Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dirty Boy

E! Online is "reporting" that cast and crew is complaining on the New Moon set about Rob Pattinson's lack of hygiene. Smells like old news... or is that smell really our dirty boy?

That's my kind of guy.... let's lay around in bed all day and eat Dorito's and Hot Pockets... Every now and again we'll light up and crack a beer. All the while watching Pink Panther movies. It's kismet!

I'm hoping that this is purely gossip. Because if that's true... I'm switching to Team Jasper. I know, I know. You've heard it all before. But for real... can't handle body odor. Personal hygiene is our friend, Rob.

One down, three to go.... that's all I gotta say.

As if you could out run me. As if you could fight me off.

But, my dear, everything about me designed to draw him in, my face, my voice (ha), even my smell, it's all part of the illusion... I am the world's most dangerous cougar. I've never wanted any man's body more than I've ever wanted his in my life.

Aw, c'mon gals. He's young. Obviously he just doesn't have enough incentive to shower. I have a loofa, scented body wash, and a steam shower waiting to show him the light. Of course I'll do all the hard work, all he'll have to do is stand still. At least until it's my turn...

I want him dirty and smelly...

I want him any way I can get him...

I bet he'd love to mud wrestle. Just sayin'.

Jasper... oh, Jasper!!!



~Jamie said...

I have been thinking about this way too much and NOT in a good way. GROSS! I need a Team Jasper shirt...

Ninja Fanpire said...

I really think it's true....I wouldn't doubt it.

But Ginger, Jasper is mine!

BeCullen said...

Do you guys stay up late everynight to comment first on these things? lol I agree that I would take him anyway I could get him. Stinky and all, it does not matter.

sakixry said...

@Spider: Dont forget about all of us too! One down, three to go??? You think you can outrun US or fight all of US off? HA HA HA! Just try little puppy! HA!

@Ginger: Ginger, we will miss you! Bah ba now!

@Meadow and Spank: Since there are many products in the market that get off the whole stink and I can move my hands, I dont care how much he smells... I am not concentrating on his smell. I can stop breathing for while or just breath through my mouth if I have to. I'll use my other senses with Rob-boy.

Brenda Jean said...

I have a smelly teen that will only shower once a week. Seriously gals, this just isn't cool. Rob, Rob, Rob...stop rebelling and just shower once a day okay? Wait a minute, do vamps have body odor?

Cheryl said...

I have to say that this news didn't surprise me. What did we expect? He's a young British guy who has teens (and moms) swooning over him no matter what he does. If you had hundreds (thousands?) of people blogging and twittering about your sex appeal every hour of the day, you'd probably conclude, too, that showers are optional. ;)

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

I don't do BO either. But I'm thinking this is probably taken out of context from one of those interviews. Where he jokingly said he didn't wash his hair for like 6 weeks. He has no problem making fun of himself and saying things like that. So who knows. But with all his smoking he probably does have a rancid smoke smell to him. Yuck, but I'd just breathe through my mouth sakixry.

sakixry said...

@Valerie: It's a good idea, isn't it ;o))) we should have some training every day around 5 minutes or so, so when we finally come face to face with Rob we can do it perfectly :o)

HappyHourSue said...

I posted about this on my Twilight blog yesterday and one commenter said "bottle that stink and sell it!"

I agree - since it's Rob, it's kinda hot.

Spider Monkey said...

@Sakixry... Only the league members are my rivals to fight for Edwards love and attention, the rest of you are ordinardy folk who don't enter our orbit of robstalk.

Just kidding... I would certainly have an enormous number to fight off just b/c Ginger is team Jasper, but let's face one simple fact; spiders like dirt, in fact we live for dirt. Nuff said! :)

Melanie said...

Ok, I've got to admit it. I started this rumor. Yes, it was me. My goal is to have him all to myself. Unfortunately it does not appear to be working, so I just thought I'd go ahead and confess. I guess I'll have to come up with a different game plan. :)

Erin said...

@Spank & Spider y'all are cracking me up this morning...Luckily my office mate isn't here today! LOL...

Anyway, I agree with Valerie...someone probably just took something out of context from an interview. Even if he does stink...I doubt you're going to loose too much competition ;)

Valarie Lea said...

I am thinking we could all take him and hold him down and make sure he doesn't smell anymore.

robin(me) said...

