Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pack of Dogs

So the wolves are descending upon Forks (by way of Vancouver) and everyone is all in flux over how hot they are (and for some strange reason they aren't talking about body temperature). I, for one, don't see it. I mean, they are led by Sharkboy! I don't get the hysteria. Do you?

I must say the photos of the wolf pack aren't doing anything for me, and Taylor doesn't do anything for me other than spark my mom-instincts (hereafter referred to as "momstincts™") but I am curious to see him in the shirtless scenes. You know, so I can cheer for him and say "Way to go on all your hard work in fighting to continue the roll of Jacob. Now step aside so Edward can have Bella. That's a good dog!"

Okay, in order to really "feel" like Bella I want to be able to relate to her attraction to Jacob. So I look at the pictures, and I look at Taylor, and I get... nada. I just kinda want to pat him on the head and tell him that someday he'll find his "special someone." Of course, since that special gal is currently an unfertilized-egg-turned-creepy-plot-device I just feel kinda ick.

I hereby declare that I am Team Rob because I prefer a man with a six-pack and a beer belly instead of a boy who has a six-pack but isn't old enough to legally buy beer.

Can we discuss the fact that Taylor is still in that fugly wig?? Are they going to wig the rest of them or is he the only one who has to suffer that injustice?

I haven't seen these pictures that you girls are talking about. And frankly, I'm not getting off of Edward to bother and look. Woof!

Hey Spider, I'll make it easy for you. Here.

That's them? They look like MIT students.

*snicker* Maybe they can engineer a better hairpiece for Taylor.



Ninja Fanpire said...

Personally....Much as I dislike Jacob, Taylor's guns don't look too bad....

But as Spank has pointed out, his underageness pulls down the hot meter quite a few notches.

~Jamie said...

i totally disagree with the league... those wolves are hottie mchotterson.

Anonymous said...

I really like the vibe of the dude they got for Paul - he looks like he can pull off the "loose cannon" thing quite well. And the girl that's supposed to be Emily is BEAUTIFUL - I'm looking forward to seeing her and the new Sam together

beesue said...

@spank - love the sixpack/beer comment - totally agree!

I have seen pictures of Nikki Reed in the blond Rosalie wig - they will probably put the fugly wigs on the entire pack.
Question: Do you have to do it "doggie" style with the wolf pack in their dog crates?

Would rather do it with Edward in his big gold bed in the huge Cullen mansion - just sayin'.

Ginger Swan said...

@beesue, interesting question. I bet the wolves probably love to do it doggie style.

I'm with you in Edward's big gold bed. Wait. That didn't come out right. I meant, I'm with you in Edward's big gold bed, knocking you off the bed so there's plenty of room for me and Edward to play.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@spreadhopelikefire Have they picked a Leah yet? I heard she wasn't going to be in NM and that Vanessa Hudgens was possibly still up for the role.

@Ginger Bahahaha

Anonymous said...

@Ninja Fanpire - If they've casted Leah, the internet doesn't know about it yet, so yeah, she may not be in NM at all

Ninja Fanpire said...


Well I heard about there being no Leah way back when they were still just considering Fanning and there were even others up for the role of Jane. But I haven't heard much on any of the wolves other than Jacob until recently.

chemistry said...

When I saw the pick on here I was not at all impressed - so i used my superhuman internet surfing skills to track down some more pics of them just to make sure. What I found was some hotness especially Kiowa Gordon who will be playing embry. Now thats a dog I could learn to love if there was a world without Edward. But alas there is not so Team Edward I am stayin.

OCD Sufferer said...

You know, the whole fact that they are making a big deal about the wolf pack just makes me more and more nervous about how they are going to try to make the world forget Edward in NM, lol. My 13-year-old, highly hormonal teenage girl is going NUTS over the wolf pack! Not so much the faces--with the exception of Sharkboy--but the bodies!! LOL! She is a sucker for a six-pack and especially on a tan bod! However, she saw the pics of Kellan w/out a shirt and had the same swoon, lol. She is just so incredibly excited because the wolves never wear shirts, LOL! I have to admit, I am impressed with Sharkboy's newly acquire guns, but I would rather see a non-six-pack Edward any day!! Except that one pic where he is wearing that scarf--that gave me nightmares!
Oh yeah, my daughter is Team Edward, but she is also secretly Team Taylor (not Jacob) lol. She is a traitor and I let her know all the time! haha

Anonymous said...


The pictures of them are not that great. I think casting did do its job though. They needed a wolf pack that was reasonably hot but one that would not out hot Edward/Rob (as if that could ever happen). The wolf pack could not upstage Taylor as well.

