Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not the moats? How about: not the house!

One of the things I was really looking forward to when I saw Twilight was seeing the house. You know, the one that looks nothing like the one described in the book. I'm not sure why they did that but I was disappointed. I was waiting to see this huge white Victorian set way back. And the long windy drive... But, I did really like the house on the inside - especially Edward's room. I though his room was perfect - even better than how Stephenie Meyer described it in the book.

I totally get what you're saying too. I was looking forward to seeing the exterior that Stephenie Meyer described. But here's the thing... the way she described the inside... with the open floor plan and the back of the house was all windows... that sounds exactly like a modern house. Not an old classic house. But given the fact that Catherine Hardwicke used to be an architect, it makes sense that she chose a modern house. Have you ever seen an architect who didn't prefer modern houses?

I loved the house, but when I first saw it I was in a state of shock at how different it was from the book (and this was true for almost everything in the WHOLE MOVIE).

But, I really loved the interior - especially Edward's bedroom. I thought fit him better than the thick gold carpet (ick!) and light gold wall fabric in Stephenie Meyer's version of his room.

Are we really talking about architecture? *shaking head* I really don't care if it is Victorian or Modern as long as any house that has Edward's bedroom within it is built on a very strong foundation and is reinforced to sustain tornado level activity so that it can withstand the walls that will be shaking during the love that we'd be making.

Leave it to you, Spank, to bring the conversation back to sex with Edward. (as it should be)

*singing* Amen sister, Amen!



Ninja Fanpire said...

I really wanted it to be white, like the book said. I didn't picture it Victorian or classy. And maybe have the cross hanging on the wall, like it was supposed to? Although the grad caps was a nice touch. Also, about the inside, what about Carlisle's office with all the pretty pictures? Where was that? :(
One more thing. In the book, when James was coming, someone, I think Esme, pushed this button, and all of a sudden the windows get covered in like, steel plates. Wouldn't that have been somewhat BA to put in the movie? I mean, they were prepared more than the movie seemed to show.

Beth said...

TBH I never pictured an older styled house, the one in Twilight: the movie, is exactly how I thought it would be. There wasn't an indication in the book that the house was of an old era.

However, I thought the house would have been a lot bigger than depicted in the film.

I also thought Edward's room would have been bigger, how else is he gonna fit that maoossive 4 poster bed in there later on.........

@NinjaFanpire - I totally agree, they should have added the shutters in the film, it would have brought more of an urgency to that part.

Anonymous said...

@Beth--preach. Plus, where the blue blazes was the iconic black leather sofa? That white fainting couch pissed me off.

After watching the New Moon trailer a couple of (hundred of) times, I am anxious about how the house will look in future movies, too.

PS I still miss Meadow :-)

Spank Ransom said...

@Ninja - you are right that it wasn't written "victorian" but the book describes the house as "timeless, gracefull, and probably a hundred years old. Painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well-proportioned. Windows/doors were original structure. She even goes on to say that the interior was less predictable than the interior and alludes to changed/renovations having been made to the interior.

If you think of homes that match that description built 100 years ago (turn of the century) you are typically describing a Victorian or farm-house type structure.

I cannot agree with you more that the window shades would have been a very good moment... a sense of danger and also to show their preparedness to protect their family.

Badassmama0709 said...

So i'm a johnny come lately fan, i saw the movie first, then decided to read the books. i don't have the feelings of "it shoulda" in the same way as those who read the books first... however, there were allot of things i didn't like about the movie after i read the book, frankly i think CHardwick could have done allot of things better. but (sorry to disagree Spider) the house isn't really one of them. i think the house fits well. the victorian style lacked imagination in the books to me. just sayin

Chrissi said...

I also saw the movie first, and then read the book. After a while I had somehow convinced myself that the house was white in the movie, and it was structured differently (I did only see it once at the cinemas), so when I got my dvd I was a bit shocked. The house is too dark for the Cullens that I pictured, and though the inside of the house is nice, Edward's room is clearly not big enough. It's barely bigger than my room. Although I'd probably need Edward standing in my room just to double check that...

HappyHourSue said...

My thoughts on the house are this: In the movie? When he S-l-o-w-l-y removes her coat? SO EFFIN HOT.