Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Junior League: - How Many Times Have We Done It?

This week's Junior League member is Dawnetta!

Superhero Name: ECNeurotic, aka RPNeurotic

Superpower: memorizing every single Edward expression and line in the movie and the books

Hey, I thought it would be cool if you guys posted how many times you have read the books, watched the movie, etc. I am just curious how much others have read/watched. My husband says I am obsessed, which I am, but there has to be people who have read/watched more than me!! LOL I have read the books (including Midnight Sun on S.M.'s website) back to back 3 times each. I lost count how many times I have watched the movie...but it is more than 20 now, LOL! My husband is so jealous of Edward, and he says I am "cheating on him" lol. So, it would be interesting to see how far others have gone....especially MARRIED women, LOL!

Is this like where we say we *only* did it twice, even if we are actually Twi-sluts?

What makes us Twi-Sluts?? We all remain in a loving, committed relationship to one series. Of course we'll keep, ahem, coming back for more, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful or pure.

I don't think I'm ready to admit how many times I've "done it." Even though you don't know me, it's a very personal thing!

*psst* Just say twice...

Since when do I take orders from you Spank? I'll say whatever I want. Twice.

Also does this include foreplay because there are times when I don't need to to go all the way through the book or movie . . . to finish.

"Ditto" to Spanks remark...

How many times have I done it? So many times, I've lost count. I mean, TWICE.

Okay, truthfully I've only read Twilight twice. I've read the other three books 4 times. I'm surprised the binding hasn't given way during "Isle Esme."

My binding is gone....

My binding popped long ago.

Wait, we are still talking about our books, right? RIGHT?



vampirefreak101 said...

ok, so i just commented under the FB post and while i was doing that you posted this.hmm.

how many times.. well i've read Twilight 4 times and the others 3 times. and the Directors Handbook 5 times and the movie companion..umm. 3 times. i think.

the movie. too many times to count. do you mean since the actual dvd was released or *ahem* before that? if counting both.. way over 20 times :o)

and how many times have i watched the Carlisle biting Esme scene or the other deleted Carlisle/Esme scene..erm..urr. sorry i can't hear you? what did you ask?

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Meadow's last comment: LOL!

I've read all the books once fully. I listened to part of the audio book of New Moon.....I skipped to a part with Alice part way through...and never ended up finishing listening.
I've seen the movie...let's see...3...and then there that's 2.....and a another...

I think only 6 and then part of it starting from the beginning.

-jocose- said...

ive never read the books actually...but have listened on audiobook to twilight x2, new moon x2, eclipse x2.5, breaking dawn x1

watched the movie in theaters x1, a downloaded copy x2, on blu-ray x3, commentary x3

director notebook x1.5

...started everything the first week of march 2009! scary...

vampirefreak101 said...

@Ninja !!

i just 'outed' myself on the FB comments.. damn. my secret identity is gone..
i don't know anyones 'real' name but now everyone knows mine! but i respond better to 'vampirefreak' LOL

only read them once?! on purpose or havent had time to?! and you call yourself a fan.. *shaking finger at you*

Ninja Fanpire said...


I don't even--what are you? What are you saying? I don't even, what?! No!

sakixry said...

@Ninja: yeah yeah... going all kstewpid on us now...

@vampirefreak: morning dearest! I have no problem with outing who i am! you can find me in Facebook under but I never use this e-mail cause I hate how I get every single stupid thing in my Inbox so if you want to e-mail me you can send to my e-mail ;o)))

I have read all 4 books in English once, Midnight Sun 2 1/2 times and then I read Twilight and New Moon another time in Greek, I bought Eclipse that was just published a month ago but never had a chance to read it because of the smutty fanfictions *wink-grin*, bought the directors scrapbook yesterday and still going through it, seen the movie in the theater 3 times, and you know... before the freaking DVD release in GR I must have seen the DVD about 20 times?
I am also reading some parts of the books just to remember them... I read the Isle Esme thingy many times... you know! for educational reasons!

vampirefreak101 said...

@Ninja LMAO that scene cracks me up..

@sakixry where are you?! i have been awake for 4 hours! and at work for 2 .. you're still asleep aren't you!! at least the Americans have a reason.
are you mad at me coz i havent finished/improved the FF yet? i do have to work.. it will be done soon !! *pleading* don't be mad.

sakixry said...

Aaah! Yes! I also have translated half of "Midnight Sun" to Greek cause my sisters wanted to read it too but when I found the ff I stopped... was too occupied you know!
Am I a twi-slut now?

vampirefreak101 said...

@sakixry there you are!! yay!

vampirefreak101 said...

@sakixry you say Twi-slut like its a bad thing?!

sakixry said...

@vampy: hey my dear GFF! Noooo! I am awake! I was just very busy trying to coordinate my mom to go buy me my DVD cause I will be @ work until 10 pm today and I just couldn't wait till tomorrow!!! I will return home to Edward today cause she succesfully aquired it!
I finished WA yesterday and now I am sitting on nails waiting for the next chapter... AG!! Can you hear me?? Please don't take too long! I'm gonna die from agony here!
I could NEVER be mad at you! Giving me this wonderful gift of fanfiction! I could never!! I still am waiting though for the update!
No, I am a Twi-Slut and I'm proud! That's why I'm asking if I can get the title now! Don't forget, I just yesterday announced that I'm a whore when it considers Robward...

vampirefreak101 said...

