Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Junior League: The Final Countdown

Name: Twilightish
Power: The power to fangirl on a daily basis in front of perfectly normal people I work with and not feel ashamed of doing it.

Okay, so the Junior League post on Twitrovesies got me thinking about how Twilight has changed me this past year. It has been almost exactly a year that I became a TwiFan and I remember this being one of the first Twi-blogs I started following and I couldn't help but notice that you girls have changed quite a bit too as far as your preferences go.

For example, I remember ALL of you being all about Robert Pattinson and some of you not really liking Kristen Stewart, but now things seem more balanced. Most off you have switched to different teams (Team Jacob, Team Kellan), have ventured deeper into different hobbies (Twitter, Role Play, Fanfiction) and some have even embraced the Rob/Kristen relationship and even Kristen herself (myself included).

I thought it would be fun to go back and think how we all started as TwiFans and how we may or may not have changed. Are you the same TwiFan that you were a year ago?


sidebra: Should this be the post where we announce that Christmas Eve is our last?

sidebra with red & green tassels: I don't know. Maybe - it might be more honest that way instead of a surprise on Christmas Eve. Thoughts?

sidebra with jingle bells: I think it's the perfect platform for announcing our ending.

sidebra with mistletoe and holly: OMH, I am gonna lose it... I need another beer... *sobs*

sidebra with flashing christmas lights for nipples: **hands Spank another beer** Spank, you're bringing tears to my eyes.

sidebra with two eyes made out of coal: I am really going to f*cking miss these sidebras. I think they should be extended to Twitter.

sidebra with two turtle doves: I agree.


I am nowhere near the same TwiFan I was a year ago. A year ago I was infatuated with the story and the idea of a love that never seemed real to me. A year ago I was also introverted, shy and anxious in my daily activities with people. A year later and I realized that Twilight "is my life now." By that I mean through this book series and putting myself out there each day for the past year I have found the most amazing friends a girl could ask for - who enrich my life daily with a shared humor and appreciation for the random, quirky side of life. I realized that I deserve a storybook love and found the strength to stand on my own and not settle. And finally through the Twiworld I found that special someone who I always believed either did not exist or surely I did not deserve. ME! In sum, I came into my own this past year and Spank, a character created for The League, ultimately became a slightly exaggerated representation of the person hiding inside of me for so long. And it has felt so good to let her be free.

A year ago I was re-reading the Twilight Saga again and again. What started as an obsession turned into being a part of a community where I have made so many great friends, many of whom I've met in real life, some of which will be lifelong friends. I have had a great time, laughed so much I cried, and loved so much it hurt. I'm proud of what we've done this past year in Twilight-Headed and the connections we've made. I wouldn't trade this year for anything.

A year ago I was thoroughly infatuated with Twilight, although I had no idea why. (Come on, it's a book about chaste vampires. I mean, really? *grin*) Like many many stay-at-home-moms I longed to discuss something other than diapers and formula. When I found the girls who later became the League, I found something other than laughs. I found that you can connect on a very real level with people who don't live anywhere near you. I found that there is a whole world of people out there who appreciate my sense of humor. I found that I was not the only person completely devastated by Stephenie Meyer's refusal to complete Midnight Sun. But, most importantly, I found an outlet for a passion that I'd thought I had lost: writing. So, while I may not be curing cancer or saving the world, I get to create new ones in my head and share them with you. I wouldn't have had the courage to do that without this blog, these girls who stand beside me, and you - our readers. So thank you. It's been one hell of a year.

A year ago I had read the Twilight saga straight through twice, and was starting on my third time. I will not reveal how many times I had seen the movie (because I lost count) but I was also keeping busy googling "Rob Pattinson" and "Twilight" on a daily basis. And then of course, forwarding what I'd found to all my Twi-hard friends. I have changed a lot in the past year in terms of my preferences (Go Team Kemmett!) and my view of Robsten (awwww). But, the thing I love best about Twilight has not changed - the community. I have loved being a part of this crazy Twi-obsessed world. I've made true, amazing friends in the process and I love meeting new friends based on our mutual obsessions. Basically, I've had a blast this past year with all things Twilight. I would not trade it for the world. Well, maybe for a night with both Rob Pattinson and Kellan Lutz...*thinking*... but probably not.


