Monday, March 16, 2009

Edible art~

There is one particular scene that I think is just brilliant! It's right after Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire. When she gets to school and he comes into screen shot and she's all dazed looking. The slow motion of her walking and looking past him as she walks right by him is fantastic. And how he turns around, his expression says it all. Let's not give a compliment without a drool moment thrown in. Did you see that bubble butt walking up the meadow/hill behind her. Bite!

That is one of my FAVORITE parts of the movie. Seriously. I love it all... the slow-mo... the music... the scenery. It's magical and full of emotion. I must say I missed his bubble butt. I'll have to pay attention when I watch it again tonight.

Am I the only one who can't focus on ANYTHING in this scene? I'm too busy pondering what would happen if Edward were to follow ME alone into the woods. And let me tell you, it wouldn't end in chaste hand-holding.

Even in its subtlety that is, to me, one of the most powerful moments in the movie. When Bella walks past Edward his eyes betray all the fear, anxiety and dread that is within him about the revelation he knows is to come. It is the personification of what it felt like when Bella acknowledged in the book that their relationship teetered on the edge of a knife. The entire scene and wordless tension that preceded the meadow scene was very well played.

Well gee whiz Spank, analyze it much??!! ;)

Again, I was completely unable to focus and was instead pondering exactly which tree he was going to push me up against, ice cold hands holding my shoulders, before leaning in and... Wait, what were we discussing again?

You have no idea how many times I have watched that scene. I should be committed.

Did you notice the bubble butt??? I need to know if it's more than a handful! There are other things one could hold onto as well, I suppose! (ok, that's really dirty, but it is the first thing that come to my mind)

Here is an illustration for our readers as to the *ahem* anatomy that Spider is referring to.


Did I notice the bubble butt... yes. I have his walk seared into my brain. As for what else can be held onto given the size of his hands and feet I'd venture a guess that the entire league could hold on with two hands and we would STILL have room. Tug o' war anyone?

Oh I think we can handle that!

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Ninja Fanpire said...

@League ROFL!

Total Fanpires said...

Bubble Butt!!!
Well, it is kinda true

EternalWaterfall said...

This is probably my very favorite scene in the movie. It was the scene i raved about to friends when I left the first showing. :) It really is amazing. and if you haven't read the succeeded at giving an air of mystery. Is he following her to kill her? ;)

The bubble butt thing though...I just don't see it. LOL sorry. I don't see a butt at all. He's so skinny!

BeCullen said...

oh my. That was great just what I needed first thing on a Monday morning. I agree loved that scene in the movie. Rob is such a good actor. love it!

Brenda Jean said...

Spank was scaring me this morning; being all philosophical and artsy. Tell her to stop... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm too tired to say much except-- nice ass.

Nicole Wilson said...

i mean, seriously... i freakin' laugh OUT LOUD at you girls.. so great! yum.

sakixry said...

@SPANK - You really are unbelievable! The whole League could hold onto? HAHAHAHA! I think I will pee in my pants!!! Imagine it would really be that big... I dont think he would ever find a girlfriend...

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh I so noticed it Friday night when I saw it for the 7th time in theaters. Good thing it's in slow mo.
I could watch his butt all day, lol
and I just might come this week end, lol

Erin said...

@Spank I totally agree with you...

Still can't stop laughing though! The guy I share an office with thinks I've lost my mind!

hahaha...I think I should look away for a while to get my composure!

Twilight Newborn said...

LOL!!! @Spank

Yeah I don't think they used any wires or rigs for Rob's Spider Monkey scenes. He just used his 'third leg'.

katarinas mama said...

Okay, the League is in fighting form today...bubble butt, indeed. Yes, his awkward little walk away from the camera is indeed downloaded into our brain cells. I am so there right now *looks away, dazzled yet again*

~Jamie said...

This is the scene that I have watched the second most in the movie. (the first being Vampire baseball of course.)

The thing that gets me is that even when I hear the music from this scene I can feel their feelings...this sort of scene is why I am sad to see Hardwicke go.

Driguerra said...

OMG YES that scene is just perfect. I mean the slow motion with the music slowly pointing into a climatic see her looking dazzle. Edward without a word tells us all the emotions the wanting, the regret the obvious conflict in him he doesn’t have the strength to stay away from Bella anymore… AAAAHHHHH

The music plays our emotions too…one of my favorite parts indeed

Plenty of witness

I wonder what the other students were thinking when they saw them go into the woods
*imagines writings on the bathroom walls* ‘Edward and Bella totally did it in the woods’


Ninja Fanpire said...

@Driguerra Ahahaha, writing on the bathroom walls!

I can also see Jessica writing this.

"Isabella Swan is a whore!"

Jealous much Jessica?

Spank Ransom said...

@ Driguerra and Ninja Fanpire - very funny. I didn't think of that angle.. what would the students think. LMAO.