@sakixry yay for us both working til 10pm.. LOL not enough time for Twi obsessing though. i wrote more last night but its handwritten, i need to type it! and write more!! will do tommorrow night.
yep you are the official Twi-slut.. :o)
hear that League?
umm what does that make me? i want a title! vampy feels all left out.. 'vampy' seriously sakixry!

vampirefreak101 AKA katiecullen101 (married to Carlisle!)AKA Mrs Facinelli (ok..wishful thinking)

sakixry said...

@Mrs.Carlisle Cullen: *wink* aaahhh, you can always fax the manuscript! :o)))))
Ok, I am willing to share my Twi-slut title with you! No problem! I don't want you to feel left out or anything!

vampirefreak101 said...

@sakixry manuscript is at home.. i am at work :o(
no no you have the title. I'm happy being Mrs Carlisle Cullen !

..i'll answer to pretty much anything

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning
Ok so I'll answer the league's question truthfully!!!

8 x for the books (yeah, whatev) and i borrowed Robin(me)'s Director's edition 2 x. Well it's actually mostly pictures (does staring at Edward pictures count more?) and the movie - huh? I don't have a clue. Does watching it on You tube before it came out on DVD count? Then I don't have a count on that! I'm a twislutsenior, I'll admit it.

"vampie, my gff?" ok well i see how it is. u think she'll share her cullen wealth with you? i'll move on. find a new roomie. *kicking the dog*

i'm still anxious for that ff but i have a funny feeling that the robgirls will be left with jacob. mahaahaaa. please say it isn't so.

hey you're there. kstewpid has her moments of inspiration. i use those words quite often and they work quite effectively! *grin*

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: Oh come on now Meggie!! You know you are my GFF too!!!!! Don't be so jealous! You have your Robin over there too and me and Vampie are two lonely Europeans waiting every day for you guys to wake up and rattle the cages!!!
You are and will be my roomie to be for ever! This League thing is all about sharing! We will all share our wealth, I would share Rob with you! As long as the turns would be equal and right! *wink*

robnutmeg said...

awww. I'm just so sensitive these days. Rob's leaving Vancouver and I never got to attack I mean see him. He'll be back in August to film Eclipse, tho.
Neil wants to - uh - get married. I'm in shock NO I'm in REAL shock. "what? I don't even..What are you saying?!" (winking at Ninja!) I honestly stayed up ALL night watching Twidvd and drank a whole bottle of wine by myself. I'm actually still able to type. I have to work today too. Stupid guilty as sin client - he needs a nice padded cell.
BUT, I really would love a vacay and I could come your way - hang out in Greece go see vampy inbetween her Cullen dates...mmm.

robnutmeg said...

Ok so League
Here's the deal
I've been given an ultimatum...*chuckle*
Give up my robposter *rolls eyes*, my PE, my 2 sets of TWIdvds, my Twilightheaded blogging AND I can't see New Moon or anymore Rob P movies EVER.
What would YOU say? Everyone, please tell me....I wanna know.

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: Whaaaat? Neil wants to get married??? Hmmm... OK! What do YOU want?
You can come my way anytime you want!!! I will be very very happy to see you!
If it's Neil who gave you an ultimatum... well he can kiss your ass... ooops! sorry! I didn't meant to be rude or anything but this Twibsession goes with you! Either he accepts it or not...

robnutmeg said...

Oh I forgot, I'd be living the life of Donna Reed. Now isn't that a life of possibilities?

Here are the positives..
1) great sex
2) great sex
3) great body
4) richer than God

Here are the negatives:
1) read earlier post
2) I'm in LIKE w/ him not LOVE
3) I already had a bad relay don't need another one

sakixry said...

@my roomie: Hey! WTF? Yeah, ok... great sex, great body, money... BUT what about Love? I don't know... I don't think you're the kind of girl that would just agree to be with a guy she LIKES and give up all of her passions... WTH?

robnutmeg said...

thanks!!!! that's my thoughts exactly! bad relays - i'm a magnet for bad relays...ANYWHO...

The League
If there is a consolation prize I should at least get the TWISTUBBORN award, don't you think? I give "Neil" my answer tonight after I stare at the 2k diamond he gave me to try on for size. awww.

Naked Rob, Naked Edward, Naked Spike!! I'm getting better now.

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: I don't want to stand in you way or anything but doesn't Neil knows how you feel about him? Is he ready to marry a woman who he knows is not in love with him and trying to lure her in the engagement by throwing his money at her? Uhhh... I think I said enough. I can delete the comment if you want. I just wanted you to read it first. Let me know...
It's just the Greek passionate side of me speaking right now! Love or Death! Stupid as I am, that's my motto... *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, League

First I'll never admit to anything like this. I have my secrets...Just know that I'm well versed in the Land of Twilight...

@The League
I believe that you've seen the movie more than twice - liars! *grins*

@vampy freak
You have seen that movie more than me. NO way. And I agree it's hard living a super vampire life, isn't it? Hard to be perfect. But someone has to.

