Thursday, July 30, 2009

Victoria's Reincarnation

The role of Victoria will now be played by Bryce Dallas Howard due to what Summit refers to as a "scheduling conflict" that Rachelle Lefevre has with another movie which begins production the same day as Eclipse. The League cries foul, especially after Rachelle Lefevre issued her own statement detailing how she was thrown to the wolves, which we trust over anything Summit had to say in their statement.

I call FOUL! Something is fishy about this. Scheduling conflict?? She had a contract in place and a 10 day job overlapping a 3 month shoot?! And isn't her role quite LARGE in Eclipse for a kinda LARGE franchise for them to just replace her??? Hmmmm... *tapping long red nails on desk in deep thought*

I think "scheduling conflict" is French for "pissed management off". Maybe she pulled a Suzanne Somers and demanded a raise for her bigger role?

I call FAIL! Epic FAIL, Summit. Seriously?! Rachelle Lefevre was one of the best cast stars of the Twilight movies. She was the perfect Victoria. While I'm sure Bryce Dallas Howard is a talented actress, I don't think this is a good move AT ALL.

But at this stage should we even be surprised by this latest bonehead move by Summit? Nope! Summit only told half the truth. That part being the recasting of Victoria. The rest of their statement is total BS.

I love Bryce Dallas Howard though. *ducking*

No really, I wish they hadn't replaced Rachelle because I don't like casting changes in a movie series. And she seems so down to earth and cool to her fans on Twitter. However, if they ARE replacing her, I think they picked the right actress to do it.

I don't care if Opie's daughter is a master thespian in the making. Rachelle Lefevre IS Victoria just as much as Taylor Lautner IS Jacob Black. What's next, Summit? Recasting Rosalie? Hmm.... *sinister grin*

Maybe Slade didn't like her acting. I mean it's hard to tell the range of her acting ability from, "I'm the one with the wicked curve ball."

Well what about the prom scene? The way she tore her hair down and stormed off. I loved it!

I think I wouldn't be taking this news so hard if Rachelle weren't such a great person. She obviously loved playing Victoria and I'm really sad for her.

And, furthermore, if they needed to replace Rachelle Lefevre with another redhead they only had to come to The League. Ginger wouldn't mind getting her head ripped off by Edward Cullen, right Ging?

Yes! They should've picked me. Mmmm... I don't mind Edward giving me ripping off my head.

You know what Spank thinks? Spank thinks Summit can suck it.

Summit + Suck It = Suckmit.



CorrinaT said...

You know what I think ... Summit is full of shit! I mean really! Scheduling conflict my ass! Rachelle's casting in Barney's Version was never a secret. It was publicized nearly the second she was confirmed for the role!
And uhm yeah! So you can rearrange a schedule for Cam Gigandet but not Rachelle Lefevre? Uhm .. problem! Did she tell David Slade what an asshole he was or something?
UGH I could go on forever!
{end rant}

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

I completely agree!
They moved the schedule around for Cam in Twilight why not move it around for Rachelle as it'll be the THIRD film with Victoria in.
Summit are complete and utter jackasses and should be ashamed of themselves for this
You don't fuck with a character when it's their major role in the film. Me thinks Summit will have a lot of fans boycott them because of this move
BIG mistake

Janet said...

It's complete insanity. You don't just change an actor midstream. I mean, I could understand if Rachelle died and they had to replace her...eventually, I would understand that at least. (I'm still a little mad that WB couldn't perfect resurrection techniques to bring back Richard Harris for Harry Potter.) But she's still alive, and SHE was planning on being there. I'm surprised they didn't wait until the day she was going to show up to tell her, "Oh, we got this new person play you." I mean, they pretty much did the equivalent to that with this whole media thing. Their statements have been very immature, too...kind of whiny and acting like the kid who gets picked last for dodge ball. And they claim it's because of this little overlap? Come on, they are so full of crap on this!

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

Agreed! I smell foul play. I believe Rachelle's
statement over Summit's any day, especially after they tried to pull the same crap with Taylor and he had to practically beg to be given a chance.

Ah Ginger, you're only okay with Bryce because she's a redhead. Face it! You have a soft spot for your kind. ;) J/K

Anyways, I digress, we don't know exactly what went down, but my gut tells me one of two things happened:

1) David Slade changed the shooting schedule and refused to work with Rachelle over that 10 day overlap. I don't like Slade, he seems like the controlling type. Maybe he just wanted to show Rachelle and the rest of the cast that's he's the new boss.

2) I hate to think conspiracy, but let's see: Bryce is Ron Howard's daughter, Ron Howard's a director, we still don't
have a director for breaking dawn.

Hmm, is Ron Howard being considered and casting his daughter icing on the cake so he'll take the job?

