Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sound of Twilight

I love this soundtrack, but I have some questions about one or two choices... you?

I too love the soundtrack, except for "Go All The Way" by Perry Farrell. WTF is that? I deleted it off my playlist. (along with Claire de Lune and La Traviata) I'm not dissing Claire de Lune, but it doesn't fit in with the other songs, IMO. I absolutely LOVE Bella's Lullaby and also the Bella's Lullaby Remix, which I don't think is cheesy, no matter what Mr. Ginger says. Also, why didn't they add "15 Step" by Radiohead? I love that song. I bought it on iTunes and added it to my playlist.

Yes, not having 15 Step was a misstep as well as making me buy Let Me Sign on iTunes after I purchased the CD. I mean, couldn't we have just killed 2 (flightless) birds with 1 stone?

Oh, Ginger, I flip past the Perry Farrell song every time too. But I totally kept La Triviata and Claire de Lune. When I hear Claire de Lune I'm no longer driving my mom-car, but am instead sitting beside Edward in his volvo having a calm moment. (Well, not exactly calm. I doubt I could sit next to him without ripping his clothes off.) (Which could explain a song called "Go All The Way" being on the soundtrack... Hmm...)

I had to stop listening to Never Think in my car because I visualize Rob Pattinson's fingers gently stroking the guitar strings and then about 26 seconds into the song it is no longer the guitar strings being stroked and it's really not safe for me to drive at that point.

Ok, Spank, like I'd want to be driving anywhere near you to begin with let alone a distraction like that! Let's just say that Spank has a very passionate foot/pedal relationship!

I cannot STAND the Perry Farrell song either. Mostly because it brings me back to the stupid prom interior shots! Ick! But, lucky for me I have a photographic memory, it's a blessing in these circumstances actually. You see, every time I listen to the soundtrack (all day), I can literally see everything that's going on in the film. Every single gesture and nuance! Which is why I must proclaim that my absolute favorite is "Spotlight" by Mutemath. There are too many delicious memories that swirl around when I hear it! And you superheroes know EXACTLY what I'm talking about per a recent discussion that best not be written on the blog!

For those of you who don't have the photographic memory that Spider is blessed with, she's talking about the part where Edward and Bella get out of his car at school, he's got his shades on and his arm around her and then the song fades into the scene where they are walking together on the cliffs... which obviously reminds Spider of Bella asking Edward more questions about vampires... Edward explains how they were turned by Carlisle... Rain dripping down Edward's face... Good stuff, great memories, ya know?

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~Jamie said...

LOVE IT! The whole thing, listen to it over and over again... and supermassive black hole.. it's like my new anthem!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Supermassive Black Hole is my favorite, even before the movie came out with Alice and her amazing pointed toes!

So, awhile ago I made a list of all the songs and who's theme they are-Yes, all the main characters have a theme song on the soundtrack, according to moi!

1. Supermassive Black Hole- Alice (While I wonder if it wouldn’t work better for Rosalie, it has to go to Alice for being the most awesome song on the soundtrack)

2. Decode-Emmet (I considered this one first for Jasper, but changed my mind)

3. Full Moon-Jacob

4. Leave Out All The Rest-Renesmee

5. Spotlight (Twilight Mix)-Bella

6. Go All The Way-Rosalie

7. Tremble For My Beloved-Carlisle

8. I Caught Myself-Edward

9. Eyes On Fire-Jasper

11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth-Esme

Any questions as to my reasoning just ask, I have an explanation for ALL of them. Yes, I know I skip from #9 to #11, that’s the order on the soundtrack and I skipped Never Think and Bella’s Lullaby on purpose.

amanda morgan said...

oh i just <3 love <3 the soundtrack!! i agree that 15step should have been on the sound track, but it is possible that they didnt include it cuz they may have only had permission for the use in movie not soundtrack. besides it is on Radioheads cd, so we can get it there.

and to all of the leage--y all the hate for perry ferrell's 'go all the way'?
i personly loved the song, i think it went nice for a 'dance' and the song lyrics actually fit it(twilight)

ex:Tonight! Lightning stikes!
Let's go into Twilight!

It was so smooth, sparkle and shine
And it shined

--not that the song doesnt have a certain...well "implied messege", but i would think of all places, here is where it could b appreciated. :) haha

thanks for this awesome blog!!! :)

amanda morgan said...

@ninja fanpire lol u should post the reasoning on here. :) for all of the songs. but wouldnt i cought myself b more bella and leave out all the rest- edward? (leave out all the rest is def edward for me.) hahaha cool! :)

Ninja Fanpire said...