I do congratulate you in getting your DVD or did you? Been to Greece, nice and lovely. Not sure I'll go back tho now.

To answer your question: Dump his ass in the pacific but keep the diamond! No one lives like Donna Reed (oh wait who is she? I'm thinking Ward, weren't you a little hard on the Beaver last night - June Cleaver - sorry wrong show...)

****But if you accept, give me the robposter - he knows me the best!

The Lurker

sakixry said...

@lurker: yes, yes! Edward is waiting for me at home right now. when i go home tonight, he will shower me, feed me, give me a foot massage and then we will watch twilight together!

Leo's Mom said...

This is a terrible addiction, I saw the movie in the theater 4 times, read through all four books 4 times, have listened to the audio books at least 5 times, reread special sections like the breakup and the return several times (I skip the dog parts now) and I can’t remember how many times I watched the movie on my laptop before the DVD came out. I have all four audio books and the itunes movie download on laptop and on my ipod, and yes I have the DVD too. I also have midnight sun and about twenty five fanfict on my laptop, we are not going to discuss the pictures that I have stored on this laptop, or the magazines I have. This is bad, this is very bad. I have stacks of other books that I want to read, but I can’t. I am married and have kids. What is wrong with me, this is wrong, right?

vampirefreak101 said...

@robnutmeg you will all get to read the FF WHEN its completed. am re writing bits, adding bits etc. you all have high expections. i wanna get it right before you all read it :o(

and seriously? you have to ask? if he is asking you to give up Rob/ Twilight your life would have no meaning or passion , regardless of how much money you had.

@The Lurker
me perfect? urm .. i have many flaws.. urm obsessions..

robnutmeg said...

@Leo's mom
You are NOT bad at all. We're here and we KNOW this addiction. Twilight is my brand of heroin and NOBODY makes me give it up!

@Vampire Freak
My life WOULD have NO meaning w/o this. AND I would marry him if I loved him. I don't NEED the money - it was one of the things that I could think positive about him. But don't get me wrong, HE's NICE just a little bit too jealous over TwiRob and I can't do the serious right now! Also, I don't want to hurt him. Believe it or not, I'm not a real mean person. Just a little crazy but not mean!

love u girl!

Gotta run to work - I'll let you all know what happens tonight! Wish me luck!

Jamaican Princess said...

MEGA LOL at Meadows last comment!!! ive only read the series twice....

faith_83 said...

Good morning girls!!
I´ve read the books twice in Spanish once in English and one time in Romanian. So that makes it 4 times...
The movie I can´t really say cause I lost the number but I think that somewhere between 20-25 times.

@vampirefreak and @sakixry
now makes 3 of us who work until 10pm and girls include me too into the European group plzzz... and btw girls I´ve send you both a friend request on FB ;)

What?? You can´t...I mean, no…no, you just can´t do that, cause if you do so that means he is asking you to give up of who you are and no money in the world should change you.
I mean, you are ready TO GIVE UP Robward??
And I have to agree with @sakixry here Love or Death!!
But hey is your decision here and remember the quality of an individual is reflected in the standards they set for themselves, now you should know what your "standards" are ;)

I also want the robposter from @robnutmeg, maybe you wanna split it, I want the bottom part!!

vampirefreak101 said...

@faith_83 my secret identity is well and truly gone ..

sakixry said...

@MY roomie: Love you back! Good luck!!!!

@Leo's mom: No! It's not bad at all (the one drug addict told to the other...)! LOL! Ok, I'm just kidding! Why can't we just do what we like without thinking "Oh, this is wrong!"? Do our men think like that when they watch 10 hours of football or something? It's a different kind of sport! *grin* Chasing Robward!

@faith: aaahhh! how wonderful! welcome to the European club dearest faith! How's your song going? I will definitely reply to your friend request in FB! Unfortunately my "morning job" doesn't allow me to enter Facebook *evil glare* so I have to wait until my evening job! At least I can read Twilight Headed and chat with you guys!
LOL at you for wanting the lower part of the Rob poster! Bahhhahahahaaa!

@faith & Mrs.Cullen aka Vampie: Why do we Europeans have to work so long? WTF??

sakixry said...

@my dearest vampie: Your secret is safe with us!!

OCD Sufferer said...

I am finally a JR LEAGUE MEMBER!! YAY! Although, now I have been outted, they posted my name! YIKES! Now, no one can ever read this website, haha!

Since I wrote that, I have read all the books again, so I have read them all 4 times, including Midnight Sun (cause I read it side-by-side with Twilight now, it is so cool). I have watched the movie over 30 times.

Now, how many times have I clicked on a website that has to do with Twilight? Let's just say that if Robward gets a penny for every time I click on something that has to do with him...I just bought him Isle Esme!!
Also, I would have read the book at least 2 more times and watched the movie at least 20 more times if my dear old League hadn't introduced me to ff which now occupies 3/4 of my time awake. I don't know whether to thank them or be angry!! Mr. OCD would like to thank them for the unicorns...ahem, anyway
Yeah, Twilight is a cult. SM is the cult leader.

