Monday, September 21, 2009

Edward, you knock our socks off

OH MY GOSH! Robert in make-up for Eclipse. This may be the best look yet. Holy cow! Girls????

Yes! This is what I've been missing! I'm so incredibly turned on excited right now!

Oooh, it's the hair. It's different somehow. I'd have to get close and run my hands through it to be sure, though.

I do love me some Edward Cullen Sex Hair.

I guess it can be said Edward gets better with age.

Yeah but where's Jacob?

You wanna see Jacob? Go to your local animal shelter.

And by Jacob, Ginger, you are referring to a kid that says "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"? Where is he you ask? Playing with a hare in the garage while the Cullens are on the move because of a Shirley MacLaine wanna-be!

*quivering with rage* Somebody hold me back before I kill that damn Spider.

Oh, he's all man. Trust me. I mean, he told me once.

Dude, he's NOT LEGAL yet. Can you at least wait until February 11, 2010 for the sexual innuendo?

*slaps own wrist*



ciaobella said...

@ Spank....... the animal shelter line was GREAT!! That so just made my morning a little brighter!! LMFAO

Edward does look hot in this pic.

Desiree said...

That pic with the finally giving in to reading The List per Meadow's recommendation will make for a very fun Monday night. Storytime rocks, btw :-)

crazylife said...

The face beautiful! The body is great too! Must still be staying away from the potatoes....

Rachael1042 said...

Lordy, lordy... Oh, Robward, I have missed you so. Your bronze bedhead. Your perfectly furrowed eyebrows. The persistent pout on your immortal lips...

Does no one see the woman in the background clutching her coffee with her eyes closed. Doesn't she know you she know you're not allowed to blink in the presence of Robward? Perhaps she's just giving thanks.

Hoping4More said...

Where's Jacob...right here (WOW)