Monday, July 13, 2009

Kill Me Now!

Ditch the bedazzle - go for leather. OH MY EDWARD. You guys - I am dying. Edward in a leather jacket that says "Subhumans" on it!!! (80's punk band)

I wonder if he is sending a subliminal message to us by wearing the name of the band known for the song "Slave To My Dick" on his sleeve.

Holy Shit!! I'm glad I'm home alone.... But, damn, why didn't I buy a Nightstand Edward!

Ahhhh... and then what if he's actually better in real life? It would be over for us. OVER.

If I actually met him I think I'd die of dehydration from the obscene amount of fluid coming out of every pour on my body... Seriously, I'm practically shaking - something about seeing that necklace too. Makes me want to bite it off of him.

Yes. fluid coming out and biting is exactly what would happen if Rob and Spank crossed paths.

I WAS shaking when I first saw it! OH WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??? Rob. Rob is wrong for us. Or right for us. Or whatever. I'm babblingincoherently because of him.

*slaps Rain* Snap out of it! There's no phasing in The League!

I was just thinking, I have the perfect crotchless pants that would go with that jacket. Wait. Did I just say that outloud?



Total Fanpires said...


Excuse me while i continuly look at this picture

bellaflo said...

*pant, faint, thud, dead*

Oh my God.. what can I say that hasn't already been said.. I want to die... in his arms. I mean it's got to hurt being so God Damn gorgeous!

@ginger LOL! "....I have the perfect crotchless pants that would go with that jacket. Wait. Did I just say that outloud?"

hwilliams3782 said...

bwhahahaha ginger "crotchless panties" nuff said! (meaning i liked it. *tears from laughter*)

crazylife said...

You know in University I was known as the prim and proper girl. I didn't party hard and I drank very little..Rob makes me not want to be prim and proper...Ginger do you have an extra pair of crotchless panties? and pass the Heineken!!!

katarinas mama said... naughty superhero, you. I take it they would match up perfectly, little leather number with an ummm, zipper perhaps?? LOL.

twilighter_87 said...

I do really like what's in that leather jacket ;)

Miss_Pippa said...

Ok....I am wrong and very depraved but when I see him wearing a chain, I imagine that chain dangling over my head while he's....uh...above me, lolololol.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything he doesnt make look good.....oh Rob you bring out the hornbag in me.....

MystifyMe said...

I will be a slave to his di...oh never mind...yeah get in line. ;)
I don't care what this man wears beit dapper or scrungy or downright dweeb-like he is hotness personified!!!
Check this out!! I'm waiting on the translation.I'm Canadian but don't speak French that well.
A French kiss?? That I could handle.
Oh Rob!!!!!

fayezeewayzee said...

I'm in agreement with Spider,don't know if I could handle actually meeting Rob!Checking that pic out has my chest pounding so loudly I can hear it!And Miss_Pippa,I like the way your imagination works!Yeah,dangling chain!O me,O my!

MystifyMe said...

Spank I don't think I have seen this exact pic(all a blur) but I know you will like if YOU haven't!

Oh and everyone else...rawrrr

Chrissi said...

I don't know what's wrong with me today, but I'm not that excited about this pic. *feels the eyes of a lot of women turn to look at me sceptically*

I mean, yeah, a guy in a good leather jacket is hotter than a guy in flannel any day, but the pic doesn't look like anything really new for him. The pose is slightly different, but there are more pics of him with his hand in his hair than anything else. The eyes are a bit scary to me.

I know, I know, what am I thinking. I really can't say, I'm just over the hand-in-hair pose.