Oh yeah, I thought of something last night. Considering SM does the whole fade-to-black thing, what do you think she does when she finds out what fans have done to her characters? I mean, now I have seen Ed and Bella in every possible position imaginable and doing some hardcore stuff!! LOL!!! an author wrote this as their A/N the other day:
I don't own them, I am just trying to get them laid!

sakixry said...

@OCD: You are Dawnetta???? Aaaah! Congratulations deares Dawnetta! Is this your real name?

@Mr. Ginger: I think that Billy would still be very intimidating in his wheelchair alone. He is a glarer! LOL.

OCD Sufferer said...

Yes, that's me.
*looking like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar"
No, Dawnetta isn't my real name...honest...I don't know what you're...I mean...huh?

vampie said...

@faith_83 and Sakixry yay all Europeans together!
but we must all be mad to work these hours! i work 8am-5pm mon-fri (office) and also on wed and fri i work 6-10pm (cinema).i must be completely crazy..
@faith_83 i can only access FB between 1-2pm at work. so will have to wait til late tonight or tommorrow lunchtime for me to add you!

sakixry said...

@ocd: ok... in the last days, we have a lot of kstewpid acting in this blog... LOL

@vampie???: what have you done to your username? wasnt it vampirefreak? ooh! i love vampie!

robnutmeg said...

BAWL....cries of pain..ur a jr leaguer now? OMG, I've got to get a crackin here. My fault, been busy. *sheesh* How much money would Rob get w/ all these website hits...UH let's just say MEGA! He should really look into that. Then he wouldn't have to do.the.queen! (winking at Lurker)

@faith & sakixry
YOU>BOTH>ARE>RIGHT! I'm not the type that marries for money - it's nice and all but I can't do it. I have to marry for L>O>V>E! So uh what? uh? what do you mean? - that will be what Neil will be saying to me tonight. I can't marry him. Just can't. It's not the twirob thing. OK OK OK it is. But I don't want to hurt him. OR maybe he won't be hurt. ???

That's nice of you and all to offer a home for robposter - but the answer is NO WAY! *clutching rob close to my chest - mmmm feels quite good actually*

ur the sweetest addict i know. next to my crazy bff robin(me) who would be on this if she wasn't in a heated arguement with the defense right now. god, she's really good today!

vampie said...

@sakixry it WAS vampirefreak101 which is my twitter name but as you all keep calling me vampie i thought i'd change it :o)
i may use either or something else, keep you guessing if its me or not LOL

Mystify Me said...

Books: only once including The Host(doesn't count) and partial draft Midnight Sun. I will read again when my cheap friends who refuse to buy hard covers give them back to me!! lol
Movie umm...I say 15 or so.
Not married so can indulge to my heart's content~ :)

Video for today... this made me cry.
I do so adore this man.

Christy said...

I am not 100% sure how many times I've read the books because I don't like to admit it, even to myself. I'm going to guess and say that I've read Twilight 3 or 4 times, New Moon 3 times, Eclipse 2 times and BD 3 or 4 times. I saw the movie once in the theater, and then I watched it NUMBEROUS times online - i've watched it once on PPV - I have yet to watch my DVD copy with Rob's commentary because I just don't know if i can handle it!!!! I pink puffy heart him!!

faith_83 said...

you´re right, why we get the hard work?? is not faire...
the song is almost finished is just I wish I had more time for it :(

I like the new name!!

is hard because I´ve been into a situation like that and you feel bad because is a nice person and you don´t wanna see him suffer but think that he is going to suffer much more if you say yes and you don´t really love him.
But like I´ve said is your decision and you know best what you want from a man ;)

robin(me) said...

The League and everyone
OOH I don't know how many times...lost count when I reached double digits..if that tells you anything.

@mystify me
I'm so with you! This man just sends me to places I've NEVER been well I am married but well you know what I mean....*sigh*

OMG, I knew that you weren't ok...sorry bff. Here's a song that might help you with all of this...*encouraging smile your way*

You don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys
You don't own me, don't say I can't go with other boys

And don't tell me what to do
And don't tell me what to say
And please, when I go out with you
Don't put me on display, 'cause

You don't own me, don't try to change me in any way
You don't own me, don't tie me down 'cause I'd never stay

u r the sweetest addict i know. but u are definitely NOT alone. we all should carry signs!

You are a JR leaguer oh groan. I need to get a better life. I hope we're friends now? right? *sheepish smile ur way!*

u are a trouble home wrecking maker....tsk tsk. i doubt ur perfect. ok i still love ur witty ways tho. *shakes head*

Erin said...

Twilight(book) 2x's
New Moon 2x's
Eclipse 3x's
Breaking Dawn 3x's (does re-reading the **ahem** Isle of Esme part only count??)

Twilight (movie)
- In the theater 3x's
- At home 6x's (hubs really doesn't like it so I have to be stealth)
- on my iPhone 4x's

And yes...the first 2 times through the series, I did neglect my husband and didn't 'feed' him some nights! :) (Made up for it on Isle of Esme though ;)!!)

robin(me) said...

btw: i love ur new name.

Yeah guilty of not feeding husband but i don't do that now. *rolls eyes*
ok so New Moon - I read the chapter that Edward comes back 6 x but I don't think I ever really read the book...I did go back when I realized that they were talking about Jacob and I said, Wth is Jacob? I loved Isle Esme despite the f2b's *grrrr* and I skipped the whole bloody gushing birthing scene - only read once (which was quite enough for me!) ugh.