The one in the middle (of the pic of them walking) is actually a Vancouver actor. I have seen better pics of him he is handsome in great Canadian form. We have our hotties up here. Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Hayden Christenson and Michael Buble just to name a few....yeah...they keep us warm up here in the cold.

A fan of your site from Vancouver

robin(me) said...

OMG, that was brilliant. MIT students. My brother went to MIT some of his friends looked like that. ROAR

Nope, not into them at all. Give me Edward anytime.anywhere.anyway! NOW, please!

Oh but Emily? Uh Trainwreck (dog) loves Emily and can just imagine her w/ 4 legs.

robin(me) said...

Ur from Vancouver? I'm 2 hours away. Heard the mounties are out to protect our Rob! Tell Summitt the LEAGUE is coming w/ a few of their "friends" and we'll take over in "protecting" Rob for free!
I hope that gold bed of Edward's is kingsized...just saying.
I'm sorry Spank but if I get up there before you, you'll just have to wait.your.turn!

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

I'm with Ginger. These pics don't do anything for me. Maybe is my "Momstinct"s too.

Emmes said...

I´m going to have to respectfully disagree with you lovely ladies....the wolf-boys are bringing it...can anyone say hot?

FreakFlagFlyer said...

I agree with your comment about Taylor's hairpiece. It was ULTRA CHEESY in Twilight, but I fear they may not improve it in New Moon. That hairpiece could detract from Taylor's hotness in New Moon, not that I am noticing whether a 17-year-old boy is not, hehe.

Leo's Mom said...

This New Moon movie sounds like a huge eye-candy shopping trip, but I am well over 21 so I hope they keep some of the BOYS covered. The only MAN I want to see shirtless is Rob. Since I read the book all I can do is pray they have Edward shirtless in Volterra. If the people making this movie don't understand the importance of Edward standing in the alley in just a pair of jeans looking sad (breath) then I don't want to see it.

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning to you, well at least it's morning in my NECK of the woods.....
@Leo's Mom
A.M.E.N.!!! Volterra! Edward in black unzipped jeans and no shirt..I repeat...NO SHIRT, Summitt. Get it right or I'll rip it off of him. mmm. I might do that anyway. I need a drink.

@all of you who mentioned the wigs
One word: UGH
Rosalie's wig looks like she ripped it off Dolly Parton's head. IDK. *baffled*

I'm happy that you survived last night. I won't ask you how everthing went with Mr. and the dog. "hot" water body temperature now? just asking.
Trainwreck (BIG DOG) has a crush on Emily? I.dont.know...I thought he liked Leah. Not very loyal, is he?
Oh and I'm hopping on that ride to Vancouver anyday now! those mounties don't scare me!

Is there something ur not telling us about MIT students? just saying.

robin(me) said...

THE League - have I told you lately how much I adore you?

@leo's mom
New Moon shopping trip - LOL too funny! That is simply genius!

@robnutmeg and to all
I had a very good time last night. *uh hem* *blush* Up until this little deal hubby and I made...

I told him that I would refrain from all that is twilight and edward *shudder* (i know i'm a risk taker) for 24 hours if he were to pose for a picture for me. hubby's quite yummy and he's mine...ok so anyways....he JUMPED to the chance...
The pose was a fake ciggy in his mouth (we improvised with a toothpicked wrapped with a bandaid - don't ask what that tasted like...) and he was to pose like Rob did for GQ...
Hilarious! OMG. Even Trainwreck snickered. At least I think so.
He looked more like the auto pilot dummy on AIRPLANE than Rob! Hence the reason why I'm still on this website.!

Just thought I'd share that!
Shirt off, Edward. No wigs. Wolf pack...UGH.

Natalie said...

They're gross. Soooo ugly. Especially Alex Meraz. No, no...don't look him up.'t want you to get...sick. He's not uber hot. I am definitely NOT imprinted on him.


Dammit...slipped out.

beesue said...

@Anonymous and Robin(me): So jealous of you guys in the Vancouver area - Hey, will save you a place in line for the gold bed, if you will let me join you to protect our Rob.
You guys could take the Mounties while I take Rob - he he!

deconstructing jen said...

I don't get it either.

@Robin(me) that is the most hilarious husband/Twilight story I've heard in a while. LOL.

Some of them are cute. I hope to goodness that wig gets burned after the scene where he cuts his hair.

I did read the Niki was wearing a wig in this one now because her hair started falling out in the last on after they dyed it. I hope they do a better job this time.

Valarie Lea said...

See what did I tell you in the e.mail! Everytime I think of a topic yall already have it covered. Back to the drawing board.

Meghanface16 said...