Ok you know I just had to join in this *uh* fun.
So the way I see it, is who cares?
Rob, you are welcome to come to my house (I'm 2 hours away), have a beer, make my hot pockets in my microwave, (ciggy's no can do but I have a nice deck that overlooks puget sound), and a hot tub. You can be free with me. Just don't bring the dog! NO kstewpid or rosalie. my neighbors would think there's a fire with all the smoke! jazz and emmett - always room for more! *wink* After a nice long "soak" - we can do ABBA karoake! just saying.
I'm seriously thinking of becomming Rob's "personal" attorney. MMMMM. I can keep him "clean" - *meow*
Uh Megan (robnutmeg) is here and is in a fetal position, thumb in mouth under her desk. IT'S OK MEGAN! I THINK SHE NEEDS HELP!

OCD Sufferer said...

I still think it was just a werewolf being jealous, lol. Then again, they said other "hotties" in Hollywood have done it before, so who knows. Someone also made a good point: He is getting up @ 3am every day to shoot and everyone is watching his every move, maybe he just hasn't had TIME to shower, LOL!
I say: God made dirt and dirt don't hurt! lol

sakixry said...

@Spider: Ok, just because you are THE Spider Monkey, you are allowed to have a first go on him! ;o)

@OCD Sufferer: Thats a pretty good say you got there!

Mystify me said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... not the nose.

Nicole Wilson said...

that's my girl Spider!

Mystify me said...

Mud? I'm thinkin' axel grease and jello. ;)

robnutmeg said...

Ok so I had one of those anxiety moments, I'm better now.
ARRRRGGGGG... Ok now I'm really better.
The fact is that Rob could be on survivor for 3 years straight and eat refried bean hot pockets (trust me that is not a good thing) and still be the hottest guy on the planet. He just "reaks" of S.E.X.
We have to go now and plan our "hit" on that Ted guy who dared to write such garbage about our beloved. Anyone want to join us? GRRRRR...HISS! said...

yea well here i am again but in identity form. (aka former lurker/stalker)
in the words of edward m. cullen
pfffff. If Rob smells, we'll clean him up like a shiny new toy! If he doesn't, we'll then play with our shiny new toy. Well actually we'll play with our "toy" anyways, right girls?
Jasper and Emmett can definitely come too. I believe in equal opportunities! said...

oops I screwed up on my identity..i left out the word "all" sorry girls too early in the morning for english said...

no it was the word "of" ok, i'm going back to bed now....shesh!

Emmes said...

Ok, so this is supposed to be inside info from the crew...if the crew is having such a hard time dealing with the RobOdor then Summit needs to fire them ASAP and hire US!!
Summit: we promise there will be NO complainig about the RobOdor at all (...ok maybe just Ginger'll complain but we can lock her up with Jasper's in his trailer)!!!
Hire us...STAT!!

robnutmeg said...

Great idea! We're going up there to do some *ah hem* MAJOR *** kickin coz NO ONE PUTS ROB IN THE SMELLY CORNER and gets away with it!
Summitt, please hire us. We're very talented and we come with our own powers and everything!
Uh it will have to be Ginger and Ninja Vampire in that trailer with Jasper! Except that I think that Ginger will CHANGE her mind about the stinky once she's face to face!
OH man, now I need a shower! Coming, Rob? I'm waiting!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE U GUYS! UR AWESOME! Can you actually die from laughter? No one puts Rob in the smelly corner? That's brilliant! And (no offense to the rest) but Spank, u've got it babe!
Mud Wrestling, YES YES YES!
Hey is this Kristen Stewart's attempt to get the "stink" (pun intended) off of her and on to Rob? She's just a jealous little uknowwhat! (my apologies to those of you who love her!) Just sayin! That girl makes me want to drink a whole bottle of JD - coz damn she bugs me!

Meghanface16 said...

He's not THAT young. he's what? 22? older?

He should know how to bathe himself.

BUT i can admit..
I would take him any way i could get him.. smelly and all..

maybe theres a reason he's smelly? water heater broke... freak cyclone... Ok.. i can't handle body odor...
Please Rob... shower!

Hello Team Taylor.. hehe.
<3 him.

robin(me) said...

ummm don't get me started on kstewpid! but you may just have a point! (anonymous that loves JD!)

what do you think league? is this the work of kstewpid? did she stoop this low?

oooh, i'm going to talk to the DA about this!

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, they said, "complains an annoyed crewmember." Think about it...(i'm sorry to those of you who love Taylor) Taylor said he will make the Edward fans love him in New Moon.....he HAS to be the one starting it! LOL! If not, he had to have had something to do with it, lol. I don't think it could have been Kellan, he talks very highly of him.
Regardless, we can buy a can of Axe before we ravage him! Axe will cover up the stink long enough for us to have our way with him.....crap, I just got out of the shower, I think I need to go back.....