Twi DVD - mmm. just to hear edward say - i can't stay away from you anymore - mmm. let's just say lots!

AND faith
I know what ur saying about robnutmeg - she's nervous but i also know her and i don't want her to fall into another trap. neil is nice but he's got that side to him. he's NOT Mr. Robin or Mr. Ginger! She'll be ok. She's strong.

can we take a poll of those times i've seen btvs? b/c that's huge for me as well.

Susan said...

I've read:
Twilight: 10x
New Moon: 2x (But many other times skipping around, twice fully)
Eclipse: 4x
Breaking Dawn: 6x (First part much more)
Movie in Theaters: 4x
Movie at home: 8x
Mr. Susan has read the books more than twice, and watched the movie 4 or 5 times with me, <3 so.
Luckily for me, my husband likes to cook for himself, and thinks he's being "sneaky" by making himself what he wants to eat, so he feels he wins.

vampie said...

@all i've gotta to go to 2nd job now, where i am not online, so i will chat to you all tommorrow..

btvs - o.m.g thousands of times!!
and Angel..

Mystify Me said...

Love this pic for some reason!!!


sakixry said...

@robin(me): thank you!! aaaahh! a lot of love is flowing in here today! you make me soooo happy! *sighs*
Hey, we should use Robwards "I cant stay away from you anymore" phrase as our ringtone? What do you think? Or as a wake up tone... Or as a lullaby tone... Or anything anyways... I just love his voice! *sighs*
my roomie should take care and avoid the traps! Nobody who doesn't comply with her Robsession is good enough for her!

@susan: lucky you for sharing the movie with your hubby and not having to cook for him!

@vampie: happy ... working? can that be? anyways! tomorrow!!! bye bye!

beesue said...

Good Morning League!

Following the League's Lead ...TWICE....but have used an entire role of duct hold the books together...just don't bind books like they used too;)
Oh and also...have a photographic memory and that is the reason I can quote any line from the book or the movie...Yeah ...Yeah>>>that sounds good...right?

@robnutmeg - just "follow your Heart".

@mystify - posted that video yesterday - don't you LUV IT! You guys need to watch this - you will cry and Rob's voice "thats not the way it is"! Dreamy!

@christy - watch the Audio - Rob is great - just try not to listen to CH's very annoying voice.

@leo's mom -Repeat after me....I.AM.NORMAL.

@robin(me) I Luvs me some Dusty Springfield!!

@dawnetta - congrats!!
Also - you FF Enabler!!! Read Tropic of Virgo-think I am going to change my sign-in to "ordinary_girl" ha ha!!

beesue said...

@robin(me) OOPS - luvs me some Leslie Gore - got them mixed up!!

robin(me) said...

that's ok about the song...i think dusty sings it too? nothing like the oldies...

I think I need to change my name to hopelessly devoted to all that is robward...

RING tones...yes, please! i have bella's theme on my phone right now. but ick bella....i'd rather have robward's voice.....

sakixry said...

@robin(me): that would be a rather long username... robin(me) is just as good! we know you are devoted girl! ;o)

robnutmeg said...

thanks for your support...i'll be fine. NO one will keep me from robward. i know what to do, now.
SIGN me up also for the ringtone!

thanks for ur support and for those who commented, i thank u. all good advice and i'm not going anywhere (even tho maybe some of u would like me to, mahaahaa)

forgot that song. thanks bff! *wink*

u crack me up! role of duct tape. yeah now that u mentioned it. my books are looking rather beat up! i've had to do some repairs. plus they have these strange water marks *tears* and they look a little scrunchy in places like Isle Esme. *wiggly eyebrows*

@vampie, robin(me)
love the new name, too. i, too need to change my name...mmm. thinking....

I can't count the buffy/spike, please don't ask me....That's 7 years worth! DVDs are really worn out!

robnutmeg said...

i mean roll of duct mind a little distracted....i'm off with edward now since he's broke up with the bellabitch. said...

Good God Ladies

I haven't really kept count. Twice. yeah that sounds right.. yeah lying through the teeth! *rolls eyes*

Addiction extraordinaire here...

@dawnelle - ocd?
awesome name.

don't worry ur secret is safe with us!

dump the guy! listen to us!

duct tape, mahaahaa. I cringe everytime I look at those books. but at least i don't beat up the PE...uhherm - like robin(me)! *chuckling*

Hey I think I have the longest login name here! I like it - it stays!

stay away from nutmeg's poster, you fiend! *shaking finger at you!*

i think i'll be in rehab with you! move over and save me a spot!

i forgot. congrats on the jr league! u deserve it. how many times have u read FF?

Spider Monkey said...

Don't forget to follow the Twilightheaded on fb, plus all the league members have their own FB page now too!! Join in girls! And Lurker! said...

@Leo's mom
plenty of room for you at rehab with the rest of us twinuts!

@mystify me
you are definitely trying to kill me aren't you? nice vid! *sigh*

somehow i can picture u holding spike's hand and edward's hand at the same time. *how sweet would that be?*

Answer to how many times watched buffy? uh - yikes! *grin*

Susan said...