I think Taylor is adorable...

and since i am underage. He's all mine. =]

I prefer sharkboy over cedric.

and besides...
he's all sexy dark skin dark mysterious eyes.
GOD i'd have him with a side of whip cream.

haha. dirty much?

and i always picture when the indians transform into wolves like giant puff balls with little legs and stuff.
but that's just because it's my imagination..


Ginger Swan said...

@meghanface16, Sharkboy is all yours! We will happily step aside and let you have him.

@robin(me), Awesome story! So, do we get to see the picture?

@Valarie Lea, sorry we've covered the topics in our queue when you've submitted them. Just shows that great minds think alike! Keep them coming!

@anonymous, exactly how close are you to where they are shooting NM? You could be a very powerful ally for The League!

Meghanface16 said...

@Ginger Swan: Thankyouthankyouthankyou! hahah so when we all go up to Canada to find Rob.. while the whole world is trying to fight you guys off.. i'll sneak off to find me some Taylor! Yum!!

sakixry said...

@beesue and ginger: you can have the big gold bed, both of you. I will take Edward and go to the woods and do it doggie style... bahhhaaaaaha! Ok, I'm getting stupid, I know. I dont even remember the topic. Lets see... hmmm...
@chemistry: can you maybe share that link to have a look at the "enemy" too? it's not that i dont love robward (i adore him... you know that) but I will let you guys do your thing with him, try to catch him, ravish him and so on and then I will take over when he is too tired to get away. All this time I will entertain myself watching the enemie. Isnt this a good idea?

sakixry said...

@robin(me): I sure would like to see your hubbys pic with that fake ciggy. I think we should all make our boyfriends, husbands take a pose as rob on this wonderful *sighs* photo shoot and share them on this blog one day!

@Summit: Dont you dare NOT showing Edward shirtless in the alley! I hope it will look like Mr. Gingers photoshopped pic. That was delicious. You imagine the day they will shoot the scene? Oh my God! *pant-pant* we have to find out when and where because those Italiano girls will rip him apart! We HAVE to go and PROTECT him!

Olivia said...

@Spider---you're SO right. They are totally MIT students.

Okay, please don't kick me off your site for saying this, but personally I love Jacob. (I'm 18 so I'm closer to his age so it's okay....right???) I would never want him to end up with Bella...ever. In fact during New Moon I kind of just wanted him to not like her. But Meadow is totally right to point how creepy it is that he imprinted on I won't say her name. It's a pretty terrible name...I think I prefer LaFonda to that.

I had never seen those guys before. But they are pretty hot! Haha...

robin(me) said...

I had to go to work for most of the day...damn them clients. They need to stop breaking the law and give me some bloody peace!

Uh I thought of sharing the picture but I promised him that no one would see it...actually it was a little *uh hem*..My hubby knows me way too well. I may have won the bet but I still have to live with *the @#$%* no no - I mean, HIM. My dear love. And ya know what gets me, TRAINWRECK was MY dog and he always sides with the husband....NO FAIR! He's guarding the camera! I need Emmett! (the protector) Jazz, the mood soother. And Edward! Shirtless, please!

You can have Taylor/Jacob...but don't forget to feed him and take him for walks! (remember the flea collar, too!)

I love the gold bed, idea. I can picture it now. Edward will have to show me how strong he is and pulverize one of the ornaments but that's ok.!
However, I am definitely afraid of Sakixry...Doggie style? *cringe*, I think u've lost control. Will someone please hose her down?

Erin said...

I'm a Wolfpack fan (oops sorry, we aren't talking about NC State :)!!)

Yeah...this wolf pack isn't doing much for me...maybe the underageness has something to do about it?

OCD Sufferer said...

My you ladies were chatty today while I was at work!! LOL
Speaking of wolves, did anyone watch the Kids Choice Awards? I was hoping that it was false that Rob changed his plans on attending, but then the mongrel was there instead.....that irked me! Rob said he couldn't attend because he was working on NM, but HELLO, Jacob is more in NM than Edward, so how was he able to make it? My kids screamed when Twilight won--I knew it would, so I was prepared, lol!! Too bad I didn't get some RobEyeCandy tonight :( S'ok, I went to the internet and got some, lol. BTW, has anyone heard him sing "I was broken"? It isn't his song, but he is singing it--it's like 7 mins long...he gets so into it!! Ok, there I go dreaming again, lol.
Ok, back to reading before bed.
Night gals!! Cya tomorrow ;)

sakixry said...

@robin(me): with Edward... any style he wants! he just has to ask... or even imply he wants something. I'll do the rest then. ha ha ha!

Cheryl said...

So true, Spider (re: MIT students). I thought I was looking at a scene from American Pie.

Anonymous said...

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