Saturday, October 17, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: The Fallout

I have a confession to make: I'm much more of a sci-fi/fantasy reader than I am a romance reader. I read Twilight because it had vampires, whereas I think many people read it in spite of the vamps. So when I came across a fic that portrayed our favorite vampires surviving in a post-apocalyptic dystopia I was all “Hell YES!”

The Fallout” by OCD_Indeed is not just a Mad Max rehash, however, so if sci-fi isn't normally your thing, don't worry. It's really a deeply thought out story driven by the characters that we know and love so much. It's set in an alternate universe starting out in New Moon. Ten years after Edward left Bella in the forest we find him and his family struggling to find their place in a drastically changed world. The unthinkable has happened: Nuclear war broke out. The United States is a mess. Pockets of survivors live in “districts” and there are rumors of mutant outlaws who steal away people and drink their blood. All in all, not a fun time. So we find our Angsty Edward at his best. I mean, if you thought New Moon Edward was bad, your heart will break into a million little pieces at this Edward. Because he couldn't save Bella from the bombs.

Now, OCD_Indeed doesn't hate us and she never comes right out and confirms that Bella is dead. Part of the beauty of this story is that the world is so well-realized that I'd accept Bella's fate either way. It's a story of life going on in the face of terrible tragedy. It's a story of family, of healing, and of hope as well as despair. There is a present danger in the form of Maria, who the Cullens suspect is trying to amass another vampire army. There's mystery, because, well, DID Bella bite it? So, go read! There is a thread on for the story but I'm not linking it because it'll contain spoilers. Once you're caught up head over there and take a look for some fun theorizing.

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