Friday, August 28, 2009

What If

Catherine Hardwicke recently revealed who the other candidates to play Edward Cullen were before our dear Rob landed the part. We already knew Jacksper was a potential Edward, but what about the other guys? If any one of them had become Edward, would we be as much in lust love with him as we are with Rob?

I knew about Jackson being one of the four and always felt bad for him whenever Kristen would describe the other three as "trying to play beautiful" but also never felt like he was a good fit for Edward (even though I adore him!) The other two? Not worth mentioning. *dismisses with hand* All I can say is if I needed another reason to fall in "love" with Kristen Stewart, it is this: She INSISTED that Rob be chosen as her Edward.

I agree, well except for the Jackson part. I'd venture to guess that none of these guys could pull off Sex Hair like Rob. Especially not Jackson!

Jacksper has sexy hair, Rain ifyouareaninetyyearoldwoman.

And it's fact that the audition was "the bedroom kiss" scene. And that my friends sealed the deal. Thank you Piss Ant, and thank you Catherine the Great!

While I have no trouble crushing on Prince Caspian, I have to give it to K.Stew this once. Her part in the decision to cast Rob gives her a get out of jail free card. But too bad she already used it.



Nikki Maree said...

Do you think that you could post a link to where Hardwicke discussed this? <3

Cheryl said...

I have to admit... that sultry pic of Ben Barnes is much closer to what I imagined Edward looking like when I read the books (I like my vamps with long, dark hair, even though that's not the way SM wrote him). Of course, now I wouldn't trade RP for anything. He's the perfect Edward. So thanks, KStew (*gagging*).

Roni said...

I cannot see anyone but Rob playing Edward now. But, originally no one looked like the image I had in my mind of Edward. Oh and BTW, Jacksper is ALL Sexy... hair and all!


not a ninety year old lady

kmoye said...

i don't mean to keep bringing up Jace but I think that middle dude would have made a great Jace. very nice.

however, I do agree with ya'll and think Rob is the perfect Edward. i am in debt to KS and terrible CH for that one!

Rain Storm said...

@Nikki Maree - Here is the link -

We will link that into our post too!

yoshi said...

ok - but on the real tho, i could see why kstew didn't choose jbone.

the dude KNOWS he's beautiful.. he's super duper nice, witty, and hilarious - but when you talk to him, you just KNOW he knows what you're thinking -> "omgomgomgomg jackson you're so hot you remind me of johnny depp - let's do it now... now." so maybe that's why she chose rob instead HAHAHHAHAAHA

seriously, it was the HARDEST thing for me to keep my cool when i met him... THE FKN HARDEST TIME trying not to grab for that loose tie of his and ripping his shirt off BHAHAAHHAHAHA

sparkle for twilight said...

When I read Twilight I didn't have anyone in mind as Edward. I think I just imagined Edward as this super hot angular hazyness with bronzed hair with a big question mark over his face. Then I watched the movie and that was that.

Ben Barnes was cute was Prince Caspian but I don't see him being "statue"-y enough. If anyone else besides Rob, thought the guy that I saw recently talking about Kristen in interview would had had some potential.

beesue said...

Hellooooo League!

I probably should begin ducking here but I never felt that the correct decision was made in choosing Rob as Edward! To me, Edward is not the 17 year old boy but a 103 year old man who has sort of a "007" attitude. The confident, strong, silent type but with a sense of humor!
I don't think Rob portrayed that in Twilight and that has always bothered me!
I luv Rob but never pictured him as
Edward! When I re-read the Twilight books or read FF - I have a completely different picture of Edward - a boy but confident, wise and funny!
I am hoping Rob is better in New Moon but Breaking Dawn - I don't see it! OK - Really Ducking Now!!

TwiHuntress said...

*covering head*

I have to agree with beesue on this one. Rob is definitely not who I imaged Edward to be. I imagined him more of a debonair, sexy, humorous gentleman (somewhat like Carlisle)strong with bronze hair topaz eyes. Someone who could sweep anyone off their feet not just by his sweet smell or hypnotic eyes but by the way he talked, acted and carried himself. The way he would look at me and cause my breathing to speed up, the way he caressed me......Oh sorry, got carried away.

But no Edward would not have been my choice but really I don't think there is anyone that could. My Eward is hard to find. That is one of the reasons I loved the books so much. I created the ultimate man in my head and no actor today could stand up to him.

Though yes, Prince Caspian was hooooot!!!

Roni said...


I am right there with you. When I met Jackson, he was the sweetest thing ever. And yah.. it was hard not to jump him right there.

shheeesh.. is it hot in here???

Spank Ransom said...

Of ALL the pics Ginger!