Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: True Blood Season Finale

Today's Sultry Bloody Sunday is in honor of True Blood's Season Finale tonight!

I'm having a hard time getting past the fact that Depeche Mode is so... OLD! And, didn't they used to be sexy? In the late 80s? I'm pretty sure I pined for them when I was a tween.

You're right Rain, Depeche Mode DID get old. They were hot in that "we're 80's rockers so we can do whatever we want and women will still throw their panties as us" kinda way.

*looks at picture* Okay, wait, maybe they weren't hot. Clearly I was delusional in the late 80s. Ooh, and lookie! This video has some sexy women for Spank's hidden lesbian!

Oh, yeah. True Blood brings out my inner lesbian. I'd be Pam's human if she shared her pumps.

Who said anything about being hidden?

*pausing on Eric* Mmm... Is it wrong that I find the blood pouring out of Eric's mouth appealing? I just want to lick his lips clean while straddling him.

It's only wrong if you don't feel that way!

I want him to rub the blood all over my body and lick it off me like I'm a blood-flavored lollipop.

Uh, Meadow. I'm not really sure you want to be licking my blood off Eric's lips.

WHAT? Not my fault Aunt Flo was visiting the same time Eric was.




Nicole said...

Eric can corrupt me any time. ANY TIME. The thought of a Viking Eric pillaging my bod...

Oh. I should probably keep this post rated G.

Honolulu Girl said...

I think DP did a good job. Of course that's because I love True Blood!! Anything with Eric for that matter. Hey did you see him in the beginning of Lady Gaga's video?

Gwen said...

A friend of mine and I did a "dance" to "Master and Servant" in junior high. That's how much we loved DM back in the day. I can't believe they allowed it. Clearly no adult actually listened to that song EVER.

Gwen said...

I meant to say: A dance in a talent show. In front of the whole school. Truth.

Tina said...

this vid. srsly. i die every time i love itttt