BTVS....Epic win.

Background of the moment for me? Spike posing with the caption "I don't need to Sparkle"

Ultra hot. Mr. Susan isn't jealous though.

Ginger Swan said...

Oh man... how many times have I watched BTVS? I have NO idea! But I know each of the episodes by name and know them backward and forward.

@robnutmeg... 2 Carat diamond?! No seriously, you shouldn't get married without love. And more importantly, you shouldn't get married without Edward. ;) Really though... if he truly loves you, he should not make you give up the things your passionate about. (Edward)

@robin(me) your bff robnutmeg says you are kicking butt today in the courtroom. I knew we made a good choice in having you as The League's lawyer!

@OCD Congrats on being our Junior League Member this week!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

It's' real name is OCD....really...

sakixry said...

I FINALLY HAVE MY HANDS ON HIM uuhhh... I mean IT! The DVD is FINALLY in my possession!!!
I got the jewelry box and there are these pictures in there... mmmmhhhh.... OH MY EDWARD!!! He looks sooooooo ... YUMMY!!! FABULOUS!!! LIKE SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO ... EAT??? Is this the right word? *swoon* I'm so excited and I just cant hide it, I don't wanna loose control but I think I like it... lalalalalalalalaaaaaa!!!

uhhh... OK... I think I need more than just rehab right now... maybe they must lock me up or something... I don't care as long as I can have an internet connection and MY TWILIGHT DVD!!! MINE! MY OWN! MY PRECIOUS! Uhhh... sorry, wrong movie... *groan*

@oh: *moving over* *patting the space next to me*
...also... robin(me) holding both Edwards and spikes hands? that would be sweet... no no no no no... I can think of another VERY DIRTY word...

@Spider: will definitely join you!

I have a confession to make... I have NEVER EVER seen BTVS... not a single episode... yeah yeah... Greece doesn't show it on TV... never thought about renting it... bla bla bla... you know how it goes...

@Ginger: yes I do agree with you about the robnutmegs BF issue. If someone really cares about you he doesn't try changing you...been there, done that... and guess what? it didn't work out...sad story... but I have my TWILIGHT DVD NOW!!! How GREAT is THAT???

AJ said...

I plead the fifth! I try not to out my Twi-sluttiness too too much;) Let's just say more than twice on all the above, k??

Just recently found your blog and I heart you ladies♥ Found you on fb too.

OCD Sufferer said...

@beesue yeah, T.O.V is wonderful! I wish she would hurry up and update! I have read it twice cause it is addictive like WA!

OCD Sufferer said...

how many ffs have I read? O.M.E.
You really don't wanna know....seriously...I am talking a.whole.freaking.lot
I just read a new one today. It was great! Absolutely no smut, lots and lots of fluff and Edward was wonderful!! lol

OCD Sufferer said...

You deserve it! You waited so long!!!

robin(me) said...

rnmeg said what about me? backpeddling to read all comments. awwww. that was sweet. thank u for letting me know and thank u bff. AND the league is #1!

@Sakixry, oh
you'd have to see where spike's hand in that picture in order to understand what @oh meant by that - which btw: is hysterical! i'm multitalented but i'm not sure if i could maintain my "drive" if i had both of them at the same time but i'm always willing to try new things....*need shower now before i faint w/ anticipation!*
OH and we'll give u time to watch the edward action and then we expect a full report! *grin* don't forget ur bottle of wine! pop the cork it's time to celebrate!
REMEMBER eat you up song! i'll send u lyrics if u forgot!

@susan & ginger
i'm with you on the buffy episodes. omg can't live w/o it - memorized every spike, xander, angel and even (uh) giles line! *sick* giles is sweet. love the way he removed his uh glasses! LOVED to join you all on FB but the court doesn't allow such things! tsk tsk stupid court!

@ocd dawnetta
i didn't forget ur name at least. *sad, pleading eyes*
r u still mad at me? i hope not. need all the friends i can get.

we know the feeling about the sluttiness but don't feel bad - ur in good company here. we'll take care of u! (kinda like the blind leading the blind) mahaahaa! MOST OF us are ready for rehab or beyond. some beyond treatment or help some are quite normal. don't ask who. but if anyone tells u it's the robgirls don't believe them....we're fine and quite harmless.

robnutmeg alert...she went out for lunch with 2 carat guy. not back yet. sending out search party soon. (looking worried at front door) NERVOUS!

OCD Sufferer said...

OF COURSE I STILL LOVE YOU! I love everyone here! well...not sture about the Lurker..but...*grin*
just please.....

QUIT.CALLING.ME.DAWNETTA!!! I don't know this person. Never heard of that name...though I think it is pretty...but, that's not me.....

sakixry said...


@robin(me): i'm cracking up girl!! LOL!! *shaking from laughter* robward and spikey together huh... you are open to new things? i hope isabella doesn't get to read this post...
OMG! Send the search party! Where is robnutmeg??

@ocd: ok dawnette...uhh...sorry, i meant OCD! Want call you that again!

OCD Sufferer said...

