Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Junior League: Rob Pattinson's Singing

This week's Junior League Member is Jamie Harrington from Totally The Bomb.
Superhero Name: Tub Twitterer
Superpower: Twittering from the tub; reminding people to have a nice day and watch out for the big yellow chicken.

Okay, for those of you like me, who were completely unaware... Our little Edward actually sings that song in the end of the movie where Edward is supposed to be finding the will and not sucking all of Bella's blood out. Apparently, someone that had heard him singing slipped his songs to the director, and she put them in the film without him even knowing.

Here's a link:

What does this tell me? Well, it tells me that he really is Edward! He even plays Bella's Lullaby in the piano scenes! What a stud. He's hot as a human, even hotter as a vampire, but as a vampire that can sing and play an instrument? Hello! Good thing he's in Canada, and I don't have a passport, because, well... I might just have to lick him!

I also included a hottie pic of him in front of a piano :)

Thanks so much for your blog! I am in love with it, I read it all the time!

Rob Pattinson might actually be better than Edward and here's why ... Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, we attacked Rob Pattinson. There's a strong probability that he won't try and kill us. In fact, unlike Edward, Rob will most likely be drunk enough to just relax and enjoy himself, and then when we're done he'll sing us all a lullaby; and if any army sets out to try and destroy us for this it won't be the Volturi but just a bunch of prepubescent girls who we can easily distract with Jonas Brothers trading cards.

Hmm... He IS in Vancouver now, which at least on the same continent as us. If the League were silent for a few days, you know, like if we took a "road trip" I doubt you guys would call and try to warn him mind, right readers? I mean, we'd do a photo slideshow when we got back of the wild debauchery orcas.
Now, I just have to rent a Winnebago and buy a couple of Life-Size Jonas Brothers stand-ups. I'll even get a Zach Efron for good measure.

Oh Spank, LOVE IT! Cracking up at that... RP can rattle and hum in my ear any day! And when I just wrote the word rattle, it reminded me that I could almost (not quite) be his mother! Gross! I should change my super power to: denial of actual age.

Spank, I'm loving your reasoning. Thank you Jamie for the topic and the piano pic. As you might notice, we on The League are quite fond of that pic ourselves. In fact, we used it in our header (with slight alterations courtesy Mr. Ginger). Spider, he might like the fact that you're *almost* old enough to be his mother. Like in The Haunted Airman, the way he is with his "aunt". Rawr. Getting back to the topic at hand, yes, I think that totally adds to his appeal that he is musical and was really playing the piano during the filming. My *source* tells me that he played that piece over and over and over and over for several takes. What I wouldn't give to be the one lying in the chaise that day.

He can tickle my ivories, and anything else he wants to lay his hands on over and over and over again.

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~Jamie said...

Yaay! Thanks for letting me be a Junior Leaguer!

Okay... so since I am JL this week... I get to go on this little Canadian Road Trip, right? I mean... I can bring the pretzels and the Red Vines!

And, that actually was me on the chaise... you guys didn't know? :)

Gotta go! Water's getting cold in here...

Total Fanpires said...

Add some Jonas Brothers concert tickets and a lifesize stand-up of Taylor Lautner shirtless, and i am out of your way!

Erin said...

Can I come on this road trip...I'm close to his age :)??

I think he is extremely talented, and I think it makes him more attractive since he isn't one of those actors who knows he looks good and thinks very highly of himself.

Erin said...

Is Ninja okay? She wasn't first, second, or 3rd??

sakixry said...

Hell no! You can bring all Jonas Brothers, Taylor Lautner and Zach Efron you want! I will not step back! And if you dont take me with you to your roadtrip (will be much more difficult for me though since I have to come all the way from Greece) I will take Mr. Ginger as my hostage!

Back to the topic, I think it is great when somebody can play musical instruments. I always wanted to learn the piano but unfortunately I never had the time. I'd like Rob to play for me... :) Yeah, as if you didnt know already...

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Congrats Jamie! You know I love ya!

This guy is very talented, I think he is very intellectual too. All those books that he reads.
And I think this road trip should included previous Junior League members too!

Anonymous said...

Hi My first time commenting. Before you rent the 'Winnie' and start on your road trip. I do not think our Rob is here. I think I heard him in a recent interview (Saturday at Wallymart Headquarters) that he did not have to be here for a few weeks, Unless you have heard something different???

Robless in Vancouver

Stacie said...

I was wondering if he did, in fact, play the piano in the movie! Thanks Jamie!

Anonymous said...

So it's settled. Rob is the perfect guy. (Edward may be too high maintenance with the bouffant).

I have a plan;
You need me on this trip. (I have a Canadian passport!...and believe the secret to Rob access is to make Bff's with the lovely reasonable, mature,talented,(and Canadian) Rachelle Lefevre. She manages him so well! If we can convince her we are cool, funny, non-crazy, (no super hero outfits!- strictly undercover) She may introduce us to Rob. Just so that he doesn't end up with an adolescent train wreck who just wants to be inseminated ( All set on that front aren't we ladies!... Although, not opposed to practicing.)

We will arrange to run into them at karaoke and amuse all with a fully choreographed and hysterical number from Mama Mia.

Start rehearsing!

Joanne said...

Rob also sings the song 'Never Think' that plays while they are in the restaurant together - sigh. Perfection. I can meet you guys in Vancouver (although he is NOT there right now) - I live on Vancouver Island. Proximity (and mother-type commitments) are killing me!

Ginger Swan said...

@anonymous, thanks for your first comment! We expect all you Vancouver people to keep us in the loop when he returns. mmm-kay?

@songirl... your plan is GOLDEN. You definitely earned yourself a seat in our winny for the roadtrip.

@Joanne, we understand the mother-type commitments. But if you can get a babysitter, we might have to make you our special "on-set correspondent" when he returns!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Ginge! I'm packing...

Ginger Swan said...

By the way, @sakixry, I've got Mr. Ginger at a secret location. (thanks for the heads up) You'll have to find someone else to take hostage. :)