Saturday, August 8, 2009


One thing that really bothers me about the Twilight Saga is that, in the end, Bella ends up with everything she wanted (and then some) and had to sacrifice nothing for it.

We all know that the one thing she wants is to become a vampire and spend eternity with Edward. Not only does she get that, but she gets to be a mother (to that freak of nature Renesmee), she gets to keep her family (with Charlie's strange "need to know" policy), and she gets to keep Jacob in her life (through the said freak of nature). Most heroines have to suffer some sacrifice in order to find their true happiness. I think Edward would have been enough, but Bella ends up having it all without one ounce of sacrifice!

Let's not forget she got to have sex with Edward before AND after being a vampire.

Mmmm... sex with Edward. *daydreaming*

Uh, yes, thank you Ginger. As I was saying... She had a child who seemed to have come out the box fully potty trained and sleeps through the night when Bella required no sleep at all, AND she had a house full of baby sitters. She literally got to experience everything without giving up anything, and while she experienced some suffering throughout the story, there was nothing that had any permanancy. Just paint a big happy rainbow over the Cullen house. I swear Stephenie Meyer is the secret love child of Walt Disney.

If we're going to CinderBella land here are some other things that make her "so horrible life" amazing.

She doesn't have to work hard at school, she get's asked out "like she's the new toy in first grade", she's skinny, her father doesn't bug her, and she is a former ballerina. Not to mention the fact that her blood is the best smelling on the planet. What's wrong with my blood? Huh, huh princess? You smell like strawberries, there I said it! Piss Ant!

Oh come on guys, don't be so hard on her. Bella had some hardships too. I mean, she had to deal with all that damn rain in Forks!



Ninja Fanpire said...

First off, that picture is friggin creepy.

I agree with pretty much everything you all have said. But I don't feel that Twilight fits in with the fairy tales category, therefore the hardship rules need not apply.

Anonymous said...

LMAO oh dear I love thee!!

You crack me up sweetie!!

I personally, though, liked that it had a happy ending. It annoys me when you see book after book after book that's just constant troubles and a pathetic ending...but that's just me!

Jo Patterson said...

I dont know what version of Cinderella you girls read but mine didnt include getting to have sex repeatedly with the hottest guy on the planet!

Cinderfuckingrella! Huh

Chrissi said...

I agree times a billion. I mean, just look at the farce that was Breaking Dawn. Oh.. Oh no, the Volturi are coming, all is lost, freak girl has doomed them all... Oh wait, never mind. Through the sheer power of speech they're all saved, though it did take the sacrifice of a minor player.

Now, I'm all for a happy ending. In fact, in the case of Edward and Bella I encourage it. But seriously, where's the lesson learnt, the need to face a sad reality, or even just anything to lessen the fairytale quality of the series. *Sigh* I love Twilight, but the tagline for movie 4 is gonna end up being, "If you lost nothing, and gained the perfect life, would you gloat about it on the big screen in a movie that will fade-to-black...?"

Chrissi said...

And @ Ninja Fanpire: I totally agree. That picture terrified me :P The glass slippers should have been replaced with Converse sneakers though...

Snarkier Than You said...

After I finally got my sister to read the books, that was one of her major complaints when it was all said and done - a little TOO fairy-tale-y... Sis Snarky had the usual fits and tantrums as she made her way through Breaking Dawn but was especially disappointed on some level that during the face-off with the Volturi, nothing happened (unless your name was Irina and that didn't really count much did it?). I admit that I like a happy ending as much as the next gal but honestly she's got a point - it did take away a little something. Or maybe that's one of the reasons we are all so nuts for it: it's the perfect fairy tale, when you think about it, only with a slightly hotter protagonist than Price Charming...

OK end rambling novella-of-a-comment now.

: )

P.S. Please please please have Mr. Ginger make a "Prince TwiCharming Edward" pic???

Ginger Swan said...

LOL @Snarkier, I'll tell Mr. G your request!

Annie said...

Hello to my favorite super heroes! I recently posted a discussion on Breaking Dawn and Renesmee and I linked back to you here . Hope that's okay! :D