To all our friends and readers, we request the honor of your presence at Twilight-Headed tomorrow for a very special farewell message from The League.



Sweetlikesandi said...

I opened the page tonight having a good idea of what I'd find. I did not expect to have my eyeballs gouged out by the 3D boobs of Rain. God, I'll miss those jugs.

That said, Spank - you were right.

I cried.

I love you.

I will miss you.

See you in the twitterverse.

Jodie said...

Oh my, can't believe this is are really not posting anymore :-(

You ladies have all made my day on more than one occasion. Even Mr. Ginger's observations crack me up. He should make bumper sticker's or, I'd buy it.

It was so nice to read such intelligent, witty, fun banter on a topic I love. Also very comforting to know it wasn't just me who had these desires, random thoughts or questions on the topic.

I first became a fan / addict when my oldest daughter brought home the first book when it came out. She finished it and begged me repeatedly to try it. I scoffed yeah can't wait to read a young adult book! I read to basically stop the constant begging. OMG I was instantly hooked waiting with baited breath for the next book. Making midnight trips to the store when they came out. Now that same daughter teases me for my obsession.

The kids at Hot Topic know me on a first name basis. You should see the insane amount of money I spent on Twilight / New Moon items for just this Summitt should love me :-)

You'll be missed!

Happy Holidays!

ciaobella said...

Well.........I can't believe that u girls are leaving. U are the only twi-blog I read, and now I have nop idea of what I will do while drinking my coffee in the am. I would like to thank you for every laugh, squeel, and sticky panties that u gave me every morning. UR AWESOME!!! ( u are going to reconsider right???)

SuzanneK said...

oh no! I'll miss all of you ladies - you've certainly kept me entertained for the past year in a world where I too wish to discuss stuff other than diapers and formula ;)

Take care and keep on Twilighting....

CuddleBug said...

Wow. It's so sudden! So unexpected! (For me)

Will miss you guys!

Twilightish said...

Oh wow. I had no clue that my Junior League post was going to be the last *sobs*

@Jodie: Your story sounds exactly like mine. My daughter got me into it and now she makes fun of my obsession.

@League: I will miss this sooooo much. We will still see you on twitter right? Will you still be Ginger, Spank, Meadow and Rain, or will you use your RL names on twitter now?

I'm still in shock from reading this post *sobs again*

BeCullen said...

So sad now. This has been an amazing site. THanks.

Leo's Mom said...

Oh nooooooooo! what will I do now!I have enjoyed the blog so much. It has been great having a community where I don't feel like I am the only crazy person out there. Thank you for everything!

Spank Ransom said...

@twilightish - these questions and more will be answered in tomorrow's final post. xoxo

twilighter_87 said...

:( this is about the only post from u guys that I don't really enjoy...
U have really had the best twilight-blog :) gonna miss ur blog ;)

kmoye said...

holy smokes that was so freaking sad. i mean it is so freaking sad. I will miss this blog. i will miss yall so much. I can't tell ya how many times i have laughed out loud reading yall's posts. Thank you for that. thank you.

dazzledbyhim said...

Oh no! I am so bummed! I know you guys will probably answer tomorrow, but I'm sure we all just wanna know why! :( It's ok though, I know you have lives outside of this blog and I'm sure it takes quite a bit of time to keep it running. I appreciate all that you ladies have done and thanks for all the great laughs. I don't know what I'm going to read anymore...

Susan said...

It's been an amazing ride, ladies. Thank you for the pleasure of letting us ride along. Love you all!

Spank Ransom said...

@kmoye - you miss me? I have 10 text msgs from you! *spam* said...


