come to WA, U.S. of A. Home of Twilight, warm rain for spring, cold rain for winter, green scenery, and LOTS of coffee stands. I have beer, hot pockets, 2disc DVD, 3 disc DVD, director's notebook, tshirts, bracelets, Pocket Edward, CD and hopefully the real Rob coming to live with me! and my best friend's a lawyer. Life can't get better than that!

sakixry said...

robnutmeg, you convinced me! i dont know what to do with my fiance though... and what about my baby dog? aaaahhh... the guilt. hmmm.. let me sleep on it. love you!

Ana Cristina said...

Ah, Target. I am not a big shopper, and yet I can happily spend hours perusing their bath and bedding aisles (not to mention the book, film, video games...).

Let's not forget the fourth member of that axis of evil -- Amazon. I cannot resist every time I visit their Twilight page.

Excuse me, I need to go look at that "Art History" pic one more time. Solely for educational purposes, you understand.

robin(me) said...

Hello all
I come home from work and what? There's a million DVD's out there. Wtf is a film cell? There is no way I can get another DVD and live to talk about it. I'm just so upset. ARGGGGG. Summitt, I feel like kicking your ass! You know that?

I will only be your lawyer if you invite me for a threesome.

@Ginger Swan & Erin,
I have memorized that Director's Notebook and I'm ready...bring it on! I found a great place to hide my Twistuff. My husband's closet. He hasn't put anything away in 24 years of marriage!

@beesue, robnutmeg
Would you please quit talking about CH and Rob. That is quite disturbing. She is the worst, WORST part of the DVDs. Either Rob is totally oblivious to her or simply being polite but she was definitely coming on to him in that audio. ick, ick, ick! Did anyone really notice KStewpid talking, I didn't.!

I hear ur coming our way soon! Uh, hope ur robsessed b/c well robnutmeg has bought gold sheets for her bed, if that tells u anything!

Anonymous said...

spunk- amazing... spent $170 after just trying to get The (cheaper) DVD.. i totes did that too

Anonymous said...

I need a second job to support my Twi-habit...really...

LeLe said...

Mr. Ginger continues to up the ante on his Photoshop skillz. Mr. Ginger rocks!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): Yep! When I finally decide that Twilight is more worth than my boyfriend and my dog-daughter :-))) I will come over there just to sleep in the golden sheets and wear a Team-Edward t-shirt without being afraid that somebody will judge me... cause if a woman my age will do this stuff here in GR... well they will think I am getting crazy. I will even start climbing trees to catch up with Edward if he comes our way!