@amanda morgan

Right, here are the reasonings:

1. Supermassive Black Hole- Alice
-Just imagine Jasper singing it to her...Plus the song just sounds awesome.

2. Decode-Emmet
-"When I used to know you so well..." Remember how Rose said Emmet looked like her friends kid?
"How can I decide what's right when you're clouding up my mind."-Rose wants to kill him at first, but in the end she doesn't.

3. Full Moon-Jacob
-The whole Werewolf thing. Even though the full moon stuff is a myth for Quileutes.

4. Leave Out All The Rest-Renesmee
-It just seems to fit with the Jacob Renesmee thing.

5. Spotlight (Twilight Mix)-Bella
-It talks about how they are "all in trouble" and "you're one of us."

6. Go All The Way-Rosalie
-It just seems like a Rosalie type of song.

7. Tremble For My Beloved-Carlisle
-Imagine he just changed Esme. Ya.

8. I Caught Myself-Edward
- "I caught myself from saying something that I should have never THOUGHT of you." He can hear everyone's thoughts, but he shouldn't always say them out loud.

9. Eyes On Fire-Jasper
-"I won't soothe your pain. I won't ease your strain." (Jasper can, but sometimes won't/doesn't). Also, he has the hardest time with the diet, so eyes on fire could mean red eyes.

11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth-Esme
-Despite the randomness of this song, it makes me want to slow dance. It's subtle, like Esme.

Brenda Jean said...

First, thanks for the recap Ginger because I have the memory of a gnat. I love that scene. Second, can I brag? Please. I loved Paramore before Twilight, before it was cool to love them. Haley is the cutest thing. You GOT to see her interview with Rob-- she is adorable and so nervous! Second, I also liked Muse and loved Supermassive Black Hole when it first came out before the movie, before I read the book. Okay, I'm done. I had to brag cause you have to grab cool whenever possible. I don't love some of the songs on the soundtrack, but I do love that it reminds me of the movie and book:)

TLC said...

i too skip over the Perry Farrell song too. and i reorganized the soundtrack on my iPod -- moved Clair de Lune to the end and removed La Traviata.

have any of you seen the playlist that replicates how the songs appear in the movie? i love that...because it's both Carter Burwell's songs plus all the soundtrack songs...but in order! of course, 15 Step is included in that list!

TLC said...

geesh..redundant much? and i quote: "i too skip over too".

yes, and sadly...i'm an editor. gah. so much for that.

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh I skip over Perry Farrell's song too. I have the CD, not the itunes, so I don't have the extra songs. I do want Let me Sign though. Supermassive Black Hole is my favorite.
I do love Spotlight and Tremble for My Beloved. Actually I love all the rest of the songs. Linkin Park is one of my fav. groups.
And don't get me started on Rob's voice in Never Think!

Erin said...

I like all of the makes me play the movie in my head. (I guess the whole photographic memory thing is good for something...that is until March 21st when I can watch it for real!)

I listen to it all day at work (in order of course). I don't skip any of the songs, but Super Massive Black Hole is probably my favorite (it is good to run too as well). My favorite slow song on the sound track has to be Never Think, Rob has a beautiful voice. I wish he would put out a cd.

TLC said...

OK....I have to share this..but please know, the statement was from my 5 year old daughter (read: huge Hannah Montana fan) she doesn't know any better.

scene: in my car, listening to "Never Think".

Daughter: mama, is that hannah montana's daddy singing?

Me: uh, no honey, it's not.

Daughter: oh. he sounds like him though. he has the same kind of voice.

Me: No, honey. It's not him. The man singing is an actor named Rob Pattinson.

as i said...only a 5 year old could come up w/ that one. Rob Pattinson....billy ray cyrus...I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geesh.

i realized @ that point that i needed to educate my daughter on the perfectness that is Rob...and perhaps stop allowing her to watch so much Disney channel. :)

Lesley said...

to be honest i only listen to the songs i like, i deleted all the other ones, lol.. (i bought mp3s)

i absolutely love "let me sign" its my #1 most listened song at the moment. "never think" of course.. i love the part where he sings "oooh save your soul, ooooh save your soul, before its too far gone, before nothing can be done" ohhhhhh swoon!

i love "clair de lune" but only because i'm a classical music fiend! i listened to this for an hr straight one night on the way home from work... so beautiful!

and of course "bella's lullaby".. im determined to learn this on the piano!

last but not least... "spotlight" another fab song from mute math!! they are MY FAVORITE band and i was so excited they were on the soundtrack. i wrote them on myspace about the version that's in the movie and they told me that it was insipired by another song, but if any of you are interested, there is another song that is similar to the movie version called "earlylight" it just came out on their "Spotlight" ep..

you can hear "earlylight" here:

i think i love "earlylight" more than "spotlight" at the moment!!