Do you have any idea what you guys have done for me this year?

it's almost a year ago for me too that my friend Robin (zipperdown) found this blog and these funny and special ladies!!!!

I agree this has been an amazing site and I am a better stronger person b/c of it.

Thanks to all of you for making me laugh.

And I won't say goodbye! B/C I'm stubborn and *quivering lip* and....

*whispering, whimpering*
I love you guys!!!!


kellyprovence said...

WHY??? we still have 2 movies to get through??? Why are you leaving? I dont want to cry..... yall are freakin hilarious and brighten my day with your posts.
Your not leaving Twitter are you??
Thanks for all your hard work...yall are the best team out there. Plus, i am gonna really miss seeing yalls boobs too. :( I dont have any so i a, living vicariously thru yalls big boobs!!!


Spank Ransom said...

@Kelly - None of us are disappearing, just doing different things. Still on Twitter #twitteraddict and tomorrow's final post will shed more light on our futures. xoxo

@Meggie -- *slaps your ass* <-- some things will never change. xoxo

Ilaria said...

Noooooooo! But why, why?? I understand posting daily requires a lot of effort from all of you...I still just hope this is a joke...I will miss so much your witty comments about the twilight world! Please at
least consider "reprising" your roles for the Eclipse movie release and eventually BD.
I think I need to go hide in the bathroom now... :(

~Jamie said...

I'm with Meadow in that Twilight taught me to write! I still can't believe it did that for me... and now I have an agent and will be submitting my book to publishers in January.

You girls will be missed! (although... not really--because you still exist, just not in your SUPER way.)

ssherrill115 said...

You girls taught me that I was not the only crazy woman in the universe. I live in a sheltered world where people look at you funny if you say Twilight and if you say Fan Fiction they might whisper about you around the coffee maker in the breakroom. I learned that I have friends and sisters that I might not ever meet in person, but will share one true spirit with. I love you guys and I will miss you! Please make sure we know how to reach you - will you be on Twitter? I love you and will miss you and I hope you and your family will have a safe and happy Christmas Season - though mine is a little sad knowing my new year won't include Twilightheaded. Much Love!

Desiree said...

I am so very sad right now! I know it seems crazy because we have never met but I have been following this blog since I discovered the online Twi-universe in March of this year.

You ladies have been my lunch buddies since March, being my guilty pleasure on my dry work week. You even gave me an outlet to post and discuss questions about Twilight that no one in the RL cares to discuss as a Junior League Member. You have also introduced me to True Blood(Team Eric), the FanFic world and to other great series to read.

You all have a wonderful sense of humor and an inventive imagination. I hate to say goodbye but know that you had a true fan in me. I will miss you!

All the best!

Desiree (Midnight Advocate)

Hoping 4 More said...

Well that's not what I wanted for Christmas! I'm going to have to give butt-crack santa a piece of my mind :)

Thanks for all the laughs, miss you!

katarinas mama said...

Long may your capes wave!!

robin(me) said...

*using @ginger's cape to dry my tears from my eyes*

Like @reel aka Meggie I won't say goodbye but I do want to thank you for introducing me to my more pervy side and for being more than just a blog site for us to enjoy and share a laugh or are also friends who have an amazing love for others.

AND I will always be thankful for your support for me, for my daugher, for my granddaughter and most importantly for Meggie.

ok now i'm going to cry again!
*wiping tears*

I agree with @katarina's mom
(handing ginger's back...whispering the wind will help it dry faster too)

Robin aka Robin(me) aka Zipperdown

Rachel l NZ said...

Ladies your blog has been amazing. After the initial twilight fever hit me yours was the first blog I found. For about 9 months now you have been my first stop for the day.

I will miss you all especially the laughs and fawkhotness you guys could bring to every vampire....and the odd werewolf ;)

Merry Christmas

SweetLikeSandi said...

damn you all - now I'm crying again!

lickhimright said...