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for Team Jacob! He's too young, that's too creepy!
Rob is at least legal age. I can deal with that.
Please Rob say this isn't so! Go on Dr. Phil or something if this is really an issue!
I love ya Man but being stinky is not cool! I can't do it! Well maybe with a gas mask. MMM. Where do they sell those?

Meghanface16 said...

hehe sorry ms. Anonymous...
Taylor is 2 days older than me...

he's ALL mine. =]<333

Anonymous said...

It's Kristen and Taylor! That makes more sense! OR maybe it's Kristen's BF - what's his name? Oreganopothead? He doesn't really like Rob much - just thought I'd throw him out there.
It's not Kelln, Rachelle (Victoria), or Nikki (Rose) b/c they speak highly of Rob. I think Nikki has got the hots for Rob. Geez, talk about getting into your character!
Great idea, OCD...AXE - it smells wonderful!

OCD Sufferer said...

Ya know, I was just watching an interview of Rob and Rachelle where they played a game and one question was, "Who is most likely to wear the same clothes twice" and they both picked Rob. The interviewer asked if he was a dirty boy and he said, "I am a very dirty boy" ....don't get sidetracked like I did, lol....then Rachelle sniffs him and says he just smells musty, like he has wore his clothes a few days, LOL!! So maybe he doesn't shower frequently, but she was sitting close to him and he must not have stunk, therefore his hawtness is worth the smell...OBVIOUSLY, like, duh!!

beesue said...

This is really kinda ironic because in the books everyone's "smell" is such a big deal. Ya know how the Vamps and the mongrels hate the way the other one smells.
So, maybe Rob is just REALLY getting into his character!
Instead of Vamp smell - it is "Rob" smell - Which would probably be a mixture of stale ciggies and beer!
Hey - that reminds me of my favorite bar - so it wouldn't bother me!
I'll join Rob for a ciggie and a beer - anytime - Pant pant!

Spank Ransom said...

@ OCD Sufferer - that's actually a great interview all around. I love Rachelle. She's such a cool chick and yes she did say "musty."

No one puts Rob in the smelly corner could be the League's battle cry. ;)

Anonymous said...

OCD - YES I remember that interview! That was hilarious! I love Rachelle - she seems like she's a lot of fun, down to earth. Rob has often remarked on how he wears the same clothes, not wash his hair (Jay Leno) and he actually said he wasn't much on personal hygiene when they were giving him a bad time about his hair...and that model girl was sitting next to him and slid away from him. up until then she was QUITE close, (can't remember her name now, married to Seal?) anybody else see that?
Hey it's just Rob's sense of humor, I think.
Oh and Meganface16, Jacob's way too young for me so you can have him...for now.

Mystify me said...

I for one would go on the war~path for Robby Bob anyday...stench: oui ou non!!
Because I am... THAT into him!
God bless his cotton socks...and size 11 feet.

sakixry said...

No one puts Rob in the smelly corner??? LLLLOOOOOLLLL This is unbelievable! And yes, it should be the League's battle cry!
OCD you are C.R.A.Z.Y.! I will bring the AXE supply! Just let me know when Summit will call us to replace their stuff! LOL
This Post really has it going today! I love you guys!

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, guys....I just got my Rob-high ruined!!! This is almost as bad as the *only* shirtless Rob pic on the internet. This is recent--what is wrong with him???? EWWWW, someone needs to Photoshop it and fast!!! This takes the "stinky boy" to a whole new level.....

sakixry said...

Who on earth and WHY put THIS picture in this article? Couldn't they find a cuter picture of him??? Well, ok Rob! You asked for it! Quickly, bathing, hairdresser, make-up... double tempo please. Burn this picturesssssssssss......

Spank Ransom said...

@ OCD Sufferer -- don't jump off the ledge just yet. While that photo is *shudders* unfortunate, I do think that it is rather old -- like definitely pre-Edwardian era.

Okay if you'll excuse me I am going to look through GQ again to help get through this unfortunate experience.

robnutmeg said...

We are HOT today!
And I hate to admit, the first thing that popped in my head this morning after I got out my fetal position from under my desk..*cough* was Johnny Castle's famous line...from non other than DIRTY Dancing.
I think I have totally dated myself now. YES Rob I am a mature woman,!
Ok so Robin is giving me this disbelieving look!
Are u sure u want his socks? That was one of the reasons for my divorce! pppppeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu!
I wonder if Rob is wearing the BITE ME undies that Ellen gave him? Now those I'll negotiate! (ugh, did I just say that?)
You are overestimating my self control, Edward!

