Monday, October 26, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack League Review

Okay, so by now we've all had a chance to listen to the New Moon soundtrack on constant repeat at least once or twice. I have to say that I really enjoy it. Overall I think it is a nice selection and there are a few songs that I absolutely love. The Meadow is a wonderful instrumental. White Demon Love Song is fab and I also love The Violet Hour. I can't help but feel that something is missing, though. I mean, the overall feeling of New Moon (the book) was one of loss. So where are the breakup songs? The mopey rip-out-my-heart-and-stomp-on-it songs?

I do like it. But it is missing a certain something. There's nothing that screams out to me like the Twilight soundtrack did. I am hoping that when the music is set to the movie that will change for me. Like when Supermassive Black Hole comes on and you can SEE Jasper twirling his bat, deftly moving it around his hands with the skill that says... *shakes head* Sorry. I mean, like when you hear Mute Math's Spotlight come on and you know that is when Edward and Bella come out as a couple and you see Jasper scowling at them from the backseat of Rosalie ostentatious car. Yes... moments like that. *runs to get the Twilight soundtrack so she can daydream about Jasper*

I LOVE IT. I love the whole thing. I don't feel like it's missing anything. I definitely get a "darker" feel than the Twilight soundtrack, and I think that's good. I am also impressed that there are so many great artists on this soundtrack. My favorite song (right now) is Friends by Band of Skulls. It has a Ramones feel and it makes me want to dance. Tied for my second favs are White Demon Love Song and The Violet Hour. So, Meadow - we don't just have our love of shoes in common!

I have to agree with Spank. I do like it. It's perfect background music when you're in a mellow mood and I've enjoyed it every time I've played it. But there's nothing fun on it like Supermassive Whack-a-Mole.

Okay, so none of you noticed that Summit glossed over the heart-wrenching-I-want-to-die-because-Edward-Cullen-doesn't-love-me part and went right to lets-be-punk-rock-and-crash-our-motorcyles-I-love-you-Jake? Musically, I mean?

*wondering which song is the one that Jasper tries to drain Bella to*

Fine. *goes to iTunes and puts "Almost Lover" on repeat* I'll make my own soundtrack.

Wait, you don't think that Lykke Li's "Possibility" is heart-wrenching? "Tell me when you hear my heart stop" is heart wrenching. And that song is haunting. I can feel loss and pain in her voice.

Hmm... I guess so. I guess I just expected MORE heart wrenching. And less breathy reverb. *ducking*

*throws my iPod at Meadow*

**picks it up and takes it to put some GOOD break-up songs on it**



Deedees said...

Bon Iver's Roslyn playing during break up is pretty sad

Jodie said...

Ok, I do love the soundtrack, I was surprised that there weren't more powerful songs like there were on the Twilight soundtrack.

The score hasn't been released yet maybe those heart break moments will be instrumental pieces?

Lykke Li's "Possibility" is really touching but not the emotionally gripping song I expected

Desiree said...

I haven't bought the soundtrack because of exactly what Spank said- the Twilight soundtrack is awesome because just based on the songs I feel like I am watching the movie. And definitely my favorite song is Supermassive Black Hole because I just picture Jacksper twirling that bat looking all manly, best shot of him in the entire movie.

stephdc said...

The soundtrack is good and depressing but it is not my favorite. I'm hoping that once I see the movie, I might like it a bit more but I also have the feeling that it has something missing.

I pretty much love all of the songs on the Twilight soundtrack and sorta kinda like some of the songs on New Moon's.

kt said...

lykke li's song is exactly what i imagined for the breakup. im positive this is whats gonna play when shes laying in the forest floor and sam finds her. i think its perfect. and actually the other day my bff and i were in the car listening to white demon and started talking about how its totally from jacobs point of view and listening to the lyrics and talking about it we both started to tear up. there are a few songs i dont like, but overall i think its great and will compliment the movie amazingly. i also got all the bonus songs from the other releases (the australian and itunes ones) and think they go great as well. i see why they didnt make the soundtrack, but they definitely go with what i think this movie should be.

Dani said...

I completely agree with stephdc.

I also have 'Almost Lover' on repeat on my iPod... :)

Spank Ransom said...

I am kicking myself for not downloading. I'm such an old schooler...

dazzledbyhim said...

I didn't love it on first listen, but it has definitely grown on me. I do really like the 'Friends' song and the 'Violet Hour' one.

Anonymous said...

If we didnt just love Suckmit enough, look at their new plans!

If you can stomache the article then you get to read their plans to make a book written by some girl off THE HILLS into a movie. Oh Joy!

imbeingheldhostage said...

It's growing on me. The song I thought I would love, "Possibility" which sounds very Julie Cruise "Twin Peak"-ish (and I DO love) now irritates me. I skip over it.
Introduced it to the boy tonight and he just looked at me like "That's it?"
Still a bigger fan of the first one.

Julienne said...

I'm with Rain - I love it! I think there are maybe 2 songs I always skip, but otherwise I think the whole thing works really well. After the film comes out and we actually see the scenes that the songs go with I think it'll seem even better. Satellite Heart, Violet Hour, Hearing Damage, Monsters, all faves of mine :)

Lori said...

I haven't listened to the soundtrack yet, but this video is pretty cool! Can't wait for the movie.

crazylife said...

No I do not like the song. It is not what I expected. It has be epic and it is not. Also Suckmit as Spank calls it (I agree) keeps saying it is Jacob's movie. Where is Jacob??? Ah well, at least they no who sells the movie (no offense Taylor you do a great job).

Still waiting for the Twilight remake with CW at the helm.

Richard said...

twilight saga new moon movie soothes me much ! twilight new moon is pleasing !!