Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Defense of the Mullet

While I'm not one to defend (or even like) KStew, I think we have to discuss her recent hairdo and the attacks she is receiving for it. At first I was all about making fun of questioning her mullet, but I recently read The Runaways Producer Brian Young saying that she is, "immersed in the character," of Joan Jett. Maybe she's just one of those actors who stays in character throughout filming. Perhaps she is very serious about her work and is sporting the mullet because she is dedicated to her art. Dare I say we give her a break on the mullet-bashing?


I think she's a complete bad-ass for not going the way of the wig and fully committing to the mullet. What I have come to love about Kristen Stewart is she so authentic about who she is and exhibits none of the characteristics that I hate about young Hollywood. I respect that. She also fully embodies the essence of Joan Jett which is what she is supposed to do playing her in a biopic. I should know what it takes to pull it off as I once fully embodied the mullet myself back in the day:

No Spank, YOU'RE the complete badass!!!!

You bet "she's one of those actors who stays in character throughout filming", she cock-teased Rob Pattinson while involved with another man throughout the entire filming of Twilight! In real life Oregano was Edward and Robert was Jacob. Interesting!

Actually you kinda have it backwards. I think it is apparent to all that Oregano is the dog.



lickhimright said...

Well... hello Ladies!

I am back from vacation... I hate my life right now but at least I can spend all 8 hours of work in front of my computer screen... working... *smirks*

Must admitt that I HAVE missed you! Hope I have been missed too!

Sooo... I will agree with Spank. I have come to like Kristen... but I certainly hope she was ... uhhh... doing it with Rob and not Taylor... can you imagine Kristen doing Taylor? Ewww... okay... leaving now... Ba bye!!!

AetherPrincess said...

I'm with Ginger...No! You can't defend that mullet. One can NEVER defend ANY mullet EVER! The mullet looked bad back in the day...it looks just as bad now!

And I'm with Spider on the whole RPattz being the dog...that's if Robsten is even real...WHICH ITS NOT!! lol

Deedees said...

I had a Mullet too back in the day...*shudders*

Netti said...

haha mullet shmullet who cares. though how ridiculous would it be if Kristen was rigging a wig, seriously. Yeh I think Oregano was the dog, cause he getting himself some bone from someone else now. Rob is totally drooling at the mouth for Kristen, theres something with those 2.

SFT said...

I'm with Spank on this. I never saw Kristen having a convo with hair/makeup people on her Joan Jett look and whimpering about having to cut her hair because of her vanity. I'm wimpy so if it were me, I would have wigged it. My hair used to be black like the color she dyed it to, and I was the victim of the same exact hair cut when I was a kid. NOT fun.

leslie said...

I've never been a fan of the mullet. WTF?! It's supposed to be "all business in the front and a party in the back", but no thanks. Not for me.


Shannon said...

After the atrocious wigs in Twilight (and probably New Moon, too), is there any wonder why she'd prefer to just cut her hair?!