Sunday, January 25, 2009

Harry Potter and the Attack of the Twilight Casting

A little rumor going around the internet (meaning I heard it or the voices in my head told me about it) is that Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies is being courted to play Alec in New Moon. We all know he can play evil, but is he the right fit?

Cedric, I mean, Edward can handle him. Wait? What movie are we talking about again?

I smell a conspiracy. Next thing you know we'll hear that the girl who plays Luna Lovegood is going to play Jane and Emma Watson is playing one of the Denali Coven.

... and we find out that Victoria's last name is Weasley.

Oh can we get Snape to play Aro? I think he'd make a fantastic Aro. Of course Victoria is a Weasley with her red hair. Wait... does that mean I'm a Weasley too? I think all redheads are related to the Weasleys.
Poor Spider. She can't participate because she JUST STARTED READING HARRY POTTER LAST NIGHT. She has no idea who we're talking about.

I bet we learn that Sirius Black is now living in La Push. Lupin too.

Lupin's leading one of the packs. After he ate Sam.

Don't forget that Pentrent would be a good choice!


Just being gay since I'm out of the HP loop. Sorry!

I bet Rob slips up and calls Felton "Draco" instead of "Alec." Maybe he'll need help running lines to get it right. How much is a ticket to Italy?

A ticket to Italy to "run lines" with Robert Pattinson? Priceless.


Brenda Jean said...

OMG They should get Daniel Radcliffe to play one of the Volturi...he could try to glare down Edward. He's just jealous he didn't get to play a cool sparkly vampire.

Sophie said...

And Dumbledore...he should play Aro...onion skin and all...apologies to Michael Gambon...and Ben Barnes, the latter who is just too too yummylicious.

JourneytoFamily said...

What about Petunia Dursley? She can be one of the wives of the Volturi.

Lori said...

He does not look up to snuff to be in Twilights, New Moon... But that's just me! They surprised me with their inital cast and then seeing them in costume and make-up, so, it could be possible?
Won't they be smart to stay away from Harry Potter stuff - those are kids books? But then again, Twilight is young adult - poor me. You guys totally crack me up!