OCD Sufferer said...

Is it really old? I have never ran into it before--and believe me, I am sure I have seen almost everything. I thought since it was a recent article it was a recent pic. Yeah, I quickly went to GQ myself, lol...I feel better now. But, man, this pic makes it seem like Hot Pockets aren't doing enough to nourish the poor thing. I can cook some really, healthy meals and fatten him up...but not too much, we don't want to take from his sexiness!! lol

robin(me) said...

Your mind never ceases to amaze me, robnutmeg!
Battle cry for Rob - I admit that's brilliant.
Socks and Bite me undies? *cringe*
I'm there with the AXE, (that will serve 2 purposes...smell good Rob and doing someone on that cast some *uh hem* bodily harm!)

Two words GQ! The sexy "clean" Rob! A long dreamy look on my laptop --- The NEW MOON shirt unbuttoned Edward poster! UGH Happy Place, again! Thank you for that. I'm taking my PE (and hopefully not popping his legs off again) and a nice bloody mary and try not to think about this anymore.

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: Nobody puts baby Rob in the corner? HA HA HA! You are going to make me die today! And OK... how mature are you? I do remember this movie too... and I didn't see it on DVD or TV... I have also seen E.T. in the movies... but I am still very young and very mature on the same time... *ahem*
Here in Greece we have a say... it says "the old chicken has all the juice" HA HA!
@ODC&Spank:Yeah,this was definitely an OLD photo but anyway, this pictures should be destroyed! Together with the shirtless pics...please?

Meghanface16 said...

Hehe this is fun to read.

And i do think that "Nobody puts rob in the stinky corner" is a good battle cry..

I'll just stick with Taylor and Jasper... no ones complained about them yet!

Though i do giggle when i see Carlisle... *swoon*

Jen said...

Not sure where I stand on the stink. I think I'd need to do some research to find out if it would kill his sex appeal. Part of me thinks it could possibly make him even sexier. Then the other part of me says ewwww!

OCD Sufferer said...

I totally just found my happy place!!!!! Spank, you have to tell me if this is a real pic. Whether it is or not, it will take a WHOLE LOT for him to get a better picture than this.....oh my......*45Rj5jQhUUQHn3D9UOdpB99d2mpKvzQ2SMiL7h2Q7UG7/ohdambjl1.jpg said...

I am sooo going to stay along for this ride. This is the best fun I've had in well since last night. *yep* uknowit.
U must be the funniest bloggers on the planet. This should be A TV show or something. The League and the innocent bystanders. Make millions. THINK.ABOUT.IT!

U are a kick! Are u really that old? Somehow I doubt it.
kstewpid? sheer genius - ur the lawyer? FIGURES! Get to work on the DA - we want some "fur" flying in the near future...those dirty dogs who are spreading-rumors-about-our-edward need to pay!
@OCD sufferer:
A box of AXE coming ur way! *grin*
I simply love ur "dirty" logic
Ur from Greece? does rob compare to your gods? i think he's better!
Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, and OF COURSE stinky Rodward are MINEMINEMINEMINE
You can have Mike Newton though! How about it? OK, OK. Thought I'd at least ask!

robnutmeg said...

Why thank u to (with the missing *of*)You made my otherwise very disturbing day of "stinky" Rob converstions quite "SWEET"! And to answer your question
I'm too old for that but definitely not too old for that! And Robin(me) is older than me...eeegods...I might be old and unemployed...soon. Sheepish sorry to you my bff!
And besides as I remind myself on a daily basis...I'm as old as I feel and Rob, (stinky or not) u make me feel quite "youthful"...*wink* AND I play a mean baseball game! PFFF to Victoria's wicked curve ball! My curves are quite fine, thank you very much! COME on Rob HURRY up (break up with the bellabitch alrighty) -- me & my shower are waiting!
No more questions about my age! I claim the 5th! I will not yield!

Spank Ransom said...

@ OCD Sufferer -- maybe we need to do a real or photoshopped discussion on that pic. I don't think it is him b/c those don't look like his hands. And, yes, I spend an inordinate amount of time staring at his hands. ;)

Also to the rest -- I seriously love our friends at Twilightheaded. You guys have had me laughing all day (and this has not been the best of days for ole' Spank). xoxo

deconstructing jen said...

Hahaha! I have to agree. I'll take him any way I can get him. ;)

beesue said...