I'm past the whole treatment is an option phase...yeah, it's too late for me
do they have a FFA? (fanfiction anonymous)
not that it would help cause the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem...well, I already did that its the other steps I can't do!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

and by the way, who says I don't LIKE my problem???
I do
I definitely do
I absofreakinlutely do!

robin(me) said...

@OCD (not dawnetta)
I love you too! Lurker is a trouble maker! It's kinda like the devil made me do it! (glaring at lurker!)

she came back - FINALLY! she has the odd grin on her face tho. OH wait gotta go back to court. more l8r! I do have two hands one for each of them! AND at the same time? why not? I feel very energetic today!

Remember - EAT YOU UP - Edward! said...

sorry about the name wrong thing. and won't call u that anymore either. that's good b/c i forgot what it was again. wow, that's alot of ff, there girl. and thata girl - you take ur stand and refuse to back down! personally i wouldn't have forgiven robin(me) - sorry - but she wanted to sick the Lurker *shudder* on you! (shaking head at robin(me) - it was very nice of you to forgive her! mahaahaa!

For the record: I, too, absolutely and positively and irrevocably adore everyone here. (uh Lurker u are a pain in the arse but i guess i even like u, too)

wtf? she's back and then u say
l8r? and i love the multitalented - i'm willing to try new things....*spitting out my diet coke all over my edward tshirt*

i know that dirty word.....

robin(me) said...

well gee whiz thanks a lot for encouraging OCD to rethink her forgiveness. Lurker, call me on the secret cell # I gave you. Holy crap! *grin*
AND as for rnmeg, i had to run b/c the judge called me back to court. i don't think the judge would have understood - wait judge i'm busy know, just saying...mahaahaaa!

Robnutmeg is now free, she says. She's happy about her decision, but not about having to give back the 2 carat rock! She loves u all and she'll be posting tonight sometime!

msg from roomie: thumbs up to the Edward yummy treat! EAT HIM UP, girl u deserve it!

OCD Sufferer said...

nutmeg is free and gave up a 2ct diamond??? what?? what did I miss? I dont remember seeing anything about that.
Geez, i am lost...there are too many posts to go back and re-read....

sakixry said...

@ocd: what will happen if time passes and people are not interested anymore of writing great twilight fanfiction? omg! *cringe* i can't even think about it without getting frustrated...
I LOVE MY PROBLEM! I am Twitarded, a Twislut and a Robward whore! Yes I am!
@robin(me): you are a very dirty little girl... tsk tsk tsk... isabella, this is not your mother! it's another twislut who just borrowed your mom's account...
hope robnutmeg is well!!!
when i would pick two... it would be... no, i couldn't pick two... i would like to spend all my energy on robward... but if it really HAD to be another one, i would pick ryan reynolds... mmmhhh... i like him... ok! i think we're out of the subject here! Not exactly actually...what kind of question is that? How many times have we done it? Done what? Done something generally sexual with ourself while thinking of Robward? Done something sexual with our BF, husband, F***buddy while thinking of Robward? Done... what?
Girls... it's the DVD talking! Dont get me wrong!

sakixry said...

@oh: from the moment i watched "creating edward" on the DVD's special futures... i'm done... i'm finished... i'm ... i dont know... i just don't exist... thank you Mrs.Pattinson(mom) for bringing this boy into our world and sorry that all i can think about is corrupting him...
@robnutmeg: way to go girl!! we love you too!
@robin(me): seriously...i'm gonna download this song and add it as my ringtone and every time i will listen to it, it will remind me of you...not robward! hahahaha!

robnutmeg said...

Thanks for ur comments and advice.

love u more

i really need that ff now - like NOW. need some loving.

@to all
thanks for ur thoughts as well

@ocd - to save u reading all that above......
Hi ocd, in a nutshell, neil POPPED the question by giving me this 2 carat diamond on top of some rather strange ULTIMATUMS - I give up all Twilight/Rob/twiheaded blogging/poster (which almost succumbed to the Lurker - uh in her dreams...)EVERYTHING but it was more than was everything I am. He's a lovely man (I mean LOVELY) but I can't have someone in my life (again) just telling me what to do who to see and what to say. been there done that. That's not love and that's no longer me! I can't love someone like that. SO- we are still friends after he said...uh? what do you mean? huh? no?...No? (snicker - he quoted kstewpid perfectly and didn't know it!) but the bum to his ring back. *sigh* Uh and no there won't be sex. (uh don't think so) oooh that's hard to give up but NO!

i like that...dump the guy! uh sorta did that.

@mystify me
keep bringing on all those wonderful pics of ur's *eye candy needed*

Now, if we are all honest - we will all admit that we are all insanely obsessed and addicted to Robward, and these books.

This whole bf thing has made me see that I am a total hopeless sad case to which there is no help so why fight it?

Bring on the rob on the cob b/c robnutmeg is back!

Oh and I'll take one spike to go, too! @ginger I know every line from BTVS too. One episode I can't watch is "The Body" - ask me if you don't remember that one but I bet YOU do!

Christy said...

Ok, just re-read my comment. I've watched it NUMEROUS times, not NUMBEROUS. wtf?

Mystify Me said...

