Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: The Underworld

Noel who? I can't decide if I should be lusting over Kate Beckinsale or Scott Speedman. This movie makes we want a threesome. I wonder if Ben is into that.

Wow. How have I not seen this movie before? Seriously, vampires, werewolves and incredibly steamy sex scenes. How have I gone without seeing this? *runs off to Netflix to rent Underworld*

Hot damn! *starts League-mobile, types Underworld into the GPS system and drives us all to where the beautiful people are*

*polishing leather bustier* I love these movies. They've got vampires, sex, werewolves, and did I mention the sex? Now if you'll excuse me I need to go find Mr. Meadow and role play.



(Molly) Twinatic said...

LOVE Underworld!!! So hot with all the latex and dark angst! I really like underworld and evolution, but, wasn't so wowed by rise of the lycans, not bad, but, just not quite up with the first's all about kate and scott for me!

RunsFromReality said...

Thanks for the video . . .I loved the movie, too. As you've said, vampires, leather, werewolves, sex, sex, sex . . . . all good!

dazzledbyhim said...

I loved Underworld! Although I believe that Aro should look a lot more like he did in these movies than what they have him looking like now.