Girls... *tears* I will be always grateful cause you were the the ones feeding my Twilight / Robward obsession in the very beginning (November 2008)... and also because without you I would have never met my beloved friends @reelhimin @vampirefreak101 @faith_83 @mystifyme666 and my team...
I love you and I will miss you very much...

sparkleluvr said...

oh man I also had my Twi-hunger satiated on this were my first! I don't comment much--am more of a voyeur but had to tell you ladies how much we will miss you have made us laugh and cry and snort my coffee from my nose on more than one occasion..we love you and will miss you ...will follow still on Twitter and hope you stay there!

bellaflo said...

What more can I say that hasn't been said already.
Twilight changed all of our lives. I know it's been a plenty eventfull year for you gals, with loads of laughs, tears, and love.
I'm truly going to miss you, seriously.
You gals do whatever it is you have to do, we'll be here.
Take the best of this experience that was this blog and don't forget about us. I Wuvs you!

Anonymous said...

I actually have tears in my eyes...*sniff* *sob*

Ladies-thank you thank you thank you. Where else can a 42 year old fulfill her Twilight obsession! You are the first blog I read every day, and I will miss you all.

I feel as if we are friends and I am going to miss you.

See you on Twitter!


fayezeewayzee said...

Truly what could be said that hasn't been already? The older we all get,the more we realize things change. Even if we don't want them to! All *good* things must end at some time or another. If not, nothing, or no one would ever die. :0( I'm sorry your *blog* has to die. But I'm very, very happy for you gals! I hope there will be lots more fun and joy in your lives forever!
With the exception of my children,I cannot believe how my life has been enriched with discovering the Twilight world!Amazing..the fun, and laughs I've had,the tears I've shed,and the friends, (wonderful) friends I'm making. Truly amazing, just like *you* gals! Amazing! Merry Chrismas and Happy Lives to you all! O yeah, thank you too! ;0)
Love, Faye (fayezeewayzee)

Gwen said...

But why??? :sniff: I just started getting to know you, and now you're leaving. Boo! Eclipse is coming out soon. Who will talk about the epic makeup fail and the costuming goofups? And what about Breaking Dawn? I get all my Twi-news from you guys. I don't do twitter :(. I just can't keep up. I'm sorry to see you go.

Wait, is this some sort of early April Fool's joke? I'm hoping that tomorrow your post will be HAHA! Fooled you!

Keisha said...

Awwwwww, I just found this blog not too long ago very randomly via Twitter and it is always the first thing I check in the morning at work. You ladies have brought so much laughter and RobPorn to my life I can never thank you enough!

rxmeds96 said...

i can't even remember how i found you guys but you are the only blog i still read on a daily basis *tear* and to top it off you are leaving me on my bday

KristenBlack said...

Gosh I'm going to miss this blog so much. I checked it on a daily basis and it made me smmile on multiple occasions. I remeber when everything was about Rob(not that there is anything wrong with that) and to the transistion of actually realizing what an amazingly hot person Taylor is(:
This is the only bog I read thats Twilight based, now I need to find something else, how will I ever find something as great as you ladies?
Meadow, Thanks a lot for the FanFic obession you have got me started on. Unfortunately I have passed this along to one of my friends, now were both addicted(:
You guys will be missed very much by me and many others.
Please consider starting again for the release of new movies?
Or just a monthly post would be amazing too
Much Love

Ginger Swan said...

You guys are amazing. You are making me cry. Again.

@rxmeds96, so sorry to deliver the news on your birthday. (Happy Birthday)

@Jamie, congratulations on having an agent and submitting your book in January!

I love you all. Thank you for telling us how much you enjoyed the blog. It means a lot!

Patrick said...

I want to thank you ladies for your humor and insight since I have found your blog only months ago. It is always nice to see a healthy appreciation for anything especially something you love.

I am sorry to see you all ago especially this blog, you will all be missed and loved dearly.

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