Monday, December 7, 2009

Rob on a Rug

Source: Popsugar

*thinking out loud* It is amazing to me how hot these cold, marble statues are.

Awww that's so sweet. All my babies slept on sheepskin rugs too.

OH PLEASE, GINGER! I know you're Team Jacob and all *rolls eyes* but even you have to admit that this is all kinds of HAAAAWWWWT.

*sigh* yeah ok. It's a little hot. Especially on those sheepskin rugs. (they retain the heat)

I am 100% Team Jasper and yet even my tongue has fallen to the floor *shakes Ginger violently, screaming* LOOK AT HIS LOWER BACK WOMAN!

*being shaken violently* Owww... watch MY lower back woman, would you?

You can see his happy trail in these pics. I heart them SO HARD. And speaking of hard...

And, truly, I love these pictures. They bring back such great memories. Rob and I have shared a special moment on a rug just like that one....



Ilaria said...

LMAO, Rain!!! Now it seems I have to run to IKEA and buy my own sheepskin rug!

Oh, I just noticed that these are the pics from the italian Vanity Fair...with the quote of our poor cuddly rpattz saying "It's crazy, I know, but without my body guard I'm scared"

Ah, sheepskin rpattz, the best way to start a shitty monday!

Roni said...

I agree with Spank. Even though my heart and everything else belongs to Jasper... hawt! But, in regards to his lower back... is anyone seeing that blue spot? Hmmm

dazzledbyhim said...

That picture freaking cracks me up!!! Love it! And he's super hot in that picture... he's making me like flanel again!

Susan said...

Rain, I have purple converse too!
+1 awesome points.

Susan said...

I think I need to go buy my husband a flannel can stay...warm. Yes. Warm. Not just to look more like Rob. Warm...>>;

Jodie said...

LMAO @ Rain, thanks for sharing your moment

Richard said...

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