Friday, January 23, 2009

Useless Trivia About Twilight

So here's some useless trivia for you: Did you know... that my good buddy Rob was chewing gum in one shot during the prom scene and they had to digitally remove his chewing? Oh yeah. He was told before the scene was shot that he had to take out the gum.

(after the scene was shot)
Director: Rob, you can't chew gum during filming.
Rob: I wasn't chewing gum.
Director: Yes you were.
Rob: No I wasn't. It's just some nervous tick I do.
Director: No one moves their mouth like they're chewing gum when they're not!

Ginger: Uh, actually Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs does. It's the weirdest thing. But I'm gonna have to go with the director on this. Rob was chewing gum and was either not aware he was doing it, or he's lying to cover his ass.

His beautiful and perfectly round spankable ass I might add. Sorry, please continue.

Poor Mike Rowe! I bet he got in trouble for that a lot in school. You're not supposed to chew gum in gym, either.

Anyway, they first tried to fix the scene by putting in some dialog and make it like Rob was speaking instead of chewing. What did they have him say? They had him counting, like dance steps. But it was cheesy and everyone agreed it sucked. So they digitally made his jaw not move and fixed the problem.
Chew on that!

Does Edward need to chew gum??? He's a vampire! Vampires (Edwards) breath is sweet smelling (do not ask me how I know this information) and does not ever EVER need gum. But then again Robert is not a vampire - I hate to even write that. Robert is Edward, right??? Don't burst my bubble with this stuff Ginger. This wasn't a movie, it was real but some Hollywood folks got wind of the Cullens and decided to film them. So Twilight wasn't a MOVIE, it was a DOCUMENTARY!!! This is the way I like to see it anyway ~ If you chose to view it as a movie then so be it. Gum or no gum, he doesn't need it! And if you're reading this Edward (I will not call you Robert), tomorrow, the Strandhard meadow, you - me, be there!

Dear sweet Spider, Robert Pattinson (while extraordinarily hot) is nowhere near the level of perfection TRULY required to accurately portray Edward. I'm sure the real story is that Edward met Stephenie Meyer a la "Interview With a Vampire" and told her his story. Probably with that lucky SOB Bella by his side. I think we can all assume that their offensive on the Volturi has gone successfully and they no longer fear repercussions from their story going public.

Obviously the director was mistaken. This is not hard to believe given her mistake in thinking that Victoria could be at the prom without Edward smelling her scent there (or hearing her thoughts); or believing that that disgusting mongrel's father could drive a truck WHILE CRIPPLED AND CONFINED TO A WHEELCHAIR!!!! Her attention to detail is woefully suspect and Edward (and Rob for that matter) is perfect. Case closed.

*ahem* Spank is our Resident In Charge of Jacob Hating, if you didn't notice...

As an aside, I wonder if that whole "digitally freezing the jaw" thing will work on anyone. I may need to start making a list...

Hey Miss "Case Closed", I mean Spank, you can still drive a car while being confined to a wheelchair. You just have to have the car modified to be used with hand controls. Haven't you ever watched Discovery Channel?

Spank just feels strongly that Melissa Rosenberg should rewrite the New Moon script to cut away from Bella and that *gag* stanky dog and their puppy-level antics and allow us to instead follow Edward's introspective journey from Forks to Italy. I've already begun sending telepathic messages to Melissa on this front.

Can you focus those telepathic messages to Stephenie Meyer instead? 'Cause I really want me some Midnight Sun. And then a rewrite of New Moon from his perspective. Followed by Eclipse and lastly Breaking Dawn. (A girl can dream.)

Here I was thinking I had high expectations by hoping she'd finish Midnight Sun when Meadow came along and shot my expectations out of the water. Betting, I'm jumping over to your ship. My vote is for the entire Twilight Saga to be released from Edward's Perspective. Can I get an Amen?





Anonymous said...

I think you may have cured me of my Robsession. Nah, but I do have this little (okay, paralyzing) phobia about gum. I just gagged writing that. Oh Rob, why did you do it?

Ginger Swan said...

@nosmallfeat, do you really have a gum phobia? I've never even heard of that before. Oh well, if you're cured of your Robsession (like that word by the way) then there's less competition for the rest of us. :)

JourneytoFamily said...

You guys are hysterical. I'm adding you to my reader. Keep the posts coming!

amandajm15 said...

Amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen!!!!! argh i want the midnight sun saga to get puplished. im willing to do practicly anything, XD

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Just have to add another AMEN!