Hello gals are Patt-hetic
Not that that's a bad thing.;)
I was just looking at a pic of Robbie when he was about 3 or 4 on a wee bike.His hair all blonde and spikey.Oh yeah indeed thank you Mrs. Patinsin...oops Freudian slip...Pattinson. :)
I am oh so Patt-hetic too. And proud of it!!!
Let's see if I can find a nice pic.

Oh and I have added 3 of 4 to facebook.Meadow isn't playing.
I guess she's frollicking thru fields of posies.Or maybe she's behind Bella on a cliff saying,'Just a little closer to the edge sweet pea.If you lean over far enough you can see your own beautiful reflection in the water." hehe

Mystify Me said...


OCD Sufferer said...

I don't think I will be back on tonight, I came home to TWO, yes TWO updates to my fav ffs!!! WA AND TOV!!! I am in ff heaven!
See ya all tomorrow!!!!

Mystify Me said...

I belong to an Canadian Idol Forum...yeah duh. For 5 years more duh...Kalan Porter...who?? He's a great kid.And have watched him grow up, and have become friends with. So ya never
Anyway if you log on to to OFF TOPIC...Any Twilight will find thousands of Rob pics.
My friend Sandra is a stay at home Mom and is right there to grab latest pics.:)

OCD Sufferer said...

When did this happen? When your PIC (partner in crime) told us "Neil's car is parked outside!"??? lol
Yeah, who tells you they wanna marry you but you gotta give up Twilight? Sorry, if you wanna marry me you need to get a part IN Twilight and make sure I get to kiss Rob!! TYVM!
Well, unfortunately if he wants you to change that much, you can find someone better *evil grin*

OCD Sufferer said...

Wow, I am in ff heaven! Major fluffage on both of my ffs! I am over here giddy as a schoolgirl! lol

Mystify Me said...

Give up Twilight>>> Oh dear.
I have many friends that have hubbys that accept obsessiions.
They are the happiest strongest matches.People are people..I feel dePecheMode coming on...Let it Be.
People can be as one, but when they blanket the other self(as in smothering) it's not healthy.
Smother = can't breathe = death

Mystify Me said...

:(Best wishes luvvies.Nite nite

Mystify Me said...

:)From me with love


Mystify Me said...

Let me know if you can;t see these pics. I know some can, but I can'

Ginger Swan said...

@AJ, welcome to our blog. I'm glad you found us!!!

@robnutmeg, I think you made the right decision, but I'm sure it's hard nonetheless. I'm thinking about you. We're here to cheer you up when you need it. ;)

Oh, and The Body from BTVS. Every year Mr. Ginger and I watch all 7 Seasons of Buffy, one episode a night. Mr. Ginger REFUSES to watch that episode and frankly I don't mind skipping it either. It is TOO hard. Can't do it again.

So nice to have some of you guys who love BTVS like I do!!! The rest of you need to rent all the Seasons and start watching them NOW. kthxbai.

sakixry said...

@mystify me: LOL at your comment about meadow helping Kstew over the edge!!
I am Patt-hetic!! I am Patt-hetic!!
Ooh! Sweet mother of Jesus! What a beautiful mouth...*pant-pant* You are definitely trying to kill us with all these pictures you are posting... I'm @ work and there is NO shower!
@OCD: WHAT??? Update to WA??? I'm leaving you right now! Must go read!!! Later!

sakixry said...

@ocd: PIC! I like that! And getting a Twilight part and Rob to kiss her is also not a bad idea! Robnutmeg, will you make Rob kiss me too after you're done with him?
@mystify me: hallelujah girl about the smothering part!
Thats a lovely quote! I will post it on my blog!

vampie said...

serious post
@robnutmeg i'm here if you ever want to talk or need cheering up!
you really dont want to be with someone who controls you or tells you what /who you can like. or how to live your life. i have been single for 4 years now. i was in a relationship for 6 years. if i hadnt managed to leave when i did i would be dead. i will probably never get over what he did. some days i cope better than others. and he was so nice to start with, started to be controlling then just got worse and worse. trust me, if this guy is like that now, its likely that once you trust him/live with him/get used to his way of living he would get worse.

being single is better than being in an unhappy relationship, just for the sake of having someone to come home to.

robnutmeg said...

Thank u! I'm already cheered up being able to talk about robward with all of you! AND Spike and BTVS! Yes, I can only watch the particular episode well I can't watch that particular episode. It puts in a bad place. But I do love how everyone was there for Buffy, tho.

Thanks for sharing that. I was married for 5 years (recently divorced about 11 months ago) and even tho my marriage wasn't really controlling - he allowed my MIL to just take over and she was evil. It got bad so when I say I'm a magnet for this...I am a magnet for bad relays! BUT I still have me, my family and my friends and NOW I have you guys. So I'm good! It's funny but the more Neil said, give it up the more I licked Robposter. (well after I cleaned off Lurker lips - ewwww)

@sakixry, ocd
Thanks! Believe me if I got a part in Twilight - there would be fireworks in the skies!

Naked Rob, naked Rob, Naked Rob....*grinnin*

TLC said...

i have read:

Twilight - about 6 times
New Moon - 6
Eclipse - 6
Breaking Dawn - 1 all the way thru and then 5 times to the midway point and then i re-read Twilight again.

Have seen the moive...oh about 10 times.

Obsessed? Who me? Nah.