Anonymous said...

How about a little loyalty from BOTH sides... they shouldn't drop her, but on the same note, she shouldn't be accepting offers for other movies that conflict with Eclipse.

And what is wrong with Summit? Why do they keep trying to drop actors? First Jacob, now Victoria, what's next Robsten?? I'd bet Rob's left nut they'd drop Robsten if Pitt-Jolie accepted the part.


Cheryl said...

Does this mean there's still hope that they'll recast KStew? *running away before you sick the wolves on me*

Nikki Maree said...

I really wonder if Summit has ever considered the fans of Twilight at all throughout the entire production of the movies. They turned what was a fantastic story into such a tacky movie. They really do not seem to care at all about the way that the stories ought to be appreciated. A move like this, that is, by firing someone who was clearly passionate about the story and the character that was created by Meyer, further emphasises Summits complete lack of respect for series. Sigh.

mizwheet said...

Rain was dead on...I don't know of any movie series that I've been so "invested" in, and follow daily blogs for behind-the-scene news. If we didn't love Rachelle so much personally, we probably wouldn't care so much. It's hard, but I'm not going to flame Summit with hate mail. There's nothing to be done. But I know it's going to be the one part of the movie when I'm sucked out of the magic, and say "oh there's the new girl". It will be distracting to say the least.

Caitlin said...

Yeah total BS. obviously they think Bryce dallas Howard can bring in more fans and make them more muuunnneh. because obviously thats all they care about.

And they'll see how wrong they are. She is a good actress, but I've never seen her portray anyhting fierce. Shes always some simple sweet character in an M. Night Shamalan movie. wait... she's always in M. Night shamaln Movies.


I would have to throw myself over a bridge before I started committing terrorist attacks on Summit. I couldn't take it.

but anyway...
I think if we riase enough hell, theyll bring rachelle back.

So get to that hell raisin' leauge. We all know you can.

Janet said...

"How about a little loyalty from BOTH sides... they shouldn't drop her, but on the same note, she shouldn't be accepting offers for other movies that conflict with Eclipse."

She probably didn't think that a 10 day conflict would cost her her job. Most production companies would have probably worked with her. She probably figured with this series being so big that they would as well. She forgot she was dealing with Suckmit.

haleygolightly said...

Ok, this boutique production company has some serious balls to replace one of the main characters after two movies will have already come out. Rachelle has been awesome with the fans and the media this entire time, completely embracing the Twilight community.

That being said, I can't believe they wouldn't work with her on this.

And for god's sake, if they are going to replace someone WHY can't it be Rosalie???! Come on now!

...wowie! said...

That Vicki pic is freaky!
"giving head" hahah too funny!!!

Ginger Swan said...

@Twilightish, there might possibly be something true in what you said. We redheads gotta stick together. ;)

LeLe said...

Ginger, I fully support you being the new Victoria (I'll even trade off with you). I don't think BDH has enough attitude, even if she is a fellow redhead. She just looks too...sweet. I haven't ever seen her in a role where she's a badass.

Jamaican Princess said...

I COMEPLETELY agree with Spider. This is foul play!!!!!

@Ginger,Summit should have sooo picked you! you would have KILLED that role Ginger!

lickhimright said...

Did somebody called the redheads together??? You know I am here and I am ready to kick some ass for you!

I think Rachelle is great and Summit sucks... unfortunately there wont change anything even if 2Mil people sign the petition... cause we all are gonna watch the movie because ... well... everybody for his own reasons... (Rob...Rob...Rob...)

Duchess said...

I really like Racheal... but seriously... she should have known better...this is show-BUSINESS kids and unfortunately for her... she really doesnt carry any star power... expect for her adoring fans (of which I happen to be one)... Oh well hopefully Bryce can carry the part, I have yet to see her in an aggressors role...

***Can anyone recommend a movie I can watch to get an idea of how she might be***

If she sucks, I guess I'll just have to sextext during that part of the movie

I agree while summitt is at it... why dont they recast the role of Bella... Natalie Portman is great friends with Bryce... she could be bella.. unfortunately... for us recasters.... kristens dad is connected and may go mafioso on summitt's @ss.

leslie said...

I, too, smell foul play. I can't believe that they're going to change actors in the middle of a movie series. The sad thing is that as much as we are all pissed at Summit, we will still continue to give our money to this huge franchise all because we're so obsessed with Twilight. For me, just as long as RPattz is in all 4 films and I'll keep going to see the movies and buy all the crappy merch. Damn!

Done ranting...

But wait! Could it be that Slade saw the extended scene on the Twilight DVD of Rachelle literally sticking her tongue down Cam's throat and got disgusted? Maybe that prompted him to want a casting change because that was pretty nasty. Ewww...

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