Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jr. League: Plan "B"

This weeks Jr. League member is: T-Rose

Superpowers: Mind control, super-human speed and flight

I want to know which of the Cullen guys you each love and why? And, importantly, do you love the character (e.g. Edward), the real person (e.g. Rob Pattinson), or both? I'm very curious as to what it is about these guys that makes you all tick. Me, personally, I am both an Edward and Robert fan. They are both my fav all the way. And, unlike some Twifans, I can discern the difference between the two.

GREAT TOPIC! Let's make it really fun and take Edward out of the equation - JUST FOR A MINUTE - and talk about which other characters we love and why.

This will come as a big shock to you but if I can't have Edward I have to go with Jasper. There is something about his inner conflict about both being able to control the emotions of people around him and yet not having complete control over his own urges that intriques me. Also he's the one vampire of the Cullen Clan who fully lived the nomadic life of a vampire and was a complete bad-ass before joining the Cullen Clan. And I cannot leave out his swoonworthy love and devotion to his beloved Alice (the coolest chick in the story). Oh, and, of course, I love how yummy Jackson Rathbone looks in a baseball shirt.

Taking Edward out of the equation is like trying to enjoy eggs benedict without the eggs.

Mr. Molina the biology teacher!!! He was so believable as the dorky teacher! "Goldennnn Onion"! Brilliant. His line delivery was spot on for all three that he had.

This one is EASY for me. Emmett. Definitely Emmett. I loved him in the books, even though he is the one we know the least about (as far as the Cullens go). I love his sense of humor and how he lives to have fun. In the movie, I absolutely love him! I love the knife-wave when Bella visits the Cullens, I love his laugh with Edward during the baseball scene, I love how he handles Rosalie. Wait, did I mention that I love him? I'm not sure I made that clear.

So, let me get this straight Rain, you like a knife yielding man? Yeah, that's cool! And he's a bully... You need therapy. Seriously!

He is NOT a bully! He has to deal with Rosalie all the time so he has to be a little feisty. And, Spider... Seriously? You're questioning my taste? Mr. Molina? Yeah... okay.

Oh come on guys, you know what my answer is going to be. BUTTCRACK SANTA!!!! I wanna see how he handles his little bottles.



Meadow Cliffdiver said...

*snicker* Little bottles, really, Ginger? I cast my vote for Carlisle. The ones who always look so put together are usually the most fun to take apart. I'd love to mess up his hair. I bet it'd make him angry and he'd have to punish me. Mmmmm. ;)

Love you guys! <3

Janet said... always, brilliant insights, but Ginger, you really take the cake. I would have to agree with Meadow about going for Carlisle. Though Emmett and Jasper are awesome (ignoring the Buttcrack Santa thing for now), I think Carlisle is probably my favorite since he's got so much compassion.

Spank Ransom said...
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Lori said...

What a GREAT question! And I have to say that I agree with Spider, I too love Mr. Molina. He is the teacher we all wanted in school and the type of person I think we all want in our lives as an adult. I want someone who spray paints an Onion gold so that it can be a prize. Team Molina!!!

Anonymous said...

If not Edward I would have to have Emmett. First he's superdooper hottness. (of course he looks better blond with those piercing baby blues). But I like how easy he is...I need a break from Edward and Jaspers emo stuff. Emmett is light harded, funny, and I would feel loose, light, and safe.


Anonymous said...

Jasper...closely followed by Emmett.

I just think that the other Cullens are so much more interesting than Edward. Eddie boy can be so bland sometimes. But Jasper and Emmett have personality.

And let's face it...Jackson and Kellan are smokin' hot anyway!!

Caitlin said...

I'm with Spank. Jackson Rathbone looks amazing in a baseball tee.

Not to mention he is going to be Sokka in the new avatar movie!!!
He'll save the film, no matter what Damage M. Night Shamalan Does!

Deffinitly in-love with this guy =D

CullenMum said...

Carlise. just because.
And btw I prefer Edward to Rob.
I live in fiction land lol

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

Hi,*stands up* I am Shannon aka you really have to ask me who I would choose??

OH HALE YEAH! YOU LADIES LOVE ME..LEFT JACOB FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOT! :)But if it were a cullen boy..I would f...*ahem* I emmett...yeah..that is what i mean..gah!!!!!!!!! *shakes head, goes back to bed* lol

GallifreyReject said...

*steps from the shadows*

Aah! The ability to differentiate the character from the actor. I'm Team Jackson all the way..There is something about that man tht just says EAT ME.. LIke in Alice in Wonderland.. lol Although, Kellan can *ahem* bench press me any day.. night..mid morning..snack break..

Diane said...

Dr. Carlisle Cullen all the way (after Edward of course).

Tracy said...

As the Jr. Leaguer (T-Rose), I have to agree with Spider. I am so glad she didn't cave. Can't take Edward or Rob out of the equation. Just can't do it! Way to hold strong Spider!

Spider Monkey said...

@Lori and Tracy/T-Rose.... you guys are making me blush. AND, you are obviously BRILLIANT!


Tracy said...

Oh, and you can catch me (again the Jr Leaguer this week) on Twitter - @rosenfie

The League Rocks

Ginger Swan said...

Yes little bottles, Meadow. Don't mock my love for Buttcrack Santa.*wink*

Love you Meadow!!!!

lickhimright said...

I like me Robward... i.e. Rob as Edward. I loved Edward as a character but I really feel in love with Rob as Edward. But no... Rob is not really doing it for me... yes, I know... u are shocked now but I really really need to see New Moon like ... NOW or we could maybe skip all that and go directly to ISLE ESME SCENES????

Ok... Nr. 2 would definitely be Emmett. No, I dont like his name... (means puke in Greek...I dont know why I had to share that with you... but I'm a Ravishim girl... I like to share...) but I like his attitude. He is funny, strong, handsome... his muscles... mmmh... the stronges vamp out there... *sighs*