Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cause We Need Time to Bong, I mean BOND.

Our special correspondent Haleygolightly sent this our way from The Defamer.

"This blind item is coming to us from one of the crew members of a film that was released in 2008. Allegedly, two of the on-screen stars of this kitschy film weren't rehearsing all of those hours that they promised the director they were. The young-ish stars insisted that their characters needed to ‘bond' and hence they needed some time ‘alone'. They were given extra time to do so back at the hotel, where our stars stayed locked up in the actress's room. Our source claims that instead of practicing their lines, our couple spent every session getting very, very high. This is probably why the male had such a hard time remembering his blocking (and occasionally even lines) when it came to filming. Luckily for our actors, the director and producers mistook the mental messups and red eyes for intensity, and its a good thing too. Our actors aren't big enough to lame out like that… yet. Think deep on this one. Our darling Zac wasn't involved."

Well, we know one actress (AKA "piss ant") who likes to get high. Anyone venture to guess if this "couple" is our very own K.Stew and R. Patz?

Well no wonder KStew's boyfriend wasn't worried about all the time they were spending together. Everyone knows what getting THAT high does for ones, um, "performance."

I don't know. We don't know how "high" they got. I mean don't things happen at one point when you're getting high but not totally wasted? I mean, doesn't this somewhat justify my theory that they were totally doing it? Though this might explain the comment Robert said when he was talking about how much he and Kristen "bonded" while making the movie.

I'm not buying one word of it!

Spider, is this like one of those times when you tell us you're sick of Twilight and leaving The League?

You know me too well... I did contemplate it this morning.

So what you're saying is they weren't watching Last Tango in Paris but Pink Floyd: The Wall.



Ninja Fanpire said...


Ninja Fanpire said...

Bwaha, read the comments on the linked site, most think it's the Twilight people.

I don't think this particular article is about them, but I will admit that they do both get high often.

Anonymous said...

as much as I would like to think it wasn't them, from what I've seen of their rehearsals this week, it was totally them , smoking out, that's why Rob or KStew(can't remember now which one) giggles when he says that there was only one night where they really got anything done in that MTV video

VanetaRogers said...

It sounds like them. Only problem though - Kristen didn't stay at a hotel. She rented a house. That's where Rob went when they rehearsed. So it sounds like someone made this up. That doesn't mean I think they never dabbled in drinking or smoking when they were together. It just means this is probably not really from a reliable source.

Johanna said...

I agree with Vaneta. I don't think this is reliable info, so I do not think the article is about them, but I do think that other than the "2 nights when they were actually productive" while rehearsing, as Kristen says, they were so getting it on.

Johanna said...
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Erin said...

Yeah, I don't know how credible that really is.

Anonymous said...

Wow, # 3 on the list seems to apply to Rob and say..Paris (barely a celebrity) and Natalie Portman (A lister)

what do you think?

3) "What will our A-/B+ movie actor do? Will he choose the barely a celebrity friend or will he choose his A list actress friend? While the barely a celebrity celebrity friend doesn't mind sharing, it seems that our A list actress does. She doesn't want the bad publicity that the barely a celebrity friend brings and have it damage her A list career or squeaky clean image. Oh, and she especially doesn't want to have to answer questions or be ridiculed if certain pictures ever see the light of day." [CDaN]

sakixry said...

I think this is all B***S***

I dont deny that KStew or Rob smoke or get high but writing that this was all they did... no way.

It wouldnt be bad though if in one of those getting high sessions they were getting to do some more things (yes, you are still able to do certain things if you are not too wasted).

At least KStew should since we cant :'(((