Tuesday, December 15, 2009

IMAXimum Eye Candy

*reads article about Eclipse being shown on Imax theaters and takes a deep calming breaths so as to no faint* Let me get this straight... I am going to see Jasper Whitlock Hale fighting in the southern vampire wars alongside Maria on a monstrously sized screen with higher resolution than your standard movie theater? *runs to buy plastic sheeting to protect my theater seat* Okay, I think I'm ready.

Dammit! Why did they have to replace Victoria? Can you imagine the epicness of my girl-crush with her on IMAX? Any chance they'll play New Moon before it? *swoons*

I like how the article questions whether or not the fanbase will line up to see Eclipse on an IMAX screen. "Those giant screens are made for spectacle, rather than teenagers standing around looking pale." Clearly the writer of said article does not understand the power of pale and sparkly. Seeing Edward and Emmett standing around looking pale IS spectacle.

*cough* Jasper is spectacularly pale. *cough*

Wait! I just realized... The meadow... Edward begging Bella to sleep with him... GAH! Any chance they'll rewrite the script and she'll agree? Huh?

A 7 story Taycob shirtless???!!! *thud*



Jodie said...

As usual ladies, excellent food for thought. Now I have visions of 30ft shirtless edward dancing in my head.

Crossing my fingers and hoping they do that meadow re-write!

Anonymous said...

How is it that none of you Leaguers thought of the following: the leg hitch on IMAX. Awesome.


Sawdia said...

I.AM.DEAD. I'm SOOOO sitting in the 1st row so I have to practically like back to see the whole screen... Mmmmmm, Taycob and Robward ABOVE me... My fantasies come to life! Love you ladies!!