Valarie Lea said...

I believe this is the first time I ever really fell in love with a soundtrack. When I am at the gym, I listen to the whole thing. Its actually really great for workouts. Gets you pumped and then cools you down. :)

SuperMassive Black Hole is my favorite!!!!

Erin said...

@Valarie Lea

That is what I do...Its great and it keeps me going on the treadmill.

stephdc said...

I love this album but I do have to admit I skip over "Go All the Way" too.. I don't think it goes w/ the movie at all.. Would have to say my all time favorites are Eyes on Fire and, of course, Never Think

Ninja Fanpire said...

Actually, the songs I tend to skip are Never Think and Bella's Lullaby.

Okay, I don't know about all of you, but I don't think that Bella's Lullaby is done right. I think it just sounds tee eerie. Plus, it's not just the piano, like it's supposed to be! That really bothers me is that they are all these other instruments and it's just supposed to be the piano!

jennykate77 said...

I love most of the songs on the soundtrack, but I'm guilty of deleting a few myself. I also have a pretty good memory and as I listen it takes me right to the parts in the movie that I love the most. My favs being Spotlight and Flightless Bird...great songs.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Ok, I'm just gonna say this once and then if asked about it in the future I will deny that these words ever came from my mouth...
I don't like Rob's songs.
I mean, the songs are great, but what they heck was he eating when he sang them?!

Spank Ransom said...

@ imbeingheldhostage - me. Oh yeah, I went there.

Spider Monkey said...

SPANK! You are a dirty girl! We're going to have to take this up with the board.

Spank Ransom said...

@ Spider - Sorry. Something about the pic of Rob today has released the beast within.

FutureMrsPattinson said...

@Spank- The eating you comment is definitely the best comment I have heard all day. I also know what you mean about today's Rob pic. Oh Lord I can't even talk about w/o getting all hot and bothered.

Ginger Swan said...

@Spank! You need to wash your mouth out with soap. Or maybe it's Rob that needs to wash his mouth out. LOL

@Ninja Fanpire the composer tells the story behind Bella's Lullaby, how it was written and how he considers it more of a "love theme" than a "lullaby".

songirl said...

I love Rob's voice. Especially when he has it under control- he makes me giggle when he is all over the place singing " I was Broken". My hubby snores and I listen to "Never Think" on repeat all night long on my I-pod so I can sleep. I have heard it a thousand times. I love the subtlety and intonations. I enjoy his guitar playing as well. I actually love his speaking voice, too, and was thinking of looping him saying my favorite words like "ambrosia"- and "wife" he even hums when he says "Umm". Can anyone explain to me how to do that?

Lesley said...

@songirl i know what u mean about "ambrosia" i love the way he says it!! oh SWOON!! and lol @ him on "i'll be your lover too" he just cannot stop laughing and giggling while he's singing, it's so adorable!!!

"never think" is one of my faves. i love the way he sings it!! double swoon!

Shana said...

I love the soundtrack. My favs are supermassive black hole and decode. I do like Robs song...his voice is just so.... (fill in dirty parts here)

But seriously...when I first heard Rob's song, I couldn't believe that was him. He's got this soul in his voice that you would never expect...kind of like an old blues singer or something. I can't even really explain it...It makes me think that maybe he's an old soul.

amanda morgan said...

@songirl what do u mean hums when he says "umm"? post a link plz! :)

and @ninja fanpire thanks for the reasons! lol makes total sense and i love it, but why dont u like never think? :)

Stacie said...

So, I'm thinking of re-doing my Twilight playlist to go along with how the songs go in the movie. I always expect the Flightless Bird song to come after the Perry Farrell song (I don't skip it - I used to but now I'm okay with it). I need to remember the order.... I'm sure you all can help with that. :)

songirl said...

amanda morgan;Check this one out...

around :50
Warning! once you listen you have to keep rewinding..I'll try to find another one I was thinking of.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@amanda morgan: It's just too slow for my taste.

Anonymous said...

i hate the perry farrel song i saw a pic of the actual guy at the premier for twilight he looks like a pedophile freak i hate his voice in the song i always skip past it so does my boyfriend glad to see im not the only one i love decode and bella's lullaby... i think spotlight is the most relevant song to the vampire theme eg. "you're one of us" it's like the song was made for the movie :)

Liz said...

omg i LOVE listening to the soundtrack in my car. I hate that same song yall do! Haha! What the heck? Oh yes to 15 Step, got that immediately. I had "Let Me Sign" on my soundtrack already. Hmmm. Bought the whole CD through itunes. Oh, I guess it was a special "bonus track" that came with it then. I didn't know!

LOL "raindrop" scene