Have to agrre - the League is on a roll today.
@all thats holy & @ginger
Back off from Carlisle or "Animal Attack!"

robin(me) said...

@robnutmeg (almost former bff)
Geez nutmeg or just plain nut - wasn't it me who found you under your desk this morning? yes that was me -- no one else. keep that in mind when we're talking about age. We'll talk job later! Just get that info on Vancouver (and the dirty dog who rat'ed on robalicious) for me STAT and maybe I'll let you live!
oh and hello to all of you now that i'm once again dragged out of my HAPPY PLACE with squeaky clean and sensual smelling PE! (uh anyone ready for a shower yet? *giggle*)
@Spank, You are indeed my hero of the day. We will get through this. Side by Side. (as long as you've showered of course)
Did I miss something, what pic? UH? Ok staring at the hands, I understand. Especially the way they were strategically placed over some private male parts GQ GQ GQ.... (*sly smile*)
But what pic? Help me out here. But if it's a bad pic, don't help me out here. I'm already in distress as it is. Can we pick on kstewpid now, please???? Pretty please?????
I need to forget this whole stinkin day!

robnutmeg said...

I think we need to make an EMERGENCY trip to Vancouver.
Where r u guys? It's for the good of all that is holy and twilight
The League...come on Spank and Ginger you know you want to...even if it smells bad!
Bubblebath - Calgon is my favorite...maybe we can make it a joint CULLEN bath! Hey they do it in Japan!
I'll drag Robin(me) to be our attorney. She's really gifted! (*no really* - *it's true*) She wins every case. Amazing. ihearturobin!
I'm ready to kick some royal werewolfkstewpid's ass!
They will rule the day they put my rob in the corner!
That is not nice! Rob, come to me. Don't be shy.
I'm going to go read some robfiction now.!

Spider Monkey said...

While you girls are on here having all this fun, I was forced to my bed to smother myself in the GQ mag. today... It was torture!

The best part of the whole article is that he admits to reading blogs about himself! So, let's step it up ladies -

@spank- yes, we do have the most brilliant funny readers!

sakixry said... yes, indeed! I am not only from Greece but also living in Greece.
And yes, Greek gods are old news, Rob is the new god for me!
As you can see the *goingnutsaboutRobward* is very contagious and has reached Southern Europe too. I am just very sad that there are not so many cool fangirls like you here. Everytime I am trying to start a discussion about my favorite boy, they start discussing something else, then I am trying to put some more pressure in the discussion and they start looking at me like I'm crazy or something. In the end they either avoid me or ignore me... this is SO NOT FAIR! The only person that understands me is my little sister... pfff...
I wanna come to Vancouver! When are you planning the trip? Am I gonna have the chance to get a piece of Rob's smelly socks or underwear too? Pllleeeaasseee! I will be good!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robnutmeg It's Ninja FANpire, not VAMpire!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robnutmeg I don't care how close I get, I ain't changing my mind!

What's that Jazz? They need to make a Pocket Jasper? I highly agree!

robnutmeg said...

oops, my apologies to Ninja Fanpire...(didn't catch that I called you vampire...) I'm just a little dazed and confused from today's stink topic. I'll be fine tomorrow. I hope.
I'm so sorry about you being "rob"bed of rob. We're just a tad bit robsessed b/c he's robalicious, that's all. Nothing really else wrong with us.
We'll make it a point to get the news out to GREECE. GREECE, let SAKIXRY talk to you! If that doesn't work, just move here. I've got a spare bedroom until Rob moves in.

PhoinixFury said...

I'll be jumping on the Jasper wagon, thank you! Dirty greasy boys can be hot - but there is a time and a place....and that is not 24/7 everywhere you go.

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: thank you soooo much! If it gets too hard for me to bear, I will visit you and your spare bedroom! I hope you will have Rob in there till then... :):):)

You hear me Greece??? You have to robsess too! I cant do it alone! Thank God I have all my girls here to share my robsession!!

Anonymous said...

is it bad that the only thing i noticed is that Mr. Ginger replaced Kristen w/ a pig?

milfy goodness said...

This may have become my new favorite twilight site. You guys are hilarious! Spank's "as if you could out run me" post was too perfect. Nobody puts stinky Rob in a corner was priceless too. When I bought the 6' tall cardboard Edward last week, the "nobody puts Edward in a corner" joke got used many times. Guess that proves how "young" I am too.

And just so you know, Rob has denied his dirtiness rumors!

It almost makes me feel bad for him - you know your life is out of control when you have to publicly deny that you smell bad!